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December 2007



12-02-07 -  

I have been spending a lot of time doing inner observations of my inner chatter box and it has been paying off. With discernment, I have been noticing how often my own stream of consciousness gets inserted with negative/negating thoughts. I notice the shifts a lot faster, and am able to put myself back on track in positive mode. I am grateful for Tolle's new book I am reading, because it has given me more understanding in becoming more aware to the subtle shifts. I have been able to feel the subtle nuances of the pain-body hooking into my stomach chakra energetically, which allows me to be aware to the shift to negative thoughts/memories being triggered, thus being able to stop the intrusion. I highly recommend the book; "A New Earth." Worth every penny if you are really wanting to wake up fully and get out of the fear, negativity, depression, anger, hate, greed, envy, or anything else that takes one away from authentic being, joy, ecstasy, bliss, and right relations.

We have a choice; to be creating from spirit or negating away from spirit. This process can best be understood only from a feeling modality. One is not going to figure this out intellectually, because that is how we get stuck in the first place. The best way to do this is to feel between the two; one feels peaceful, lighter, where one will feel this in the heart area. The negative one will be felt in the stomach area. This is one of the reason people smoke, for it numbs the heart chakra area in the chest from feelings. I know this to be a fact, because I used to smoke two packs a day until 1987. After leaving the military in 89' I was led to do Rolfing sessions in 1991, which began a process of opening up my own chest area. I still recall one day feeling this funny squiggling movement in my chest, and wondering what that was all about. It took another decade for me to really understand what that was really all about. The whole chest area is rich in feelings, which houses a very sensitive navigation unit for feeling one's way through any situation. It is never wrong, it is only when we get tricked into ego that we get thrown off track. Stop thinking and learn to feel and intuit.

I want to suggest reading the articles at in the shamanic and consciousness sections. Specific ones that I feel are noteworthy from using them in my own recent inner work are the following two under Shamanism (listed below) and all of the articles listed under Consciousness:

"How Shamans and Mystics Erase the World"

"How Shamans and Mystics Change Universes"

As you spend more time doing this inner observational work, you will begin to notice subtle changes in your consciousness as you rapidly shift back and forth out of fear based thinking; one can also call it negation thinking or distraction thinking. The word doesn't matter as much as understanding how much of your time is spent being lulled into identifying with the thoughts that arise as yours. Doing this consciously will begin to uncover those that support your highest good and those that negate your highest good. Spirit is Win/Win; Ego is Win/Lose.

The only way out of the current nightmare we are all living under is to awaken your own self from the collective delusion. By delusion, I mean that we learned as children to surrender our inner connection to spirit in order to appease the external gods of the material world. Humans have gone asleep focusing on the external world and its rules, where most live in their intellect 24/7. The nightmare ends when we step out of the intellect and reconnect to the heart; thinking to feeling. There is absolutely no need for constant thinking. It is the thinking that causes the problems we have. When one steps into the heart/feelings, one begins to have spaces of peace and quiet within. Why? Because one is no longer judging themselves with external examples of good/bad. When we've finally had enough we will shift our attention.

How much is enough? When you have finally had enough of the pain and suffering. Sadly enough, one has to reach a breaking point, where they realize they are not the thoughts going on in their heads most of the time. Again, you can tell the difference between them by feeling alone, and if you cannot do that effectively, one can still deduce whether or not the thoughts are loving or not...

Listening is a skill we are severely lacking, for in listening we are choosing to be present to what is being fed to us via thoughts as to whether or not they support love or destroy it. Thinking is just a bad habit that needs to be transformed.




12-03-07 -

Here's some links to a two-part article entitled, "Emotional Alignment," by Ravi Singh and Ana Brett: Part 1 on pelvis area Part 2 on feet

Also a very short article entitled "Structural Bodywork as a Spiritual Discipline" by Aleš Urbanczik:

I've also updated the 2007 watercolor gallery with 10 images: which finally gets me caught up with all my current work. Now to go back and redo all the outdated digitals I took back in 2001.

I'd also like to recommend an archived show at by Devrah Laval, author of "The Magic Doorway into the Divine." The radio archived show is entitled: THE POWER OF MYSTIC LOVE. Twenty-five years ago, Devrah Laval - master counselor, facilitator and author of The Magic Doorway into the Divine - had a life-altering mystical experience that awakened her to her own true nature. The Magic Doorway online. I found her presentation helpful in understanding my own mystical experiences, as well as the difficult transitions along the way, making sense of what the process was and also what is currently occurring, and what to embrace and let go of.

Also, here is an article entitled "The Heart's Shout: Perfect and Urgent Wisdom From The Living Heart of Reality" by Adi Da:




12-09-07 -

I'd like to recommend James Hollis's website, where one can read excerpts of all his books. James is a Jungian analyst and has written quite a few books about dysfunction and consciousness. I've read his book, "Finding Meaning In The Second Half Of Life," and found it to be a very useful book. Part of the awakening process is getting to the inner door that takes one out of the imprisonment of the mind. The mind was not meant to rule, in fact, it is meant to be in service to the soul. Intellect is a tyrant when not connected and balanced with the heart. Both are required to be on this plane of existence, but the heart was meant to lead. Getting to the door that leads to the inner depths of Being requires becoming conscious of what is not working. Learning is an integral part of that path to the inner realms, and reading or any other form of intellectual understanding is essential in getting one's ego to a space where it can let go enough for us to experience the inner realms.

I am continuing to read Eckhart's book and using his perspectives to be more present to observing my mind to discern between what is ego. I continue to change and alter my course of consciousness to be more and more in-line with my authentic being.




12-10-07 -

I ran across this article in my email this morning The article entitled, "Know Thy Self," touches on knowing our self and our response-ability for taking care of our self first, which is our primary relationship that must come first before any other. I highly recommend reading this, as it is invaluable in becoming conscious to projection; meaning ego...

This ego phenomena is important to understand for our health and well-being. When we are caught up in the ego, we are in essence schizophrenic, which is what Eckhart Tolle labels it. I call it insanity, but in fact it is schizophrenic due to the fact that we do split; one essence is the authentic self, the other ego. Ego is in essence a false construct that is created to play out the various roles that we were expected to abide by as young children. These roles were challenging at first, because they went against our inner knowing. So, we were not enthusiastic about following the rules. In many instances, when our "hearts" were not in the roles, we would slip up and not follow the rules, which got us into trouble. schizophrenia as a cultural norm is identified as those who have be institutionalized and or put on medications; these cases are extreme cases. Unfortunately, the rest of society is the varied spectrum of below the extremes and in some cases the extreme cases are able to function enough to act "normal." The collective denial is immense.

One could get lectured, yelled at, hit, sent to your room, made to sit in a chair, have a bar of soap rubbed on your teeth, or have privileges taken away. Having our parents angry at us or disapproving of us made us react. We became concerned for our own well-being, of getting our needs met. These needs included being loved, accepted, nurtured, having our freedom (what little there was), and to not be punished. Given the varied circumstances we began to have to act our of our normal character of authentic Being. Instead we learned to be the perfect actor or actress, playing out our roles that were expected of us. In this manner we were able to get our needs met, but at a significant cost to our state of consciousness. Over time, following the rules got us into playing the roles more and more until they became habitual. In this process of habit, we stopped being present of the role we were acting out. This is where the split occurs and began to spread to other aspects of our consciousness. The more roles and expectations that were expected of us, the more the split occurred.

Given that young people have no real autonomy and are not free to be themselves, they submit. In this submitting to role playing, one gives up their true self. There are some that can resist this, but in general, we all succumb to this process. Anything we do habitually can induce this sort of unconsciousness if it is required by some external person. Being conscious is different in that habits do not form, because in being present we notice when something is no longer working and we naturally shift to what does. There is no punishment for changing when we are conscious, which is different from unconscious mode. When we are unconscious, we don't know that we are unconscious; one could say we don't know that we don't know. This not knowing is crucial in following the rules to avoid pain or suffering; this is the cause of splits. Most were caged, much like animals into following the dysfunctional rules and behaviors of or cultural upbringing; and all cultures are dysfunctional. When one is caged, one has to become like a circus animal and perform for the audience to get their reward; food, clothing, shelter, money, attention, affection.

Unconditional love does not operate in this way, but conditional love does, which is why it is called conditional; there conditions to be met in order to gain approval from the other. In order to play this game, and it is a game, one has to forget who they are and stop being true to that in order to be what they are not. If this sounds insane, that's exactly what it is. The false split, or false self, becomes what we know as the ego, and in essence part of our self begins to use our creative power to negate authentic self, or to imprison authentic self from arising spontaneously and expressing itself in the world. Over time, we become identified with the role we play as "us," "me," "I." This become our self-identity and we over identify with the external world and things, as if they are who we are. People become identified with their career, significant other, friends, house, material goods as who they are. We get lulled into this false security and are attached to these things in order to avoid authentic self. If we did not identify with these, we could not stay unconscious for long.

You may be familiar with those who when asked who they are begin describing themselves based on their physical appearance or things they own or do.  Authentic Being is none of these at all, and is not matter, but consciousness. One cannot touch this like a tangible object, but one can feel its presence. One can know the difference between a loving presence and one that is not. Getting back to authentic self is quite simple in terms of what needs to be done. Given the right circumstances, one could become whole in an instant. But, in most cases, the amnesia or self-hypnosis into forgetting authentic self is locked into place by habits. Becoming conscious of habits will begin to break this egoic hold over authentic self. Habits can be physical, such as how we do things based on particular movements. But most of the habits we are imprisoned by are the mental/emotional ones; mental thoughts triggering emotional responses. Egoic mental responses are always based in negation and are about negating anything that would threaten the false self roles we play.

This false self role was given the power to protect itself at all costs. Not even the threat of physical harm or death can undo the false self; we don't that we don't know. The way ego is created, it will not give up its power under any circumstances. The only way out of this psychic construct of the mind is through the process of projection. Through projection we begin to act out who we aren't towards others. This is what causes the dysfunctional dance and our subsequent responses in the game. In general, we tend to react (re-enact) our original wounding where separation from authentic self occurred; our family of origin, a term that John Bradshaw uses in his books and lectures. This process attracts to us those who are familiar to us, who may be like mother, father or siblings or a mixture of both, nor do they follow gender roles. A male can be in an intimate relationship with a female and the female can be like one's father. It is not the physical aspect that is necessarily re-enacted, but the emotional aspect.

This process continues on in many varied forms creating conflict internally that is either suppressed or expressed. Sometimes it can be a mixture of both, but whatever one is engaged via ego, pain and suffering arise. Emotions such as jealousy, envy, fear of being abandoned, fear of not getting what one wants, fear of being hurt, fear of not being good enough, anger, hatred, resentment, guilt, shame all arise from this projection. The belief is that the other is the problem and if they would just change, then all would be well. This is not possible since we are coming from a place of unconsciousness, so we have our own issues to deal with. This is what projection does in helping us to awaken from false self. Without pain and suffering we would not have anything to let us know that something is out of balance. Any negative reaction arising from within is egoic in nature. At some point the pain and suffering reaches a level that is too much to bear and we begin to question what is going on; why is this happening to me?; what did I do?

If the conditions are right we begin to question what is going on and start to search for answers. When I exited the military in 1989, I unknowingly began a process of waking up. Having grown up in New York, I was now on my own with very few friends in Washington. I wound up getting employment in Seattle and this new way of being was overwhelming for me. A situation occurred where I was really stressed out and went out running very early morning and wound up twisting my ankle on a stone, causing serious damage to ligaments that required my being on crutches for awhile. This led me to a breaking point and I sought out therapy. The first session had me on the couch with my leg elevated. I began to tell her about a guy I was having problems with; someone I cared about intimately about, but was in denial. I recall her asking me, "did it ever occur to you that you might be gay?" My inner response was, "no not that, being straight its the only thing I have to fit in," arose in my thoughts. Ego's response was to end going back for further sessions.

Since then I have done a lot of inner work to realize that I am not a desire and have no need to identify with any particular cultural label for conformity. Ego needs to differentiate in order to feel secure and I no longer need that. My point is to give an example as to how ego responds in such situations that might begin the process of self-examination. Later on, I was able to be open to look into this and subsequently begin the healing process of healing part of my split. The egoic reaction to this idea of a split is one of sickness and in essence it is bad, wrong, inappropriate. The good news is that our whole society is this way and it is just ego trying to prevent healing back into wholeness. One can be in denial about many things and any sense of anger, hatred, shame, guilt, or fear that arises out of realizing this is only ego again, trying to con one out of beginning the inner quest to free one's authentic self from imprisonment; meaning to free one's self to express who you truly.

