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The Way Of Light




By Sherman R. Buck





Abortion is another one of those black and white thinking mindsets. As a Christian society, for Western society has been built on a Christian template, a great many Christians have a great deal to learn about their IDEAS of love. They also have a great deal to learn about judgments, arrogance, shame, guilt, all rooted in fear; thinking. Individuals who are whole and functional understand sexuality as spirituality. Individuals who are educated about the entire spectrum of sexuality grow up to be spiritually whole and functional. How can individuals come to know there spiritual selves when their sexuality is sterilized, shattered, stunted, and condemned by those who are terrified of their own sexuality; their own spirituality. For this is surely what is at the core of the fear, anger, hatred, and violence towards those who choose abortion.

No one has the right to judge another. No human, no matter how Christian or righteous they might perceive themselves to be, knows what God/Goddess has to say about it. We have plenty of righteous ones' telling us they know or that the bible says so. Having a spiritual connection with a higher power is an individual personal relationship. No one can tell you what that is supposed to be. Those that do are coming from an ego biased understanding of a higher power. No one need be concerned about what others are doing, as long as they are not harming another human being. The bigger picture here is that which is incarnating is a spiritual being and cannot be destroyed. Ignorant humans confuse the physical form for the spiritual form. Clarity on this issue will not arise from thinking about. Only awareness and presence of Being will suffice here.

The gist of the problem is that righteous Christians only see the harm being done to a fetus or a newly born baby. It is amazing to me how the righteous continue to be blind to the harm that they do to others by not allowing them to have the full truth of sexual-spiritual education, so human beings understand the process, the pleasure, the power, the spirit, the health and well-being of it, and how it fits intimately with loving relationships and hence spiritual relationships. And by the way, monogamy is not conditional love. Unconditional love is unconditional love. It requires nothing, no act, no label, no legal law, no approval of others.

The damage done by this culturally sanctioned blindness in regards to withholding information (awareness), of shaming, and giving guilt trips, is not only harmful to individuals, it is harmful to a healthy society as well as a healthy spirituality. In addition, it is s a direct attack on spirituality and an act designed to disable each individuals connection to spirit.. The idea of original sin is an ego based illness, born of insanity from individuals who were disconnected by other insane adults as children. There is nothing loving about their actions or lack of them. The righteous also believe in using peer pressure by ostracizing those who don't conform to their insanity. They also force others to conform to their narrow minded thinking by controlling legal law; as if the legal system trumps spirituality; how absurd! There is a quote that fits quite elegantly here:

"If everybody lives roughly the same lies about the same things, there is no one to call 

them liars: they jointly establish their own sanity and call themselves normal." 

- Ernest Becker quote from the book Playing By Heart - By O. Fred Donaldson

I hear a great deal of babble about the rights of the unborn. I also see a starker reality where children are treated as a commodity to be bought, sold, and owned; to be made in the image of other insane adult humans. The bible says we were made in the image of God/Goddess. ironically, the many have deluded themselves into making God in their image. I see a society of Christians and non-Christians who do nothing to improve the impoverishment of those children born into poverty, those children born into ignorance, those children born into societal dysfunction, and those children who live in institutional homes. I see a great deal of talk going on and that's all: empty words born of reason. Judgments are easy to dole out, especially by those who have ulterior motives; fear motives; insane motives. There's a lot of money, prestige, power, position, and sense of self to be had from controlling and dominating others, which is a mockery of true spirit.

The many who babble have a great deal of guilt, and shame themselves. The righteous also have a deal of fear; fear of the erotic, fear of pleasure, fear of intimacy, fear of life; hence fear of spirituality. What this amounts to is a fear of living authentically, because their actions are not about a quality of life for all. In actuality, it is about continuing insane reasoning that perpetuates fear, self-loathing, and self-hatred; all of which are rooted in thinking. The only original sin is the idea of being separate from God/Goddess.

Oddly enough, these proponents of love and pro-life, leave a great deal to be said in their support of war an violence of other human beings in all countries. Their need to convert others comes from an incredible fear of needing to get others to validate their limited viewpoint; their ideology; their ideas about reality rather than true reality itself beyond conceptual non-sense. They also are quite hateful and violent towards homosexuality, bisexuality, non-monogamy, polyamory or any other way of being that is not rooted in puritanical thinking/believing mindset.

It is amazing to bear witness to the incredible hypocrisy that goes on in their mantra like proclamations. They are not as pro-life as they say they are, rather they are pro-life in those matters that shore up their own ideas of what is right. They have taken over the job of God (patriarchal), and put themselves in charge of deciding what is right and wrong. This is a deeply rooted error of thinking...

Abortion is a paradox. where does life start and end? Given the current state of affairs in the world and all the insanity and dysfunction and all that goes with it, one is hard pressed to support this notion of pro-life. There is nothing pro-life about having one's sexuality stifled, one's spirituality stifled, having one's mind stifled, and being imprisoned by narrow minded limited thinking people. There's nothing loving in how we continue to destroy our environment, how we pollute the very air, water, and soil essential for human beings and other life forms on this planet to live. They profess to have hearts, but all I see is a lot of unloving people refusing to deal with the children who are already here suffering at the hands of insane adults in an insane society.

