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Environmental Collapse and the End of Civilization 

Aprovecho: Education For Sustainable Living - Aprovecho is a non-profit research and education center located outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon. Our 40 acre rural campus is the classroom for our ongoing educational programs. At Aprovecho you will experience live working examples of Appropriate Technology, Sustainable Forestry, Organic Agriculture, Permaculture, and the interconnectedness that is shared by these systems and with the land

Nudism - Nudism is nature oriented because we are all from Nature, it is where we get our human Nature from. We are ecology based beings that are not separate from Nature/Earth. If you have never been naked in Nature, then you have no idea what this feels like. As children, most of us ran around naked and enjoyed it until we reached a certain age and it became culturally unacceptable. Nature is Healing and it is important to regain our roots in Nature; with or without clothes on.


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Updated: 7/10/10