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Earl L. Hinrichs has created some incredible fractals that are quite surreal. I say this because my own near-death experiences, psychedelic journeys, lucid dreams, and spiritual visions have been difficult to describe. One of Earl's fractals is the closest to describe a portion of my kundalini awakening in 2000. All of my experiences opened a doorway into consciousness that I am still coming to terms with. Based on my own experiences, fractals are the doorway to begin exploring what reality is to move sufficiently out of the primitive reality that most live by in mainstream these days. What this means is the very building blocks of everything in the Universe. There is no separation, no empty space, nothing in between anything. So, it becomes a challenge to live within the Oneness, as vast as it is and always will be...Eternity and Beyond Eternity are the messages I bring, which is The Way Of Light. The distinction to be made is that reality is far more than the 3-D we are accustomed to and until one experiences these shifts in perspective, one will continue to have a limited understanding of life on Earth, let alone elsewhere.



Earl L. Hinrichs



Updated: 8/12/11