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The Way Of Light



By Sherman R. Buck



  • Polluting the very air, water, and soul necessary to live.


  • Ignoring the plight of others who are on the receiving end of your choices, decisions, and actions or lack thereof


  • Hating another human being for whatever reason

  • Committing violence against another human being because you don't like them or what they are doing


  • Physical abuse in any form


  • Emotional abuse in any form


  • Sexual abuse in any form (including homophobia, heterophobia, biphobia)


  • Forcing others to kill for your ideology or way of life


  • Not teaching the young and old all about sex and sexuality in its wholeness and beauty


  • Spiritual abuse (yes this includes all religions)


  • Economically bullying another person or country to punish or coerce them into doing what you want (jobs, loans, aid, support)


  • Being silent while others destroy, hurt, or limit others


  • Guilt, shame, and fear tactics against another


  • Judging others for not being what you want them to be


  • Economic terrorism


  • Political terrorism


  • Religious terrorism


  • Racism


  • Sexism


  • Gender Stereotypes


  • Homophobia


  • Erotophobia


  • Ageism


  • Materialism


  • Classism


  • Imprisoning human beings and offering no healing for their inner wounds


  • Imprisoning animals in zoos (would you like to be put on display in a cage?)


  • Stealing from others, whether overtly or covertly, to include business and government leaders who use their power or create legal laws to steal


  • Arrogance and conceit



  • Hording money and resources from others for your own personal gain and power



  • Using your inner/external power to manipulate, force, or hurt others




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Updated: 12/01/2014