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The Way Of Light


Fear: Anger, Hate, & Violence


By Sherman R. Buck





What do these three things have in common? Each is rooted in fear. Fear is always the primary emotion and always comes before these three. Anger comes about from ego not getting what it wants. Anger that is held within a person eventually becomes repressed. Repressed anger eventually turns into hate. At some point hate expresses itself in violence. All acts of anger, hate, and violence are based in fear. When you see these occur, know those doing them are afraid; full of fear; possessed by fear.


Culture sees these as separate things with different causes. There is only one cause for fear; a lack of love. It is difficult for a person to see this when their ego is in charge. There are no areas in our culture untouched by this belief. our egos create the illusions that allow for these three emotions to contaminate and poison our inner and external worlds. The inner world is what creates the external world. What you plant in your inner garden is what you harvest.

The ego mind is a garden. What you put in it is the software that runs your world. The software is just a program to be used; a tool. Like all technology, it is an organic technology. However, it is only as good as the programmer. Cultural software is given to us at birth. Most don't question it, because to do so would lessen our survivability. At some point in our development, it was the death of us; the death of our authentic self. Unfortunately, the cultural software is designed to eradicate full consciousness in human, to eliminate awareness and love to be replaced with fear. This is what death is, to deny the full expression of divinity in each of us.

We are in a new age, an age where we are beginning to examine our cultural software. The criteria on what works and what doesn't is all around us in the external world. No one person or organization will have the absolute answer on what this new age will be. Each of us is an autonomous divine being. The old days of dictating to others is coming to a close. In the new world each of us will choose for ourselves what feels right from our hearts. This new world will come about as each person awakens and aligns to this fact.

Each of us will recognize this fact when we come to know our own heart and listen to it. The heart has no need for lying, stealing, cheating, or harming others in any way. The heart has no need to intimidate, coerce, judge, invalidate, hate, hurt, or kill. The heart has no need to force others to do its will. Only ego/fear requires these things. There will be an end to all the isms for they are all rooted in ego. The only law is one of unconditional love; self-acceptance, self-love, self-respect. Unconditional love arises from the lack of judgments.

Some will say how is this possible? I say how is it not. To do otherwise is to want to live in fear. Living in fear is a prison, a self-made prison. The only way out of the prison is to set yourself free; declare your own freedom. No one can do this for you. The longer you stay in the prison, the worse it will get. The world is showing signs of this daily. Each of us has to choose love, for in love we truly live. In choosing fear, we are constantly in a state of decay and dying. We are in essence not living when we are imprisoned with fear. You have the key...

If you want to find the key bad enough, then you will find it. If not, more pain and suffering will be the force that will motivate you. Or, better luck next life. Oddly enough, pain and suffering is inflicted by our ego. How long will it take? When we've finally had enough? How much is enough? When our pain and suffering is greater than our fear of change, then and only then will we change.

We say we want to be happy, but happiness is dependent on getting something and keeping it. When that person, place, or thing is gone we lose our happiness. Joy is different from happiness. Joy is a state of mind connected to the heart. Joy is an eternal state where one is not dependent on external attachments or attainments. This is not possible to experience until you let go completely. Repeat when necessary in order to experience the fullness of joy.

Letting go is such a simple process, but oh how the ego holds on, preventing our authentic self (divine soul) from expressing itself. Soul expression comes through our heart. Our ego is not who we "think" we are.

Imagine walking into a large room. You walk around looking at all the interesting objects. Suddenly you hear some voices. You go looking for the source and come upon a television. Enthralled by what is being presented, you sit down to watch the program. At some point you awaken to the realization you've been sitting there the programs for quite a long time. You shake your head, realizing you were totally caught up in the programs, thinking they were real.

Our ego is that television, working diligently to get our attention. Our awareness has been distracted and locked in place by the programming. This happened as we grew up as children too. When we were young, we knew this room. In essence, we were forced to watch/live the programs at home, school, church, and communities all the time or get punished in one form or another for not conforming to the programs.

Once you become aware of this process, you hold the key, and freedom is made available in that moment. Your choice is to continue listening to the programs or to begin listening to your own heart.

Unconditional love is the state of being when fear does not exist. Fear exists only in the context of focusing on some past or future event or something outside of your own being. Only in the present can we connect with unconditional love.

Question: How long can you stay present to receive the gift?

Answer: Don't think about it!


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Updated: 12/01/2014