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August 2007



8-05-07 -

The beginning of last month I participated in a two day workshop on sensory awareness led by a woman named Judyth Weaver. Her website is offers some great articles and information on upcoming workshops and trainings. I found her workshop to be well worth the $200 and hope to do more in the future. I'll be posting my notes based on her discussions, my experiences internally, as well as with other participants. I am in awe that most of those in attendance were from 30's to 70's in years. It is not lost on me that young children would have been enthusiastic about what we were doing, since they already know how to be authentic, and the gap from their early years up to the 30's is testament to the shutting down that occurs as they get systematically imprisoned by home, school, and church. 

Judyth began to talk about schools and how making children sit for hours was a form of torture, that the body was never meant to sit and be still. As I thought about this, it occurred to me that as an awake adult, my own body needs to stretch and move from time to time and I don't care where I am, I get up and do it, honoring the need to move. The things we do to children would never be tolerated by our friends, whether that be how we talk to them or treat them.

I have been neglecting my writing for awhile and will be making more strides to continue doing something I love to do as a Gemini; communicate. I also hope to start posting some excerpts from Beyond The Mind. If you have been feeling stressed out about the way the world is, then let go of the need to know about it. Stop reading the newspapers and watching the news. Both are geared towards agitating one's ego and instilling fear; its what their agenda is. This format takes one away from one's inner Being and distracts one by keeping them focused on external events, and most of it is future oriented, meaning it is not hear. The agenda is to keep you so focused on external events, real or imagined, that there is no time to focus on the peace and calm that is the center of our being:


When we are centered in our Being,  nothing external can affect us, which is to say we have unlearned what others have conditioned us to do. We no longer abandon our connection to the divine within. When one is in the center of an actual hurricane, it is utterly calm, while out of the center it is utter chaos. The above image brings to home the importance of staying centered. This is where your power is and when you begin to operate from this point of origin, you are able to effect positive change in the world just by Being authentic. From this point, you cannot be controlled or manipulated or coerced. One begins to find the inner guidance to get back on the natural path one started as a small child.


It's late and tomorrow is an early rise for me.





8-06-07 -

My day today was interesting in many ways, but mostly in regards to noticing when ego got out of hand again. There's been this inner tension, and I've felt it in the throat area, a slight constricting feeling, and this ongoing mind chatter. Funny how it goes from almost nothing one day to a dull roar the next. There's this battle being waged fighting for supremacy and the dynamics are interesting to say the least, it is an energetic one as well as a mental one. Spirit keeps reminding me to keep letting go, surrender and do not resist...

I was reminded again about kindness and how being in this mode is what we are all about, for ego is the opposite of this. Most do kindness as an intellectual thing to do, it is not something you do, it is realizing in the heart and you be kindness, for kindness is unconditional love and there is no judgment, since one is not in ego. When one is in love, self-love, there is no fear, anger, hatred, violence; no need for greed, power, war, control, vengeance, resentment. Kindness is the surrendering to our natural authentic self without needing anything, other than treating the other the way we would like to be treated. It is important to understand that ego plays this out in the opposite direction, where in ego is in self-hatred mode, then it treats others in self-hating ways as well.

I am beginning to realize ego is part of who we are, but it has been contaminated with what we are not. We are ego, soul, and spirit, and the three of them are a continuum that is essential for connecting to the multi-dimensional universe. Ego has its place, but its not in the driver's seat.

I am reminded of the prayer, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them who trespass against us." I realized some things today about actions taken against others in my past, actions that were rooted in ego, as were their actions towards me, which triggered my reaction. Neither were necessary, and it is amazing how it has continued on unabated. I have come to understand why this occurred on both sides and am no longer carrying the burden around, realizing I was doing the best I could at the time. I have learned not to take things personally, or strive to do this as much as possible, and when I slip and fall down, I remind myself about it and get back up and move on, learning from the experience, forgiving myself, as well as the other. When I do this, I am free of fear, shame, guilt, the need to be right, and vengeance. None of it is real, only an illusion in the ego mind to maintain separation. We are all one in ways that would stagger one's reality, if it were to be experienced.

On another note, here's an interesting conference occurring this weekend:

"When you realize that you are creating a specific field of energy around you according to the different thoughts

and emotions you are experiencing, you are on the road to taking control of the things you find in your life."

-Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.



Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., plus Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. - August 10-11, 2007

Shoreline Conference Center


SOMETHING SPECIAL HAPPENED OVER BREAKFAST at one of our Prophets Conferences in Vancouver when we introduced Dr. Bruce Lipton to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, two of the world's leading edge scientists. Their breakthrough

work has set science on its head because they are introducing Greater Mind into the biology of life.


Now for the first and possibly the only time these two brilliant and enjoyable teachers are coming together in Seattle to take us on A Quest Beyond The Limits Of The Ordinary. They will guide us into seeing through the veil separating science and spirituality and give us a hopeful perspective to use in our lives. Friday evening August 10 there will be a

dialogue and Saturday August 11 there will be a full day of intensives. This is truly amazing work that bridges science and spirituality in ways that are accessible and enjoyable.



Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.


A child walks across hot coals. A woman lifts a car to save her trapped child. Congregants of the Free Pentecostal Holiness Church drink toxic doses of strychnine during exultation without harmful effects. We can walk on fire, drink poison and lift a thousand pounds. Yet, we have fallen victim to the myth that we are vulnerable and frail organisms whose limitations are programmed in the genes. 


Facing crises in health, home and heart, to survive we must recover the true powers with which we were endowed. The path toward self-empowerment is now offered by leading edge science that is synthesizing a grand convergence of the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity. A renaissance in cellular biology has now described the nature of the communication channels linking the mind and the body. This new science reveals how our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs control our abilities and create the experiences of our lives. 


Research scientist and author Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., introduces this long-awaited paradigm shift in an illustrated and animated lecture that will take you on a fast paced journey from the microcosm of the cell to the macrocosm of the mind. Experience the amazing discoveries of how childhood programming and our "learned" perceptions control behavior, regulate gene expression and even contribute to the rewriting of our genetic code. 


Based upon his best selling book, "The Biology of Belief", Bruce provides a solid scientific foundation for creative properties attributed to the "Power of Positive Thinking" and "The Laws of Attraction." More importantly, the awareness he offers reveals why and how we unconsciously sabotage our deepest desires for health, happiness and prosperity. This information will inspire your spirit, engage your mind and challenge your creativity, as you comprehend the enormous potential for applying this science in your life and in your profession. 


"I have learned to think of everything I see as having an energetic template that makes it appear as it does in the physical. When I want to change something in my life, I start with changing my energy. I do that by changing my belief about it and the emotions that I associate with it. It might sound crazy but it works every time. That is what the Law of Attraction is all about."

-Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

BIO: BRUCE H. LIPTON, PH.D., the best selling author of "The Biology of Belief", is a cellular biologist, and former medical school professor. His pioneering research on cloned stem cells at Wisconsin's and Stanford's Schools of Medicine presaged the revolutionary field of epigenetics, the new science of how environment and perception control genes.

Event Information -


8-12-07 -

Here's some links to articles of relevance:

"Be Loved for Who You Really Are" by Judith Sherven, Ph.D. & James Sniechowski, Ph.D.

It's been an interesting week again. But life is interesting in every moment, so that is becoming no surprise as I continue to let go to more and more of who I am. Personality keeps coming up and realizing that this construct is much like taking on a role of an actor or actress, which is exactly what we did as children to survive. We learned to notice all the overt and covert cues to who we were supposed to be, based on our parents and other adults in church, school, and other areas. We stopped being authentic to the degree that we felt external pressure; we call this peer pressure, and one could call it cultural pressure, and most certainly conformity. We conformed to their beliefs, patterns, along with taking on their likes and dislikes, and attitudes. Children even embody their parents, then later other adults, and this occurs within their own peer pressure groups too.

