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June 2011



6.05.11 -


"The Heart Is A Terrible Thing To Waste" By Sherman R. Buck


There's a TV commercial that focuses on those who cannot afford an education, and the main liner is, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste." And yes, it is a terrible thing on the one hand in terms of an education to get ahead in the world. On the other hand, the heart is a waste land devastated by the minds incessant thinking and a greater issue than a wasted mind. Education doesn't guarantee honesty, integrity, compassion, or unconditional love, as we can see all sorts of "educated" people lacking access to these forces within themselves due to mental masturbation. Religions spend a great deal of time teaching people that masturbation is sinful, while conveniently overlooking the destructive nature of mental masturbation, which is far more devastating than pleasuring one's self.


It should be noted that the need to think habitually is born from fear, guilt, and shame. The mind as it has been culturally constructed, essentially polices itself and imprisons the higher mind from being accessed for sanity's sake. The whole idea of early education and religious education is to implant fear, guilt, and shame. Once it has been planted, then the lesser mind takes over and police's itself and sets up limitation parameters that cripple them to the degree of the destructive programs they were forced to "learn."


The issue about education is the blind obedience to facts without questioning any of it or just some of it. This has been an ongoing issue with education for as long as there have been those who have controlled the masses from neighborhood gangs on up to nation states and everything in between. For instance, there are young students who just know the answer to math questions, without needing to write down the answer to show they know it. How do they know? This innate knowing is profoundly undermined and imprisoned in schooling. Where do inventors get their ideas from? Might as well ask where creativity comes from? The fact of the matter is we can know without needing to know how and why we know. Common sense goes a long way, but one can't get far with it when they live in the head on a regular basis. Common sense is not a thinking process. How does one discern if this innate knowing is correct when we live so much in our heads ACTING from programmed beliefs? The questions you ask determine the answers you get, is something both Richard Cytowic and M. Scott Peck acknowledge as essential in authentic knowing.


Questioning facts is an intuitional process, of listening to higher awareness and there are ways to ensure one is tuned in or not. You do the homework, look at all the facts, rather than just the acceptable one's that conform to ideology. Intuition plays a crucial role in what is called critical thinking. Unfortunately, many still think intuition is less accurate than logical intellectual thinking processes. One of the biggest issues intellect has with intuition is its rootedness in feelings. Feelings would lead us out of the desert of mental masturbation if we let it. But that would mean having to let go. Intuition is never wrong, it just gets distorted by to much mental masturbation, especially so when one's cultural programming dictates limited answers that conform to the accepted belief systems.


Education is about obedience to the facts and to question outside the box is not encouraged in general. An additional issue about education has to do with the information/facts that are presented. One can distort truth by leaving out certain facts. How one does that is by asking limited questions to ensure alignment to the desired limited truth. Whether intentional or not, the damage is done. Living in fear, guilt, and shame can set one up to unconsciously filter out the facts to align to their programming, and the story repeats itself with the ignorant teaching children how to be ignorant like them.


Both left and right brain processes are essential to full awareness. Facts are just facts, until we look at their functional relationship with knowledge structures. There are building blocks of information/facts and their truth is born from observation, not mental masturbation. There are always two roads; one is to the whole truth and the other is to the distorted truth. Here is an example of these two roads. If someone tells you racism is acceptable, they will give you reasons, and without intuition/heart, you are open to the ravages of ignorance. There is a vast difference in doing something hurtful to someone because someone says its OK versus realizing you wouldn't like to be treated that way and treating the other the way you would like to be treated.


The whole truth is we treat others the way we want to be treated; why would we treat ourselves otherwise. Feelings show you the way, as they give discernment to partial truths. Living in the head prevents us from tapping into our empathic abilities to sense the other's pain and suffering from our own ignorance and selfishness. When people live in fear (fear of not being good enough; fear of not getting what they want; fear of being hurt; or fear of being abandoned) they live in a constricted state of awareness. From within this state of constriction, truth gets distorted in order to justify the desired outcome. This is why we judge others; in order to distort the truth to avoid or attain a particular outcome.


There is a time for using the lesser mind, but not 24/7 in its current state of use. The mind as it currently functions, thinks repetitively about the past or future, and one could say obsesses, but you "think" this is not the case, that one needs to "think" about these things, to plan, organize, structure, manage, and ensure everything is UNDER CONTROL. This need to control arises from ensuring we stay within the confines of self imprisonment to the cultural software program that structures our lives, so we avoid the greater truth within our own authentic Being. Not only do we control ourselves, but we also need to control others in various ways and formats; all for the sake of feeling safe and secure, "knowing" we are following the rules based in fear, guilt, and shame.