Waking up to the influences of ego is challenging work because so much of our identity is tied to the thoughts in our head. Ego has us believe, as does our culture, that they are all our thoughts. This is not true at all. Our authentic nature is loving and this is the starting point for self-evaluation of observing what goes on in the mind, of beginning the process of discernment between thoughts based in love or fear. This process will begin to make clear the content and direction of the mind and what is in charge; ego vs. heart. When one can begin to notice the ego at work, then one is becoming conscious, for it is in being conscious, in being present that we are able to identify this inner conflict. Tolle suggests that when you realize that it is ego, identify it as such. Jose from suggests saying, "ego you have no power over me, leave now." I use this as a mantra every time I notice. 

There are days when I say this a great deal of times, because the more you pay attention, the more you notice the subtlety of the egos deviousness. The ego is slippery and conniving and knows an infinite number of ways to trick one into following its lead. Due to the fact that they are thoughts in the head, it can be challenging because it is not something one can see. In addition, we have to think in order to go throughout the day doing various functions, and this creates openings for ego to slip in a different stream of consciousness. An example of this would be going through your day and you are having a great day, when suddenly you begin to feel upset or moody or depressed. If one is not conscious of this process, one is drawn into lower vibrations of consciousness. This is what fuels ego, and it is the pain-body that Tolle discusses, that requires negating thoughts to lower one into negative thoughts were are lower vibrations of consciousness, of which it feeds off; it requires this sort of energy to exist and in essence to keep us unconscious. This is why it is so challenging to wake up.

Staying present will take away the power and the more one stays present and alert to egos tricks, the quicker one can extricate themselves by reducing the power ego/pain-body has; think of this power over us as battery that constantly needs to be re-charged in order to have energy to operate. We unknowingly feed this re-charging by following ego thoughts and reacting thus lowering our consciousness. We cannot wake up in lower vibrations of consciousness. By their very nature, they are much like an appliance that runs on a 120 volt system. You cannot run a 220 volt appliance on 120 volts. These subsequent jumps in consciousness are much like changing one's electrical charge from 110v to 220v to 440v and so on. The more awareness you have the more you open to more energy that allows for greater consciousness and greater abilities of discernment.

Some things you can do to quicken this pace of awakening is body work, breath work, Yoga, Qi-gong, Acupuncture, and other types of healing modalities. Being out in Nature is also an excellent way of shifting one's consciousness as well. If one goes out in Nature, one goes to sit and be still. In stillness, one begins to notice the discomfort of ego and one can see the extent to which it tries to interfere in your becoming more conscious. A person has to want to wake up, has to have had enough of pain and suffering to be willing to turn away from the life they have been living in order to find out what is out of balance to gain peace, serenity, calmness, awareness in order to be in touch with authentic being. The beauty of it is you will not be alone, the world will not end, and all the other things that ego convinces you will happen will melt away.

It is important to understand that when in ego mode you reality is literally an illusion; it only exists in your mind and since most are always in their mind, what they are creating with their negative thoughts out into the world cannot be truly seen since they are not present. Making a point of getting present, by finding something to focus on, can shift one from an egoic illusion to one of a heart presence. I was outdoors working a couple of weeks ago and kept being hit by some really strong negative stuff, and in recognizing it, I stopped what I was doing and focused on the trees nearby and became still. In a few moments, I suddenly felt a shift in my consciousness, where I felt an energetic release on a physiological level, and the annoying egoic clamor was gone. Doing this every time it arose, eventually caused the ego to disappear. Staying present is the key and one has to find a way that works for them, by keeping a constant vigil on egos agenda. 

One will notice that ego may be present all the time. Other times, it comes and goes and what causes this coming and going is the need for a re-charge. Again, I highly recommend reading Tolle's "A New Earth," to better understand this. As you begin to get closer to the goal of wholeness, ego will step up the attacks in order to get you to react to greater levels in order to re-charge and maintain a hold over your consciousness. As Roosevelt said, "Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." The only two fears we are born with are fear of loud noises and height. The rest are cultural learned or one could say are the domains of egos power. So, fear may arise, and your deepest fears may get triggered, the ones you hide from everyone else or from your own self, and ego will twist them into being so real one can react to them and become again controlled by ego. These fears do not exist except in your mind. If for some reason they go against cultural norms, then again it is important to understand that most norms are egoic in nature as well. The heart is the ultimate truth and as long as you are harming no one and coming from the heart, then ego/fear has no power over you.

In the end it is important to understand that ego is counting you reacting to the fear. Fear is what has imprisoned the heart and it will continue to do so as long as one continues to react to the triggers by ego. So, pay attention and notice what arises and if judgment arises, realize that too is ego.




12-11-07 -

Here's some quotes that are appropriate for what I have been writing about:

"We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love; we must meet physical force with soul free."

        - Martin Luther King, Jr.


"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

        - Joseph Campbell


Hatred has many levels to it on the surface and we often intellectually decide that one is more appropriate than the more extreme aspects of it. This may seem valid, yet what lies at the core of hatred is fear and fear is ego driven. I was reading an article this morning where the author was saying that fear is appropriate that it warns of us danger. In all honesty, fear is not the same thing as awareness. Some of the examples she gave were losing one's job or spouse. Yes, these life changing events are challenging, but fear is still fear and it is ego driven. The funny thing about ego is that it manipulates us into the illusions it creates all for the sake of keeping us unaware. If we react in fear to losing our job, then what transpires is a reaction to perceived ideas based on the past or the not yet here future.


What is required is awareness, stillness, and receptivity. All of these require us to BE in those three areas I just mentioned in order to hear inner guidance and feel what is right. The only thing fear is going to do is negate possibilities and keep us doing the same old familiar patterns for the sake of an implied security. Security is an illusion at best, of which Helen Keller pointed out in her quote:


"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure." - Helen Keller - US blind & deaf educator (1880 - 1968)

Security is something we want to protect us from harm. Egoic mindsets put layers of walls and doors around us so as to prevent any meaningful interactions with others and life. Ego wants to protect its material oriented focus so that we don't wake up from the illusion it has created. This whole planet has been living under this egoic illusion. Each part of the egoic illusion feeds the other. If we were to let go of the struggle in one area, it most assuredly will lead to letting go in other areas, and this is something that ego cannot allow; will not allow. One cannot be closed off and expect to be in the flow of authentic Being. This is what ego is busy keeping from your awareness.


Being is not something that can be harmed or killed. We are not this body we have come to identify with. When we die, it doesn't go with us and we know this to be true by all the others who have passed on and left their bodies behind. This understanding must then bring to our awareness the question that we all must ask; then who am I if I am not my body? Rather than needing to know what we are, perhaps it would be better to experience what we are. This is what Being is about and what we do naturally. Ego mind will react to this ridiculous statement as it must in order to distract you away from where it will lead. Awareness is our natural state and from this awareness we experience an outward flow of essence; much like an underground spring that arises to the surface bringing nutrients to all it touches. This is what our soul/spirit is in its truest form

Getting caught up in labels to describe it only takes one away from the direct experience of this fluid state of Being. When we inhabit this space regularly, we begin to take back our power of discernment, where before we accepted the illusions of our own ego and of others egos. Truth arises from within and it is felt in the heart. The more one inhabits this space the more they wake up out of the stupor that ego cast to deaden our awareness. The security that ego ensures us is important, is only important in continuing the game of pain and suffering, which guarantees the survival of egoic energies and the pain-body parasites that Tolle discusses. This idea of security is not for our benefit, but for ego's benefit of keeping each one of us imprisoned in a false illusion of a reality based in fear; based in negating spirit.

Our only true choice is to be present in Being to listen for guidance from higher self and spirit. This is where discernment comes in, where we learn to discern between ego and heart; I alluded to this in yesterday's posting. When one starts waking up to this fact, then one starts to realize that the world is full of ego driven human beings enslaved by its negating activities. If this is hard to grasp, realize that young children are what we used to be and we all had that natural state of being until we were forced to abdicate our true spiritual sovereignty and become imprisoned by ego. Imagine all those adults you see in the world driven by egos, suddenly awakened and inhabiting the Being that resides inside themselves and seeing them relax and settle into the essences they radiated as children in this now.

When I am out in the world walking about, passing by people, I notice that rarely does anyone make eye contact. The closer we get to each other, the more we look the other way or take interest in other things to take us away from having to connect with another being. This is ego's doing, of keeping us from authentic being. I encourage you to go out and notice this in your daily routine, whether it being walking down the sidewalk or shopping for groceries or whatever. Notice how often ego avoids intimacy; because this is what it truly is, a communion with other human Being's spirit. Children do not have this problem, in fact you will probably recall or will cross paths with them and experience their willingness to connect on a daily basis. This connecting authentically is what Being does. Most of what passes for connecting these days is based on who will support my delusion. Liking someone because they have money or because they are influential, or because they are Christian or vegetarian or whatever other label is contrived by ego, has nothing to do with heart; nothing whatsoever.


Being thrives on connectedness and yet we avoid it like the plague for various "reasons" all based in egoic illusions. They are not real because they are based on past and future concepts. The ego is nothing more than concepts, sort of like a computer that has software programs. Imagine that you are living like a computer, reacting to other computers, all functioning and running on automatic. The software programs do all the decision making based on the parameters set forth by the programmer. Your anti-virus operates on automatic, stopping any event from occurring based on the software commands. The ongoing command that ego prompts regularly is, "negate spirit." We've all heard the saying, "no one is home," alluding to the fact that a person we interact with is not present. Well, this is what goes on with most of us, even those of us who use the above phrase to label others. We are present when we notice this in others, yet we are often unaware of when we are not home

Begin to notice when you are not home and gently bring yourself back home. Home is where the heart is and in doing this one becomes present. As you begin this process, ego will protest vehemently, bombarding you with preconceived notions, threats, fears. Understand that these are illusions of the ego mind, they are mean to pull you back down into the lower vibrations that are the domain of consciousness we call fear. The word itself is meaningless as is the concept of fear. In reality fear immobilizes, imprisons, incapacitates, avoids, trips up, freezes, contains, shuts off, shuts out, limits, desensitizes our awareness and in turn our consciousness. Know that this is egos doing.

I mentioned before that the only two fears we are born with are fear of loud noises and heights. In each of these cases our reaction is awareness. Fear of being hurt or abandoned or not getting what we want or not being good enough are not based in awareness, they are based on illusions of the past or future. When fear is present, the first response needs to be awareness. Staying present, taking several deep breaths to center and using discernment are the tools essential to navigating your way through the mindfield the ego likes to create. Like a field with mines, we become frozen and afraid to take a step for fear of being blown up. This is what ego does to us in stopping us from navigating away from this mind field of fear meant to keep us imprisoned in the patterns of limitations.

Being present requires patience as you learn discernment. Forgiveness is important as well, since you need to forgive your self for falling into the ego traps of negation in the past and for when you will fall into relapses. Ego's don't like to forgive, nor are they interested in compassion, unconditional love, gratitude, peace, sharing, and caring. When we learn to stop falling for the trickster, the joker, the fox, or any other cultural name given to identify the ego, then we begin to extricate ourselves from its power over us. When we forgive, we lessen egos power, and we are then able to forgive others, since they too are in the grip of their ego. I am reminded of the line in the Lord's Prayer, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

This idea of holding grudges, of despising others, of disliking those who are different are all based in egoic illusions. Ego likes to separate, since ego itself is created from separation. This makes of the egos mode of operation of creating separation in all things, because then it is impossible to have wholeness. If you begin to understand that ego creates thought and belief structures that take us away from spirit, then it is quite logical that we can re-trace those steps through logical critical thinking back towards spirit, the heart, and wholeness. I do want to impress that at some point we learn to let go of the thinking process to step into the non-linear domain of spirit. This domain of spirit is where we are receptive, meaning we listen, allow intuition to flow, which is a form of communion, a telepathic channel that exists in all of us for direct connection to the divine.

Our response-ability is to use discernment in any given moment, to stay present to what is being communicated , using our heart as sensor of truth, to ensure what we are listening to is coming from love. The heart is love, therefore it senses love, knows love, resonates with love. If you are in doubt to what you are getting then wait, because there is no hesitation in the heart. Sitting still and sensing, feeling in the heart area in the chest will eventually reveal truth. One will feel sensations in the chest area. They will be subtle, but will guide you to truth. Begin to use the heart area to navigate the world throughout your day. Notice how it opens and closes as you approach certain people and places. This can be felt as a constriction, either subtle or not so subtle. The feeling will feel like the heart center or chakra closing like an open hand into a fist.

