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August 2012


8-27-12 -


Some random thoughts:



Fear of deviating from the norms
Fear of punishment

of correction
Correctional Facility

for faculty
Defaulted by default

to imperfection
Imprisoned by informational concepts
That blur-obscure

the One as all





Being doesn't require doing anything; no rules, beliefs, protocols, procedures, or agendas. All one has to do is just be present with themselves without needing to think about anything. Being doesn't require concepts; which also means no political or religious or sexual or gender or age or race or cultural identity. The whole idea of needing to identify with some person, place, or thing is the root of the problem, because it takes one away from their own value and projects that value, and pastes it on something outside one's self. Value is what we are and there is nothing outside of us that has more value than that; EVER. The many have been conned into thinking their authentic self valueless; all a trick of the mind. 

Trick or treat? Remove the masks and find out.


How can there be any authentic change when the many cannot let go to allow awareness to BE realized within? The change we "THINK" is authentic is like radioactive toxic waste masquerading as truth. If you haven't seen the movie Wall-e, I suggest you watch it with a great deal more awareness, as it is so on the mark on how humanity deludes itself in fantasy oblivious to the destruction going on beyond the facade.


The problem with politicians is they don't see people as people; warmth to warmth. Instead, it's an ideology confrontation, with the whole world a swirling sea of mental patterns and beliefs moving about constructing thought structures of differing distorted realities in thought. The whole idea is rooted in the need to change those who don't fantasize as you do about what truths should and shouldn't be allowed. Warmth is the whole truth without the need to fantasize or control others to maintain your insanity. Truth divided is insanity, just as judging divides and quarters the many into mental slaughter. The need to judge and control is a political extravaganza masquerading as love, when in fact it is nothing but a revulsion against love. It comes down to deciding to melt into warmth or remain frigid in fear thinking its COOL to not BE!


The Albert Einstein we are taught about in "education" has conveniently edited out the man's life beyond the box of science:

"It is very difficult to explain this feeling to anyone who is entirely without it, especially as there is no anthropomorphic conception of God corresponding to it. The individual feels the nothingness of human desires and aims and the sublimity and marvelous order which reveal themselves both in nature and in the world of thought. He looks upon individual experience as a sort of prison and wants to experience the universe as a single significant whole."

- Albert Einstein - from The World As I See It


Being is the Becoming of Existence. The extinguishing of existence is a negating art form. One has to expend great creation to deny the EXISTENCE ONE, to constrict and recoil in avoidance of what is in order for it to be what one wants. Existence has no exits, no walls, no doors, no ignorance; only the human mind can fathom such a thing. I'm reminded of something I read today by A. H. Alma's and when I read it I laughed out loud because it was so funny and true:

"The lowest is the personal mind. The unenlightened personal mind is the lowest, lower than animals. That's why it is said in some holy books, for instance, the Koran, "We created you as the best of creation, but we threw you down all the way to the bottom." Something like that. Because the personal mind can become really the lowest. The human being can become so constricted, you would have a much better life if you were a cat." From Diamond Heart - Book Four

Of course, some will read this and react to it and rightly so, as it is their own ignorance not wanting to face the reality of truth. Love has nothing to defend and nothing to react to; only fear needs to do that. If one is interested in truth, then one begins the maturing process of remembering their own deep value. I highly recommend books by Adyashanti and A. H. Alma's. Enlightenment is not for a few special people, because it is the root of our being, and therefore it is in everyone, if they were willing to BE present to realize it and experience the fullness of it.



8-31-12 -

I had my weekly massage tonight for my shoulder injury. I got done and while slowly walking out of the room, felt like a huge weight had slipped off me. There was this incredible stillness, a gentle flow, like a warmth one feels from the sun as it warms you on a cold morning, only it radiated outwards rather than coming from outside inward. One might say it was like light shining outwards in a 360 degree radius, like the sun does, but it was palpable, like a gentle breeze flowing outwards, sort of like how your breathing feels when you breathe in and out gently, what it feels like in your chest when you breathe slowly, feeling an incredible subtle feeling; not joy, not bliss, not ecstasy, but just being present without needing anything or needing to do anything. Just a complete acceptance of the presence of life unfolding in each moment, like one would experience floating in warm water. Sort of reminded me of the time I floated in an isolation tank years ago, of the water supporting my body, rocking me, moving me, caressing me with a rhythm of warmth supporting my existence. I'm a pretty relaxed person, but this was like relaxing to whole different level, like how I was relaxed was really another level of tightness that let go, flowing into a nothingness that was like being a huge ocean wave, rather than the surfer on a surfboard on the wave, , and the surf board was my presence on the wave of life existing in a fluid movement, like a gentle breeze blowing on my face and hair, caressing my being like no other could ever do. The completeness of needing nothing but being present in that flow and allowing it to move through me was the most satisfying thing I have experienced up to this point in my life. Being empty of thinking is still occurring four hours later, like free falling out of a plane and falling gently, endlessly, effortlessly, like water does as it flows downward from the highest to the lowest, resisting nothing, yielding to everything, back to the source and evaporating into the ethers of nothingness and being carried high into the sky to let go yet again to the falling grace of life, of becoming a cloud, billowing and expanding to the point of no return and free falling into a showering of exquisite indifference of destination and outcomes, of a blinding brilliance of awareness.

 And the funny thing is, none of these words come even close to the actual experience as it unfolds. LOL!

Now I know why I have always been drawn to the ocean shores, listening to the arrival and departure of each successive wave. On the same note, I can also see why I have always been drawn to intense windstorms. I can remember watching out the window of my room at college and being mesmerized while a raging storm blew wind/rain moved the fir trees, moving them about like a human wave at a football game. I can also see why I was drawn to get dressed up and go out and stand in the raging snow blizzards, in complete awe of nature expressing itself in an incomprehensible language of movement. I was being called to by an expression of my deeper being expressed beyond the boundaries of what I thought of as me, being called to let go of my ideas of separation educating awareness out of existence. Yet the wind, rain, snow, sun continued to move in wild abandon revealing to me in the changing seasons, the rhythmic movements of BEING, of authentic creative cosmic expressions of nature; my nature.

In truth, there was never any difference of my inner nature or nature outside of myself; all were one orchestrated movement of divine existence. Such a delicate balancing act to remain present to the wonders of being able to emerge from the wave to exist as a particle. In truth, knowing this idea of wave & particle creates the idea of separation where none really exists, except in the mind of limitations. As long as one believes, then the wave and particle are seen as to separate entities. There is no separation, and there has never been separation. Try as one might, thinking only sinks one deeper and further away from the truth of matter. What matter is remains to be seen in ways the mind is incapable of doing.

Being is the only way to realize the truth that is right in front of your existence. Just as one gazes at their existence in a mirror, so does nature reflect back to us every aspect of our true divine existence. 



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