The insane would have you believe that life is finite, that you only have this life to get it right and if you don't you're damned for eternity. This sort of insanity is meant to imprison people into the stifling box of ignoring eternal life right here and right now in the present moment of now; it is not over there somewhere in the distance future. One needs to realize this non-sense for what it is; a egoic mind trip. The past and future do not exist; ever. They are a creation of the mind's imagination; stories the mind tells itself about what the truth is, because it is incapable of experiencing the truth. The mind is not an object, is not the brain, rather it is a process that has been conditioned into patterned responses based on past memories. That's all it is period.

It is difficult to live in a world where the majority are insane. The insane don't want to know why someone got an abortion because they really don't want to see the world as it really is, as they have made it. They have created a world of immense pain and suffering; a sado-masochistic society living in their heads full of memories. They want to continue the denial process by forcing others to think as they do, in effect to learn self-loathing and self-hatred. The birthing process needs to be controlled, so as to have a tight hold on sexuality, which is spirituality. Women cannot be allowed to have power over their bodies and reproductive functions. This goes against the male patriarchal society, which is what controls people. Sexual energy is creative energy, it is spiritual energy and it is powerful stuff. the righteous do not want you to have access to your power, to your direct connection to spirit. What the righteous want is for you to have a very narrow box to live in, a straightjacket if you will, and opportunities to hang yourself, so as to be an example for others on what will happen if you don't follow the righteous way; the fear way. these are tools of the mind; egoic tools of dysfunction.

Unconditional love would imply one cares to find out about another person enough to assist them. Not how we think they should be helped, but what help the person realizes they need. we don't assist others by shaming them or putting them on guilt trips. We don't help others by putting the fear of God in them, (it's really about putting the fear of what the righteous will do to them, because God/Goddess isn't doing anything to anyone; it's humans who do this). We don't help anyone by taking away support, education, understanding, nor do we serve their interests by continuing to support an economic system that makes it difficult if not impossible for the many to get ahead and support themselves in ways that are equitable for all. The truth of the matter is we don't live in an equitable system, it's an insane system. No good has ever come from telling a person they are bad because they got an abortion. Where in the bible does it say it's ok to cast the first stone and many more at your own discretion? The irony of how the righteous overlook Jesus story on this subject.

This is not what spirit supports. These are not loving acts. If one doesn't like the idea of someone getting an abortion, then perhaps it's time for them to wake up out of the fear and ignorance that prevents them from moving from the truth of unconditional love.  Perhaps if they were to begin to stop judging, they would begin to see the circumstances tha tled to another having to be at this cross road in their life. Perhaps the righteous should seek to understand the outcomes of their ideology and the damage that is caused by it. If they don't want abortions, then stop teaching abstinence, stop teaching that sex is bad, stop telling people to not use condoms, stop shaming and putting people on guilt trips for the sake of increasing the number of bodies in the Church coffers. Stop denying that sexual desire is bad.

But this is what it's all about. It is about ensuring that others cannot be functional. When the righteous create boxes and limitations, they are setting people up to hang themselves. Those who live in boxes, (the righteous), are frightened of life and it is imperative to get others to live in the same box they do in order to feel safe and secure in their fictitious stories of what life should be. In reality, they are frightened of the true spirit of divine oneness. The very God they profess to love is ignored for the fictitious god; they worship and mental idol of their own fantasy.

Functional people have access to information to make informed decisions, and those who don't are unable to make informed decisions. Others cannot control the masses if they are functional. Sexuality must be attacked and condemned to ensure that it is warped into an ideology shaped enough to control others. Spirituality must also be attacked as well, for it is part of the creative sexual process as well. Stifle a person's sexuality, and you have effectively stifled their creativity and spirituality. Art and life are inseparable because they are rooted in spirituality beyond organized religions.

  • Each person has the right to decide what to do with their body.

  • Each person has the right to end a pregnancy based on their own inner awareness.

  • Each person has the right to be loved and supported without judgment while going through this process.

  • A person is not a killer or a bad person if they get an abortion. The only thing that can be killed or rather stifled is awareness.

  • Spirit knows what is best for these individuals and rest assured they are taking part in a process that few of us truly understand, let alone want to understand.

  • Each of us has a soul deeply within us that is eternal in its spiritual nature.

  • Each fetus/baby has a soul that is eternal.

  • Human beings cannot harm or destroy a soul.

  • The human body is a vehicle for eternal soul/spirit to incarnate into physical form.

  • This vehicle is sacred matter (mater=mother), but it is not a soul.


Perhaps the righteous should get busy loving others, not with words, but with actions. Not with judgments, but with compassion. Not as they think others should be, but in supporting them in their individual uniqueness. For this is what the bible refers to, which is the only relevant message, to love unconditionally. If all efforts and energy went into loving unconditionally, our world would be changed radically over night.

Don't think about it, do it; be it. Love is not thinking, is not a memory, is not a belief. There's nothing to think about when it comes to love. Thinking takes us away from our hearts and it causes separation, leading one to think, which is a loveless act of reason...Do you really want to love unconditionally or do you want to think about it some more? Thinking is the problem, too much thinking leads to insanity and that is the sordid stories of reasoning.

Love requires no reasoning, no thinking, no beliefs, no memories. Humans exist in love itself, which is to say life itself. Pain and suffering are always optional. Letting go is required to be in the flow of the divine river called life. You are life and you are love; it's that simple.


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Updated: 12/01/2014