To better understand this phenomena, put your hand up in front of your chest, palm facing forward. This is the heart center open and receptive. Now close your hand into fist quickly and you will have a physical experience in the hand to know what I am talking about. You can also see this visually in observing the hand. Note when this occurs in your daily activities. Focusing on the heart area will reveal quite a bit about true reality. In addition to noting when the heart closes, I also want you to know that we can open this when it closes. We have the ability to open this area, and this occurs with conscious awareness.

Our ego negates awareness of this by keeping us in a constant state of reaction to fear thoughts; false reality of imagined doom and gloom. In this state our heart is often closed due to the negating qualities that shut off love. Again, love is an energy, that is imbued with truth, love, and energy. The three of these combined are what we experience in the presence of unconditional love and compassion. When we stay present, we move out of being unconscious into being conscious and into a state of awareness. Actually the word beware is really be aware. So being aware allows one to be present, which is the gift the heart allows us to receive, to be receptive too. The heart is what we were given by the divine to navigate through life.

As you notice what your heart center is doing, note the ego's responses. There may be the urge to shut it down, that it's not safe, that something bad will happen or some other goofy response. Know that in love nothing can harm you. Don't confuse this statement with the conditional love we are so identified with in our culture. When you do not react in fear, then fear is no longer present, and being present means you are in love. As you begin to occupy this natural state regularly, and begin creating this as your natural state again, you will begin to notice that conflict begins to disappear. You will be tested perhaps, because this is the nature of ego, as well as the collective unconscious which includes all the collective ego energies combined. You may find someone giving you a hard time or being mean to you or intimidating. Your response-ability is to stay centered in love, keeping your heart chakra open. In actuality, when the heart center is open, there is an higher vibrational energy radiating outwards around your body and being, which is what higher consciousness is about.

This may sound absurd, but if you spend time utilizing the practice I've outlined, you can use baby steps to see how it works. In general we interact with many cold, aloof, unfriendly, angry people. By focusing on the practice I've outlined, you can begin to use these unconscious people to practice stepping into love and compassion. Tolle explains to not focus on the egoic personality, but on the spirit form beyond that. In recognizing this as the true essence in that unconscious person, you release the need to judge their ego, which is just your ego trying to judge their ego. Letting go of judgment, loving the imprisoned spirit essence actually takes away power from their ego. In disidentifying with their ego there is no conflict, no negative energy exchange to feed their pain-body. In those moments you have the potential to shift their consciousness.

Don't' do this to change people, do this for the sake of your state of Being, because our only response-ability is to love the other. This is aptly put in Peter Russell's short piece on Love. An example of this was while living in Oakland, CA. I was riding down San Pablo Avenue late at night, which is generally thought of as not safe. I was riding along the parked cars, when a car came up behind as I approached the light. I heard this woman yell out at me to get out of the way in very explicit language. She was extremely agitated and full of an anger bordering on rage. Normally I would have reacted to this in kind, but I calmly stated I had the right to be on the road. Her response was even more raged swearing and for some reason, I turned around and looked back at the car, seeing two women in the front seats,  and behind them was a small boy looking at me. In that moment of calm, I looked at the passenger who had been yelling at me and said, "blessings," and turned away staying in calmness. I expected her to really blow up, but instead there was a silence where you could have heard a pin drop. I waited as the light turned green and took off, wondering if they would drive by and say something. But, they wound up turning right onto the freeway entrance ramp

In another situation, I was riding my bike back from Berkeley Bowl, a grocery store in Berkeley , CA. I was joined by another biker and we talked for a bit until we came to a red light. Other cars pulled up along side us, since we were in the bike lane. Suddenly I heard a car pull up behind us and began honking the horn. The guy I was biking with  got off his bike and got up on the sidewalk. I wasn't about to move out of the way since I was in the bike lane, so I stayed put. Next thing I know, I hear the car accelerate and hit the back tire of my bike. I found myself forward about six feet or so and sideways half on the curb and street, still clipped into my pedal and sitting on my bike. I was still calm for some reason, and turned and looked into the car to see two males looking at me in a fit of rage. I made eye contact with the driver and saw that he was high on something, and in that moment, he stomped on the gas and headed right towards me. Without thinking, I unclipped my bike shoe, swinging it over the seat and stepped back onto the side walk just as the car ran over the back tire of my bike, and continuing on through the red light at a high rate of speed. I stood there in a state of disbelief that someone would do something like that. After a few moments I checked out my bike, realizing the rim was ruined, but everything else was undamaged. A woman came back a bit later telling me she had given chase and gotten a partial plate number, as had I, and wound up giving me a ride back home. I was calm through all of this until I contacted the police to find out that there was nothing they would do, even with the partial license plate number. I was told I would have to hire a private investigator and take them to small claims court.

In hindsight, I have realized that I was protected in that moment of being hit. I received no whiplash and was still upright on my bike. The only negative thing that occurred was my own ego going off later on. We have no power over the system or how others will respond to a certain degree. However, we do have power over how we will respond in all situations we are involved in. Our response has power in it, for we refuse to enter into the egoic/pain-body dance that the many participate in. When we come from a place of love and compassion, speak our truth unflinchingly, we cut through the egoic walls and connect with the spirit within all those we interact with. James Redfield writes about this in his book the "The Celestine Prophecy," and subsequent sequels. Some find them tacky, but that is just an ego response to the message they deliver, which offers incredible insight in freeing oneself from the egoic mindset.

There is also the story of the Dali Lama coming out of a building after a public presentation surrounded by his entourage to a waiting crowd outside. As the entourage approached the crowd, there was a lone man who the entourage just absorbed into their midst and the Dali Lama found himself approaching a man who was very agitated. The Dali Lama approached the man, greeted him, grasping his hand, and spoke with for a short while. One of the men in the entourage observed this and noted the inner rage in the man melted away. Eventually the move on. My point in telling this story has to do with getting you to understand the power of compassion. It is not a physical act, it is something that arises from our Being that radiates outwards and touches all those in its path. Sex is the lowest vibration of what one could consider love, which is the level most of our cultures are operating at. The next level is unconditional love and beyond that is the ultimate level of called compassion. This compassion is a power that has the potential to melt away any egoic resistance and keep darkness at bay at its highest expression. We humans have been led to believe we are powerless and it is simply not true.

So, I encourage you to begin this inner journey, to begin exploring who you have been thinking you are, and begin exploring what you have not been aware of. The external world is going through nervous break down so to speak. The old ways no longer work, and what we are witnessing is the collective unconscious egos grasping for straws in trying to stop the inevitable shift into conscious awareness of being and spirit. One can see the outer world as a merely a reflection of what is going on in each one of us. Our governments are based on egoic principles, as are our leaders. Look carefully at these structures and people and see if you can see the similarities. The external world is all a creation of the inner egos collectively agreeing on half-truths. Imagine what could be accomplished as more and more of us begin to creatively imagine a world uninhibited by egoic and pain-body influences. Begin to ponder on what our potential is without all the limitations we have been imprisoned with all these eons. I have seen what our potential is and it is so far beyond what we could even conceive that it is staggering. If you could but taste this, you would drop all that you are doing and begin to free yourself from the ties that bind you to ego and limitations. Know there are no judgments, only the desire to step into Being and surrender to your true essence.

Love is all there is...

“You can break yourself free from your hereditary patterns, cultural codes, social beliefs, and prove once and for all that the power within you is greater than the power that’s in the world…are there any limits to this? absolutely not! we are unlimited beings. we have no ceiling! the capabilities, the talents, the gifts, the power, within every individual on this planet is unlimited.” – Michael Beckwith, Visionary

"I believe that you are great, that there is something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life, regardless of how young or how old you think you might be. The moment you begin to think properly, this something that is within you, this power within you, that's greater than the world, it will begin to emerge, it will take over your life, it will feed you, it will cloth you, it will guide you,  protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence, if you let it. now that is what I know for sure." -Michael Beckwith, Visionary

I'd also like to encourage those of you who have a My Space account to look into , which offers many different communities to join with similar interests. Though the http address says Seattle, they offer many different cities throughout the U.S. and in in other countries as well. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page for further links. I recommend this site because it is not owned by some rich and powerful person who's intentions have ulterior motives other than love and compassion for all.


12-12-07 -

It's important to understand that when we are under the influence of the ego, all of the false truths that are generated, create an energetic field that envelopes are consciousness, blocking any absolute truths from entering into our awareness. Instead, we perceive only what the egoic mind is feeding us. I recall reading somewhere, and I will have to find the source to post, but the author was explaining how ego works, that we get locked into our creative imagination space internally and live our lives from this perspective. Since we are unable to pull our awareness out of this space, in essence we are living in a fantasy world, and are not checking in with the external reality for feedback on what is occurring in our lives. 

So, we have all these people going around creating a life based on false truths. An example of this would be someone who is raised to believe in racism, and in their mind they keep recreating this with images that support this false truth. They go through life projecting false information over the people they see and are unable to see the real person before them. They are not able to engage the person from a present now perspective minus the egoic input of negating principles. This same principle occurs for all the isms in the world, including all the destructive behaviors, and the subsequent creations of fear, anger, resentment, hatred, jealousy.

When we are asleep, we are not present and it is not our authentic self that is doing the dysfunctional dance. We confuse the body for who we are, as do others, and so they cannot realize that the dysfunction others do arises from the other's ego as well. I can look back in my own life and see how asleep I was and totally unaware of what I was doing, other than fitting in and conforming. I wouldn't have called it conforming, because to me it was my reality, it was real, it was my truth, based on what my parents, school, church, and government taught me and mirrored for me. There was nothing to question, because questioning wasn't allowed due to early years of being trained, corrected, and punished. The brain washing was complete and nothing any one said would have convinced me other wise.

It was in joining the military that I ran head on into different ways of being, different cultures, and different religions, and so on. And going to West Germany at the time, most definitely threw me a curve, and by the time I left the military, I had started to awaken a wee bit. From then on it was meeting different people who had different view points that offered me the opportunity to re-think my position on many things. I began to react emotionally and allow my emotions to surface, which was the beginning process of releasing all the stuck energy (Chi) that had been stagnating and rotting all those years. Eventually I began a long process of reading everything I could get my hands on in regards to psychology, spirituality and so on. I was like a vacuum cleaner seeking out information. This then led to doing ten sessions of Rolfing that really opened my body up. Subsequent hard knocks led to more letting go, changes that led to different experiences, along with meeting people who were more open to where I was and going.

All this thinking and learning finally led to doing the inner work, doing extensive bodywork, Rebirthing, Cranialsacral, DFA, SOMA, Qigong, Acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and body movement. We are shut off in different ways and we come apart in very unique ways. As we do this releasing work, the illusions start to fade and the curtains part to reveal a greater experience than we could imagine. I say this because one cannot imagine the true reality, for it already exists in the mind of the Divine. We silly humans have just been hijacked by ego to create in our own small minds the opposite of this greater reality in order to feign ignorance; in essence our ego is ignoring the Divine and our authentic attention is along for the ride with little to no input.

When you see someone screaming at someone, realize their authentic self is not present in that situation. The same applies when someone is reacting in anger, hate, jealousy, resentment. When you see people who are greedy and power hungry, it is not their authentic self that is doing that. The same thing applies to those who shame others, who use guilt trips, and put downs. Those who perpetuate violence, start wars, who lie, cheat, steal, and abuse others are controlled by their egos. Those who crave the spotlight are in the same boat. Despising another is the same egoic action. In all these situations, there is no one home. Those who turn their back on the hungry, the homeless, the downtrodden, the abused, those in pain and suffering, and those who are lost, are those who are controlled by their egos. It is the ego that creates all the pain and suffering, along with the idea of loss, embarrassment, ridicule, judgment and right and wrong. 

Even those who are on the receiving end have their egos responding, because they are taking the other person's ego personally. This egoic exercise is like a teeter totter, going up and down repeatedly in an endless process. The only way out of this predicament is to get off the teeter totter. If you notice how often the ego is involved in your daily thought, you begin to take back control of your own authentic self. You begin to realize how your reality is distorted based on the ideas ego feeds you. No one is present when ego is driving the agenda. It is like we are in the back seat of the car, unaware that ego is driving, but thinking we are driving. You can call this delusion because that is what it is.




