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The Theory of Positive Disintegration

Reality ~ Consciousness

Doors Of Perception

Living in a Box

Paul Williams  1 

Non-duality Salon - click on the site map link

A Course In Consciousness

The Roots Of Consciousness - Jeffrey Mishlove

Contemporary Pioneers of Human Consciousness

Jeffrey Mishlove

Intuition Network

Consciousness Research Laboratory

Boundary Institute - A science institute focusing on phenomena at the boundary of mind and matter.

Psi Explorer - An exceptional CD-ROM on parapsychology

Global Consciousness Project - A web-based science experiment, hosted at Princeton University, examining the role of global consciousness in the physical world

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory - A prominent psi research laboratory at Princeton University, New Jersey

Retropsychokinesis Project - Run by John Walker, experiments and literature on retrocausal phenomena.

Koestler Parapsychology Unit - One of the best-known academic sites, headed by Prof. Robert Morris, in Edinburgh, Scotland

Laboratories for Fundamental Research - Run by Dr. Edwin May, former director of the US Government's psi research program called STARGATE.

Rhine Research Center - The legacy laboratory of Duke University's Dr. J. B. Rhine, "father" of parapsychology.

Parapsychology Foundation - In New York City, legacy of famous medium Eileen Garrett

Parapsychological Association - Affiliate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, primary international organization of scientists and scholars interested in psi phenomena.

American Society for Psychical Research - Founded  in 1886, one of the oldest such societies in the world

(British) Society for Psychical Research - The original scientific society for psi research, formed in London in 1882

Society for Scientific Exploration - International organization formed for the serious scientific study of anomalous phenomena 

Scientific and Medical Network - International organization for scientists,  physicians and other professionals interested in science and consciousness, based in the UK

Institute of Noetic Sciences - International organization for people interested in science, society and consciousness, based in the USA, founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell

Alex Tanous Foundation - This organization serves "as a forum for the presentation and discussion of anomalies," especially those related to psi phenomena.

Intuition Network - A comprehensive web site, the intuition network's goal is to "help create a world in which all people feel encouraged to cultivate and use their inner, intuitive resources."

Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild - A nonprofit organization in Hawaii devoted to research and education about remote viewing.

Spindrift - A organization involved in scientific research on healing through prayer.

The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

The Neuroethics Project from Center For Cognitive Liberty & Ethics, on the benefits and dangers of brain manipulation


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Updated: 11/30/14