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May 2012


5-01-12 -


Boy Scouts of America: Reinstate Cub Scout leader who was removed for being gay


For all the Boy Scout organization offers boys, what it fails at offering is unconditional love, non-judgment, and acceptance of diverse ways of Being. Those in the leadership seats also lead by example that it is acceptable to attack, ridicule, and shame those not being heterosexual role models. Who are they kidding when they say they don't teach sex and sex orientation, because they support and condone exclusive heterosexual norms. Hypocrites!


When the Boy Scouts told me I could no longer be troop leader of my 7-year-old son's Cub Scout pack because I'm gay, I felt so horrible that I cried for two days. Now, more than 230,000 people -- including you -- have signed my petition demanding that the Boy Scouts reconsider their discriminatory policy. 

In response to this overwhelming support -- and even news coverage from CNN, ABC News, and the New York Times -- the Boy Scouts of America have lashed out with words of bigotry. They released a statement to CNN that said, "Our mission does not include teaching young people about sex or sexual orientation, and we do not believe it is Scouting's role to introduce this topic in our youth development program."

So, what -- because I'm gay, I'm going to teach a bunch of kids about sex, any more than a straight parent would? That's absurd. Words like that aim to drive wedges between families, but I know from the amazing families in my son's pack that the real world is much more kind. As one of my fellow pack parents, Robert, said, "I'm not a city person. I'm just a backwoods hick, and I don't think anybody around here should have an issue with homosexuals. She did a wonderful job, and what they did to her was just horrible."

I'm determined to show the Boy Scouts that my family is just as valid as any other. Will you help? Here are two things you can do:

The Boy Scouts have a longstanding tradition of keeping gay people out -- they even went to the Supreme Court to uphold their legal right to discriminate against families like mine. This is the first moment when it has felt like the tide is turning, like the public is on our side, like we might get them to change their minds.

Being told I couldn't be my son's troop leader anymore was a terrible moment. But now, knowing that all of you are standing with me, I no longer feel alone.


Jennifer Tyrrell


The Boy Scouts are a mirror image of Western culture rooted in the insanity version of Christianity, the version of living in the head exclusively, called intellectualized Christianity, where rationalization takes the place of direct awareness for truth. Until we awaken from this delusional dream state or mind state, (both are the same thing), the many will continue to live in a Fantasy world of make believe.

Religions tend to be homophobic and can be found in Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, and many others, to include Indigenous traditions. Religious ideology incorporates what a particular culture identifies with through its judgments of behaviors. Of particular importance are those behaviors that detour one away from awareness, such as judgment, punishment, fear, guilt, and shame, all which are used to groom the young to be obedient to the ideology (ideas). There's nothing wrong with ideologies in general, because ideas are the inspiration for existing in life. But, when ideologies are policed by those who seek to dominate and control individuality, who seek conformity to their ideas exclusively, then ideologies become destructive; meaning they deconstruct reality into virtual realities in the head. A life living in the head is a dead world, void of any real authentic presence or authentic creative expression. To deny all of existence within, is to shut the door on the Divine.

Any group of individuals can be homophobic or for that matter judgmental. 

One doesn't need to be religious or political to be homophobic.

One only need judge their own desires, which is resisting what is natural in each person. Judging something within ourselves arises from peer pressure and cultural pressure from those who have their own self-loathing and self-hatred about their sexuality. Get over yourself, because the Divine has no judgments whatsoever about sexuality. Sexual judgments arise in the human mind beginning with the idea of separation.

Homophobic people like to accuse "gays" of having an agenda, of seeking to change young people into homosexuals; grooming is a word they like to use. While they are pointing fingers in accusation, perhaps they should be looking at their own behavior of grooming boys or girls to be heterosexual. Ironically, it's OK to groom what you approve of, even when it disallows children to decide for themselves what their orientation is; much like adults do to police other adults. And there in lies the rub; the need to dominate and control what is right and wrong in order for adults to retain their own dysfunctional delusion to suppress their own homosexual tendencies, because this is what fuels homophobia; fear of one's own homosexual desire.

There is no such thing as a heterosexual or homosexual. One cannot be a desire, one can only experience a desire. One chooses their sexual experiences just like anything else. Fear is the inhibitor.

The natural expression of sexual orientation is fluid and subject to change. The rigidity of religious and political groups came into existence to create certain cultural outcomes based on limitations. How one controls sexuality is how one creates a particular culture. Unconditional love based cultures are not rigid; Fear (conditional love) based cultures become more rigid with more conditions. People have been conned into believing that sexuality is heterosexual and all other expressions are deviant. I would state emphatically that the deviance is forcing all individuals to fit their sexuality into a limiting box. Why? Because the process of performing mental surgery on one's sexuality creates fear, guilt, and shame in all people, regardless of whether or not they are heterosexual. If this seems ludicrous, look at it from the other side. What if everyone is forced to be homosexual and heterosexual desire is considered deviant unless used for procreation? Ironically, this is what some of the more rigid Christian religions already do to a degree, in that they regard sex other than procreative sex to be deviant and therefore sinful. This sort of insanity arises from lack of awareness rooted in fear. Fear of joy, ecstasy, and bliss.