Even one's thoughts are carefully controlled by the ego construct, to ensure through repetition, the constant babbling of the rules and regulations or the judgments of self and others within the lesser mind. One could call this self-hypnosis and it is not as far fetched as one would like to think; where one teaches themselves to believe in half-truths. I'm reminded of having to endure Christian ideology in the form of Vacation Bible School, where the only way you got a treat was to memorize the bible versus. What a wonderful way to implant ideology, knowing full well children like treats. These repetitions become like mantras about what truth is from belief rather than innate knowing. In order for fear, guilt, and shame to exist, one has to believe them to be real. They are rooted in half-truths and as such sabotage self-love.


I'm not a fan of organized religion. They profess to be about love, but in essence what they really teach is fear. People who love themselves teach others how to awaken to loving themselves. Love teaches non-judgment not because it is a required belief, but because it is a living truth. Instead they are taught to show up and sit down and listen to someone talk about the past as lessons on spirituality or some future salvation that doesn't exist, except as a carrot dangling over their heads to force them to follow the fear, guilt, shame tactics to ensure obedience to whatever relevant mental masturbation message of hope and salvation that best fulfills the agendas of those in control. If one looks at the amounts of monies that are used to build extravagant buildings and salaries, then just imagine all that money being used to wake people up. What would it be like to live without fear, guilt, and shame; just imagine the possibilities.


Imagine having access to classes and workshops on the following to access your authentic Being:


·        Breathwork, bodywork, body awareness, body movement, and anatomy and physiological functions of the body.

·        Healthy sexuality inclusive of heterosexual and homosexual desire and how they both relate equally to relationships. Also includes education about those who are intersexed, gender stereotypes, and sexist dysfunctions. 

·        Cultural anthropology and the cultural structures that create enculturated societies depending on how groups of people manipulate them for different cultural constructs; both positive and negative outcomes.

·        How peer pressure works at home, work, community, organizations, and nations.

·        Human energy system for health, wellness, creativity, and higher awareness.

·        Creativity and how to express these energies and use them appropriately from the heart as spiritual tools for healing, health & wellness, and functional abundance.

·        Dream work and how to understand your own unique inner language with the divine.

·        How to become aware of fear, guilt, and shame to then learn how to deconstruct all of that non-sense that’s been submerging your authentic being.

·        How to honor, nurture, and support your authentic being to express your divine essence and gifts out into the world for the benefit of yourself and others.

·        Functional relationships and the different types that arise from the limitations of the lesser minds level of fear, guilt, and shame.

·        Insanity and its various signs, symptoms, and how to heal the spiritual imbalance.

·        Human’s connection to Nature and how to embrace and live within it to sustain our body, mind, soul, and spirit without polluting and destroying Nature; nature is our nature.

·        Beyond the five senses: understanding shamanic abilities innate to all humans in the various forms of inner guidance and how to discern the proper use of these abilities.

·        What is power and how does one access it within themselves to be authentically in the world.

·        Understanding political and religious dogma to free your mind and open your heart.

·        How judgments deconstruct love and create fear, guilt, and shame.

·        How to create silence for inner listening to hear authentic guidance based in unconditional love.



Dysfunction to the many has become a comfort, a security, letting them know they are fitting in and obeying the rules of fear, guilt, and shame. They have lived this way for years to get their basic needs met as best they can. Unfortunately, living this way has prevented them from finding healthier functional ways of getting their needs met without fear, guilt, and shame. Added to the mix has been generations of obedience to pain and suffering from being forced to go against one's authentic self. What would it be like to actually be free of fear, guilt, and shame.


The only true security is in knowing your authentic self. There is no other substitute for loving yourself fully and completely, having access to the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth. In this space of grace, one embraces their creative being and is guided by their inner guidance system that knows where all the open doors are in the walls of conformity and insanity; YES THIS IS POSSIBLE. Just a matter of waking up and letting go of the belief programs. Become aware of the programs running in your head. There are ways to become aware of these programs that seem normal.


Declare your own freedom, because no one is going to do it for you, nor is any higher being going to appear in the future to do the work you are quite capable of doing as a spiritual being. They aren't going to come here in the flesh because they exist within the inner dimensions waiting for you to stop the mental masturbation so you can hear their guidance on how to free yourself from the fear, guilt, and shame. In fact, your authentic self already knows what needs be done, but the programmed mind distracts you from this awareness because you listen to the fear, guilt, and shame out of HABIT. In essence you believe fear, guilt, and shame has power over love. There is absolutely no truth in this whatsoever.