I remember the first time I became aware of how this embodiment occurs, while waiting for a bus in the University District in Seattle, WA. I was reading a book on Rolfing, when a two males showed up at the bus stop, one with his son of 4 or 5 yrs. old. At some point I looked up, seeing some movement, and noticed the boy placing his feet in the same stance his father was standing, all with in a matter of a few seconds. To say I was stunned was an understatement. The importance of this has grown as I have continued to watch varied ages of children and teens with walking with their parents and grand parents, where you can begin to notice how the younger ones mimic a limp or gait or slumped shoulders or other nuances. The significance of this has to do with embodying emotional and mental posturing. A person's body and especially their face can be a story of their growing up years, of holding patterns, masks they've constructed, and pain; whether that is physical or mental pain. There has been a lot written about body language, but this awareness is just the tip of the iceberg. Begin to watch people and they will tell a whole story that is right there in front of you, if you are willing to see it without judgment.

The reason we don't see it is due to being unconscious of our own stuff, which makes us unconscious of others, along with the fact that within the cultural software, is a psyche program that puts us in a mode of not knowing that we are unconscious. Becoming aware of this in others allows us to become aware of our own self and how we embody who we are. Body work is an essential component in undoing these holding patterns or roles we play. It takes a great deal of effort and energy to bind the body into what culture wants versus the natural grace of authentic being. I cannot emphasize enough how much body work can assist in clearing out these holding patterns that are very much based in beliefs that take us away from our authentic selves. We have become so identified with these roles we have been playing that our ego self has us imprisoned into believing this is who we are, and we defend it as if it were absolute.

When children don't have any other options, they conform and do whatever is required to navigate through the quagmire of becoming human at the expense of their spiritual selves. We all lose this in significant amounts. In general, people like to minimize, believing they are authentic, but if one could experience how far removed we are from unconditional love, it would cause a great deal of horror, duress, not to mention nausea. During ayahuasca ceremonies, numerous participants literally get sick and vomit. The perception of unconscious people would be to "think" that it is the ayahuasca, when in fact it is the emotional, mental aspects that are needing to be released, and since our culture is so incredibly stuck, this is one of the responses that occurs. I have not had this occur, but have had the feeling of nausea arise strongly as I have had mental openings, of remembering things or realizing aspects I was unconscious about. 

My most recent one was while working and having the realization surface of how current people I work with are much like my parents. The funny part of this is I've done extensive work on this and yet here was this whole other piece that I was not even aware of. This part was the deeper aspect in regards to feelings from long ago, how I felt as a child living within that time period and being unable to go anywhere, do anything, or be who I was desiring to express. My current employers are like my parents, as was my last one. Their two sons are the one I would have been and the one I was for a time. The two are twins, so that is ironic in that I am a Gemini (sign of the twins). If I had stayed in Rochester, NY, I would have undoubtedly relived my parents entire drama, which is the passing on of the family dysfunction from one generation to another. I would have stuffed my feelings, gotten married, had kids, and been unconscious. Another person I've been spending time with is much like my younger brother, and that was sobering as well. 

I spent half the day being with the feelings, feeling them, for this is how they get purged finally, by acknowledging them, giving them space to be felt (we already lived through them in the past), and becoming conscious of what surrounded them, and then being able to allow them to dissipate. Throughout this process, there were times I had to sit down and just be with the heaviness of them, the feelings of being overwhelmed. These feelings that we are unaware of are from the past, and hence when they arise, it is really important to understand that this is how we felt back then. Sometimes one doesn't have an exact time or place. In those moments, realize that at some point you felt that way. Acknowledging this that these feelings were from the past, frees us from the imprisonment that goes on when unconscious. Also, one needs to accept that these feelings are also being recreated in the here and now to a degree, since patterns repeat themselves, we recreate the past by being drawn to similar people, places, situations, and things, it is how we heal, it is the unconscious re-creation being guided by higher self so as to heal what we are unconscious about.

This process is beautiful, because spirit has created a system by which we go unconscious and we wind up projecting out, meaning to disown what is ours onto someone else; one example is hating same-sex couples, which is a way to avoid looking at one's own desire for the same-sex. No matter where we go, there are those who mirror to us what we try to disown in ourselves, and no matter what we do or where we go, we cannot escape this mirror in the other. Christians are another group that in general tend to judge others as being this or that, when in fact it is a reflection of what is going on inside their own selves. In mysticism, specifically in the middle eastern traditions, that we are all one, that the other is a reflection of myself, and this is true, because no matter how much one works diligently in forcing others to be like they are, one finally has to continue to greater lengths to avoid seeing the inner turmoil, and so one moves to higher levels of fear, which fuels self hatred, which begins a process of projecting outwards this increasing fear (self-hatred) towards others, where one is angry or hateful or spiteful, or violence or killing. Our current government of elite corporate leaders is testimony of this phenomenon, where in they have convinced themselves of the other as being the problem and in need of correction or obliteration.

I would also like to point out that we have been in this form of cycle for thousands of years. Yesterday I was walking around Bellingham in the early hours as the day was beginning. I could see all these businesses and the realization that our whole culture is based on business, busy-ness, keeping busy, avoiding the inner, focusing on the outer world of materialism at the expense of our Being-ness. As I walked around the city, I noticed the new transit terminal that has been remodeled. I recalled a conversation with a transit driver as to why the transit authority was tearing up what used to be a wonderful circular garden, where people used to gather and sit on the edge of it. The transit authority didn't like the quality of people who were hanging around the area. So, there response was to tear it up and now there is no place to sit. In fact, if one were to walk around any city in general, there is little to no seating available for the public to sit and rest. In fact, I find this interesting because we are encouraged to keep busy, to move onto the next thing to do or buy. If one looks carefully, one can see that the only place to rest in general is in a business where one is having to spend money in order to sit or use the bathroom. While it is true this isn't always the case, in general it is, if you know what you are looking for and are willing to remove the filters of one's comfort zone.

The street people, or the undesirables, are the ones who finally gave up on themselves and tired of playing the game, just do whatever to get by. I don't blame them, because the current system is not based on self-love, nor is it interested in teaching people about it or allowing them to follow their own inner guidance system. No wonder people are turning to the streets more and more. A couple of weeks ago, I was at the Co-op doing some work on the grounds in the upper parking area, and noticed a young male in his 20's laying in a fenced in area where the garbage dumpsters were. People often hide up there while drinking or doing drugs. At some point, I looked over and saw the male get up and was looking into the dumpster. I watched him crawl up and into the dumpster and closing the lid where he remained until I left. The male was wearing a ragged pair of pants ripped up the leg seams to both knees, with no shoes or shirt. I was profoundly moved by this, as to what events would have to take place for someone to get to that point.

I think it is a knee jerk response to avoid our own hidden inner turmoil by judging those like the male I mentioned above as being a loser or druggie or alcoholic or believing that some how they just didn't try hard enough. This is an ego response to what we are trying to avoid in ourselves. When we begin to realize the level of pain these people are in, we begin to understand the level of pain and suffering we are not aware of, for when we become aware of our own pain, we no longer judge the others. We can pretend, but not for long. We can acquire all kinds of money, all kinds of prestige, be ambitious and follow all the rules, but the external circumstances and the materialistic aspects are no bearing at all on our inner state of being.

Later in the day, I went around to look at all the sidewalk art that had been done during the Chalk Art Fest they had. I found it quite interesting how people would walk right over the art, not caring about it at all. This angered me and after contemplating, it arose within me that when people don't care about their own creativity, they don't care about others. Their walking on others creative endeavors is something that occurs regularly in our culture, where one puts down another's creative ideas or endeavors, because it threatens their own that they stifle and judge. In a sense it is saying "fuck you" on the surface, but internally, it is what they are doing to themselves. When we don't care about the other, we don't care about ourselves. I am not advocating taking care of every one. I am advocating self-love, which then allows one to love others, without needing to judge them or put them down.

