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Energetic Healing Ė Laying of Hands


The purpose of Energetic Healing/Laying of Hands is to be a conduit for channeling spiritual life force energy to clear physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks. All dis-ease comes from blocked energy, which arises from not being connected to our authentic natural self.

Humans used to be in touch with Nature and her natural rhythms. Through cultural conditioning, humans have been taught beliefs (habits) that have imprisoned the body and mind, effectively suppressing the expression of their authentic spiritual Being from expressing itself into the world. The words we are taught culminate into beliefs that act like software effectively shutting down our flow of consciousness. This consciousness contains the ability to be aware of our body, mind, soul, and spirit within our natural environment. This awareness is essential in knowing when to adjust and balance our responses to effect the highest possible state of health and well-being at all levels. Dis-ease is what arises from being out of balance with our inner Nature, and this is why humanity is destroying their outer environment. When one has inner balance, then oneís outer environment is in balance. This imbalance has caused a great deal of pain and suffering for a long time. Pain and suffering are indicators meant to get our attention, so we can make the necessary adjustments for our well-being. We have been conditioned/trained/brainwashed to shut off our awareness and are unable to see/hear/taste/feel the warning signs. Pain and suffering, the dis-ease, are the warning signs giving us instantaneous feedback from our environment based on our actions or lack of them; the opposite of dis-ease is ease.

Ease is what arises from being in touch with oneís inner nature. Releasing the energetic blocks that prevent the flow of consciousness is essential for becoming conscious about oneís beliefs/habits that go counter to the flow of life. Fear, shame, guilt, and judging are counter to the flow of life. A life of ease includes peace, joy, bliss, ecstasy, and awareness. Dis-ease arises when we lose touch with the presence of our inner Being at any given time. The challenge then is to re-member to stay present with awareness in the moment, rather than getting caught up in past/future thinking, and being true to authentic self. Feelings are energy and essential in being conscious to dis-ease or ease. Our bodies were perfectly designed with feelings and emotions as organic biofeedback aspects for staying conscious. Our body was created this way to clear out the blocked energy to bring awareness. Awareness allows for learning, understanding, which ultimately leads to wisdom.  This is what consciousness does as it interacts with the material plane.

 The spectrum of our consciousness can be visualized as ranging from feelings (high energy) to emotions (low energy). Feelings are oriented in the chest regions, while emotions are centered in the stomach/abdomen area. Feelings are subtle energy vibrations, ranging from mid to high ranges of consciousness. If we do not pay attention to the feelings and act accordingly to remain in balance and harmony, then ignoring them will cause the feelings to build up. Emotions are highly charged due to the feelings building up (blocked energy). If we habitually ignore our emotions, they will come out destructively, either verbally or through physical acts. The other side of this situation is suppressing them to appear calm and collect. Unfortunately this results in dis-ease becoming more destructive by creating various levels of illness in the body/mind and or the continuation of consciousness lowering in vibration.

The effect of either of these states of consciousness can create ecstasy (heaven) or destruction (hell).  Most of humanity has been living in destructive mode for some time. The more unconscious we get, the further our energetic vibrations fall from feelings into emotions.  From an energetic context, lower vibrational energy comes from lower states of consciousness (blocked energy), whereas higher vibrational energy arises from higher states of consciousness (free flowing energy). Pain and suffering are lower vibrational energies. Being free of pain and suffering is nothing more than learning how to stay conscious and interact with this flow of consciousness (energy) to create higher states of awareness. Enlightenment is nothing more than becoming conscious and awareness of the vastness of your own feelings to align with the harmony deep within authentic Being, which will then create an outer harmonious world. Our inner harmony has never left us; we have only covered it over, like the clouds obscure the light of the Sun. The Sun never ceases radiating its light, and our inner Being is that Sun, is that light radiating.

As a practitioner, the process of energetic healing is allowing the Inner Light to radiate through my body and out through my hands into the client. The light or spiritual energy consciously knows how to interact with your own energy fields to dissolve the blockages so that your energy meridians can flow unencumbered to raise your level of consciousness to the next level. This is similar to a dimmer switch, where one can raise the level of light. Clients are required to focus conscious awareness on their body tensions/sensations, quality of breathing, flow of energy, and any other inner cues such as memories, images, smells, tastes, colors, sounds, or feelings.  This feedback information can be of great value for the practitioner to intuitively guide the client with suggestions for integrating and transforming whatever emotions, feelings or realizations that may arise. The potential of transformation is completely in the hands of the client in their willingness and ability to let go of pain, suffering, dis-ease or anything else that isnít working in their life to allow room for the ease, joy, bliss, and peace of mind that is our true nature.

If you have questions, concerns or special needs, please call for further information.


Sherman R. Buck

The Way Of Light

Seattle, WA

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Updated: 7/10/10