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March 2008



3.07.08 -

I received a notice of Bush vetoing the anti-torture bill. I read the full length speech he gave as to why, and no where within the speech did he mention the word torture. Bush and his cohorts have been really good at manipulating the masses with carefully written words to portray a different perspective/reality. This administration in particular has been extremely manipulative, as well as utilizing corporate media to continue their own propaganda agenda to manipulate the citizens into passivity. The media has never been a purveyor of truth and in fact has gotten worse as times goes on. Torture is torture. There is no way to soften up what torture is. It is like reading a story of what killing is, but seeing it in person, especially in time of war, makes it something completely different. Torture is the same way.

Torture arises from sadistic tendencies. Sadism is based in self-hatred, because if one truly loved themselves, they would do no harm to another. There is this idea that those in power need to know the truth. But, what is this need to know and who does it truly serve? The answer to that is hidden in most cases and one needs to scratch the surface beyond mass media. Those in power are in power because they pursue power, money, and prestige above all else. In seeking these things above all else, they lose their hold on reality, as they do whatever it takes to conquer others who oppose what they want. This idea of National Security is actually about corporate security, about elitist security, of securing and hedging their bets for more power, money, resources, and markets. The drive is to fill the emptiness with the external accrual of money, material goods, and power over others.

When one watches their actions in the world, dubbed politics, one is watching their conquest game being played out. It is unfortunate, because there are many innocent people who are harmed in body, mind, and soul due to these elitists actions. One only need to watch the sort of dictatorships the president and cohorts align themselves with to understand what sort of game they play. Also, one can watch the political scene as it plays out around the world in conflicts to understand what the agenda is. There agenda is not about peace, it is not about equity for all, it is plain and simply about a small minority of people who get off on being sadistic in many different ways to those who oppose their insane "needs."

These leaders do not care about people and it is there actions that give them away, which is why they spend so much time using manipulative words to con people into their lies, so as to direct their attention away from the actions. This is psychological manipulation and it is the basis of dysfunction, of which the outcome is decreased consciousness. How this function works is noted in a recently posted article entitled . This is psychological warfare and it is so subtle, as is the process of dumbing down children into obedient adults. It is the same thing. In the old days you could just torture, beat, and kill anyone who disagreed with you. As the level of consciousness rose here in the states, people began to wake up to the madness slowly, and began to speak up.

As a society, we have gradually begun to awaken our consciousness and as we have done so, more changes have occurred in our culture. Those who lead have been acutely aware of this and have understood the need to manipulate the masses in order to continue controlling them for their own benefit. They have spent a lot of your tax dollars doing studies to learn how to do this as effectively and "nicely" without the use of violence. But, this doesn't change their mindsets, which is not rooted in their hearts. When these people do give, it is appease the masses, to make themselves look good, or to gain a tax right off. It is that simple. They do not operate within the same law system we do.

Our government is not democratic within the upper levels. We citizens are expected to abide by the laws and expected to maintain morality. Those at the top do know such thing. They do whatever is necessary to ensure their livelihood, as well as maintaining their addictive dysfunctional needs. The level of dishonesty and integrity that goes on within those levels of governance would stagger the minds of the many if the the truth were to be told, which is why it is kept in secret with all those billions of secret documents kept from prying eyes. In a true democracy, there would be no secrets, because secrets are about controlling, manipulating, coercing, and dominating others into passive and submissive statures.

There is no logical need for secrets other than to hide one's agendas that go against spirit, go against sovereignty, go against morality. The incredible amounts of money being spent on the war machine are indicative of the mindsets of those in power. They absolutely believe that violence is the only way to get what they want. Cooperation is not something they are willing to embrace because as elitists, they are used to getting what they want. This is a mindset of individuals who are disconnected at their inner source, who were broken as children to fit into a dominator role of ruling over others in traditional patriarchal manner. It is this brokenness that creates in their minds us and them, which creates the idea of superiority; this is an egoic tendency to shore up one's dysfunction.