With these new openings, I have finally cleared away the unconscious urge to limit myself by being involved with those of my family and cultural patterns. I have had some incredible shifts in consciousness and new opportunities are presenting themselves in ways that I had been unconsciously blocking. I no longer find myself attracted to those like my parents and am actively moving into my own business pursuits with greater clarity and intuitive guidance. I am thankful for those who entered into my life, who were very much like my parents, which allowed me to become conscious of patterns that were killing me in more ways than I had been aware of. I am free of this and while it has been sobering, the realizations have purged the pain and suffering that arose from my unconscious imprisonment of my authentic being.

I believe it is important to forgive ourselves for being unconscious, for we had no choice long ago, and had to come to a place of waking to become conscious of the fact that we had choices and to finally free ourselves to act on the ones that truly supported our authentic higher self. What we did to ourselves and others was not a conscious act of malice, for being unconscious offers no higher potential when we are trapped in a dysfunctional cycle. I trust that those who are unconscious are being guided much like I was in a evolutionary process of freeing themselves from the bonds that bind them. I am currently working on pieces of resentment from others and this has been revealing in many ways, as it also stems into my relationships with my parents. All of this stuff at its core is parental oriented and then radiates out into the world that expanded for us as we grew older. Our adult years, which includes the teen years, is where we begin the difficult trek of projecting to awaken ourselves. The movies in our head that the ego stores, has no real bearing on who and what we truly are. Some people seek until they find and this continues on until they either complete the entire house cleaning project or until their ego runs up against something that frightens them enough to stop them in their process. Please note that this fear, this terror is not who you are and it is illusionary in ways that would startle the heck out of you and yet in hindsight, it truly is humorous in ways that we do not currently understand.

In closing, I also want to comment on my journals. I have decided to not take out the past entries, because there is value in seeing how a person changes their thinking as they gain more awareness. There is no judgments required for what the past was, because we are all in a process of unfolding into what we truly are, and to hide what we once were moves into the same egoic dance of enculturation, of hiding, of judging oneself. As we gain more information, more experience, we have the ability to activate greater critical thinking in order to move beyond the walls that imprison us.

Peace of mind is all there is!


8-25-07 -

Today was the 2nd Annual Downtown Bellingham Plein Air Paint out, sponsored by Studio UFO and Blue Horse Gallery. The object of this is to bring awareness to art and to the ongoing gentrification of the downtown area, which is to say the tearing down of old buildings, (one's that artists find great for studio space), to make way for buildings that bring higher rents, thus causing a downfall in reasonably priced art space for artists to gather. This event had about fifty artists who gathered along he High St. corridor creating art, which brings attention to art in general and artists.

The whole process was rather enlightening for me. While painting, I noticed a lot of inner ego chatter and as I investigated what was going on, I was able to realize some particularly important aspects for healing. Doing art in public, especially along the sidewalks with people passing by, brought up minor fears of what people would think. This was rather interesting, since I have painted in my studio during gallery walks, with people coming in and out of my studio. But, for some reason, being right there in the streets was different, and the difference was there were people going by who don't necessarily care for art. During the gallery walks, people make a point of coming to see art, which is quite different in regards to doing it public. While painting, I continued to just observe the inner dialogue going on, and it became clear after awhile that my fears were based in my beginning years with my parents and the school system and how I was systematically judged about being authentic every step along the way.

I have been involved in more and more layers being released, with intense feelings arising, that I get to feel without judgment, so as to free up stuck energy. Doing art today made me aware of more layers of fear/resistance/defenses that higher self had put in place to protect me and guide me into limiting behaviors meant to allow me to fit in; and there was a considerable price to pay for this, as it is for each and every one of us. Doing art in public was akin to being completely open for me, since I consider abstract art a direct connection to spirit; hence spiritual art in the making or rather expressing spirit. I felt vulnerable and made space for the feelings that arose. I became more conscious of this inner process going on and understanding that this is what was going on in my younger years unconsciously. So, I was remembering the feelings I'd had to endure and suppress, also understanding how this dictated my behaviors and subsequent misery, as I went against my authentic being. How can we not be in pain and suffering as we systematically wall in our true being? What we see in the world in regards to pain, suffering, dis-ease, greed, war, violence, guilt, shame, fear, isms is a an expression of the suppression of our spirit and the divine. Even those who profess to be untouched or who have done their work, have not delved deeper into the realm of spirit, because the depth is staggering and yet it still continues on beyond that.

I am becoming more and more aware as to how so much of what we do is based on others external to us; this too continues to reveal itself layer after layer. This process is an intellectual one at first, but if you stick with it, you will begin to submerge into the other layers of emotions and feelings that are actually energies that have been suppressed/clogged/constricted. Once you feel these emotions and feelings, and understand what they are connected to, the energies dissipate. When we don't do this entire process, we continue to be stuck in the energies and are unable to make the connection to understanding via direct experience. There is this idea that the past is done and over with, so we don't need to go back and deal with it. I am going to nix this idea for what it is; an intellectual idea created by the ego to distract us from healing ourselves and reclaiming our power, which is an infinite process. What we are unconscious about is not just memories per say, but energies that are suppressed, and this energy is consciousness itself, our consciousness being constricted, so that we don't know that we don't know. When we are unconscious about these aspects of ourselves, we are in fact not authentic, but rather acting out a customized personality that arose out of our particular dysfunctional dance in our family and elsewhere in our journey to adulthood. We are not free to Be authentic when the full flow of our spiritual consciousness is constricted.

There is no way to reach full awakening without going through and releasing the stuck energies, to become aware to what we were once unaware of. Being awakened, is to truly see the world as it is, not as a personality or with masks, but with all of it stripped away. This doesn't necessarily happen all at once, because in general it is akin to sticking your finger in an electrical outlet. I have become increasingly aware of the many who continue to wear this intellectual facade of understanding knowledge, which is to say knowledge read in a book or heard from another. While this is one aspect of the awakening process, at some point, one has to let the knowledge go in order to move into direct experiencing of what is reality without filters. The realm of emotions and feelings are an integral part of waking up and without it, one is just intellectualizing the whole thing. I know of acquaintances who truly believe they are awake, having successfully intellectualized understanding and truths that were taught to them or read in a book. Their masks are firmly in place and they only adjust their intellectual stances to accommodate new external information, rather than opening up and letting go to the inner information.

Each of us has a direct linkup to communicate with the divine. When I discuss the Divine, it is in the plural context, and the idea of one God to me is part of a systemic lie taught to us by religion for eons. How religious leaders continue to make people dependent on them for truth is indicative of their lack of honesty, integrity, and spiritual wholeness. How they have continued to sell the bible as "the one and only truth," is indicative of a group of individuals who have made it their mission to ensure no one goes within themselves to make an inner connection to find their own direct source of Being. I am amazed that a book that was written roughly 2,000 years ago, from a time and a culture that no longer exists, that was ignorant of so much, and yet they have not bothered to update the external truth with the internal truth. Instead, they continue to teach from an outdated book that has no bearing on today and our awareness. It is amazing to watch so called intelligent people profess to be critical thinkers, continue on in ignorance, living with shame, guilt, and fear, all the while professing to know what true unconditional love is. This is absolutely not possible to do. One cannot live in shame, guilt, and fear and be in unconditional love. The love that they "think" they know is not love at all, it is an intellectualization, a mechanical response with behavioral responses based what is accepted norms of dysfunction.

