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The Way Of Light


Cultural Software


By Sherman R. Buck





"Thoughts, like fleas, jump from man to man. But they don't bite everybody."

- Stanislaw Lec

Back in 2000, I was finishing up my B.A. degree at Fairhaven College. My work-study position was in the psychology department working for the computer support technician. Working around computers got me to noticing them do some pretty goofy things. One night I was working on some papers in the computer lab by myself and some events occurred with the computer, which made me make a connection between computer software and cultural software. I had just highlighted a paragraph for changes and had just begun to move the cursor to the format button up to the top of the MS Word window to make the necessary changes. Before I even got a chance to click on the format button to open the drop down menu, the changes I wanted to make appeared. To say I was stunned was an understatement. This has happened several times since then as well. Needless to say it got me to thinking about the software and my own inner software. I'd been becoming more conscious of how much of this cultural software was worthless, self-defeating, self-limiting, and outdated. This moved me to realize that culture is a form of software.

Each of us is hardwired for culture; meaning we have the ability to find different ways of being in order to find those that support us in surviving in our particular geographical region with the climate, resources, and life forms. Going back in great leaps we can see this was integral for our survival in a world that was quite chaotic to say the least. Without culture we would not have survived. We are also hardwired for language and a host of other functions to support us in this journey called life. One can call this cultural hardware. Our hardwire stuff is most of which we have no control over, which lies in the domain of our subconscious. Through our own evolution to higher states, there have been individuals who awakened and are awakening to show us how to over-ride some of our hardware. Perhaps all of it can be transformed in ways we are not aware of.

Our cultural software serves different purposes. The one I am interested in has to do with how beliefs act as software programs. Just like computer software, cultural software has limitations, which are the programs that are written. our beliefs are like programs, which follow a particular logic with limited parameters. All software is limited to what it's programmed to do. One cannot make software do something it was not programmed for, no matter how hard you try, how hard you yell or curse, it doesn't change the pattern of function.

This made me realize how difficult it is to get people to see how dysfunction operates in their lives. They are programmed to not see what doesn't work. This belief is part of the software program; don't question the software. We all know computer software becomes obsolete. Individuals create new programs that work better, faster, and more reliably. They get rid of all the bugs, quirks, and problems as well. One would hope this to be the case. At any rate, cultural software has the same dilemma, perhaps more so because we humans are very powerful beings. Given the wrong software programs, human beings can be very destructive to themselves, others, and the environment they live in.

Cultural software doesn't change so readily, nor easily as computer software. It would certainly make things a lot easier if it did. We could rid ourselves of racism, sexism, classism, gender stereotypes, homophobia, materialism, ageism, erotophobia, greed, ignorance, and others such as anger, hatred, violence, and killing; all of which are rooted in fear. We could also rid ourselves of various materials and processes that can be harmful to us all.

Every day we are bombarded by the media and other humans in the world with potential cultural software downloads or updates. We could possibly download a whole new idea or update several files on an old idea for improvements. Most of us have an onboard programmer called ego, which scans the external world looking for updates that would compliment the current cultural software. Most of us are programmed with cultural software geared towards giving control of our programming to higher cultural sources of programmers in the form of family, communal, religious, governmental, and corporate leaders, for purposes that have little to do with what we desire. This also occurred with our own peers through peer pressure as well. But by and large, the main cultural software downloads came from the controlling interests of government, business, and religion. Most of us learned, usually by force, to allow adults to download their cultural software programs into us as children. It was how we survived. We needed to learn how to function in our culture to get our basic needs met in order to survive. We needed to learn how to function in our culture and so we had to allow the adults who had power over us to program us.

The downside of allowing this required us to give complete access to anyone who was in a position of authority. There have always been cases where some individuals refused to download this software and life surely was different for them. We owe our freedom to these cultural creatives, who refused the programming. Most of us had to conform and download on a regular basis with different adults along the way till we were adults. By then we were so conditioned through repetitive patterning, that we had forgotten about freeing ourselves. Our ego takes these programs and ensures we follow the software parameters. Many of us know when a software program doesn't work effectively or doesn't work at all. But part of the software program tells us to ignore what doesn't work. Or allows us to complain about it but do nothing. We like to believe we wrote these programs, but that too was also written into the program, which is why we seldom question any of it. We came to believe it was who we are. When in Rome do as the Romans do, right?

Unlike computer software, cultural software is organic, in that it can be over-ridden by spirit. Our own soul has access to over-ride any program that no longer serves its purpose. Soul is a complex being that is positioned unobtrusively from our awareness until the right time. Who we think we are is just the cultural software program running. So little of our soul trickles in that we are oblivious of the larger aspect of it. Sort of like an iceberg, we don't see the larger part of it underneath the water. Soul and Spirit make things happen to assist us in becoming aware. At some point we reach a critical mass of waking up to the realization of the flaws of the programs. We begin to gain access to internal compartments where information becomes available to us. From this information we learn that we can re-write our own software programs by taking control of the auto-pilot program writer called "Ego."

 Aw we become more conscious and less controlled by the software, we find access to our computers operating system control panel. This allows us to see the directory listing of software programs installed on our hard-drive. Having taken some inner courses through spirit and learning from others who are waking up, we begin to realize which programs are no longer relevant or worthwhile to our health and well being. We then uninstall these worthless programs. At which point we run the system tools called scandisk and defrag to fix errors and cleanup the hard-drive for more efficient and cohesive operations. Once that is done, we install and update an anti-virus program to clear out viruses that are negative memes and to ensure we no longer download dangerous ones again. Once this is done, we get to work on more important things based on the needs and desires of our inner Being.

We learn from soul how to access the inner dimensions of our virtual computer, where we find the safe we locked away our username and password long ago as children.  With this information we're able to once again access our inner spiritual network. We all have this access portal as part of our Being. Once logged in, we're able to gain access to the virtual reality of spirits domain; call it the spiritual internet or the spiritual Universe.

In this space we come to know that cultural software has limitations and the only way to know these limitations is to stay logged-in to the spiritual network. Staying logged in we know when something needs to change and we do it automatically, because we know from within, directly from source. We are guided to do so in a loving unconditional way. Where as with cultural software, there is no knowing the bigger picture, because cultural software comes from individuals outside ourselves, who then pass it on to others, and they usually force others to conform to their software. This is known as conditional love, for it has limited parameters which one must follow in order to survive.

Spirit has no need to force, for when we are connected we know what is exactly right for each of us. In spirit, we know that each person is a unique Being requiring different needs and the Whole or Oneness, works to ensure that all Beings are given what they need without harming or limiting another in any way or form. No conditions. This is what the Divine is, an unconditional loving Being beyond what any of us could possibly conceive of. No conditions...


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Updated: 12/01/2014