As I have said before, when we have self-love, we have self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and from this arises our true Being. In Being we understand and embrace our sovereignty and it is from this understanding/knowing that we respect all others in the same manner. It has been said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." When this is understood, and every one abides by this spiritual concept, then there is a world of peace, love, harmony, and abundance. When we look out into the world we live in, it is obvious that this concept is not present. One has to have their heart and mind open for this to occur. At present, we are witnessing struggle between the old mindsets and the new heartsets. Mind alone is the cause of pain and suffering.

Anyone who says that utopia or an enlightened society is not possible or will take forever to get too is beholden to their egos need to continue the legacy of dysfunction and insanity. We are moving out from underneath an oppressive regime/system that has dictated to us what truth is and for obvious reasons. We moving into a new understanding of having our own inner connection to what truth is. As this process unfolds we come to understand the need for discernment, as we learn to navigate through the treacherous waters that have been polluted by those elitists who have been ruling without heart.

Everything in our cultures is coming under scrutiny as we begin to uncover our feelings, emotions, and our awareness to what is not working in the world. The old world ways worked for a very small minority of people. The new world way is about true justice, honesty, integrity, and ensuring everyone is taken care of in body, mind, soul, and spirit. The kind of money that has been spent on wars would have done a great deal of good towards eradicating a lot of the ignorance that has caused many of the worlds ills. There are ways of containing violence, because if we come to educate ourselves about dysfunction and the roots of it in human beings, we can see there are particular steps necessary for the unfoldment of consciousness in human beings form birth on up. What is required is the quality of discernment to enable one to speak up and say enough is enough. One person is not enough, but the many can stand up to the minority that have been abusing their positions for their own dysfunctional needs.

Waking up is the one thing all of us can do. It requires taking the time to navigate through the layers of conditioned patterns of thinking and doing that permeate our existence. We are much more than we have been led to believe by both Church and State. It is time to begin to do what is necessary to extricate yourselves from the negating aspects of current enculturated beliefs. Perhaps they work, but they work short term and at a terrible price that is hidden from the current level of consciousness in our cultures.  There is more to life than this deluded materialistic context of living. The question to ask is who benefits the most? Look around you and notice how many people have fallen through the cracks, and look at how many more are beginning to fall through. You won't see it on TV but there are even more who are living lives of utter desperation and extreme poverty and hunger based on the policies of the small minority of elitists who only care about themselves.

The reality is in many respects they are more dysfunctional than the many, due to the fact they are causing the most destruction on many levels of civilization. They are in pain and suffering as well, which is what allows them to do the things they do to others, and what causes them to look the other way or minimize others pain and suffering. Collectively, we do not want to know others pain and suffering because it would require us to know our own, and ego is not going to let that happen without a struggle. What we are seeing in the world is a reflection of this inner collective struggle being acted out physically into the world. This is what revelations is about, it is about the inner battle between light and darkness, as we become reunited and connected internally with our spiritual selves.

Those in Church and State will tell you that they are concerned for the well being of all people. But there actions say the exact opposite. Both of these organizing groups of elitists have no interest in teaching the masses how to think for themselves, nor teach them about dysfunction, nor teach them how to heal the body, mind, and soul. These institutions of power, greed, and grandiosity do not implement any changes to teach people about true democracy. They do not teach their followers how to look within and learn to meditate and to learn how to discern between ego and spirit. What they do teach is dogma and obedience. Those in power know when the masses begin to wake up to their shenanigans. Bush's recent tax break was pathetic attempt to calm the complacent.

Waking up requires one to be honest and to begin regaining their own integrity. We do this by letting go of fear, anger, hatred, violence, and the need to kill others. We let go of guilt and shame as well, which just serve to sabotage our authentic self, just as fear does. In doing this challenging work, the benefits come in the form of removing the masks we wear, and ridding ourselves of doubt that sabotages our ability to see through delusion and the illusions of living a lie based on cultural belief systems formed for the benefit of the few. In doing this work, expect your life to change, for people to disappear out of your lives. This occurs because waking up from the lies requires one to begin living the truth. If we are working, living, or loving others in lies, then waking up requires we begin to live, work, and love in truth.