We have been conditioned much like wild animals that have their wildness broken and then trained to be imprisoned and to do the work of their owners. The wildness I am referring to here is our inner direct connection to the divine. I have been working at putting mine back together again, piece by piece, and it is relieving to know that I can hear the inner guidance necessary to align myself with my higher mind and to be in accordance with those beings who are wanting to assist us unconditionally. It is important to understand that just as there are people who cannot be trusted, we must also learn discernment about those inner beings that communicate with us. When one begins to know the difference between conditional and unconditional love via the network of feelings we have, then they will be well on their way to discern whom to listen too and trust.

I am still in the throes of feelings arising and am rather exhausted, not from feeling them, but from having spent so much energy suppressing them, and so the exhaustion arises to tell me that I am free of those stuck energies. Once the energy is unstuck, then it is free to move, flowing through me as conscious energies; one can think of these energies as a feeling language vastly superior to any cultural language. Telepathy is the form of communication that occurs within us. We have the ability to be in touch with ourselves, others, all of nature, and the universe, if we but let go and open ourselves up to our higher self. No one needs to rely on any external validation for who they are. Who and what you are arises from within and no one has the right to force you to abdicate your sovereign connection to the divine. When you begin to understand the implications of this, your whole world will begin to change as you align with the higher self within.

The implications of this expose a political and religious system geared towards ensuring we are brainwashed, trained, and our wills broken to be obedient to a small group of people who have a vested interest in using us as a virtual power source, feeding off of our fear literally, because in keeping us frightened, is how they maintain their power base. Perhaps this sounds absurd, but if you begin to understand that if you were in love, then there would be no fear. If one is not in fear, then one cannot be manipulated, coerced, lied too, intimidated or distracted from the truth that is ongoing within us. Your inner connection will bring awareness to you of the truth as it relates to people who are being untruthful. Your inner connection will also guide you to right actions to bring balance and harmony back into divine order. Divine order as it has been taught by those in power has to do with business, economics, wealth. I am not against these things, because commerce is important in building civilizations. What needs to be transformed is this idea of power over others to dominate, towards an understanding of our own creative spiritual power as a sovereign being, and how to engage others in a win/win situation.

Our entire system has been contaminated with fear. Fear is what motivates the many, to include those at the top who accrue power by instilling fear into the masses, all the while professing to care. Those who dominate others are unable to care about others, because power over others is about selfishness; it is self-serving by its very nature. When we watch those in government lie, intimidate, cheat, steal, coerce, force via war or legal law, you are watching fear in action. The act of harming another or killing is an act of fear. Fear stems from the egoic part of our psyche that is imprisoned in a subjective perspective of life. Fear is actions going against the higher mind, which is objective, meaning it is aware of the self and all the other sovereign aspects of the universe. This can be called the Oneness, which the mystics of various traditions discuss. Mystics are those who have moved beyond religion into direct connection to the divine. This is what all of us are supposed to have, its our destiny, and the good news is you are already hardwired for it, it is already an open channel. The only thing preventing you from hearing, sensing, and feeling it, is the habitual distraction by the egoic mind and other subtle interferences stemming from astral influences that are not interested in our awakening and transformation as a civilization.

If one pays attention via meditation practices and through the use of spiritual tools, one begins to notice nuances in the inner planes that run the spectrum of love and fear. Learning to identify the differences will lead to greater awareness and subsequently allow greater discernment of what one has been "thinking" are their thoughts. Imagine your egoic mind as the lower mind, which is supposed to be linked with the higher mind. The higher mind is networked with all that is, and we each have access to this, not from the lower mind, but the higher mind. We are a psychic being, we are not this body, yet it is part of our existence on this material plane. It is a divine piece of organic technology that was created for purposes that we are in the dark about, only because we have been distracted and through fear, had our consciousness lowered significantly enough to keep us unconscious of our spiritual power and hence powerless, which is to say obedient to others at considerable expense to our own well being and sovereignty.

As a spiritual being, we were traumatized in our early years and had our wills broken; by will I mean our direct connection to the divine. With this connection gone, we were paralyzed and imprisoned via guilt, shame, and fear, to the extent that over time, by being forced to follow repetitive patterns, and to focus on external events, we eventually forgot about the inner space. I liken this space to the untouched wilderness in the world, where we go to get away from civilization as we know it today. These wilderness areas in the world are a reflection of our inner wilderness, which is why those in power are systematically eradicating, destroying, or making off limits. One has to be aware of these states of awareness that exist, because they are the last remaining wilds on this planet. Humanity has moved so far away from its inner nature as to be completely oblivious to it and in most cases crippled from finding it, let alone making sense of it.

This is one of the reasons Nature created organic tools to assist us in finding our way back. I condone the use of plant medicine, as have all indigenous cultures world wide. They understood this inner connection and it is why they were systematically destroyed by dominator cultures. At one point we were all indigenous, and yet it is erroneous to believe that we are our culture as well. For in the bigger picture, we are not these bodies we inhabit, but psychic beings that exist in a different form than we are capable of understanding with the current scientific mindset or academic mindset of understanding only from a left brain mode of thinking. Non-linear knowing is just as important if not more important. To identify with culture is a limiting of consciousness to identify with external materialistic aspects as identity. When one is taught to identify with cultural identity, cultural beliefs, then one loses focus on the inner plane, which is where we truly live. Understanding of this is not found on the astral plane, because it is called the death plane, and is where the reincarnation cycle repeats itself. Think of it as a parallel world/dimension. The astral plane manipulates our realm on a regular basis via our thoughts. The more time spent on meditation, the more one begins to realize this.

Culture is relevant, offering an incredible magnitude of creative expressions of possibilities, but when it gets locked into dogma by humans who are disconnected from the divine and stuck on intellectual mode, then it begins to harm the sovereignty of each human being in order to ensure obedience to external rules of conformity, rather than being tuned in to our spiritual connection to know when it is time to transform what no longer works and or to create something new for a new level of understanding. Understanding can and must move beyond intellectual knowing at the egoic level (lower mind), towards a spiritual knowing at the higher mind/divine level. Cultural software is intimately woven into our genetic software, which ensures our survival as a species; and yes we are an animal, to think not is mental masturbation. Cultural software is hardwired into us to allow us to interact with our environment. It is a whole systems aspect of orienting one's being to a geographical location, which is much more than just a physical place. This location has an energetic component, and given the varied soil compositions, allows certain kinds of foods to flourish, to include plants, animals, and crustaceans. All of these things, to include the mineral world, are alive and sentient in ways that human beings in general are ignorant of. All things are energy, therefore all things have differing levels of consciousness.

As human beings, we learned to survive, meaning we learned how to interact with our environment in ways that allowed us to continue living. This adaptation was an ongoing process involving feedback from the environment, along with inner intuitive knowing and guidance. The problem with this cultural software, is that it had to work with trauma as well, which arose via natural disasters, famine, injuries, and  fear. We are born with two fears; fear of loud noises and height. The rest are all culturally learned. In the general scheme of Nature, we humans were meant to evolve, just as Nature has over millions of years, if not billions on this planet. We are out of balance with our inner natures, which would reorient us from our distractions, our dysfunctions, to reconnect to our divine connection and put things back in harmony with all beings. When our identity with our culture, our heredity heritage takes precedence over our spiritual heritage, then we begin to lower our level of consciousness significantly as to begin to fall out of grace, which is to say to fall out of harmony. Perhaps there is a dance to this linear and non-linear process. I have begun wondering about the many things I have experienced and been shown. One of them has to do with how we perceive the inner and outer, and how we interact with them, and what the potential possibilities are for further unfoldment of consciousness.