Fear is like a black and white photo; Love is the same photo in color. The difference is based on your lack of perception and awareness. The choice is yours to make in every moment. The many choose the black and white option pretending it is color; a figment of their intellectual masturbation. When your pain and suffering is greater than your fear of change, then and only then will you change. Until then, keep up the mental masturbation.




6.23.11 -


I am not a fan of GMO foods. These corporations, including board members, shareholders, and other institutions/associations, are predators plain and simple. They have been forcing GMO's on the unsuspecting through manipulation of scientific studies, media campaigns, corporate bought FDA and USDA appointees, corporate bought cabinet/senate/house members, and through the various court systems. The whole process of review and testing in these government departments is a joke for the most part. Often little to know warning is given for public comment periods. Nobody knows what's going on so very few speak up about it. You can thank your corporate owned and maintained government officials and the corporate media for keeping you in the dark.


I do not believe GMO's are healthy because any manipulation of Nature for the sake of monopolizing foods that nature grows for free first and foremost is ludicrous. For a group of people to be so arrogant as to think they can control the food sources all of us are dependent on is insane and criminal at best. Nature herself created through careful selection living organisms that would thrive and be in harmony with all other life forms and to bring about health and wellness in humans as well as all other living intelligent life forms. Humans who think they have genetics all figured out have arrogantly assumed they know better than the Divine. Greed and power over others makes a person ignorant beyond their wildest imaginations, driving them to lie, cheat, bribe, steal, manipulate, coerce, distort, and even kill to gain control; IT'S CALLED FEAR.


There is significant studies being done by independent scientists, who aren't bribed/bought, that confront the distorted facts these corporate interests have been presenting to the public. Some governments in different countries are beginning to realize the damaging effects of GMO's and are banning them. Let us hope others elsewhere will wake up to these corporate predators before the damage becomes irreversible. Make yourself aware of these issues, for your freedom to grow your own food is being whittled down to a handful of the agricultural food giants who control the foods you eat, dictating what chemicals can be used, what artificial ingredients can be added and called foods, and what processes can be used to sterilize your foods of essential nutrients necessary for your health and wellness. Also, it should be noted that GMO Salmon is being pushed through the FDA as a drug rather than a food, due to a drug gene being inserted. Additionally, there is a strong movement for pushing through GMO trees, so a particular variety can be grown in colder climates; never mind that nature created viable strains to exist in all sorts of climates for sustainable reasons.


Food diversity is crucial to our survival. Having a few people playing Monopoly with the food chain is not good for everyone. Food production/farming should be done in every state as much as possible. Reasons include biodiversity of different varieties of the same foods. There is a reason why Nature created different varieties. Corporations whittle the species down to one or two that sell the best and are cost effective. Lack of biodiversity creates several major issues. The first is lack of diverse types of nutrients in foods. Secondly, being dependent on a few key growing regions creates serious shortage problems when crops fail. Thirdly, foods grown in your bioregion support local economies/farmers, cost less to ship, can be picked when ripe for eating, and tend to be healthier for you. Foods are usually picked way before they are ripe to ensure they will not rot by the time they travel the long distances to markets. The downside for picking food unripe is lack of nutrients, taste, and texture. Also, eating foods in season aligns one's body system with Nature's system. There's a reason why certain foods grow at certain times for the benefit of health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit.


The quality of foods that are contaminated with pesticides, processing with irradiation/chemicals, colorings/flavors (chemicals), corn syrup (fructose), and other derivatives, have been shown to cause health problems. Most of the practices of Big AG are not sustainable in the long run and give rise to significant dis-ease and toxicity in both animals and plants. I find it ludicrous that the many are forced to eat foods that are worthless junk, causing various aliments that lead to health problems. Ironically, the organic industry has been taken over by greed as well, making it a challenge for those who live on pathetic wages to buy healthy foods. Perhaps if we all had garden space, we could each grow some food to offset the high costs, but that to was built into the system, to ensure the many were weaned off the land to be dependent on those who run the system. I am in awe that nature grows foods for free...


Freedom is something you do; you exercise your awareness to support those things that benefit everyone equally. You begin to exercise your right to be fully informed, either through external or internal information, and take informed actions. You as a creator being can create whatever you want. The difference is whether or not you create consciously in spirit or unconscious in cultural programming.


