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Spiritual Art Classes



Classes are available for individuals and groups. There are no current schedules at this time. If you are interested, contact me to discuss times that will work for you.

I'm not so much interested in your background in art as your willingness to express your creativity. I specifically use abstract art as preferred format due to it having little to hold onto in regards to cultural beliefs; mainly visual ones. In getting out of the known, we get into the unknown, where spirit and our soul reside. Expressing oneself through color and movement stretches the cultural boundaries that dictate who we are.

There is no right or wrong way of doing abstract artwork. Doing art embraces what works along with what doesn't work. If we aren't willing to explore what doesn't work, we will never find what does work. This is also crucial in how we live our lives as well.

Abstracts move beyond the known; They have nothing to do with the external world per say, as abstracts are an expression of the inner domain of your soul and spirit. Abstracts are a fuller expression of language, because a great deal of the creative process cannot be put into words; it can only be felt, sensed, and experienced. Thinking about the experience and trying to put it into words always limits the fullness of the event. Creativity makes language look primitive from this perspective. I'm also a believer that doing art mirrors doing life. Each of us is a Creator at the core of our authentic Being, which means we are all artists at heart.

There is a place for art created of people, places, and objects. But, much of our lives are spent focusing on the external material world and very little of our inner worlds are untouched. We have been taught to avoid this space, and because of this we believe it's a void. In fact, it is a wonderful realm of possibilities, imagination, creativity, guidance, freedom, expression, unconditional love, and true power. Most don't access this due to being distracted away from it by the ego. Learning to truly express your authentic self is what shines through when doing abstracts. It's not for everyone, but fi you feel uncomfortable with art in general, feel you don't have what it takes or "can't do it," or consider yourself boxed in or confined with realistic art, then perhaps you might find abstracts of interest.

I have found them to offer more possibilities than I could have ever imagined. For the most part, I have taught myself by listening to my intuition and trusting what feels right. I have also taken some classes in painting, print-making, mask-making, drawing, and 2-D design along the way to learn knowledge and tools for my own way of creating. The rest I figured out on my own through trial and error, as well as learning from other artists too. This trial and error process is essential in finding our deeper soul self, because cultural pressures severely limit and or cripple the authentic self. In general, the many are rewarded only if they don't make mistakes and follow the creative standards of the established ways. The idea of punishing or scolding or embarrassing or ridiculing someone for making mistakes is ludicrous, since trial and error are essential components in the creative process. Spirit does not take external cues or orders on how to be or how to create. This is what abstracts teach, on how to listen to your inner guidance via your intuition and feeling centers, which are the backbone of creating.

Classes are simple: you show up, learn some techniques or use your own; improvise and play with possibilities; use your imagination and feelings; learn to allow creativity to flow through you to move the brush; learn to let go to the creative muse within and begin to relish in the power of expressing your authentic self. The process allows you to find your own way and it will allow you to clear out all the old limiting beliefs and patterns about what art is, what an artist is, and what creativity is. You will begin a journey to know your most deepest treasure;'s a never ending process, an incredible journey that frees you to fly uninhibited in your creations. Just imagine what the possibilities are.

I am open to teaching anyone interested in learning how to create abstracts. Children also benefit greatly from this, since they tend to get frustrated with being unable to draw realistic art. I recall my own frustration in 3rd grade art class, which left me thinking I couldn't do art for years. So, I don't think anyone should be forced to do art for external reasons; one does it because they are moved to do so.

I highly recommend reading two books. The first is "Art & Fear," by David Bayles & Ted Orland. After reading this book myself, it occurred to me to put a slash through art and write life above it. The second book is "The Path Of Least Resistance," by Robert Fritz, which is an excellent book in coming to understand what it is be a creator Being and very specific guidance on how to create what you want in your life. This book should be a must read for everyone, for our cultures are afflicted with the dis-ease of being unable to create. We are slaves to a system that tells us what we should want and how we should do it. That is not spirit's way at all.


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