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May 2015



5-01-15 -

"There were times when we felt rejected as little kids, or not loved, or punished, or abused. That was part of the truth of the situation. At those times, it was too much for the young soul to take, so the heart closed down in order not to feel the pain, the hurt, and the fear. This will manifest at some point as a limitation in our love for the truth. So we donít want our love for the truth to open fully because it will reveal the particular truth that we know unconsciously weíre unprepared for or are afraid of experiencing. Thatís why the process of opening to truth is challengingóbecause it requires us to feel our various resistances."

From A. H. Almaas - Spacecruiser Inquiry: True Guidance for the Inner Journey, ch. 9, p. 144


Raising Awake Children in a Broken School System: Why donít we tell our children the truth about The System as soon as they are old enough to understand?


How can one possibly live in the world in peace when one is not at peace with their own existence. The mind gives one the idea of peace and chatters on endlessly about what would bring peace, all the while continuing a flow of data that distracts one from peace right now.

The mind knows about the past from memory and can only imagine what the future would be, but it cannot ever know now, because now is unknowable; now can only be experienced right now in this moment to moment flow of existence, which is peace and love, which is why it is essential to be here now or else endure a prison sentence in the past and future.

Observation will present one with the unknown experiential existence that is peace and love. One does not ask the mind to tell us the truth about this because it cannot know the truth of now, because it can only know the past, and so one is guaranteed pain and suffering if one believes in the past.

The irony of this is that the mind can only choose pain and suffering. Your true existence, your true self is not your mind; how could one possibly be memories? That which is observing is not the mind and until one is willing to observe this phenomena, then one is imprisoned in the deaf, dumb, and blind mind of fantasy.



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