12-19-07 -

I received a recent email about a pending bill in the senate, one that was passed in the House called, "The Violent Radicalization Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007." The article outlining the chilling effects of the bill can be read at . In the address is a link to where one can read the complete bill.

I am deeply disturbed about the context of this bill, which includes vague wording leaving the bill open to possible interpretations by those in power to decide how it will be invoked for their own political and corporate interests.


It begins with the words, “AN ACT - To prevent homegrown terrorism, and for other purposes.” The definition of VIOLENT RADICALIZATION…means the process of adopting or promoting an extremist belief system for the purpose of facilitating ideologically based violence to advance political, religious, or social change."


This is most disturbing, since we are in the midst of social change, where people are becoming more aware of the lack of integrity and honesty at every level of government, religion, politics, education, and corporate business. The old ways have been about being secretive, exploitive, intimidating, threatening, coercive, bribing, manipulative, violent, torturing, killing, imprisoning and denying the many in varied ways, while supporting a small minority of individuals.


There is an ongoing process of taking away liberties, of creating governing bodies within the government that don’t have to answer to anyone but the president or a select few. This is obvious to the extent that spying on U.S. citizens can be done without warrants. I am disturbed that the House passed this bill (S. 1955) with the usual protocols for debate removed for pushing the bill through quickly. This is not democracy in action.


I am disturbed that bills continue to have vague wordings meant to allow for other perspectives at a later time. This has always been true. Our current president and supporters continue to get away with actions that have no basis in honesty or integrity, nor would U.S. Citizen get away with this sort of distortion of truth. There are those of us who continue to witness the ongoing power struggle and the manipulation of truth based on these vague wordings in current “Legal Law.” May I point out that it used to be legal to enslave non-white people and bigotry and prejudice were acceptable norms here in the U.S., with both government and religions supporting this sort of non-sense.


We are a nation under deluge from corporate, religious and other interests that are polluting and destroying the very air, water, and soil necessary for our basic survival. We are continuing to allow agricultural practices that are destructive to both nature and humans. We are being inundated with chemicals in foods, products, medicines that are no longer being carefully researched by competent independent sources to ensure unbiased testing. Instead we have corporate interests being given access to the FDA and USDA by those who serve corporate interests, so as to allow their version of truth by slanting tests to produce the outcomes that support their profit interests.


Based on this wording, anyone who would speak of a better way of living in harmony and balance would be subject to the rules of this bill. This would include speaking up about environmental issues, pharmaceutical issues, corporate practices, invading other countries, using spent uranium, allowing private corporate armies to be used in wars, FDA & USDA practices, strip mining, banking and monetary issues, taxation without representation, education practices, and any other event or legislation or edict or order or issue not in alignment with the system and those who oversee its principles and protection.


This country was founded on differences and how ironic that this very same thing went on with the British trying to force the early settlers into submission; just like we did to the Hawaiians and Native Americans who were here before we arrived. When is this sort of limited thinking going to be stopped? Are we going to remove all free speech that doesn’t conform to the ideology of those in power? Are we going to continue to be blind to the pain and suffering and destruction occurring in the guise of progress? Where is it we are progressing towards, because the signs are all around us to how much insanity is going on in the world.


Who is going to decide what branch of religion or political ideology or corporate mindset is appropriate? Who is going to decide who has crossed over the line in terms of beliefs into actions? And what is going to be considered violent? There doesn't seem to be too much concern in government for quite awhile about so called violence because they support it on a regular basis. We all know about the torture that went on and probably still occurs behind closed doors, hence the need for various levels of secret clearances. If this weren't so, there would be complete honesty and integrity in our so called democratic government. Our leaders continue to fund foreign dictators with training at The School Of The Americas, that has a terrible record of human rights atrocities of innocent people in those countries, all for the sake of political and corporate ambitions seeking cheap reliable resources or strategic positioning, which again is about resources; either accessing them or denying other countries access to them. The School Of Americas agenda hit the media, causing a great deal of embarrassment for government leaders, so the name was changed to Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. When you read what the school does, you will realize how absurd the new name is. All of this is ego driven.


I find it ironic that these leaders, senators, representatives and appointed leaders profess to be caring Christians, loving parents, peaceful and law abiding citizens or whatever concept they present as representing democratic principles. How one can balance between those concepts and continue to support violence, war, killing, torture, undermining other countries sovereignty is no mystery. We have been led to believe, based on appearances and words, that it is for these others own good. We are told that our leaders care about us and in turn care about those in other countries who need us to tell them how to be upright citizens. We are told that we must be there to run their governments for them because they are incapable of it. What we aren't told is all the facts and evidence that are kept secret in order to create an illusion that supports the corporate agenda wherever that might need to be for the sake of profit; again ego driven.


It is rather sardonic that one can believe that we can live here in America and have one set of rules and over somewhere else we can abide by a different set of rules that step over the line of honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability, and democracy for other reasons. We are told a great deal of manipulated half-truths that cover up the real truth of what is really going on. Ironically, as is the case presently, many people are getting access to the full truths, and it is disturbing to say the least. We now have a government that refuses to listen to the increasing number of tax paying citizens who do not support this sort of non-democratic principles. These elected officials are good at telling you one thing while doing another that continues to support corporate interests. I would like to point out that corporate interests are backed by those who own stock in those corporations. These major stockholders get to vote on what corporations do for making more profit. So, in the greater sense it is not just the board of directors who have a say in supporting lack of honesty and integrity and non-democratic action in the world; again ego driven.


Most of what our country's rich support has always been about making more money. In fact, our entire culture is based on this simple problematic issue; materialism. Materialism is rampant in our culture, as it continues to deny the reality of more and more degradation of our soil, air, water, and hence quality of life. The system is not interested in stepping back from obsession for more money at the expense of ensuring the well being of our environment, our communities, or the countless human beings who take a second seat to wealth and privilege. One cannot argue about privilege as being a white man's problem, because the problem is rooted in the ego of each human being on this planet. Go to any different country in the world and you have different cultures operating from their egos in general. 


While it may be convenient to choose and judge (ego), what it comes down to is realizing we all take part in this delusion of identifying with ego. While it is true that there are more who are more invested and driven by it, even the poorest amongst us is driven by egoic drives. The problem is not going to go away because we get more money, nor am I saying that we don't need money to live or have to do without. What is required is awareness so as to be present to realize how our actions affect others. People who's acts affect others negatively are asleep at the wheel. An aware person would not harm another being; it's not possible. All of the pain and suffering that goes on in the world is caused from humans who's ego mechanism is in charge. Their true being is not able to "present" itself so as to act from the heart.


Our number one priority needs to be waking our individual selves up. The only true power we have is in our own Being and in awakening this Being, we begin to create from a place of conscious awareness. When one's Being is in place, one begins creating in the positive, in ways that are unconditionally loving, caring, supportive, nurturing, and allowing each Being their sovereign right to Be. I want to be clear about this idea of sovereignty, because those driven by egos are led to believe that their desires can supercede others sovereignty, because ego always judges, and in judging creates the illusion of good/bad. This delusion allows the ego to act to over ride someone who is less than in any situation. There are no limits to what the ego will do for the sake of serving its delusion. In fact, it has to serve this delusion in order to maintain imprisonment of the heart/Being.


Awareness is what needed to overcome these delusions. When we become more aware, we make better choices based on being present and are led to overcome the obstacles that have been created by our egoic thinking. People believe there isn't enough because their egos are in place, as much as the rich who also believe there isn't enough, which is why they horde. When we begin to understand this egoic non-sense, we begin to awaken to what is truly important (Being) and start aligning ourselves with this loving force and begin to align ourselves with others who are choosing to identify with Being versus ego. As this process occurs, we begin to realize how we can create from the heart, opportunities that support our greater Being and those around us in our communities.


When you walk through your community, notice the lack of eye contact and warmth as you pass by others. Make it a point to make eye contact, to say hello, to wake up others out of their egoic prisons, that require separation. We are not separate, were not meant to live in separation, which requires judgment in order to preserve the order of materialism. Every where one goes, one has to pay in order to use the bathroom or to sit down. Cities have less gathering places, less benches to sit on due to "reasons." So, we become further alienated by more and more materialism based on what we can and can't do. I'm not against these materialistic places, because they too are spirit, but when they lead us away from authentic Being and living, they are part of the problem or rather those who operate them are, as is the governing bodies of ego driven people.


This is not a simple problem that one can conveniently rectify by waking up. We are a world of materialistic identity that has created a whole unauthentic way of being that has been destructive to everything its touched. We, meaning each of us, you and me, are going to have to awaken ourselves one by one. As we awaken, each of us must learn to be caring, loving, and patient with those who are still asleep or in the process of awakening. Waking up and seeing what has been occurring is a shock and yet that shock, that reaction to what has been occurring is often driven by ego as well, trying to get you to fall back into the egoic patterns of thinking. One can awaken somewhat and begin to rectify their behaviors. In fact that is one step of waking up.


Waking up requires one to become more intellectually aware, to begin to critically think about information. At which point, one has to start making other choices other than thought. At present, corporations make changes not because they understand it from a place of love and compassion, but because they understand intellectually it is costing them money or they understand intellectually that their actions are destroying the environment conditions necessary for their profit making. Eventually one has to step out of the head and into feelings. One has to begin to navigate the body and to reclaim awareness of what is going on within the vehicle that houses their Being; or perhaps I would say allows access to one's being.


There needs to be an awareness of unconscious patterns that we are acting out that do not support Being or authentic expressions, or prevent us from hearing our Being. Quite often we are distracted and or tricked by ego. Taking the time to notice how often your thoughts are negative will begin to point out the work needed to free your authentic Being. My own personal process these days has been increasingly aware of the subtleties that this occurs. I was doing some visualizations on how to embrace more of who I am Being and how to implement this. As I visualized this, I became aware of these really slithery thoughts that started to arise informing me that it might not work or it will take some time or what if it doesn't work. In that moment, my awareness shifted to realize that ego is not interested in creating positive events or things. It's whole agenda is to negate and so it comes forth to ensure you don't succeed or don't wake up or don't do whatever it is that would align you with true Being and what Being needs to be of service in the world in whatever unique form that might need to be manifested.


Egos function is to ensure you don't succeed to free the unlimited Being from its imprisonment. The constant chatter that goes on in your head is ego busy telling you what you are supposed to do, be, and act. Ego is material based, meaning it is not interested in or capable of relating to the non-material realm of which Being exists in. Being was meant to interact with the material realm in a capacity where the material realm was in service to Being. I would suggest reading Tolle's book, A New Earth, to better understand this realization.


I was talking to my mother last night, and our conversation touched on television and how it is a distraction that is very similar to one's ego and within a matter of minutes her ego shifted the conversation onto some other topic that supported the ego agenda that controls her; like it does so many others on this planet. I continue to realize how unimportant so much of what we do and identify with is. There is this incredible peace and calm that exists in this inner dimension that is like a deafening roar of silence; one could call that description an oxymoron. It has taken me quite awhile to become comfortable with this silence, that is to say to get ego out of the way. I would find myself distracted in many different ways of which no longer work. I find this silence comforting, because it is where the real truth arises of authentic Being.


When we are in ego mode, in the grips of cultural software identity, it creates a very limiting stifling box in which we live a life of delusion. Not only do we live in a box, but there are greater boxes of family, church, school, work, place, and so on that suffocates awareness and authentic expression of Being. These things are not bad at all, its just that they have no value if they arise or are in service to ego. Life lived from ego is like the movie Pleasantville. I highly recommend the movie because it will explain how most of us live our lives in black/white, "thinking" it is color. Even if you have seen it, watch it again with new awareness.


When you begin to get more conscious and begin to realize how lacking in spirit the man-made world is, one can get depressed or cynical. Please note these too are also the domain of ego, working diligently in its subtle ways to get you to stay put. What I would say is depression is the raising of awareness to what is not working, a sense of something out of balance but not a conscious awareness of what it is. If we knew what it is, we would take action to resolve the dilemma. But, ego gets in the way due to its need to ensure its own survival at the cost of our Being. What is wanting to arise is awareness, perhaps emotions or feelings. Our job is to stay present, feel them without judging them, and allowing the suppressed energies to disperse and move through you. Most of these emotions connect to feelings, which if felt consciously will lead to awareness of thought patterns that have driven us away from authentic Being.