These are obvious truths as you awaken, but it is challenging to the degree that ego gets in the way. Ego will diligently work to get you to buy into fear, anger, hatred, violence, jealousy, and distorted facts/delusions/illusions. This is what it does, this is what occurs when one is split and disconnected from spiritual source within. Expect this and begin to learn to discern when ego rears its ugly head. Love it as you begin to love yourself. As you awaken it will seem like you are losing your mind, and in many ways you are; the false mind, the ego mind. People around you will ignore you, ostracize you, berate you and attack you verbally. Know their egos are frightened of the fact that you are awakening. There is a collective darkness as well as a collective light. You are merely stepping out of the darkness of the mind into the light of the heart. This is what Jesus and every other enlightened teacher has been teaching

When you wake up you begin to realize many things. At some point you begin to know who is not being honest with themselves and you know when you are being lied and manipulated. When one begins to awaken, they begin to see through the masks the many wear. And, to varying degrees, they know you know they are living a lie. It is important to understand that your knowing is not a judgment, it is just knowing the difference between light and dark. One of the crucial stages of waking up is learning to stand on your own feet and disconnecting from the need to fit in and be accepted by others. If you cannot do this, please understand this is your egos reaction to your true Being stepping up to the plate.

When you begin to open your eyes, mind, and heart, understand that emotions, feelings, and realizations will begin to surface; some easily some with difficulty. Know there are others around you who are doing this work. It is important to begin to discern amongst you who can be a true spiritual ally. Giving yourself permission to make mistakes is essential in order to find yourself back to spiritual balance. We cannot learn without making mistakes. It is important to learn how to reconnect to your feelings to discern as well. Feelings are closer to the truth than thinking will ever be. Most have been conditioned to think positively of negative situations. The many have become habituated to living dysfunction as if it were the best thing in the world.

It's time to begin to own your power. There are a lot of resources to access for gaining more awareness and connecting with other like minds/hearts. It is easy to sit there and say its not possible or it won't work or I can't do it. But, that mindset literally guarantees nothing at all. How can one do nothing and expect something? We are buried under a lot of non-sensical crud that is going to require effort on our part. It will take a great deal of determination, discipline, motivation, concentration, and learning to love ourselves and our process of reclaiming our authentic Being. If you need help, ask for it. Contact those who you feel a strong connection with. The least they can do is say no or not answer, and we get that in the dysfunctional world we live all the time. Ego finds excuses, the heart finds opportunities and acts on them.

I will be posting information about how to ease the challenge of waking up.



3.25.08 - BBC article on "A chunk of ice the size of the Isle of Man has started to break away from Antarctica in what scientists say is further evidence of a warming climate."

I was talking with an acquaintance yesterday, and he brought up the notion of "logical fallacies," which was a timely opportunity for me to post this to the site, because it is crucial in understanding the issues we are faced with today living in an insane dysfunctional society which is based in lies, half truths, etc. Critical thinking cannot function properly if one is hooked into any one or more of these logical fallacies. Our leaders in Church, State, and corporations, which includes the media, military, education, etc. utilize these fallacies regularly. Being informed about how these operate, will free one from being sucked into the vortex of insanity: 

3.30.08 - I've been reading some of Alice L. Bailey's theosophical writings and one thing I'd like to share with you as to do with a short mantra to use when one is inundated with negative mind chatter:

"Let reality govern my every thought, and truth be the master of my life."

Reality is what we participate in when we are present in Being. When we are not present, we are caught up in the delusional egoic chatter in our heads, and this becomes our false reference point for reality. The many go through life living in an alternate reality based on delusions. When we are present in reality, the truth is obvious to us and this is what is meant by "and truth be the master of my life." When we are living in the alternate reality of false self, enculturated self, insane self, then lies are the masters of our lives. Become aware of this process as you go through your day. Notice the egoic thoughts and the web of deception they are trying to weave about the outside world. When this occurs, breathe in a deep breath, then let it out and observe the world around you in that moment. Ask yourself if you are truly being threatened by anything or anyone. You will begin to find that most of the egoic deceptions are simply not true. As you become more adept at this cunning egoic game, you can step out of it into the light of the presence and free yourself of egos influences.

"Let reality govern my every thought, and truth be the master of my life."

I've posted a section for theosophy on the links page, where one can go and read more about theosophy. Peace!



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