Most of what we KNOW about sexuality is rooted in heterosexual desire and even that has been tied up and gagged to the point that most of its expression is grounded in mental masturbation; one getting off on the idea of sex rather than the full on version minus all the fear, guilt, and shame. The many have no direct experience of sexual pleasure rooted in a reality free from the insanity of thinking; fear, guilt, and shame are born from thinking. No thinking or believing reduces fear, guilt, and shame to ZERO, where one is free to enjoy themselves AUTHENTICALLY.

In the beginning there was a natural expression of both homosexual and heterosexual desires and there was no need for labeling what was a natural expression of intimacy with others. There are no homosexuals or heterosexuals, nor are their straights or gays. The closest word to what humans are is bisexual, but even that word does not touch upon our sexuality. Sexuality has been separated from spirituality for reasons relating to domination and control, which is what gave birth to sexual identity, sexual orientation, gender, and gender stereotypes. In general, humans have been forced into an identity by the cultural forces they were incarnated into. They are forced to identify with the rules of those who dominate and control. People like to think that democracy means freedom, but domination and control exist in so called democratic countries just as they do in Russia, China, or in Africa or the Middle East. All one need do is look at the extensive array of judgments, biases, prejudices, racism, sexism, ageism, classism, and the various stereotypes that exist either in legal law or in the rules of cultural conformity to see the extent of the need to dominate and control.

Everyone is conditioned, indoctrinated, and trained by their culture as to their identity. This is what our parents, extended family, neighbors, and teachers at church/school teach us both in word and deed. A person learns to identify with external cues for their identity as it becomes the defining process of their self-worth. A person comes to believe their self-worth relates to a particular religion or political party or class or job title or career status or significant other or their children or anything else. Identity becomes important because it is indicative of our level of approval from others to various degrees. If you THINK this is ludicrous, consider being the minority who goes against the majority. Having an identity is a form of insanity because it is a belief rooted in some other person or thing rather than in one's own authentic BEING.

In reality, there are no words that can ever state your divine existence of BEING. Beingness is a complete mystery to everyone. One might be able to experience aspects of it, but one can never know it conceptually in the head, therefore no one can pretend for long to KNOW the truth about sexuality, let alone anything else from the head. Therefore, only experiential knowing is valid for each person on an ongoing basis. There is this IDEA that we don't choose our orientation, that it is genetically decided or we were born that way. Either way, they are both ideas contrived in the head for the sake of having an identity. The truth is you are are a BEING with the freedom to choose in any given moment throughout your incarnation on Earth to BE with whomever you desire. Your Being is not interested in politics or religion or any limiting belief system, no matter what REASONS are given. Being loves who it loves without question. Being doesn't have to give reasons, only those locked up in the insanity of the head live by the limits of reason and rationale.

Only awareness can know the whole truth experientially. Perhaps words can give some IDEA of the experience, but they can never come anywhere close to the whole truth of the experience. No amount of words can ever touch on the living truth. Truths in the head are not living, they are merely conceptual coding to outline or point to some experience. The conditioned mind has separated itself from the rest of the body organism and become the dictator over the rest of the body, effectively suppressing other ways of knowing through various components that BEING can extend through. BEING is not mind, more importantly it is no-mind, as it is awareness itself, already full of divinity itself, so what does it really need to know in the first place. How absurd to THINK we need someone to tell us what truth is when we are already truth itself, awareness itself; all of existence is within us. All of the mystics and enlightened one's all agree upon this. I have had several experiences relating to this as well that stopped my mind dead in its tracks. There are no words to describe this. One is just aware of the truth without words. One realizes injustices, misdeeds, lies, and inequality from this inner stillness that radiates contentedly from within. One also recognizes the insanity of those living in the head quite readily in this space of no mind. There's no judgment about this; it's just the truth of what is.

In addition to individual cultural forces, consider the world of cultural forces as circles with boundaries that touch other cultures. History can be a useful tool to analyze how these forces bump up against, grind, push and shove, lash out, attack, and absorb or repel over time. Culture is not some static process that stays the same, because change alters the very fabric of cultural forces. One can also see this same process in geology with the various tetonic plates that push against each other on planet Earth.

There are many forces at work that suppress homosexual desire, but specifically the main focus is on grooming and shaping individuals to conform to heterosexual standards. Culture is a grooming and shaping force powered by group norms, specifically by those who are their leaders. One can lead with full awareness and love or delusion and fear. The first is accepting and non-judgmental, while the other is not. Fear is the need to change others to be what one wants them to be for their own personal gain or comfort. If one doesn't like something within themselves, they become motivated to eradicate it in others.