As we become conscious of these patterns, one starts to realize how limiting they have been. It is important to understand that any reaction or judgments towards them are just ego trying to pull you back into the delusion. It should become obvious to you that ego will continue to bring up the same negative thought. This is what obsessive thought is, ego driven to get one to give up trying to change or alter the limiting consciousness pattern. Continued persistence on your part will yield the desired change. Your world, your reality will change as you continue to use this process. Your discernment isn't about right or wrong, its more of a feeling that arises with what a particular action is creating. If you are acting from the heart, then it will have a high energetic resonance. If you have ever been in the presence of a hummingbird flying very close to you, you will have felt its high energy and heart feelings are similar in essence. When we react to ego driven thoughts and go against heart knowing, you will feel a lower vibrational energy feelings. 


These are hard to put into words, because in actuality they are living essences not words. Notice what goes on in the chest and stomach areas when you act from the heart or ego. When you begin to realize what they feel like, you can then begin to use these as touchstones to further choices and actions. In general, when one support their highest good or the highest good of others, the feeling will resonate high and feel good. I want to be careful with this idea of good, because when we follow the heart it may go against what the unconscious mass is against. But, in general, if it feels good, there is less constriction or tightness in the chest and stomach area. Your breathing is relaxed and there is certain level of calmness, peacefulness, serenity, compassion, and especially non-judgment, meaning there is little to no ego chatter in the head.  The opposite will occur when acting from ego.


In the meantime, other things need to be taken care of at the moment, so I will close with a suggesting you go see the movie The Golden Compass and see if you can notice the subtleties in the movie as they relate to what I and others have been talking about in regards to ego. Look at the movie as an enactment of the whole egoic process being acted out by all the actors. One can also do this with looking at how the external world has been created the same way, that all aspects of our society have been imbued with the same attributes of what has been going on internally with the egoic dance. One can see where the internal dance is going by looking at the external dance. Know the external world has no power over you unless you give into the fear created by the ego. 


When one steps away from the ego and begins to awaken and shift consciousness towards wholeness, then the ego reality that is created can not touch you. There is a subtle distinction between the two worlds, one is based on fear and the other love. One will have a whole different feel and outcomes based on resistance, fear, anger, hatred, violence. Limitation will cause the light to be dimmed and so distortions will occur and we will not see reality as it is, will not see others as they truly are. Instead we will see them through filters that alter our consciousness and in the end our version of reality will be based on this illusion. Sort of like a whole other movie going on in our heads instead of being rooted in Being. Life as we have been involved in is nothing but a movie in our head based on fictitious characters and personalities.


So, does one choose to live from the heart and light or from the ego in darkened shadows?




12-20-07 -


I received this link in an email from a friend on a piece of footage that was cut from Michael Moore's movie SICKO. I found it to be quite revelatory. It touches on medical care, but also includes issues of crime and punishment. I don't consider our idea of justice having anything to do with justice based on the heart. Our current system of punishment is ego based, coming from a place of insanity, where most of our cultural beliefs have us conforming, judging, having us live in shame, guilt, and fear on an ongoing basis. How can one's authentic Being be truly present if we are conditioned and forced/enforced to go unconscious? As Tolle points out, at some point we are going to have to come to terms with the realization that what is committing crime is the same ego that has every day people imprisoned in unconscious patterns and habits that negate spirit. When one understands this, then one must come to the realization that we must have systems of rehabilitation staffed by conscious Beings who understand that those who commit crimes were under the delusion of ego. When one understands this concept of awareness/consciousness, then one realizes we have a response-ability to assist and heal those who are unconscious, to assist them in awakening.


It is not difficult to understand and know when one is asleep or awake. The obviousness of this state of awareness will leave no doubt, because you will know in your heart, you will feel it in your Being. As you read along in Tolle's "A New Earth", it becomes quite clear that all the fear, anger, hatred, resentment, jealousy, greed and any other that moves one to harm another in one way or another are all elements of egoic activity; nothing more, nothing less. When one begins to understand this egoic process and how it creates separation, then one understands that authentic Being is not what is creating pain and suffering out into the world. Ego is not who we are, therefore the idea that someone who is reacting from ego is the body and Being is erroneous. The idea that one would judge, condemn, shame, make another guilty, induce punishment, create further pain and suffering, and or death, must then be realized as ego based as well. All of our political/governmental/religious leaders and citizens are also coming from a place of egoic delusion as well.


If one truly understood the implication of unconsciousness and how the ego creates pain and suffering, then one would begin to diligently create a space, where those who have harmed others in the extreme, can heal and reclaim their conscious authentic self. While this might seem absurd, until you understand your own insanity in the lesser extremes of egoic delusion, you are in many ways similar to those who act out. How is this? If you understand that the world as we know it has been created by unconscious consensus that goes along with the status quo, the cultural rules/beliefs, and has no awareness to truly question what we are participating in, then those who are unconscious are just as responsible for those who act out. This might seem ridiculous, but the reason those individuals act out in the first place is due to the rules of the game we play out our delusions.


In his book, "Playing by Heart," O. Fred Donaldson describes this process which he calls the "Duchess' Game:" I've included an excerpt from his book, but the other links touch on interviews and a longer profound article on the same subject. I highly recommend reading all of them:


'The Duchess' Game is a way of being and acting based on the Duchess's Law from Alice in Wonderland which states, "the more there is of mine, the less there is of yours." The Duchess's Game is an antagonistic encounter in which we succeed by defeating an opponent. This "game" can be cynically expressed in a slightly different manner as The Three Laws of Thermodynamics quoted by Dennis Overbye:

            1. You can't win.

            2. You can't break even.

            3. You can't get out of the game.


In this zero-sum game, everything including life itself can be won, lost, possessed and awarded. It can be played anywhere and anytime, with balls, guns, and words and on sports fields, corporate boardrooms, political arenas, international battlefields, family living rooms, freeways, schoolrooms and playgrounds.


The Duchess's Game is a shared value system between people who need a symbolically and externally constituted sense of self worth-contest-and a society, which by granting it to them, reduces them to playthings. The game is sustained by a socio-economic, educational, and political philosophy, organized groups and a code of contest ethics. This adversary system is accepted, in part, because it has been an integral part of society for a very long time. So long, in fact, that people both as individuals and as groups cannot conceive of any other way of interacting. 


Throughout our history we have used one form of contest such as the courts to try to remedy the failures of another contest system, such as elections. We fundamentally believe in the efficacy of contests to cure social, economic and educational problems. But one form of cancer does not cure another; instead the patient now has two forms of cancer.'


No one is home is not just a quaint metaphor, it is an actual fact relating to the authentic Being not being able to express itself due to being imprisoned or blocked. This is important to understand.




12-21-07 -


These words fear, anger, hatred, violence, killing, resentment, jealousy, judgment, greed are concepts. When "thinks" these concepts in the head, as most do on this world, there is no true Being present to understand them from a felt sense. To the many this is simply ridiculous, and this is so because ego is in charge, is not wanting you to even contemplate what this means through direct experience. If one were to begin moving into the realm of feeling in the body what these concepts feel like in actuality, removed from the thinking faculty, one would stunned at the implications at hand. This process is much like watching television or a movie at the theater. One is simply caught up in the show, unaware of what is going on around them or in their body, nor are they present to be conscious of what is going on around them in. 


Here's some of Tolle's perspective: 


"Many people find watching TV 'relaxing.' Observe yourself closely and you will find that the longer the screen remains the focus of your attention, the more your thought activity becomes suspended, and for long periods you are watching the talk show, game show, sitcom, or even commercials with almost no thought being generated by your mind. Not only do you not remember your problems anymore, but you become temporarily free of yourself--and what could be more relaxing than that?


So does TV watching create inner space? Does it cause you to be present? Unfortunately, it does not. Although for long periods your mind may not be generating any thoughts, it has linked into the thought activity of the television show. It has linked up with the TV version of the collective mind, and is thinking its thoughts. Your mind is inactive only in the sense that it is not producing thoughts. It is, however, continuously absorbing thoughts and images that come through the  TV screen. This induces a trancelike passive state of heightened susceptibility, not unlike hypnosis. That is why it lends itself to manipulation of 'public opinion,' as  politicians and special-interest groups as well as advertisers know and will pay millions of dollars to catch you in that state of receptive unawareness. They want their thoughts to become your thoughts, and usually they succeed.


So when watching television, the tendency is for you to fall below thought, not rise above it. Television has this in common with alcohol and certain other drugs. While it provides some relief from your mind, you again pay a high price: loss of consciousness. Like those drugs, it too has a strong addictive quality. You reach for the remote control to switch off and instead find yourself going through all the channels. Half an hour or an hour later, you are still watching, still going through the channels. The off button is the only one your finger seems unable to press. You are still watching, usually not because anything of interest has caught your attention, but precisely because there is nothing of interest to watch. Once you are hooked, the more trivial, the more meaningless it is, the more addictive it becomes. If it were interesting, thought provoking, it would stimulate your mind into thinking for itself again, which is more conscious and therefore preferable to a TV-induced trance. Your attention would, therefore, no longer be totally, held captive by the images on the screen."


"Most of television, however, is as yet controlled by people who are totally controlled by the ego, and so the TV's hidden agenda becomes control of you by putting you to sleep, that is to say, making you unconscious."


"Avoid watching programs and commercials that assault you with rapid succession of images that change every two or three seconds or less. Excessive TV watching and those programs in particular are largely responsible for attention deficit disorder, a mental dysfunction now affecting millions of children worldwide. A short attention span makes all your perceptions and relationships shallow and unsatisfying. Whatever you do, whatever action you perform in that state, lacks quality, because quality requires attention."


"Frequent and prolonged TV watching not only makes you unconscious, it also induces passivity and drains you of energy. Therefore, rather than watching at random, choose the programs you want to see. Whenever you remember to do so, feel the aliveness inside your body as you watch. Alternatively, be aware of your breathing from time to time. Look away from the screen at regular intervals so that it does not completely take possession of your visual sense. Don't turn up the volume any higher than necessary so that the TV doesn't overwhelm you on the auditory level. Use the mute button during commercials. Make sure you don't go to sleep immediately after switching off the set or, even worse, fall asleep with the set still on."


I have spent a lot of time watching this inner egoic function over the last several years and after reading Tolle's account on the effects of TV on our minds, has me totally convinced that the ego functions just like the television. I have used this analogy of the ego as a TV in the mind in prior writings, long before I read Tolle's book, based on other articles, my experiences with watching TV unconsciously and consciously, and from dreams. I lived with someone while attending college in Oakland, who had to have the TV or radio on all the time. When I asked this person why, they told me they felt that silence was too overwhelming for them, that they felt they would fall into an abyss never to return. Ironically, this is what ego inserts into our consciousness to avoid the very silence that would curtail and end egoic interference in our unconsciousness.


Silence is essential to the health of the body, mind, and spirit. When I take walks in the forests, the stillness is incredibly delicious, offering awareness and realizations that can flow freely unimpeded into one's consciousness. We have a higher mind that arises from Being and which is separate from the egoic mind. Egoic mind is created to distract you from hearing/sensing true reality that arises from Being. This is why the ego mind chatters continually or interrupts in moments when clarity is about to arise or distracting one during an important conversation. Ego is endless in its requirements to ensure you do not stray from its influences, since it cannot exist without your focused attention on it as truth. This is the delusion and it is all in the ego mind, the television of the mind with infinite channels to distract you with. The disturbing part of this process is that we don't choose the channels; ego does. Think about that one...


What shifts one from this distraction? It comes down to having enough awareness to realize the price you are paying buying into the guilt, shame, fear and lies. One does this by getting in touch with feelings, which will then begin to allow one to notice the pain and suffering that goes on. When one is unconscious, pain and suffering are believed to be inevitable, deserving, or caused by someone else external. All these reasons are egoically produced to ensure obedience to the ego's domination and imprisonment. We don't question what we are unaware of and this is why cultural beliefs are so difficult to awaken from, due to our identifying with them as our identity. Fortunately, we are not concepts, not our jobs, not our belongings, or what others tell us, and so these too can be awakening agents to who we truly are.


One cannot give concepts to who we are, because they are just words that cannot truly describe the actual state of Being. Being does not require constant mind chatter to describe itself or what it is observing. Take some time to notice how often your mind will verbalize in the head what the objects are you are looking at. At some point you will come to realize that you don't need the ego to verbalize what you are seeing, because at a deeper level, being already knows this. This may take time, but if you are persistent in your awareness and being present you will notice this. The same thing applies when one is reading a book or writing something. The ego is chattering along working diligently to ensure you continue to identify with the verbalized thoughts in the head as you. It's nothing more than a con game. One can do all those things without all that inner chatter and have silence in the head.


