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Spiritually Healing The New Kids

By Cecilia Schukar


Our children come into this earth still bathed in – and reflecting – the Light of the Divine. They long retain eternal knowledge and the “secrets” from the other side. They hold a vision of perfection. They still hold eternal and universal knowledge. The children being born now have a knowing and a vision of a world of joyful and harmonious perfection. They are “old souls” with a keen sense or purpose and destiny.

Yet, once here on earth, they are deeply pained by the great dissonance between the perfection they inherently know, and the wildly imperfect world they experience.

While these children are most often described as “extremely bright;” “precocious;” and “wise beyond their year,” in the bewildered anguish, they often “act out” and don’t “fit in.” They often seem unhappy, angry, or depressed, and are often diagnosed as “learning disabled,” “ADD/ADHH/ODD“.

Sometimes they are put in “special education” classes, taken from counselor to therapist, and when all else fails, medicated with drugs.

Their great pain comes from the dissonance they feel between their vision, and the wildly imperfect world they see and experience.  They experience emotional woundings – large and small – that come from living life with all its human interactions, with all its triumphs and its tragedies. Their pain is at a spiritual, emotional, energetic – soul level. Therefore, the healing for their pain must come from that same spiritual, emotional, energetic – soul level. 

There are 17 emotional woundings that can afflict our children. Left unhealed, these woundings can lead to physical and emotional pain, and antisocial behavior. At their worst, they can lead to children who do not know the difference between right and wrong; at their very worst, to children without conscience.

To transform negative behavior, we need to get to the source of the behavior.  Picture this: if we drain water from a car battery, the car cannot move, because its power source is drained of its charge.

In the same way: if we “drain the energy” from a child’s emotional wounding, it no longer has the power charge, then:

·        The wound has no energy

·        The child can heal

·        The negative behavior stops. 

·        The flow of light and love is open

Our children’s emotional woundings can be spiritually and energetically healed!  Our children can be healthy and whole!  Then, our children can lead us toward the perfect world they know and envision!

The way to “drain the energy” from each of the 17 woundings is by playing a little game – called a YOUMEE, because they are done between “you” and “me”, the child and the parent.  These healings “drain away” the energy from the emotional wounds, and without the energetic power to propel them, the woundings heal.  The YOUMEE healings are for children from 7 to 17 years of age.

What about the little ones, your children who are younger than age seven?  These children have not yet developed the cognitive abilities and skills to meaningfully participate in a spiritual healing session; and they are still connected to their parents by a “spiritual umbilical cord,” and do not have the full spiritual independence to act for themselves in bringing about spiritual healing.  There is a spiritual healing process for these children where the parent surrogates, or acts, on behalf of the child called “Gracelight”.  “Gracelight” softens the pain of their separation from the Divine; lessens their discomfort in Earth-existence; and nourishes their vision of a world of Oneness and perfection.  Your child will feel calmer, more in their bodies, release birth trauma or past life soul memories and can now fully shine and celebrate his/her place as part of “all that is.”

And what if your child is older than 17? Or what if, as you read the descriptions of these children, you recognized not only your child, but you also recognized yourself?

You may be an adult indigo/lightworker, whose spiritual woundings of childhood went unhealed, and were carried over to adulthood.  Few understood your unique world-view and your special gifts.  So, in order to “get along,” to “make it,” in this world, you had to “go along.”  You have had to deny the full truth of who you are, you had to hide away your true self, cover your light and shrink from your greatness.  You have felt the pain of the dissonance between your knowing and the everyday reality of a world that does not share your vision of perfections, and does not seem to understand, or appreciate, or honor you.  That pain has resulted in spiritual wounds that have been unrecognized and unhealed, and that you have carried from childhood into adulthood. 

There is a way to spiritually heal those emotional wounds with “The Point of Essence Process”.  “The Point of Essence Process” is a spiritual healing for adults that unblocks your lifetime’s constraints, restraints, and soul-suppressions.  It reconnects the “You-ness of You” with the Divine, affirms the full truth of your self and the full expression of your being, allows you to reclaim your soul-purpose and your soul-mission on earth and helps to renew your vision of a perfect world.  Your point of essence is the truth of who you are.


To find out more about the YOUMEES, Gracelight, and The Point of Essence spiritual healings, you can read the book, “Spiritually Healing the Indigo Children, and adult indigos too!” by Wayne Dosick, Ph.D & Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW available at bookstores and through or by visiting

Cecilia Schukar, CPC is a certified professional life, soul, and parent coach.  She has studied with Dr. Wayne Dosick in San Diego and is a facilitator healer of the indigo/crystal children.  For more information visit her website at or 206-248-5248   



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Updated: 11/17/10