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The Way Of Light




By Sherman Buck





"Each day is a self-contained unit of eternity.  Use it preciously and with utmost care.  Every moment is great, for it is part of a precious cosmic journey." - Robert Muller

What does forever mean? What does it have to do with consciousness or spirituality or even life itself? Pondering on this perspective can reveal a great deal of awareness on who we are as a human being with a spiritual being.

I became more conscious of this concept after having a dream about someone who wrote a book entitled "Forever," and while in this large library, finding another book by the same author entitled "Beyond Forever." I have often thought about this endless process of life, how the universe itself in its wholeness and all the shards of consciousness have been around and continue to go around; Forever. Modern physics talks of the universe being curved. Someone I once knew had an experience while doing inner journeying, where he experienced the universe as a circle. At the time I was bothered by this, having had my own near death experience a week prior. It took me a couple of years of integrating and doing inner work to understand my own experiences let alone his. But, now I see that this makes a great deal of sense based on my own experiences. One of those synchronistic moments recently that supported this was the realization of the looped earring in my right ear being a circle with a small globe-like piece on it, giving it the appearance of it going in an orbit, round and round. I had been listening to a vocal trance song where a dialogue was discussing consciousness as a circle, discussing it as a circle with a small gap at the 12 o'clock  position. The speaker suggested that consciousness starts out on the left side and humans assume this be sanity. As one moves in a counter clockwise motion, one begins to feel like they are losing their mind and as they continue on up towards the top on the right side it feels like utter madness, only to arrive at the end of the movement to realize that one is truly sane and where one started out was insanity. What is fascinating about my earring is that there is a small gap and at that gap on one side is where the small globe is attached. When putting the earring on, one has to bend it together so that both ends meet. Oddly, I could never ever get the two to touch, which used to annoy me to no end. This was a metaphor that revealed itself in the song. And yet, it is not so farfetched to see this as a symbol of eternity; Forever. The circle is thought of as infinite and I suspect it is infinite, yet I believe it is finite in the context of the Oneness.

As humans, we often see from a very limited perspective. So small in fact, that it cripples us and yet is our salvation on a soul level. as a human, we lose sight of this fact that we are actually much more profound than we think. For instance, we have elements that are essential in our makeup, and without them we could not exist or survive. Oddly enough, these elements didn't come from one particular place. They in fact required different types of stars to create them, birth them. And I do mean birth, for all things are alive; micro and macro in size. These elements were created and then dispersed/seeded throughout the universe, in a process that staggers the mind, and yet we give it little thought. Amazingly, even religion doesn't even touch upon it, nothing about the wonders and works of the divine at all, except the simplistic story of how the Earth was created, leaving out any of the more profound aspects of divinity. Science has us looking at stars as factories, that produce elements for consumption. I suppose we can see some truth in this, but factories in general are heartless and I know the universe and divine are far from heartless. Mothers who become pregnant and go through this process of becoming pregnant and giving birth know that there is far more to this process of birthing than a factory. It is about birthing life, a living essence, that contributes to the whole. In fact, it's about birthing the divine; God/Goddess. To be honest, I don't get the sense that the many, male or female grasp the fullness of what these words are implying.

What I am getting at here is the aspect that we are far older than the physical age we have come to know from our birth to our death. Each of us has a soul, a being that is beyond death, beyond most of the limitations of what we believe in to varying degrees. Souls is what we are beyond the physical body. In one of my own inner journeys, I began to feel nauseous, and decided to close my eyes to go within to see what the cause was. Immediately I saw this image of a sphere that reminded me of a planet, with clouds covering a portion of it. I was informed that this was my Being, that the clouds represented the tension I was feeling in my stomach, and that this tension was fear, fear being the contractions away from awareness, a shutting down of our energy source at the Chi point below our navel. I was informed that this fear was not necessary, and in fact, nothing could harm this aspect of my Being; I repeat, nothing can harm our souls. It should be of interest to note that mainstream religions do not speak about the soul, nor do they bother to teach one how to become aware of one's soul and all that goes with it; no dream work, no body work, no breath work, no contemplation, no psyche work, no intuitive work, no nothing, other than blind obedience to other beings disconnected from their own souls.

You're probably wondering what the hell this has to do with eternity or forever? Since souls don't die, since they are eternal, imagine what it would be like to live forever on this plane, this planet, and to never age, rather one accumulates wisdom through experiences over time; remember time is a construct of the mind. I am reminded of the movie "Highlander," where the main characters liver forever. In one scene, Christopher Lambert falls in love with a woman only to outlive her, and we see him ageless, while she has come to old age. This process goes on and on for them throughout the ages, for thousands of years. Now imagine existing beyond mere thousands of years or tens of thousand or hundreds of thousands or millions. This is a long time and yet it is a mere drop in the bucket of eternity; endless.

Gary Zukov writes about the soul in his book, "The Seat Of The Soul." He as a whole chapter on this soul and on what the soul needs to be...and yet there is more beyond soul that reveals itself if one lets go enough. Thinking is not the way to go about entering this awareness. The key lies in letting go to the Nth degree.


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Updated: 12/01/2014