Start noticing this voice in the head and the content that spews forth from it and how often it is negative or negating in your ongoing daily activities. Take ten minutes a day to stop and sit and notice what goes on internally when you do this practice. Ego will come up with one distraction after another to convince you to give up this activity that is irrelevant from its perspective. At some point, you will then be able to notice in your daily activities as to what is relevant actions and those that are just space fillers meant to distract you and keep you busy. This is what is truly behind "business," and should be seen as busy-ness. Most of what is done in the name of business is nothing more than egoic in nature, designed to draw one into the egoic game of unconsciousness. I will leave it up to you to become conscious as to what is irrelevant and unnecessary in the busy-ness culture.


I am reminded of the Christians hand in this whole idea of idleness leading to the work of the devil. How absurd that being free to follow one's Being as the work of the devil. In fact, what is being implied is if one is not in alignment with the dominant belief/thought patterns, then one is not in accord with God. Ego has been busy creating this delusion for the sake of ensuring its own survival and that of the game of delusion. Being is that state that will rid one of delusion and is why those in power (egoic power) are stirring up yet more dysfunction in the world because it induces fear in all areas of life. Fear is what lowers consciousness, this focusing on external events or people as having power over you. This is simply not true.


The other day, I had an appointment for some body work. When we were done, the practitioner sat down across from me and began to talking to me about consciousness. We often talk during the sessions, so I was a bit surprised by this. At some point he said to me, "Sherman, it's none of your business what people think about you." He had been talking about how he often felt like he was last man on Earth, due to so many people being asleep. I'd known from reading and my own awareness that what others think of me is irrelevant. But, I'd never heard it put that way. His perspective allowed me to see how we often make it our business or intent to be concerned about what others think about us. We started being concerned about as children because then it was our business to ensure we got our basic needs met. Once we began to keep this focus in our mind, it soon led to forgetting about authentic being and our consciousness went off line. So, when you get tired of the way things are, it is possible to reclaim authentic self and to log back onto the spiritual network which we all are hardwired for.




12-23-07 - 


"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney




12-24-07 -


I'd like to recommend a book called "Reconnecting With Nature," by Michael J. Cohen. I've mentioned him before a few years back perhaps, but I feel this subject of reconnecting to nature is really crucial in understanding and reconnecting with our own inner nature. The book is about finding wellness through restoring our bond with the Earth. Nature is the last closest thing to our true nature left for us to interconnect with and to learn from. This is why business has spent considerable effort to destroy the old growth forests and lands over the course of history. Humanity has lay waste to the balancing process of the living essences we call ecosystems. Humans are so identified with words and concepts as their reality that they are cut off from the ongoing true reality that Nature radiates regularly.


We are taught to judge the weather, climates, environments, animals, and plant life where some are good and some bad. This judging mindset in reality is not wanting us to connect with Nature because it will undermine egos domain. Good/bad mindsets of the ego have to exist in order to put ego above all else and is why Nature is seen as needing to be controlled, destroyed, and forced to obey ego based humans idea of what Nature should be. We can see this in the whole landscaping, gardening, farming mindsets that have created these perspectives of humans think Nature should be. There has been a movement wherein sustainability has arisen into the consciousness of some humans to give birth to the realizations that Nature does know best and guide and nurture us from its wisdom gleaned from billions of years of how best to live in harmony and balance.


Ego would have us believe that it knows best, but as I've said before, we continue to destroy the very air, water, and soil necessary for our survival. If we continue to go on unconsciously as we are, we will destroy our own selves based on an egoic perspective. The whole sustainability movement goes back quite a ways, which is why we had some individuals begin bringing awareness to Nature and preserving large tracts of lands into what we know as the conservation movement. From this were pioneer who were not creating new realizations, but bringing back the knowledge that indigenous people knew. And I am going to point out that at some point we were all indigenous. Most of modern humans were uprooted from their own original roots long ago, much like what has occurred to the indigenous people the Europeans conquered.


I am not here to discuss the right/wrong contexts of it, because the whole process has been egoic, meaning none of it was done by conscious Beings, but by those who had their spirits splintered and imprisoned at an early age. These last few thousands of years have been dominated by this egoic dysfunction. So, for someone to want to punish those who are at fault, or to identify who is at fault, then it is clear they are coming from an egoic consciousness as well. What is needed is to awaken oneself from the stupor of this egoic mindset that wishes to continue the separation of right and wrong. When we wake up out of this insanity, we begin to align ourselves with authentic Being (Spirit), and to choose actions that align us with higher states of consciousness.


While it is true that we all have our own reality for the most part, there is the component of being part of the Oneness. In this regard we all wish to be treated with respect, to be loved unconditionally, to be nurtured for Being, to be part of a compassionate supportive community, and to in alignment with Being to express our unique Being into the world via right livelihood, right relations (meaning any type of relationships), and Being in harmony with Nature.


From conservation has arisen sustainability, human ecology, permaculture, and various forms of gardening, of which all are modeled from Mother Nature. Googling any of these concepts will bring a wealth of information on how to become more in balance with Nature via your body, mind, soul, and spirit. Most of my awareness of these came from others at Fairhaven College, both students and faculty who presented extensive information, workshops, tours, and other learning modes for me to grasp the realization the benefits of them. My whole life shifted into another level of awareness through my ongoing connection to Nature, as I learned how to do gardening in a different way, as well as the potential health benefits for switching to organic foods, moving away from pharmaceuticals, and looking into other healing modalities such as alternative medicine, Naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, body work, herbs, essential oils, and food as medicine.


How we live is not harmonious, nor is it in balance with Nature, nor do our so called civilized structures support positive health and well being; this includes all human made structures, concepts, and organizations. When I say not in harmony with Nature, I also mean not in harmony with our inner Nature, because the two are mutually the same metaphorically speaking. One has to let go of the egoic mindset to become conscious of this, to directly experience what this feels like, and to integrate these experiences of awareness into what has been termed Whole Brained Thinking. There is a lot of information available on this subject via Internet searches. I don't see Whole Brained activity as "Thinking" per say, as much as I do a process where we balance out the intellectual process with the intuitive process. The link I have supplied actually sees the brain split into four different modes. I'm not interested in the brain as I am the consciousness behind the physical brain. 


We are not our body or our brain, therefore it is imperative to begin to stop thinking so much and allow ourselves to open up to this vast inner environment. This can only be accessed when we get out of the egoic thinking mode. It's not that it is irrelevant, it's that it is a very small part of a vastly larger consciousness that exists in the non-linear mode, often called irrational. I find this rather humorous given the fact that this term arose from egoic intelligence which is quite irrational in and of itself; sort of like the insane labeling the sane insane if you will. When one begins to extricate themselves from the intellectualizing part of their mind, they begin to open up to a much larger higher mind that is intimately connected to authentic Being. In this space one finds a silence, a peace, a calmness that is quite similar to what one finds when in the middle of an old growth forest away from the distractions of civilization.


I have always enjoyed being in Nature, but it took a four day camping stay along a deserted ocean beach, sitting in a restful state all day, for me to suddenly have a break through in meditation where I suddenly opened up into the vastness. My breath was abruptly taken away in awe as I realized the implications of all the thinking that our culture does. I realized how utterly useless most of it is and how it distracts one from being in touch with their own authentic Being and knowing, as well as being connected to higher states of awareness/consciousness/Spirit. Once you have experienced this realization, your life changes as you understand from direct experience of this space that we are more than what civilization has taught us.


This is crucial to understand because this idea of civilization is exactly that. It was born from reason and rather than staying connected to our inner Nature and outer Nature, a shift in consciousness occurred causing humans to gradually lose contact with this inner Nature, which has led to an incredibly lopsided technology that is crushing us in body, mind, soul, and spirit. One cannot live in the intellectual mind alone for very long before humans start to judge and move towards power over others, which then moves into creating violence at every level in order to ensure this power over others. It is a darkness that consumes everything in its path that would recognize light/unconditional love. The moment one begins to covet something, one has lost touch with their inner Nature. Some part of them has devalued the inner Nature at the expense of valuing the outer. This in no way devalues the outer, for it is essential and necessary for consciousness, however it is important to never devalue the innate inner value of Being. For when one does this, there is a shift into self-hate. I will say more about this later.


So, this brings me back to Cohen's book, specifically a section entitled, "The Multisensory Person:"


"People may not inherently feel all of nature. We feel only that part which we exercise or which supports our evolutionary survival in the natural world. For example, our sense of sight doesn't ordinarily register infra-red or ultraviolet light, although other creatures do register it. Biologically the creation process may have evolved us to survive without seeing these ranges. Similarly, cats may survive seeing only blue and yellow, and many animals are color blind altogether.


Each of the 53 natural survival sense groups that pervade nature and us are listed below. They help us enjoy and improve our lives. We experience them as an essence of our desire to be alive, as attractive callings that connect nature within us to the natural environment, to other peoples' inner nature, and to global life processes. Through our natural senses we more fully know nature within and about us. The more we awaken, fulfill, and nurture them, the more we sense lasting fulfillment in the satisfaction, balance, and wisdom of nature's peace.


The list below contains general categories of senses. Each sense can be further subdivided. For example, I list color as single sense yet we sense many thousands of colors. Each different color represents a different sensitivity, each may signal a different mood or message, each has different intensities that have different meanings, each may have a different neurophysiology and genetics. For example we consider taste as one sense, but our ability to taste salt, sweet, bitter, and sour are each physiologically, chemically, and anatomically unique. There are 22 different ways to experience touch. Each sense has a different genetic blueprint in us arising from eons of biological experiences and diversifying relationships within the global life community.


Most natural senses are present but unexercised in an infant. Even the sense of reason and place operate in 2-month old babies. Since we didn't invent natural senses, and can't know them solely through language, each natural sense mystifies our thinking. Albert Einstein said: "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."


Between the years of 1961-1978, researcher Guy Murchie made an exhaustive study. He painstakingly scrutinized scientific studies about the senses as they appeared in many hundreds of books and periodicals during those 17 years. In 1986 he told me that scientific methodology and research had actually identified over eighty different biological senses which pervade the natural world. He said he additionally verified this through authorities at the Harvard Biological Laboratories. All these senses he clumped together as 31 groups for literary convenience in his book The Seven Mysteries Of Life published in 1978. His painstaking efforts and bibliography deserve our applause and confidence.


Although Ames, Gesell, Pearce, Rivlin, Gravelle, Samuels, Sheppard, Sheldrake, Spelke, LePoncin, Wynn, and many other researchers has yet to be recognized by industrial civilization's story. Our intellect thinks that  if it has a story about them, then we are OK. Our addiction to our story mediated, nature separated lives and thinking keeps natural senses and their value hidden from our immediate awareness. Our economy fuels itself by keeping our senses discontented, further irritating them through advertising and then selling us products that satisfy them.


Our natural senses are nature in action. They attract us to the whole of the natural world and its ways, including the inner nature of other people. As our society trains our intellect to conquer nature and the natural, we learn to conquer our natural senses. Our nature-disconnected sense of reason exalts the senses that our stories use to take over our other senses and the natural world. We subdue and demean the remaining senses that tell us about how the natural world works and enable us to participate in the process. Ignored and numbed, our natural sense are a vast missing part of a responsible story about Earth, ourselves, and community. Without them registering in consciousness, we become "half vast." As Carl Jung and others have noted, our abstract thinking is no more reasonable, logical or consistent than our feelings. While living in the outdoors, nature has taught me that our abstract thinking is the way we learn to put our natural senses into culturally reasonable stories. Our challenge is to recognize that the excessively nature-separated parts of ourselves and our culture are unreasonable.


We desperately need nature's wise ability to maintain life without producing our problems. That wisdom stops our society's destructive actions against ourselves and the environment. The absence of it from our consciousness is the mother of our  collective madness: our runaway wars, pollution, dysfunction, disease, mental illness, apathy, abusiveness and violence. Without nature-centered thinking, our consciousness abandons our sensory inner child. Anybody can choose to help reverse this situation by choosing to learn how to reconnect with nature itself, not abstracted stories or videos about nature.


