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"If everybody lives roughly the same lies about the same things, there is no one to

call them liars: they jointly establish their own sanity and call themselves normal." 

- Ernest Becker quote from the book Playing By Heart - By O. Fred Donaldson



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There are many ways of being.

We begin our life created on a line

Follow our line or follow someone else's?

Do we cross over into the unknown areas?

Or do we get stuck in one color, one being, one way.

Lines can go anywhere, do anything; the abstract.


Color, emotion, a way to feel one's way on the journey.

Cross the line, know the unknown, call it adventure.

Lines get blurred, we begin to see infinite ways.

Yet culture draws the finite line; call it death.

No adventure, no joy, no spontaneity, no differences.

…no life…


Genesis, the infinite creator, the lover of all created.

No defects, no flaws, no mistakes, all beauty.

Humans think they rule Genesis, yet what an illusion created.

Fear of the utter beauty of Creation let loose.

Needs to be controlled by man and woman, but does it really?


Art, the letting go into the creative realm.

Being moved ecstatically through the realms of heaven.

Following the lines to people, places, things; call it life.

This is what Genesis is, that which flows out of us to create

Desires to be art in the pulsing rhythm of life


Who is Genesis, what is Genesis? Do you know or can you?

If you follow the artist within

You begin to realize, you the creator, are also Genesis

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…


Sherman R. Buck

August 27, 1996



Updated: 10/24/2021