I have had significant experiences that have forever changed my perceptions of consciousness to the point that it seems absurd to watch how the many continue to live in pain and suffering, while being totally oblivious to it. Becoming conscious is really so simple; the hard part is just getting conscious enough of what one is doing to stifle awareness. As a race of beings, we are terribly lost, and yet it is quite feasible for awakening to occur rather quickly. If we had complete access to the appropriate knowledge, and had awareness of the available tools and techniques, then we would be significantly on our way to waking up to our own potential and inner guidance, to reclaim our sovereignty.

A list of things I believe are essential for waking up to bring the ego, soul, higher self, and divine back into integration:


  • Knowledge & Wisdom gained from others who journeyed before us. However, discernment is required to know intuitively via feelings if it is not in alignment with your journey. Just because one authors a book or accumulates research data, doesn't mean they are conscious.


  • Critical Thinking Skills are what come into play when we learn discernment. If truth resonates with your heart, continue to align with it till others understand. What is considered critical thinking today is critical thinking in a box, having been culturally chained to limiting parameters.


  • Psychology delves into understanding the lower mind and other aspects of consciousness that we are aware of and accept currently. It also needs to looks at all the aspects of consciousness including the energetic context of consciousness, an energy different from what we currently understand energy to be. A spiritual psychology explores the aspect of soul, higher self, and still higher forms of conscious psychic beings, as well as other sentient life forms that exist in the physical Universe. How we engage other cultures on our planet is indicative of our ability to deal with different races on other planets. Understandings of the astral and etheric planes, as well as others is essential for transformational work. Also counseling can be of great value if used appropriately.


  • Body Work is essential in clearing out stuck energy relating to the emotional and feeling centers. Both are interconnected and if understood correctly can be guides to transformation. There are varied forms of body work, which also includes breath work. Holding patterns are muscular, physiological, energetic, and mental.


  • Meditation as it relates to not only quiet the egoic mind chatter, but to create discernment of different types of thoughts; fear versus love. Also to identify those thoughts that arise from ones higher self and those from still higher sources.


  • Creativity which include art, dance, song, music, poetry, writing, creating. When done from a place of authentic creation void of making money, one's being is expressed and healed.


  • Sexuality is the expression of one's spirit with one's self and others in ways that align with each persons sovereignty. Sexuality is spirituality and spirituality is sexuality. Healthy sexual expression is free of guilt, shame, and fear. If these are present, even in small amounts, the level of vibrant energy is inhibited. Healthy communication is essential for letting go of fear and to work through issues. Inhibitions are based in guilt, shame, and fear. Healthy sexuality includes respect of each persons sovereignty. Seeing ourselves as spiritual psychic beings helps us to put the physical form in perspective as it relates to same and opposite attractions.


  • Cultural Studies is essential for opening up to the multitude of different ways of being on this planet, of which each cultural perspective offers the opportunity to share potential ideas for societal transformations that encourage the idea of sovereignty, respect, and dignity. Cultural studies also offer the opportunity to become aware of one's own cultural bias and blindness, opening one to a freer expression of authentic being. We should not confuse cultural identity with authentic being; they are two different things.


  • Human Ecology is relevant to our understanding of Nature as it relates to our own inner nature. Each aspect is a living essence of consciousness of diverse levels. As we open to our inner Nature, we begin to open to different ways of communicating with our outer Nature, that allows each of us to align and harmonize with all beings.


With that, I am off to continue reading Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.




8-26-07 - 

I've been doing a lot of contemplating about these inner dimensions we have access too. Between re-reading Beyond The Mind, comparing notes from my experiences and dialoguing with inner guides, I've become a bit reserved as it relates to this psychic business, as well as dream time. I have been noticing just how many people there are who are psychic, who profess to be able to access information on others. What stands out about this, is not the inner knowing, but noticing that many of them still have dysfunction, as well as not being in touch with feelings and emotions. If one were so in the know, then how is it they continue to be out of touch with their own suppression. As for dreams, I have been realizing there are differing nuances of dreams. There are those that are from the astral plane, where our astral body goes as we sleep. I've been noticing that most of these are manipulative in ways that are geared towards putting fear into us or getting us to think a certain way. Again discernment is the only way around this realm. People aren't who they seem to be in these dreams, nor is the information given accurate; most of it is distorted in ways to distract by triggering the emotional energy field. 

I have made the decision to stop seeking information from those who are psychic, since the only way to know for sure is to seek one's own inner connection, and to work diligently at getting clear about what comes in as fear or love. This is the only way to know for sure. This is why feelings are so important, because they know what truth is and what is not. The nuances of feelings is so subtle and the only way to gain more clarity is to clear out the suppressed energy to gain a higher vibrational consciousness that allows for greater sensitivity to feelings. Working with dreams eats up a lot of time and at some point I realized it was a distraction from doing the more important work of clearing out the suppressed energies. It is my belief that they can and are manipulated by the astral plane so as to distract us from the deeper work to free ourselves from their influences. Gobi Krishna writes about this in his book, "Living With Kundalini," where he finally set aside the dreams and psychic phenomena to focus on this realm. He would have disturbing and frightening things arise, which is what led him to leave them be. 

Also, I've been reading "Buddhism: A Concise Introduction," by Huston Smith. Smith's book discusses Buddha's journey to enlightenment, and Buddha preached a religion devoid of the supernatural:

He condemned all forms of divination, soothsaying, and forecasting as low arts, and, though he concluded from his own experience that the human mind was capable of powers now referred to as paranormal, he refused to all his monks to play around with those powers. "By this you shall know that a man is not my disciple--that he tries to work a miracle." All appeal to the supernatural and reliance on it amounted, he felt, to looking for shortcuts, easy answers, and simple solutions that could only divert attention from the hard, practical task of self-advance. "It is because I perceive danger in the practice of mystic wonders that I strongly discourage it."

I'm realizing for myself that there is a greater clarity of truth in having a direct telepathic connection to higher beings of light. I use the term light for those beings who are of unconditional love/compassion. I have experienced these beings of light and their energy is so powerful as to literally dissolve our delusions and what we suppress. The only way things make sense to us is to have the inner knowing, the felt sense of it feels right and most of humanity is clueless about this because their feeling centers are shut down. This is why humanity is so out of touch, because only the intellect is allowed to function, and intellect is a lower mind function void of the higher mind function, which can only be accessed via the right brain or non-linear functions to attain a direct connection to knowing. The function of the lower mind (intellect) is to collect and store data based on experiences, of which then becomes the data bank it accesses when engaging the world moment to moment, rather than being in the moment and allowing both linear and non-linear components to operate interdependently and cooperatively. 

This is why the many are not present in the now as it relates to Eckhart Tolle's teachings. The intellect  navigates through life by accessing accumulated data from the past and makes limiting decisions based on this data. Much of the world operates this way, which is why we don't learn from our mistakes, as we continue to recreate the patterns. The intellect is not just the neo-cortex of the brain, it also includes the other aspects, the emotional and reptilian brain. All three are interconnected in ways that current scientific blindness cannot see, because it too is basing all of its actions mostly on intellectual discourse based on past memories. One cannot navigate and investigate life based on memories of past experiences alone. If that were so, then we ought to be an awake and sane society and we are no where near that at all. This disturbing fact is the truth that will begin to set one free to begin exploring the non-linear aspects of our being. Feelings are intuitive and are never wrong in their knowing, its just the intellect that interferes with feeling what is right. Feelings are never wrong, only that the intellect interfered with the necessary awareness that would allow us to feel.