I offer the following list of natural senses with this important reminder: each sense is a distinct attraction energy, an intelligent love that in nature has no name. Each is aware of itself by its being, not by a name. Each is an experience. Each can awaken many natural parts of us when we use it to connect with the natural world. That touchy-feely, hands-on, connecting experience in nature, not this list, catalyzes personal wisdom, growth, and balance. This list only provides information in language. It brings it on the consciousness screen and feeds and guides our senses of reason and language, our story way of knowing. Reason and language are only 4% of our inherent means to know and love nature, life, and each other.


Nature-centered thinking uses the list of senses in conjunction with visiting natural areas and exposing our indoor conditioning to the many natural senses awakened in nature. It uses the names of the senses to help the new brain validate our natural sensations. Doing this is reasonable, since once we experience a sense, speaking its name places that sensation in our verbal consciousness. There we can think with it. This process non-verbally connects, rejuvenates, and educates us. It allows us to safely extend into the natural world's intelligence in order to more fully  sense our lives and all of life. It works because once we experience that process of intelligent love and wisdom, we own it. We never fully return to our former way of knowing.


Nature Senses and Sensitivities:


The Radiation Series


1.  Sense of light and sight, including polarized light.

2. Sense of seeing without eyes such as heliotropism or the sun sense of plants.

3. Sense of color.

4. Sense of moods and identities attached to colors.

5. Sense of awareness of one's own visibility or invisibility and consequent camouflaging.

6. Sensitivity to radiation other than visible light including radiowaves, X-rays, etc.

7. Sense of temperature and temperature change.

8. Sense of season including ability to insulate, hibernate and estivate.

9. Electromagnetic sense and polarity, which includes the ability to generate current (as in the nervous system and brain 

     waves) or other energies.


The Feeling Senses


10. Hearing including resonance, vibrations, sonar, and ultrasonic frequencies.

11. Awareness of pressure, particularly underground, underwater, and to wind and air.

12. Sensitivity to gravity.

13. The sense of excretion for waste elimination and protection from enemies.

14. Feel, particularly touch on the skin.

15. Sense of weight and balance.

16. Space or proximity sense.

17. Coriolus sense or aware of effects of the rotation of the Earth

18. Sense of motion. Body movement sensations and sense of mobility.

The Chemical Senses

19. Smell with and beyond the nose.
20. Taste with and beyond the tongue.
21. Appetite or hunger for food, water and air.
22. Hunting, killing or food obtaining urges.
23. Humidity sense including thirst, evaporation control and the acumen to find water or evade a flood.
24. Hormonal sense, as to pheromones and other chemical stimuli.

The Mental Senses

25. Pain, external and internal.
26. Mental or spiritual distress.
27. Sense of fear, dread of injury, death or attack.
28. Procreative urges including sex awareness, courting, love, mating, paternity and raising young.
29. Sense of play, sport, humor, pleasure and laughter.
30. Sense of physical place, navigation senses including detailed awareness of land and seascapes, of the positions of the       sun, moon and stars.
31. Sense of time.
32. Sense of electromagnetic fields.
33. Sense of weather changes.
34. Sense of emotional place, of community, belonging, support, trust and thankfulness.
35. Sense of self including friendship, companionship, and power.
36. Domineering and territorial sense.
37. Colonizing sense including compassion and receptive awareness of one's fellow creatures, sometimes to the 

      degree of being absorbed into a superorganism.
38. Horticultural sense and the ability to cultivate crops, as is done by ants that grow fungus, by fungus who farm 

      algae, or birds that leave food to attract their prey.
39. Language and articulation sense, used to express feelings and convey information in every medium from the 

      bees' dance to human literature.
40. Sense of humility, appreciation, ethics.
41. Senses of form and design.
42. Reasoning, including memory and the capacity for logic and science.
43. Sense of mind and consciousness.
44. Intuition or subconscious deduction.
45. Aesthetic sense, including creativity and appreciation of beauty, music, literature, form, design and drama.
46. Psychic capacity such as foreknowledge, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychokinesis, astral projection and possibly 

        certain animal instincts and plant sensitivities.
47. Sense of biological and astral time, awareness of past, present and future events.
48. The capacity to hypnotize other creatures.
49. Relaxation and sleep including dreaming, meditation, brain wave awareness.
50. Sense of pupation including cocoon building and metamorphosis.
51. Sense of excessive stress and capitulation.
52. Sense of survival by joining a more established organism.
53. Spiritual sense, including conscience, capacity for sublime love, ecstasy, a sense of sin, profound sorrow and 



Michael Cohen's website offers more information on this process in an article entitled:


"Organic Psychology: A readily available antidote to Natural System Dysfunction (NSD)

How we come to our senses by learning to trust our human nature 

sensory experience and natural systems within and around us.




12-25-07 -


Here are some additional articles to read by Cohen, along with some quotes in the articles:




"Speak to the Earth and it will teach thee." - The Bible, Job: 12, 7


"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it." - John Lennon


"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. " - Benjamin Franklin


"We have repressed far more than our sexuality: our very organic nature is now unconscious to most of us, most of the time, and we have become shrunken into two dimensional social or cultural beings, aware of only five of the hundreds of senses that link us to the rich biological nature that underlies and nourishes these more symbolic and recent aspects of ourselves." - Norman 0. Brown


"This is why I say love is a flowing, because it's not "My" Love it is God's/Creation's/Nature's and it flows to me and through me. When I hold it and claim it to be mine it stops flowing and suffering happens." - Vincent Brown


"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"Our task must be to free ourselves from (our) prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." - Albert Einstein

"In order to achieve more effective environmental protection and conservation, internal balance within the human being himself or herself is essential." - Dalai Lama

"Wilderness is the ultimate encyclopedia, holding answers to more questions than we have yet learned how to ask. That's the magic in you. You've got it; let it out." - David Brower

"It is difficult to get people to understand something when their salary (or other reward) depends upon them not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair

"Sensory experience, we might say, is the way our body binds its life to the other lives that surround it, the way the earth couples itself to our thoughts and our dreams. Sensory perception is the glue that binds our separate nervous systems into the larger, encompassing ecosystem. For the senses are our most immediate access to the more-than-human natural world." -David Abram Author, Spell of the Sensuous

"There's nothing either good or bad...but thinking makes it so!" - William Shakespeare

"All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." -Chief Seattle/Ted Perry

 "From atoms and molecules to human beings with developed consciousness, all entities feel attraction for one another. . . . attraction is the law of nature." - P.R. Sarkar

Nature is the unseen intelligence that loved us into being." - Elbert Hubbard

"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another." - Mahatma Gandhi


"We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural." - Albert Gore, Vice President, USA Author, Earth in the Balance


"Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries." 

       - Jimmy Carter

"Over the years, I've spent a lot of time fighting. Fighting against logging, pollution, nuclear long as we fight all the time there's going to be a winner and a loser...(we must) build bridges across to the people who are fighting."

        - David Suzuki

"It is quite clear to me after several years in the environmental movement that all physical problems of man's impact on the environment - pollution of the air and waters, the desecration of the land, the contamination of the food chain - all start within the environment of man's mind."
        - Maurice Strong Founder: the United Nations Environment Program Co-Chair: 

          U.N. Commission on Global Governance

"You didn't come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean." - Alan Watts

"We have these prejudices and as long as we think that these prejudices are valid we exclude huge subjects of thinking. And that exclusion is what is really blinding." - Dr. Amit Goswami

"Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made personal, merely personal feeling. This is what is the matter with us: we are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the Earth and sun and stars. Love has become a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilized vase on the table." - D. H. Lawrence



12-26-07 -


I recently closed my site due to lack of business, which is just part of life and doing business. I learned a great deal from the experience. When it came time to renew my site, I realized it was not worth the fifty some odd dollars to renew, since I barely made that in profit after their cut. So, I closed the account, and then remembered about the $22 dollars I had in my account from sales. Then it occurred to me I'd better check to make sure they would send me a check. What I found out from the customer service representative, is that if you close your account via the Internet, they keep your money. I was told it was written in the legal document I agreed to when signing up for the account and paying for it. I told the woman I didn't think the company owners had any honesty or integrity pulling a stunt like that. She said she would forward it to a supervisor, since I had just closed it. I never heard back from anyone from the company. So, today I contacted them again inquiring about my money. Perhaps $22 dollars isn't much, but its the principle. We have a business climate these days that pretty much does what it wants, utilizing "legal" documents to disrespect others.


When one disrespects themselves they disrespect others. When I was brought up at home, school, and church taking something that didn't belong to you was considered stealing. When one works as an employee for a company, it is prett much common knowledge that to steal from an employer gets you fired. But, in these times, it seems anyone in business can do as they please as long as they stipulate it in a "legal" agreement. We are inundated with legal agreements these days. Anything and everything has one and they are often lengthily and make no sense given they are written in jargon, much like our current politicians speak. If everyone took the time to read and understand or try to find someone to explain this "legal" law, nothing would get accomplished. The basic principle about these "legal" agreements, along with political law is to ensure you have everything in your favor and leave nothing for the customer or citizen to stand on. This premise is basically meant to ensure that those in business can not be held accountable for their dishonesty, lack of integrity and or shoddy business practices/goods.


I wonder about these kinds of people, who pull stunts like these, who would have no problem firing someone in their own company for stealing from them, but have no qualms about stealing from a paying customer because they have a "legal" document that makes it legal. This sort of insanity is ego based, and there is no legal precedence that states that is legal to steal from another because they have an agreement. I find this sort of non-sense indicative of the quality of Being lacking in our world today. I can imagine how many others have made the same mistake, only to be ripped off by so called upstanding business people. I would have to say that if they are lacking these character traits, then their parents must be lacking them as well. And it is not saying much for all the others in their management who go along with this sort of mode of operation, not to mention the lawyers who write this garbage.


My basic motto is if its run by those who have negative energy, then don't do business with them again. At best, I will write a letter to the Better Business Bureau for the record, and let those I know not to do business with them. This is the only way to deal with this sort of dishonest business practice. What comes around goes around they say...




12-27-07 - 


Esoteric Astrology offers some excellent perspectives in making sense of old stories, which humanity has taken literally for a long time, from teachings that were past on with no true understanding: 


An article by Charlotte Kasl - "If The Buddha Married" 


Some Charlotte Kasl Internet radio audio interviews:



I'd also like to give thanks and gratitude to all those who I have known and not known these 49 years on this planet. They have knowingly and unknowingly assisted me in finding what I truly am as Being. My ego has done some pretty ignorant things along the way in response to others ignorant egos. There finally came the time when this realization sunk in about how when two people come together, there are two Beings imprisoned by two egos that go round and round, acting out dysfunctional patterns. These patterns are taught to these two people as children and eventually imprisons the Being. In the meantime, the two Beings observe in love and compassion, waiting for the time when the egos are diminished and vanquished for the Beings to step forward in their love and compassion so as to continue on with their original journeys, wherever that might lead them. 


Having access to feelings and intuition, it is easy to know when the time to part is present and to move along. It is once again time to move along to meet others on this wondrous journey called life. I still have a lot to learn on this planet, but I am no longer at the mercy of an ego intent on negating true spirit. My life has been taking off in ways I would never have imagined with this freeing process. I am looking forward to a New Year full of positive life affirming functional intentions that support Being versus Ego. I wish for all the Beings on this planet to be free of egoic influences that betray your true essence that seeks to shine through with the brilliance and color of the light of spirit. I look forward to enlightened societies on an enlightened planet.


Blessings and Happy New Year!




12-29-07 -


The end of the year is coming to a close and it has been quite the year of chaos, change, and transformation for myself from an inner perspective. I have appreciated the letting go process in becoming conscious of what no longer serves my highest good. I am learning how to be receptive, which is what the creative process is all about. I am also learning about writing down my intentions for my life as it unfolds in every moment. I think that intentions work better than goals, because intending what you want, one is required to visualize; intentions often come from the heart, where as goals tend to be intellectualized. What one is intending has to do with their integrity, their intentions thus are a reflection of where they are coming from. Perhaps goals and intentions would mean the same thing if everyone had honesty and integrity, but that is a moot point in our current insane society.


Today was spent along the shores of Chuckanut Bay looking out at the San Juan Islands. Sort of a cold drizzly gray day. But, the place was busy with many different waterfowl and birds flying and diving about with little concern of the weather. I pondered on this, how most people just go inside and stay there, usually with judgments about the weather. I have been noticing this last year that I actually enjoy the changes in the weather, noting any complaints as residing with my resident ego intruder, which has gotten to the point of realizing that I don't react to its moanings'. I sat on a large rock for a couple of hours, just noticing, being present, and being aware of this kingfisher flying back and forth across the bay ever so often, always going to the same place. I took that as a sign for something that is in the planning stages.


