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The Way Of Light


Sherman R. Buck


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Painting for me is like breathing; it’s something I must do. There is a connection to the creative muses, of which I would say are the divine beings who watch over us, who guide us, who are always trying to show us what we are not seeing, not feeling, not conscious of, that prevents us from living fully in joy, bliss, ecstasy, and abundance. Painting for me brings up a deep well of sensations that move beyond the limited way of perceiving the world, for the creative images are full of a knowingness that is beyond the limitations of words. I consider my artwork objective art, since it deals with visuals of the inner dimensions of which we all originate from; one can label it shamanic, spiritual, consciousness, or transpersonal. Objective art resonates the fullness and movement of the Universe; the freedom of being as a verb. My challenge is to let go to this immensity and allow it to flow through me as a soul in a body connected to spirit, and that body is merely a vessel navigated by the higher spiritual self on an infinite ocean, to allow the expression of that which has no limits whatsoever. Kandinsky believed that art had a duty to be spiritual in nature and this has been my ongoing journey to open up into the divine flow of the creative universe, to allow the inner muses to guide me to express what they wish to commune with the language of light. These portals are entries into the Universe within each of us and as such are teachings of higher states of consciousness. Experience them as living, moving, breathing essences that require one to feel and experience without the need for intellectual knowing. Experience these pieces in the present now.

Education & Experience:

Self taught in Abstract Art: Watercolor, Oil Pastel, and Acrylic 1987 - Present

Bellingham Technical College, Bellingham, WA, Anatomy & Physiology - 2006

Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, WA Drawing I, 2D Design/Color - 2005

Naropa University, Oakland Campus, M.A. Creation Spirituality - 2000-04,

Fairhaven College @ Western Washington University, B.A. Spiritual Psychology - 2000

Seattle Central Community College, (Painting, Printmaking) A.A. Liberal Arts - 1997

Puget Sound Community School, Seattle, WA - Volunteer Teacher - Abstract Painting - 1995

Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY, (Drawing, Painting) Liberal Arts Program - 1981-82

Solo Shows:

New York Pizza & Bar, Bellingham, WA, June - November - 2009

The Way Of Light Studio, Bellingham, WA, Downtown gallery walks - 2004-09'

Colophon Café, Old Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA, August 2007

AW Asian Bistro, Old Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA, February - March 2007

Jelita Arts, Old Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA, December 2006 - January 2007

Naropa University, Oakland, CA “Healing the body, mind, soul, and spirit through abstract painting.” May 2002

Neko’s Restaurant & Nightclub, Seattle, WA, 1991

Humanities 101, Seattle, WA 1990

Group Shows:

2nd Annual Bellingham Plein Air Paint Out & Show 2007 - Submitted Image

Seattle Central Community College, Art Gallery, 1996

Heart to Art, Seattle, WA 1995

Art Not Terminal, Seattle, WA 1993


Spiritual Art, Consciousness, Spirituality, Creativity, Sexuality, Cultural Studies, Alternative Education, Near-Death Experiences, Psychology, Parapsychology, Plant Medicine, Meditation, Body Work, Breath Work, Body Movement, Sacred Dance, Music/Sound Healing, Kundalini & Spiritual Awakenings, Energetic Healing Arts, Dream Work, Shamanism, Chinese Medicine, Spontaneous Qigong, Chaos Theory, Quantum Theory, Fluid Theory, Foam Theory, Systems Theory, Fractals, Paradigm/Belief Systems, Computers, Critical Thinking, Mysticism, Feng Shui, Fractals, Nature, Digital Photography



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Updated: 11/30/2014