We are a society so devoid of an inner life that we are unable to feel to fullness that would allow us the inner freedom to connect to the divine. The divine that religion preaches about is an intellectualized version of others experiences, in most cases thousands of years ago. Spirit is not something that existed thousands of years ago, it is here in the now and has always been here in the now, ever present, and omnipresent, and its presence will guide us out of the current nightmare we accept as "normal." It is not normal to live in guilt, shame, and fear. It is not normal to be governed by those who accrue power and money at the expense of others pain and suffering. It is not normal to hide our true authentic being. It is not normal to lie, cheat, and steal. It is not normal to despise and hate others or to commit violent acts against the other. It is not normal to treat children and adults like slaves. It is not normal to treat women as less than men, nor is it normal to be prejudiced or racist towards fellow human beings, nor is it normal to despise and hate those who act on homosexual desire. All of this "normal" behavior is based on patterns of conduct based on cultural rules (memories) of how to "act" in the world. It is a game, a sadistic masochistic game, bent on crippling human beings so as to imprison their minds to control them for the sake of controlling them for the use by others not interested in unconditional love.

Intellectualization will point this out to some degree, but the actual direct experience of what this feels like will blow your socks off and remove any doubt about the insanity that pervades this realm. Intellect is like reading a book, or like playing arm chair quarterback. One is able to avoid the direct experience by thinking about. It is why our government leaders can act the way they do towards others without a care to the pain and suffering they create. They sit in their offices, just as most of humanity sits completely removed from the actual reality being created. This is not rocket science, it is very simplistic in realizing that putting yourself into another's shoes will suddenly wake your ass up to the reality of their suffering. What is rocket science is the incredible complex paranoia that envelopes the egoic mind when it is disconnected from the divine. Paranoia knows no bounds as it navigates without divine presence. We are taught that free will is our birth right and we cling to this just as we cling to the paranoia, when in fact we have no free will, due to being manipulated by astral influences and ignorance. The idea of free will is based on following the template of the cultural software we have downloaded of patterned responses. We therefore believe free will to be the right to choose to follow external cues for truth. We like to "think" we are making choices on our own inner knowing, yet we only make conditioned choices based on behavioral patterns that allow us to gain approval based on external events.

True freedom is the freedom to access higher guidance and wisdom from the divine, to tap into the inner knowing of direct experience to realize we are not separate, are not alone, nor dependent on external people, places, and things to be loved. For we are love itself, which flows through us, and if we were to experience this flow, feel it, we would know without a doubt who and what we are. No government or religion or political group has any bearing on who you are truly are as an authentic spiritual being. No family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor or lover has any bearing on who you are as an authentic spiritual being. Their love and approval of who and what you are is totally irrelevant. When you come to understand this on a felt level, the implications will shatter your illusions and begin the journey towards freeing yourself from the current insanity, paranoia, pain, and suffering humankind accepts as "normal."

The mind is a powerful tool, powerful in ways that would stagger the imagination we currently subscribe too. The lower mind in and of itself is powerful enough to keep us oppressed, which is the complete triune brain. The higher mind is much more powerful than the lower mind, beyond anything we could understand with our current level of consciousness. There are levels that upon experiencing, would awaken a person out of their stupor and ignorance to replace it with the incredible freedom, joy, and ecstasy that is available to all of us. There are no judgments or punishments necessary to advance, it is not required to do penance, nor is it required to feel guilty or ashamed. And it is most absolutely unnecessary to continue to live in fear, for to do so only continues the pain and suffering and madness. I know no other thing that causes so much pain and suffering as the intellect void of spirit. We are spiritual beings that were never meant to live in pain and suffering. 

Along the way in our evolution we were co-opted in ways that imprisoned us at the psychic level, of which I mentioned before where we truly come from. We all have roots in the higher dimensions of  true reality. The astral plane is a lower vibrational plane of reality. Think of reality as differing layers of an energetic consciousness of living essence that can interact with the material plane. One of the things that de Montreal discussed, had to do with the astral plane, that the many who are psychic are tapping into this plane of information. Bernard also mentions that the astral plane has access to our past lives, our incarnation cycles, while we do not due to events that suppress this information. Through this information those on the astral plane are able to manipulate the soul to act out old patterns that were meant to be healed either in the current incarnation or in the next. But, due to this interference by those on the astral plane, the ego was interfered with so as to manipulate the soul to recreate the patterns over and over. Hence, the continuing saga of pain and suffering of the soul for the benefit of the astral plane. While this may seem ridiculous to the many, I have spent a great deal of my time searching and sensing the varied aspects of my being and it is not so ridiculous, when you consider that it makes sense of a lot of things.

We are capable of accessing prior lives, of understanding the events and how that affected subsequent lives. We also have the capability to completely access all of our past years in this lifetime, so as to heal and release that which is blocking access to completely awakening in this lifetime. This is challenging work and yet to say it is too hard or not necessary is to continue to allow the fragmented egoic aspect of self to continue to create a life of pain and suffering. Those who "think" they only need to focus on the external world of material goods are only fooling themselves as they continue to live in the delusion of paranoia  and insanity that oppressed the natural healing process that would allow us to move beyond the pain and suffering of the intellectual "lifestyle." The intellect is meant to be an organic tool to interact with the higher mind for the benefit of humankind and to be of service to the Universe. To be of service is to not live an impoverished life, or to be obedient in the way we have been taught by the current system of dominators. To think we would be surrendering to be slaves to the divine is to ignore the obvious realization that humankind is already enslaved; the many have no clue.

I will close this off with some quotes by Osho:


"People are afraid, very much afraid of those who know themselves. They have a certain power, a certain aura and a certain magnetism, a charisma that can take out alive, young people from the traditional imprisonment...

The enlightened man (woman), is the greatest stranger in the world; he/she does not seem to belong to anybody. No organization confines him/her, no community, no society, no nation.

This type of person is clearly the master of his/her own destiny. They have accessed the hard won truth of their own inner light. Whether he/she is wealthy or poor, the rebel is really an emperor because he/she has broken the chains of society's repressive conditioning and opinions. He/she has formed themselves by embracing all the colors of the rainbow, emerging from the dark and formless roots of his/her unconscious past and growing wings to fly into the sky. His/her very way of being is rebellious - not because he/she is fighting against anybody or anything, but because he/she has discovered his/her own true nature and is determined to live in accordance with it. The rebel challenges us to be courageous enough to take response ability for who we are and to live our truth."



"The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love - everything disappears. One starts living with a very light weight or almost no weight.  So weightless one becomes, one can fly in the open sky.

Zen's greatest contribution is to give you an alternative to the serious man. The serious man has made the world, the serious man has made all the religions. He has created all the philosophies, all the cultures, all the moralities; everything that exists around you is a creation of the serious man.

Zen has dropped out of the serious world. It has created a world of its own which is very playful, full of laughter, where even great masters behave like children."



"First meditate, be blissful, then much love will happen of its own accord. Then being with others is beautiful and being alone is also beautiful. then it is simple, too. You don't depend on others and you don't make others dependent on you. Then it is always a friendship, a friendliness. It never becomes a relationship, it is always a relatedness.

You relate, but you don't create a marriage. Marriage is out of fear; relatedness is out of love. You relate: as long as things are moving beautifully, you share. And if you see that the moment has come to depart because your paths separate at this crossroad, you say goodbye with great gratitude for all that the other has been to you, for all the joys and all the pleasures  and all the beautiful moments that you have shared with the other. With no misery, with no pain, you simply separate."


This is an excerpt from "Buddhism: a concise introduction," by Huston Smith on pages 4-5:

"Buddhism begins with a man. In his later years, when India was afire with his message and kings themselves were bowing before him, people came to him even as they were to come to Jesus asking what he was. How many people have provoked this question--not "Who are you?: with respect to name, origin, or ancestry, but "What are you? What order of being do you belong to? What species do you represent?" Not Caesar, certainly. Not Napoleon, or even Socrates. Only two: Jesus and Buddha. When the people carried their puzzlement to the Buddha himself, the answer he gave provided an identity for his entire message:

"Are you a god?" they asked.


"An angel?"


"A saint?"


"Then what are you?"

Buddha answered, "I am awake."