Watching the birds made me realize how persistent they are, how they don't complain about circumstances. They just do what needs to be done and or move on or die trying. I was enthralled how the waterfowl just floated about, allowing the water currents to move them about along the coastline. I was awed of their ability to stay warm on the cold water with just that layer of fat between them and the water. I noticed my own body with lots of synthetic layers not doing so well in keeping me warm. My insides were like the flowing waters, coming and going; thoughts, emotions, and feelings all swirling about at times. Most don't do to well just sitting still, but in being still you find out from all the chatter that which you are not.


When I notice mood shifts, I'm aware that ego is trying to pull me into reacting to its tidbits of non-sense. When this occurs, I just notice and stay present, focusing on my physical body, my breathing, the flow of energies moving around, and the world in front of me, until I feel a shift of ego letting go of trying to alter my attentions away from peace and calm, into moodiness and brooding, which take one away from the light and fullness of their spiritual power. Just notice these shifts occurring, sort of like the rain when it comes every now and then, (at least here in Bellingham, WA), staying for a short bit usually and then it is gone. Ego tries to alter your moods in the hopes of distracting you, for then you are then open to further distractions meant to move you into fear, anger, resentment or some other lightless perspective.


The world keeps going faster and faster. I notice more and more people looking exhausted and wore out trying to keep up with the maddening pace. And there are those who are oblivious to the pace and are caught up in the excitement of playing the game, not yet having gotten to a point in their journey where it suddenly comes crashing in on their awareness. And once in awhile I cross paths with someone who is present, but mostly it is the young children who see things as they are and having no other choice, they live in the present until they are forced into the past or future on a regular basis.


I was reading Tom Kenyon's recent Soundings Newsletter yesterday, and there was an article in the beginning entitled, "Begging Bowl, " about Buddhist nuns in Tibet. When you read about others in the world, you begin to realize how blind most Westerner's are to the plight of others. I'm not saying all Westerner's, but most have no idea how truly poor these people are and the conditions with which they exist. If after reading these sorts of stories you still want to complain about what you have, then realize it is just your ego. We have so much to be grateful for on a daily basis. A warm place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear, protection from the elements and hostilities for example. So, why do so many complain and why do the many clamor for yet more stuff? Guess.


I was invited to a holiday gathering with others here in the building where I have my art/business space. We sat around talking for quite awhile, which was quite the eye opener for me, since I had never really had the opportunity to talk with them other than saying hi or short interactions. One woman shared a story about a documentary having to do with sweat shops in China. This older woman was blind, became blind from the glue she repeatedly used to glue the soles of sneakers together. Prior to taking the job, she knew that eventually she would go blind, this was common knowledge. But, she was poorer than poor, so far below poverty, and wanting her family to have a chance at a real life, was willing to sacrifice her eyes to ensure this.


I have to say when I heard this story, it was like a jolt to my system. Most of us will never be that desperate; ever. So consumed by consuming that we never have the time or the inclination to know the others at the other end of our need to consume, the need for grandeur, the need to be something of fantasy. I still recall my father's comments about these sweat shops quite awhile ago, when he said, "Those people make a good wage for their economy." At the time I was stunned, because that is not what I expected my father to say, based on all the lessons I had gotten as a child growing up about fairness, goodness, caring about others, and all that sort of thing. In hindsight, I can see that he is not alone in his fairy tale view of the corporate world of the rich and well to do or those who clamor for cheap goods. I'd like to send my father and the others to live in those places and work for those wages in sweat shops for a year. I doubt they would go, and if they did, they wouldn't last long.


I believe that they do know on some level, but since they live in an intellectualized world of egoic proportions, it is simply to challenging to get free of the quagmire of the egoic influences that forces one into identifying with rationalized number crunching management of material pursuits. This is the callousness of an egoic mechanism run amok, sort of like the physical body as an automaton, a robot void of any true feeling, empathy, and compassion for others that would shift this insanity we live by based on money, investments, savings, profits, growth, prestige, status, business, wanting, needing, obsessing for more of what they already have enough of, of living in modes of fear. The whole system is built like a house of cards. 


I'd like to recommend a site that offers a different perspective


I'd also like to recommend reading articles by Robert Theobald on this same subject and much more. I had the opportunity back in the mid-90's of participating in an on-line forum of his reading perspectives he wrote and then encouraged us to comment on, regarding the worlds problems and figuring out what to do about them. It was an eye opener for me then. His books are well worth the read to open your mind and heart to another level.


Also, another link to share 




12-30-07 -


Here's a well thought out piece by Ingrid Naiman on Church and State:


Dear Subscribers,

I've been gestating something for a long time, but am not certain I can birth it yet.

As I have been writing for some time that what happens in 2012 probably depends to some extent on what happens in 2008 . . . which, in turn, involves the events in many countries, most importantly perhaps imperial America with our elections and almost unbelievably polarized candidates. 

There are ever so many reasons for separation of church and state, not the least of which is endless struggle for control and domination of the hearts and minds of the people.  In theory, one could only win the loyalty of the heart or allegiance of the mind if first of all worthy and secondly of like mind.  Allowing people to have their own thoughts seems like a risky experiment to those who specialize in the use of power, but there are puzzles within puzzles and many dilemmas to sort out when contrasting leadership to power.  Leadership works through a visionary quality and the ability to inspire whereas power seeks to disenfranchise and control.

Power goes through cycles of scheming, manipulation, implementation, arrogance, euphoria, and eventually paranoia and severe psychosis.  There are countless reasons that this must be the case, chief of which is that there is a law of action and reaction so eventually the fear of reprisals has to overwhelm the psyche . . . and it does so in a manner that precludes mental health.

The risks of leadership are completely different.  There are people with destinies to create the future and those who want to preserve the past, each with massive ability to justify the positions.  In positing a future that differs from the present, the leader, true leader, is basing his or her plan on righting of wrongs so there is a tender trigger zone in which there is an inference of injustice, inequity, or at least intemperance.  The fire it takes to see ahead, envision, arouse, unify, and lead is seldom diplomatic by nature.  Thus, there is risk of antagonizing those who are satisfied with the status quo or who have yet to enjoy even a glimmer of a preview of the future.  Besides, to the extent that this zealous fire seeks to reorganize the known world, there is often fear of the unknown, of loss due to the changes, or of unrest, but history suggests that changes do occur, not always because of qualified leaders but because the now can never be preserved in a linear world in which Time itself is always advancing.

These points are actually less important than the battle for hearts and minds.  There are few examples in history of willing sacrifices of control to the masses.  There are, however, abundant instances of strange alliances between theological and academic influences and politics.  In recent years in the U.S., we have seen appalling misuses of both religion and science by the administration, something that is actually prohibited by our jeopardized Constitution.

In reality, the job of the administrative branch of the government is to administer, not dictate, tyrannize, disempower, or abrogate the responsibility to obey the laws of the land.  Questions of global warming or cooling, when life begins, how the world was created, what our children should learn in school, and what is safe in our food and medicine are best left to specialists in other disciplines who occasionally need to have their concerns addressed in a formal manner by responsible administrators, but their input cannot be influenced by ideologies or vested interests.  Alas, this is not the case, but what is more worrisome is politicians who bring strong religious convictions to their desks. 

The foundation of the concept of separation of church and state might have occurred at a time when persons of the cloth lived in monasteries with few worldly interests.  Now, however, impassioned individuals are seeking massive influence over the fate of the Planet, not of souls, but over everything from blades of grass to bees to penguins and polar bears to people, not to mention petroleum.  This is the situation the founding fathers sought to prevent through a rigorous separation of powers.

The problem is that the mantras of politicians are conjured up as mini-incantations over the psyches of easy-to-dupe individuals who tune out everything except a few words with personal appeal.  This is why aspirants to the most powerful position on the planet can give a seven-minute talk on a stump and feel they have said their piece and why commentators such as Ariana Huffington accuse people like Bush of a lack of complexity.  If all big issues are reduced to them and us or Christians and Moslems or haves and have nots, then we have black and white worlds in which some fools will sacrifice themselves for the sake one or the other ism.

Realistically, it does not matter what people think if you refuse to engage in conflict; however what is most insidious about recent developments in our political system is that the boundary between thoughts and deeds is not sharply defined.  In theory, thoughts are incapable of committing crimes so whether one is indulging in unwholesome reading or web surfing habits or political analysis, thoughts are not things and therefore not deeds and therefore not criminal.  Worse, the arguments supporting repression are as biased as the science of global warming.

If, for instance, while it may be true that those who commit acts of violence are angry, it is not necessarily true that all angry people engage in acts of violence.  We have limits on our behavior that most of us recognize so while a theologian may have cause to be concerned with what we think, a politician should limit his interest to what we do and the lines here need to be hard and fast lest persecution become the order of the day.

If you do not think these lines are being eroded, we need to look very carefully at why our reading habits, shopping patterns, telephone conversations, and so on and so forth are subjects of federal interest.  It is one thing to have a few suspects under surveillance but to be policing all citizens exceeds the concept of governance of, by, and for the people . . .  we are one step away from loss of our nation.

So, while I find the campaign increasingly boring, I care a great deal about the defining characteristics of each candidate.  I care whether the aspirants to high office refer to other nations in a friendly or hostile manner, whether they express a live and let live philosophy or the arrogance of prerogative and power.  I care whether they believe in Armageddon and/or the inevitability of a clash of civilizations.  I care whether they reserve the right to keep all options on the table or whether there are some deeds so dastardly that those options are not on the table.

During the Cold War, endless nuclear build up was regardless as a deterrent to the use of force rather than an escalation of tensions.  We have inherited some of the myths of that time period and put the emphasis on the nukes rather than on the fact that both super powers were so busy building up their arsenals that neither felt it had enough of an advantage to risk WWIII.  Now, I do want to know who sanctions torture, biological weapons, depleted uranium, etc., etc., etc. because these issues define whether or not an individual is first of all civilized and secondly likely to use mature judgment while in office.

Personally, I don't care what other people believe, but I care about whether or not we can agree to disagree on matters that are actually none of our business.  In the case of whether or not women should wear a bourka or veil or be subjected to female circumcision, this is not a matter for Marines but for human rights activists.  To the extent that the Marines are involved, tensions are escalated and disparate viewpoints are pitted against each other.  It would be as easy for a Moslem man to attack our promiscuity as for us to take issue with what appears to be repression of women's rights, but these are in the long run domestic issues, not foreign policy issues and they should be off limits to our politicians.

Likewise, I take issue with the attempt to appeal to voters by references to one's own relationship to God or faith.  For instance, I take offense at Huckabee suggesting that whether one prays on one's knees on not matters.  Implying that the knees represent humility appeals to some whereas to others, it would translate to a petition for personal favors from a God who can be addressed in a personal manner. What if someone asked, "and then, once on your knees, should your head be bowed or lifted in reverence to the sky?"  Should you be facing a certain direction?  Does it matter whether it is day or night, what time it is, whether you are on bare ground or a rug?  Should your hands be clasped or lifted upward in receptivity to divinity.  Since he has now told us the correct position for praying, perhaps he'd like to supply the correct attitude and words? 

For me, this is scary and while I appreciate all sincere expressions of faith, I resent all attempts to elevate one's own beliefs over those of another.  If we forget this, we can sink into holy wars, inquisitions, and even holocausts so the only purpose in making religion a part of politics is to use it to further political ends or impose one's views on others and this just seems dangerous to me.

I honestly do not want to know the candidates' personal religious convictions or particular manner of expressing those convictions.  I do, however, want to know if they respect opinions and beliefs that are different from their own and what provisions they will make for preserving freedom of religion.  Moreover, I think that to have respect for differences is a sign of intellectual and moral maturity so I feel safer with such persons than those with pat aphorisms.

So, I will take a risk and suggest that the safest way to invoke help from the other dimensions is to ask for the highest good of everyone.  In these, all options, even the ones no one thought about, are open.  Moreover, many of these possibilities express the highest win-win scenario and this is what we all need as planetary citizens.





I'd like to present a link to the website of Judith Orloff M.D., Intuition for Health & Healing as well as understanding our energy system: 




12-31-07 -


Here are a couple of links to end the year with. I would recommend that you read only what you feel drawn too, since following one's intuition will lead to information that will adjust accordingly to where your consciousness is able to integrate and expand in a way that is perfect for the unique Being that you are all ways Becoming.


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