Here's some sites on GMO's:




6.24.11 -

Hermaphrodite goats modified with human genes to be milked in New Zealand

Unborn NZ children exposed to genetically engineered toxin


On another note, if you haven't figured it by now, I don't do isms. Isms such as homophobia, racism, prejudice, gender stereotypes, ageism, classism, and sexism are rooted in ignorance and therefore a spiritual issue. Some people like to "think" that some of these have nothing to do with spirituality, which they need to believe in order to maintain their own particular ignorance. I recall a decade ago, a woman my age telling me I was tainting my talks on spirituality with discussing LGBT issues. Obviously she had her own issues with her sexuality. I don't support ignorance in any form and will be posting notices of websites for readers to go and sign petitions from time to time. If this bothers you, then I would suggest doing some deeper inquiry into your judgments within your own self, rather than identifying with some external source for  an "idea" of truth. The heart has no need of external cues for truth.

FIFA: Call Out this Foul Play

Even before the Women's World Cup kicks off this Sunday, June 26, the rules have already been broken.

For the past two years the Nigerian Football Federation has conducted a witch-hunt to kick women off the national team who were suspected of being gay. And the team's coach just bragged to the New York Times that she has dealt with “the big problem” of lesbianism.

FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, has a powerful record of fighting discrimination. Now as Nigeria takes the field in the Women's World Cup opening game, FIFA needs to give coach Uche the red card: publicly condemn systematic discrimination and take the necessary steps to end homophobia in the league.





6.26.11 -


I've included another link regarding the toxicity of GMO's relating to the increased use of pesticides and herbivores, contrary to what corporate statements stating GMO's would significantly reduce them. The use of toxic chemicals have increased drastically while the corporations continue to inform the public through the media that this is not so. Corporations are not going to police themselves unfortunately because they are driven by greed and power and those voted into office by corporate interests will continue to push their agenda until enough public outcry brings light to the darkness they weave.


Beyond Pesticides is a great organization bringing awareness and taking corporations and government appointed corporate interests to court. You can read more about them through their mission statement on their site. If I wanted to eat poison, I'd go out and buy a can of the stuff and spray it on my food. There are other ways of growing food that the organic farmers are showing us. There are diverse plants in nature that can and should be used to offset monoculture farming, which is what the problem is with Big Agriculture corporations. When you limit fields to one crop, you open a door to a feeding feast by particular insects.


In the old days, the fields were smaller and there were hedge rows where various trees, plants, and such grew, offering housing for bees for pollination, where farmers grew different types of crops versus just one. There's a lot the public is not aware of and that is exactly what Big business is all about, ensuring you remain deaf, dumb, and blind.


If you have the interest, I would suggest watching a couple of movies, Fresh and Vanishing of the Bees, and there's a lot more of them out there. You can go to Global Oneness Project, where they offer free documentaries on issues throughout the world. One documentary in particular relating to this Big AG nonsense is A Thousand Suns


Also the Global Oneness Project site offers a page where you can learn more about what simple actions you can take, as well as other sites to visit to gain more insight and ideas:


The whole point of this has to do with information, not just some of it, but all the stuff mainstream media conveniently edits out of the picture and sound bites. Why do you think they call it PROGRAMMING. They don't care one iota about you or your loved ones, except that you buy into what they are selling for their own profit margins.




6-29-11 -


Here's an informational video on the dangers of Fructose corn syrup, of which is used as a substitute in many processed foods as a sweetener. There's a lot most don't know about corn syrup and it is considered a poison. Corn syrup is used in a lot of ways that are unnecessary. Watch the video to gain more insights. I stopped buying anything that had corn syrup in it ten years ago. My reason for eliminating it was wanting to eat foods that were natural. And by the way, this idea of natural is manipulated by Big Ag food producers to imply "all natural" is along the same lines as organic. I don't consider food natural when its got pesticides/insecticides on it or in it. If you do an Internet search, you will find those who have done the research and list which foods should be avoided due to high concentrations of pesticides/insecticides. These chemicals can and do cause illness/dis-ease. From an ethical standpoint, natural and organic should mean the same thing. I wanted real sugar, not the bleached refined kind, that is known to be really addictive and give you one major sugar rush/high. Organic cane sugar is not bleached or highly refined and is significantly less refined with a lower sugar rush. Same thing with beet sugar, as most of it these days is GMO sugar.


Anyway, here's the link to the video:



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