His answer became his title, for this is what "Buddha" means. The Sanskrit root budh denotes both "to wake up: and "to know." Buddha, then, means the "The Enlightened One," or the "Awakened One." While the rest of the world was wrapped in the womb of sleep, dreaming a dream known as the waking state of human life, one of their number roused himself. Buddhism begins with a man who shook off the daze, the doze, the dreamlike vagaries of ordinary awareness. It begins with a man who work up."

We all have this ability to awaken from the deep sleep we are entrapped in. This is not a male ability or a female ability. There is no particular religion that makes one race or culture special. All are beings of the divine, therefore there are no special ones. There are no age requirements, no appropriate sexual orientations or any other requirement other than the desire to step out of the pain and suffering, to rid one's self of guilt, shame, and fear, in order to Be completely conscious of your authentic Being and your divine inner connection to all that is. Humanity has been conned into thinking that awakening is a truly a complex process that only a few can do and that someone is going to come save us. How absurd to believe that we are incapable of helping ourselves. It is the lie of all lies. We are divine beings. We all have a divine connection.

Think of it in this way: each of us is a computer and our computer is connected to a network, call it the spiritual network, think of it as the Internet, only we have been conned into believing that our computer is just a computer. We are given a particular operating system, sort of like XP, and then we unwittingly allow other to tell us what type of cultural software we should install on our operating system. And we go through life totally oblivious to the login window on the screen. We have been conditioned to not see it. As we begin to awaken to our slumber, we suddenly see this login prompt window and begin to wonder what the hell it is. Over time we begin to have realizations until we suddenly remember that a password is required and finally recalling, we log into the network. It takes quite awhile for us to learn to navigate this psychic internet within ourselves, until we find the appropriate links to directly connect to truth, not as separate from us on a floppy disk, but from directly connecting to the light source. And it should be noted that we all have the potential for communicating to each other, sort of like windows messenger or AIM or Yahoo messenger. This is our telepathic link to being able to communicate with others. This network is our birth right, it is soft/hard wired into our being. There is no person who does not have it.

Now is the time to begin to acquaint yourself with your inner network, to begin to learn to navigate it so as to become aware of your connection so as to wean yourself off the system. The system is not interested in your well being, it is not interested in you becoming joyful, blissful, or experiencing ecstasy. The system is not interested in your becoming conscious so as to follow your own spiritual path. They include government, education, religion and any other that tells you to ignore your authentic being based on their intellectual rules. Being is not an intellectual pursuit, requires no thinking whatsoever, needs no external approval, nor do external cultural laws have any bearing over your being. Your spirit, your higher mind is interested in being authentic, expressing itself in the world so as to awaken the rest of those who are in pain and suffering and to help them to realize they are unconscious. This is done by the actions of your Being in the world, expressing your authentic self. This revolutionary act will energetically resonate with others and give them the courage to be true to their authentic being. 

This revolution is an inner revolution and requires no actions to change the system. Let the system die of its own accord, because as you no longer focus on fear, your energy is no longer being given away to those in power. They are dependent on your fear, require you to be afraid, because this gives them the power to take away your right to be; think of it as an energy drain. when you operate in fear, you channel your energy away from yourself to those who frighten you. The book, "Celestine Prophecy" touches on this. The more a person operates in fear, the more their energy drops until you lose the inner connection. This is what happened to us as children. We must come to realize that we are eternal beings and while the body is finite, the spirit is not. Again, we were taught lies about our true nature by organized religion, which is a political organization with ties to government. How can this not be so? Each day, people take their religious beliefs to work in your governments. The idea that church and state being separate is a joke. Just as your legal law and courts are a joke when it comes to true justice. History will show this to be an ongoing effect that serves the few.

When you no longer live in fear, no longer engage a dysfunctional societal system, and begin to "empower" yourself, your energy will stay with you to raise your consciousness level sufficiently to begin to reconnect to your inner divine connection. Spirit knows how to move beyond the walls, masks, facades, and prisons of this world. Creating a new world is a as simple as Being authentic. When one is authentic, one begins to create his/her own destiny void of external prompts. The idea of being a slave to others, whether to your family, friends, co-workers, employers, government or religious entities or whomever will come to a crashing halt, as each of us begins to honor ourselves first by declaring our sovereignty. As we begin to earn our own self respect, by curtailing our self-hatred, we begin to experience self-love and as this occurs, we begin to respect others, and love them unconditionally without judgment, and we allow them their own sovereignty. Sovereignty is the expression of finding balance and harmony with all that is. Nature is a perfect example of what this is and just as Nature gets its wisdom from within, so does each and every one of us.

Here are some guidance principles:

Thou shalt not judge; judgments lead to unconsciousness

Thou shalt not kill; killing another is killing oneself

Thou shalt respect thyself; this act will always cause one to respect others.

Thou shalt love unconditionally; the body, gender, orientation, race, and culture are irrelevant in this expression

Thou shalt honor your sovereignty as well as others sovereignty: sharing arises from this act.

Thou shalt embrace your creative abilities to create opportunities to support yourself authentically.

Thou shalt take the time to listen within to follow the higher guidance within the heart.


With that, its time to get going and take care of some creative endeavors. know there is always a way out, but it won't come via the intellect.



8-27-07 -

It occurred to me this a.m. that everything on this planet is organic technology, the whole planet was engineered in ways that we are light years from understanding, let alone being open to that level of consciousness. I had another realization, and was going to write it down, but got distracted and now it has disappeared for the moment. I'm remembering my anatomy & physiology class and all the amazing things I learned about the human body. During one class we got to look at the heart of a sheep, which was split open to reveal the heart chambers. What struck me was the valves that open and close the chambers to allow blood to be pumped to the next area. What stood out like a bright light was the exquisite design, these parachute like pieces of tissue that would pull back the piece of tissue to allow the blood to flow. To be honest, it is more than tissue, it is living essence, full of intelligent life, that has created a very unique form in order for us to be able to have a heart that moves the blood through us, transporting nutrients and taking away waste products; in reality it is not waste but living essence to be recycled.

We humans have gotten so far out of touch with our inner reality, that we have become pretty ignorant; perhaps stupid would be a wonderful metaphor; stupefied. Nothing is waste, it is all atoms, elements, energy in varied forms that accommodate the building blocks of the Universe that we seem to think we understand at the moment. Given my recent inner visit, it seems to me that what we have created here is like diddly squat compared to what I sensed. It was humbling beyond words. There was nothing to think about or question. It was this sudden realization surfacing within my consciousness that was verifiably truth. "Modern" humans seem to think they have got the market cornered on what truth is, when in fact they are completely ignorant of what it is as an experience; an inner experience. Humans live in this suffocating box of lower mind and all the while they completely oblivious to the handcuffs, shackles, prison bars, and prison of the mind. Humans are operating on patterns that have nothing to do with being present or aware. They are only aware of what they have been conditioned to believe, based on pressures to conform to external ideas.

So, these inner ideas that arise from time to time are quickly covered up and we are distracted by the same old regiment of guilt, shame, fear mixed up with past experiences. It's like watching re-runs and using them for a map; sort of like using a 2,000 year old book filled with selected stories called the bible, and thinking it is the map to OZ, when in fact both of them are completely useless in regards to getting one to the point of actually experiencing a direct inner connection to higher levels of conscious beings. It's sort of funny when you begin to contemplate on all of this mess we are currently stuck in. Here we have NASA spending all this money on radio telescopes hoping to make contact with intelligent life forms, to the exclusion of making inner contact with higher states of consciousness with beings who  far beyond the lower vibrations of intelligence we are currently navigating at; blindly I might add. We have all these people, spending all this money trying to make contact and they avoid the very space that would most likely have the greatest results.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that everything that has been created by humans on this planet so far, came from the creative flow of intelligence radiating outward from within, into various human beings lower minds to then be shaped and formed into something useful; either for the betterment of humankind or the destruction of those we are frightened of. Either way, all of this technology, art, music, etc doesn't belong to any person, because it came from within them from a source beyond what they can comprehend. We have come to arrogantly attach ourselves to these thoughts as if they are ours, when in fact many of them are not. It's funny because we are taught to discern between the insane and the sane and are given supposedly concrete facts to prove this, and yet we continue to follow this destructive path towards annihilation. Does anyone else see this trend in the madness that is engulfing humankind? Is it that difficult to comprehend that we are poisoning and destroying the very air, water, soil, etc. that is essential for our existence? Why do we continue to ignore this ridiculous long walk off a short pier? Is it because we are like robots programmed to obey and follow the leaders? Who is more insane, the follower or the leader? Asking why will only begin more endless thinking into a the abyss we are already falling into.