One does not judge others unless they have judged themselves first. This is the motivation for judging others; it is an egoic defense to suppress awareness within. If someone has something they want like resources or strategic access, then a war is waged to get it. Be aware that people are resources and is why physical slavery existed extensively in the past, though it still exists today in smaller amounts. But the roots of slavery is mental slavery, of being imprisoned in limited, conditioned, patterned, repetitive thought processes, and it is this mental slavery that cripples the many in limited imprisoned cells/boxes of repetitive conditioned patterns of conformity.

One day the many will look back in horror, realizing mental slavery was far more destructive than any form of physical slavery. This can never be understood in the head. Only when one pops the paradigm bubble of delusion, does one awaken to the severity of how deeply insane humanity has been.

What this means is reality as it is in its wholeness is dismissed and relegated to select ideas in the head. An example of this is would be to spend all of your days living life from watching select TV programs believing that is life, versus going outside into the world for a direct experiential interaction with life. One may think this is ridiculous, but if you really pay attention to what is going on in your head, at some point you will realize you've been engaged in a programmed virtual life in the head.

What does this mean? It means one is not present to see life as it is. Instead there are an infinite number of delusional realities created to escape the whole truth or Awareness. There is no awareness in egoic thinking, only programmed belief systems dictating the appropriate responses.

There is no spontaneous creative individual expression allowed outside the boxes of conformity. Instead, the ideology is embraced as the whole truth and nothing but the truth and those boxes become the limitations, the boundaries of what truth is allowed to be. In whole reality, truth doesn't need boxes, nor does it need approval from authorities, because truth is without needing to defend or explain or justify or judge.  God, Divinity, Spirit, Oneness, Awareness is the whole truth. Please realize these are just words/concepts and do not contain awareness. People like to THINK they know God, but the only thing they know is a God they have created in their own image in their heads.

If one spends significant time observing the mind throughout the day, then one begins to notice that thoughts are like voices in the head or rather words or dialogues playing themselves out or acting themselves out. This is the program running its parameters of right and wrong based on what one was conditioned, trained, and indoctrinated in their early years. With enough effort, one can begin the process of disconnecting the programming until eventually there is only silence and in that silence one is in the embrace of awareness itself, where truth is. Inner stillness is a blessing in disguise to the egoic mindset that is threatened by non-existence; the ego is already non-existent by default; that's the whole truth.

Ignorance professing to be the truth is along the lines of what this particular quote is getting at:

"If everybody lives roughly the same lies about the same things, there is no one to call them liars: they jointly establish their own sanity and call themselves normal." - Ernest Becker (quote from Playing By Heart - O. Fred Donaldson)


5-09-12 -

Sexuality is not separate from spirituality or creativity or psychology, as they are all ONE unit; ONE unifying Being that is inclusive, meaning to say it is not judgmental about anything within its existence. It is the egoic mind that seeks to separate out what it judges; hence the need to choose which expression is good and bad. Bad implies less than the other, but in judgmental terms, it denotes fear; fear of what exists, fear of one's existence, fear of one's sexuality; all of it. There is no separation except which the egoic mind dictates. And the final rub (excuse the pun), is that sexuality is spirituality, and if one judges sexuality, then one is judging spirituality in all its divine expression. That which is judging the Divine is that which cannot ever experience the divine and it is the mind that is lost forever in the muck of self-deception, of separation born of reason. That's what the mind does really well; separate and intellectualize and make sense of things.

But it can never know experience, because all it can do is think. It can't know PRESENCE; it can't know NOW; it can't know BEAUTY; nor can it ever experience the world as it is, as reality exists, because all it can do is conceptualize and label everything as a way to make sense of the world. But, this making sense of the world is far removed from the actual experiencing of the world first hand. The mind is like million times removed from the actual experience and will always be that far removed, because it can never ever experience the presence of the eternal now.

Of course, the egoic mind will argue that it is not so, as it must do in order to distract your essence from presence. Consider the fact that you really don't know anything at all, that you do not know, cannot know anything of the eternal presence. Thinking is just a ruse to distract you from experiencing, which is why egoic mind is a non-stop chatter box of conformity to the rules of conceptual imprisonment without awareness.

If one sits down and contemplates on how the egoic mind functions, they will discover for themselves that reactions are essential to the domain of ego, of hooking your awareness into the abyss of thinking in order for ego to maintain its need to control and dominate. Ego needs for you to believe in the IDEA of self, of separation, in order to maintain the believability in the necessity of judgments, of the need to fear, of the need for guilt and the need for shame. Ultimately what lies underneath all that subterfuge is authentic BEING. When one begins to journey beyond the boundaries of limitations, one might begin to become anxious or frightened. Yet, it is important to realize all those responses are created by the egoic mind seeking to maintain its domination and control over your awareness.

Letting go is the only answer to finding your way home to authentic expression.



5-15-12 -


While many adults will find this CUTE, it makes me realize how much the adult world dumbs down children. It's the children who see things as they really are, who are closer to awareness than even the brightest intellectualized adult, but yet they don't have the right or freedom to BE authentic without being censured and corrected into the mind of virtual insanity...




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