Sherman R. Buck

Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit Integration:

As a healer, my role is to assist and facilitate awareness of your potential. The process of opening up to authentic self is really simple. The hard part is letting of of our belief system and questioning what we know. Integration comes from acceptance of where we've been, the price we've paid, giving up what doesn't work, taking off our masks, stepping into the light of Being from our own perspective, with no outside influences. Then you learn how to create a world around your spiritual essence. This may seem scary, but that's just fear trying to steer you away from unconditional love and freedom from Living in the box. Being is who and what we are and requires no effort. You have no idea how powerful you are in Being, which is to say it is not something you think about, for there is nothing to think about when Being...


  • Soul Loss

  • Sexuality

  • Creativity

  • Spirituality

  • Depression

  • Dreamwork

  • Life & Career

  • Relationships

  • Body Movement

  • Energy Healing

  • Health & Wellness

  • Energetic Color Healing

  • Mystical Experiences

  • Spiritual Emergencies

  • Kundalini Awakenings

  • Psychedelic Experiences



Sessions are $60/hour - Cash or check

Sliding scale available for those with limited income


Hours by appointment Evening and Weekends

Phone sessions are available as well


Sherman R. Buck

The Way Of Light

301 W. Holly St. Ste. U-1

Bellingham, WA 98225-4360





Updated: 10/05/08