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Osho On Creativity


The Artist's Way


Creativity Web - Resources for Creativity and Innovation. This is an inspiring database full of creative and original ideas. It's the home of future innovation and tomorrow's most (in)famous inventions. 


The Creativity Pool is basically free and works like the penny cup next to the cash register. Have a brilliant suggestion or an idea for a new invention? Add it and be rewarded. Looking for inspiration or a great idea for your business? Just ask. It may already be there. For navigating, please use the tool bar on the left.


Creativity at Work™  is a rich resource for developing personal creativity and organizational innovation in the workplace. Explore the thinking and perceiving skills of artists, scientists, inventors, leaders and visionaries through the articles on this site.


Center for Studies in Creativity The Center's purpose is to promote and improve our understanding of creativity and its many applications.


Blessings For Life Encouragement, Inspiration, and Tips for Living a Better Life!


How Much Joy How Much Joy Can You Stand - A Place to Face Your Fears and Create Your Dreams! A wonderful website with lots of free tools, a Joy Store, free newsletter and so much more. Don't miss this site!


Innovation Tools The Innovation Tools web site provides busy executives with a valuable collection of tools, ideas and resources, designed to help them be more creative in their day-to-day work.


Creative Growth and Healing The creative process is a powerful, transformative tool for healing our minds and bodies, our relationships and our world. Each one of us carries this ancient medicine inside. This site contains a collection of articles, resources and links about redisco.


Mind Tools As the site says, 'Put Your Brain on Steroids!' Here you'll find links to creative thinking, techniques, software and other creativity resources.


Creativity Workshops - Creativity Workshops helps you to discover and recover your creative self.


Creax - Creax is an extensive, inspirational and growing resource for links on creativity on the web. A great starting point for any creativity journey!


Creativity And Women To help women and girls explore creative talents, and become more aware of social and psychological issues that impact creative expression.


Busy Person's Guide to Creativity A guide to some excellent creativity sites on the web. Don't forget to sign up for the '45-Second Newsletter!'


Wake Up Writing! This wonderfully inspiring site deserves a daily visit - start each day off with a writing exercise that will get your creative juices going.


Creativity Portal This Web site will appeal to the craft lover lurking inside all of us. The Creativity Portal gathers together a number of craft-related resources and categorizes them for easy clicking.


Tera's Wish Tera Leigh, one of our guest authors, has created a lovely Web site with Tera's Wish. Although the focus is on artists and artistic endeavors, there are also some wonderful articles on creativity and being creative. Definitely not a site to be missed.


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Updated: 3/19/11