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As a healer, my role is to assist and facilitate awareness of your potential. The process of opening up to authentic self is really simple. The hard part is letting go of our belief systems and questioning what we know. Integration comes from awareness of where we've been, the price we've paid, giving up what doesn't work, taking off our masks, and stepping into the light of Being from our own perspective, with no outside influences. Then you learn how to create a world around your spiritual essence. This may seem scary, but that's just fear trying to steer you away from unconditional love and freedom from living in the box. Being is who and what we are and requires no effort. You have no idea how powerful you are in Being, which is to say it is not something you think about, for there is nothing to think about when Being.

I have had people tell me that we all have our own reality and that is true. But, we do all share one reality in Being, and in this one reality, we all desire to be respected, nurtured, supported, and loved unconditionally. Each of us longs for true community that supports each and every unique Being in achieving what they desire to create from their hearts. We all were made in the image of the Divine Creator, which means we too are creators; nothing more, nothing less. The challenge is to reawaken to this creative power, so that we can begin to create what our heart truly longs for.

My approach always includes body, mind, soul, and spirit. These are all interconnected in ways that thinking can never understand. The areas listed below outline my experience in guiding you in finding your own answers relating to:


  • Being Authentic

  • Sustainable Lifestyles

  • Healthy Sexuality

  • Boundary issues

  • Removing Creativity Blocks

  • Defining Your spirituality

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Understanding your dreams

  • Life & career issues

  • Creating healthy relationships

  • Health & Wellness

  • Mystical Experiences

  • Spiritual Emergencies

  • Kundalini Awakenings

  • Meditation

  • Body Movement

  • Breath Work


I can be reached by email or phone.

If calling, please leave a message with the best time to contact you. 

Office hours are currently limited to 6-9 p.m. PST.


Sherman R. Buck

Seattle, Washington






Payments are available by check or Paypal.

If paying by check the cost is $60/hour


A $5.00 charge is added to cover Paypal service fees





Updated: 9/22/11