Perhaps we should start becoming conscious of our feelings, those silly pesky things that we have been taught are not good for us. But, why would our makers have given us this incredible organic technology only to have it shut down. Critical thinking outside the box says to question authority, to find out who these people who made the rules  and to ask why they made them. So, who benefits most from humankind having its feelings, intuition, innate intelligence, sexuality, and spirituality suppressed or disconnected? It's very clear that young children  are totally comfortable with all this, have no shame, no guilt, no fear. And the silly adults expend incredible amounts of energy to force the children to abdicate their inner sovereignty at all costs. Has anybody wondered why as adults get older they get more miserable in general, more anal retentive, more intellectual, more attached to material things? We have become dis-eased in the mind, the lower mind to be precise, and it has been getting more and more destructive. Isn't about time to let go of the rules of conformity and begin to explore the inner doorway that has always been open for us to step through? We used to as children!

People often say they are afraid and have a multitude of reasons as to why they won't go inside to look around. All those fears, those excuses, aren't even yours; they are the product of the egoic mind being intruded upon by psychic life forms that are like parasites and we are the hosts. Perhaps you might want to contemplate on those drunks you see living in the street, walking around yelling and arguing with an invisible being. This is the example that Bernard de Montreal gives as to those psychic influences that harass and input thoughts into our minds. Critical thinking outside the box would necessitate sitting down in complete silence and notice that which we identify as "our mind," and what is going on within it. If you have not done this, you will be in for a surprise. I got a friend of mine who is quite miserable to try doing this and he lasted less than a minute; said his mind was really distracting.

This is the point I want you to understand. The distraction is being created so as to keep you from accessing this inner domain, because it is in this space, when it is sufficiently calmed, that one will begin to access higher consciousness. Think of all those thoughts as guards wanting to keep you out. It is to their advantage to keep you out, because if you can't access this higher consciousness where your higher self resides, then you are kept in a box to be controlled. All the distracting thoughts you notice are all the rules that are running at warp speed, triggering your thoughts from the past, which trigger the emotional body, which creates fear; a lower vibrational energy that other beings feed off of. Remember the movie Monster Inc.? How about watching it again and play with the concept some. It is not so far fetched when you look at this on the material plane and notice how hosts and parasites occur all the time in Nature, as well with us; an example of this is the virus. Think of these intrusive thoughts as coming from psychic parasites. We are not the only life form that exists in the Universe. There are all sorts of levels of intelligence, both in the inner Universe and the physical Universe. Both Universes exist; we've just been hoodwinked into seeing only the external one.

True freedom comes from within, and if you don't have access to higher states of consciousness, then you are a slave to other sentient life forms. While this may seem ridiculous or hard to swallow, consider the examples in our world where we divide and separate human beings by race, ethnicity, religion, political persuasion, social class, gender, orientation, age, intellect, physical attributes, etc. Perhaps we don't see this, but none the less, it exists, and the outer is just a reflection of the inner per say. Why is it not possible that humankind is sort of like a puppet with the puppet master pulling strings from behind the screens. If you begin to contemplate on how humans buttons get pushed, then one begins to understand the power of thoughts; thoughts that trigger fear, guilt, shame to control us to do various things that go against our spiritual nature. Think of all the times you have gotten angry, hateful, spiteful, seeking vengeance, wanting to be violent or to kill or actually doing it. Ponder on how often you feel guilty or ashamed or beat yourself up to varying degrees when you have feelings or desires that go against the supposed norms. Notice how often your mind operates in fear mode, shame mode, guilt mode. Notice how often it judges you and others.

All of this is non-sense in the long run, making no-sense as you begin to extricate yourself from this gibberish of the mind. Your job is to learn to still the mind, learn to not get distracted into following lines of thought geared to steer you away from your connection to higher self. Notice the feel and tone of those inner voices/thoughts. There are times when they are vicious, intimidating, and cajoling, caring nothing for you or others. These kinds of thoughts are distractions and while they may feel intimidating when they arise, they have no control over you whatsoever to the degree you don't respond to them. When you don't respond to them, begin to notice and categorize the thoughts, begin to define which ones are loving and which ones are fear-inducing, then you begin the spiritual process of discernment, of raising your awareness to higher subtle states of consciousness.

I recall back in the early 90's, when I lived in an apartment complex. The laundry room was all the way around the other side of the building. I would walk around and put my laundry in. Later I would walk back and put it in the dryer. There were times when I would go back to put the clothes in the dryer and realize I had forgotten the quarters. At some point, I began to become aware of the inner voice that would arise in those moments, saying, "you stupid shit you forgot the quarters." For the longest time, I had identified that thought as my own until one particular night, I had forgotten the quarters again, and the voice said the same thing. Only this time, my awareness had shifted in annoyance to this, and I said out loud, "where are you to remind me to get the quarters before I come here? And that was the last time I ever heard that voice.

Over time I have noticed differing thoughts entering at odd moments, or in typical situations, and I learned to engage them in ways that revealed to me the invasiveness of their presence and the fact that they were not my thoughts. We all have them, they are there in the mind if we spend time to notice their intrusions and how they affect us and effect situations. This is crucial to your becoming conscious, of clearing out the intrusive garbage, and in reclaiming your inner connection to regain your spiritual center and power. Being connected to your inner divine source is your power, is your light, is your joy, is your bliss, and it is your source of feeling loved at the core of your being, of being comforted and guided while on this planet for your current incarnation in an organic form. I assure you this is quite attainable and it will take some time to accomplish, but your persistence, your attitude, along with developing discipline, motivation, and concentration will make the transformation easier to do. You may not get supported for this inner work, because others around you are stuck in fear mode and are infected with the same dis-ease. 

Caroline Myss discusses this in her book, "Anatomy Of Spirit", where most of humanity operates in the first tow chakras, which deal with the collective unconscious, where we learn to get our approval from external sources, from family, friends, community, government. Until we learn to raise our energy into the other chakras to empower ourselves, we cannot move out from under the energetic dependency of the lower chakras. When one begins to question things, begins to look within, one starts the journey to free themselves from others approval to self-approval; from external energy sources to inner energy sources. The objective is to wake yourself up to realize what you are unconscious about that is not working and finding what needs to be healed, released, and embraced.

I'd also like to post a link to an article called, "Codependency And The Return To Love." The article is important in that humankind has been living in codependency for thousands of years. As you read the varied aspects of this affliction, note that while the author subscribes to particular situations and people, it truly is woven throughout every aspect of our civilizations. Understanding that this began when we were all children, surrounded by adults who were completely unconscious. As children, we had to learn to be like our parents; the old adage, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Another aspect of this saying also listed this, "A visitor should try to act as the people do who are from that place." And as children we were visitors to this planet, and we had no way of knowing what to do, so we followed and imitated their lead, whether by force or our own will, but in the end cultural norms are enforced upon us in ways that would stagger your imagination; literally.

With that, I bid you good night...


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