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The Way Of Light


Spiritual Art Commissions


By Sherman R. Buck





"Living Color"


I wish for you colors of life, freedom, and acceptance.

Colors that mix, blend, and flow with no definition, no boundaries.

Feeling each strand of brilliance to its core.

Warming to the touch of possibilities.

The potential for creating reality from wisps of dreams.

The self flowing from within to form exquisite renditions

that reflects your colors, your brilliance.


You hold the brush, your colors are within and the water to blend is your eternal energy

Paint so that I might gaze upon the brilliance of your soul.

To learn from your creativity the realms of ecstasy that I cannot fathom.

Paint the way to my doorstep with bold strokes that bring the paper to life.

Life that dances, plays, and tickles the Beingness of my soul.


Can we dance together to create a dream that defies dreams?

I would love to gaze into the depths of your color

and mirror the rainbow you contain within yourself.

I know I would finally find myself in you.

Mirror mirror on the wall…


Sherman R. Buck

April 13, 1993


In essence, the above poem that came to me is about our living creation as a human being:

I am available to create  unique one of kind paintings for interested parties. My approach is to meet with you personally if possible, or over the phone, to get a felt sense of who you are and or what your project is about. These are original pieces, I sign and date the backs of the paintings. Often, after a painting is finished, it will reveal itself in regards to which way it will be positioned and sometimes, there are multiple images in them from different angles. This is why I sign the backs and also to avoid interrupting what the painting has to express. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me via email or phone.

Feng-Shui is about becoming aware of the energy of space and form and creating harmony and balance in the energy fields. Feng-Shui looks at changing the color of a room or furniture, as well as positioning objects in certain places. Spiritual art works with the energy in the space, acting as a portal of energy that engages the negative energy to transform it to positive energy. The process starts out with visiting the space and getting a felt sense of what is going on there. I also like to meet the individuals who live or work in those areas, because their energy is part of the dance of energy in the space. After creating the art work, I like to let the painting visit the space and see how it interacts with the environment. I also like to see how others react to the painting as well. 

The color spectrum is energy that radiates outward interacting with space, form, and humans. Studies have shown how color effects human beings in significant ways, which has given rise to color therapy. The difference in what they are doing is to use color to maintain balance within an imbalanced world. Spiritual art is about transforming space, form, and humans. The effects of various colors and movement of forms in the images creates a particular field of energy that engages the environment. Spiritual art creates harmony at home or work, and it effects the relations of all concerned; energy is a relationship, for we are always relating with it at all levels. 

In a work environment, productivity and creative endeavors begin to thrive and grow due to this connection to spiritual energy. We all know what it feels like to be in someone's home or business where the energy is negative, stagnant, dark, gloomy, or dreary. We often don't feel welcomed or seen as human beings within this type of energy dynamic. In places where the energy is positive, we feel alive, enjoy being there, feel appreciated, and operate at our best. People who are negative tend to create negative environments based on their belief systems. One can have all the right furniture, but the people in it, can still effect the energy of the environment. If you notice dogs, when they go to find a place to lay down outdoors, you'll notice they tend to sniff around looking for the right place to lay. They are seeking out positive energy points.

When humans are conscious, they are aware when energy changes from positive to negative. The normal response is to leave and go find another place that feels more positive. But, humans are creatures of habit and habits make a person go unconscious. Unconscious people go to a place out of habit and are not present enough to notice the shift in energy. Where negative energy is present, there tends to be those who do not give energy, but rather take it, and this is true of places that take energy, for people are not the only ones that take energy. Spiritual art aims to transform those negating forces within humans and structure to effect harmony and balance.

Structure and form effects energy flows in an area. An example of this would include room size, how many windows, views, ceiling height, wall angles, etc. How energy interacts with structure is exactly the same process that humans have with the flow of Chi in the human body's energy meridians, of which acupuncture is used to harmonize and balance. The same process is occurring in the creation of spiritual art. Become more aware of the spaces you inhabit or visit. Notice what if feels like when you walk into a home, an office, a work environment, or retail space. You will begin to understand from direct experience how the energy of a place and those in it, effect your own well being and energy fields. 

In addition, check out how you feel in those spaces. Take a few minutes to go within and scan how you're feeling. Notice when you enter these places, how your stomach and chest area react. Do you feel as if they open up or close down? I have noticed in my own chest and stomach, a sort of tension that feels like closing one's fist and tightening it. Depending on the level of negative energy, the tighter the feeling. I believe we are tuning into the negative energy and reacting to it. But, also know you can keep your energy centers (chakras) open and imbue those places and people with your positive energy. You may not change the energy patterns there, but you don't have to shut yours down.

There is a lot more going on around us as we interact with other environments and people. The main focus of spiritual art is in creating harmony and balance for body, mind, soul, and spirit. Please contact me for further information. If you are in the local area, you may be interested in experiencing some of my art pieces to get a felt sense of the process.


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