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November 2006



11-02-06 -


Recently I watched the movie, "The Secret," and found it to be very timely in regards to the inner work I have been doing. After watching the movie with a group of people, we discussed our own lives and how they correlated with the movie. Needless to say, I wound up buying the movie. If you have a chance, it can be watched on-line for under $5 dollars. What they have to talk about is essential material for creating our lives on a daily basis in line with either our negative closed ended beliefs or our positive open ended beingness. Here's the link:


A lot has been going on within, and it has been having a powerful effect on my external world. Things are shifting a lot and I am learning to go with the flow versus trying to make things happen. We are taught we are supposed to control things or make them happen physically. However, I am moving away from this mindset into the heartset of allowing things to be created. The difference is visualizing what it is I am wanting to manifest, and then allowing higher self to create that which is wanted. There is a difference, a big difference, and to the degree we focus our intentions, is the degree we attract to us that which we want. Every day we create our lives, with everything that is going on around us a reflection of our thinking and believing. We don't want to accept personal responsibility for what we are creating, because it is easier to blame the other. However, we are response-able in regards to each choice we make along the way, whether or not we are conscious of what we are doing in our unconscious projection mode. When we accept response-ability, we become conscious of what we are doing, what we are thinking about, and we become acquainted with what we were not aware of, and are then able to shift our thinking to be more in alignment with our highest good.


People have a problem with accepting this, because we have been conditioned to believe the lie that it is the other who is doing this. Perhaps the other is doing something, but how we react or act is up to us. 


In the past, I would react based on my family/cultural belief system, which was an actual accumulation of experiences based on limitations imposed on me as a child. There was no freedom to be who I was as a soul, rather it was required of me to fit in and follow the dysfunction. Now that I am no longer entwined with this, and as I gain more clarity, I am aware that I had to go unconscious and follow the rules in order to survive. Abraham Maslow's triangle of higher consciousness states that if we don't get our basic needs met, we cannot move up to higher needs. The reality of this is so true. If you are not allowed to be yourself, then how can you create what is needed for authentic self, when you are required to create what is necessary for being what others want you to be. This is a subtle powerful shift in our thinking, which has been habituated in following a limited line of reasoning in order to fit into belief systems meant to limit your being, your light, your creativity, your sexuality, your spirituality.


An example of what I am talking about is how we react to what others say or do. The unconscious response to what another says or does is to take it personally. In the past I have done this on a regular basis, until finally it happens rarely. by staying conscious of what is going on within myself, I am able to identify old tapes playing that say I have to react a certain way. Looking back on past behaviors, I can honestly say that I reacted based on my own negative belief systems. I used to think it was about me. Now I see it as each person has the freedom to make their own choices, whether they are conscious of them or not. In being aware of this, I am able to allow others the right to choose their path, their choices, or whatever it is they choose to do, for whatever reason. It is not my place to fix them or get them to see something they don't want to see. I have found a great freedom in not being response-able for others behaviors and choices. I am response-able for my thoughts, beliefs, and actions. At the same time, I am response-able for loving everyone unconditionally without judgment.


I am finding also, that what I attract into my life is far more satisfying in body, mind, soul, and spirit. Don't get me wrong, it requires paying attention to what thoughts are surfacing internally, and realigning them with my highest good. It requires me to engage what my creative impulses are showing me and guiding me to do. This is a process of trusting one's inner authentic self and trusting in spirit for the unfolding of our creative process and  creative life.



"Whether you are addicted to craving, or aversion, or hatred, or passion, or fear, the addiction is to a particular sensation that has arisen because of a bio-chemical flow. This type of matter results in reaction at the mental level, and the reaction at the mental level again turns into this bio-chemical reaction. When you say that you are addicted, you are actually addicted to the sensation. You are addicted to this flow, the bio-chemical flow."

          - S. N. Goenka




11-09-06 -


Here's a poem I was given at a recent  presentation on Holographic Repatterning:


"We Are Masters In The Art Of Living"


I draw no sharp distinction between my work and play,

My labor and my leisure, my mind, and my body,

My education and my recreation.

I simply pursue my vision of excellence

Through whatever I am doing

And leave others to determine

Whether I am working or playing.

To myself, I am always doing both!

(Adaptation of a poem by an unknown author)


Also a quote I got from a friend:

" You need not leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You need not even wait, just learn to become quiet, and still, and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet."




11-15-06 -

"Your candle loses nothing by lighting another's candle."




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