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November 2010



11/04/10 -


If you haven't heard of the book "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell, then do check it out. A very up to date book pertaining to intuitive instinctual knowing processes. Brings a great deal of awareness to numerous areas of importance. One of the areas he discusses has to do with our perceptions of how we think of ourselves; our rationality. When you get done reading the book or at the least, taking some of the tests he discusses, hopefully you will begin to realize that the unconscious part of your self is vast and unknown. Prior to the tests, individuals profess to know themselves quite well, but the tests show something entirely different we are unaware of. A distinct part of this is our cultural conditioning; our programming. Here's the tests you can take online at Harvard University: 



When you are done with the test, rather than reacting, notice the reactions, as they really aren't your authentic self, as authentic self has no need to react. Use this as a tool for becoming conscious of what you are unaware of, what is buried beneath the personality, what you don't know that you don't know about this aspect of yourself.



'Whether or not you are engaged in a lot of "doing" in your life, "being" is primary. If you lose touch with being, you lose yourself in your mind, you lose yourself in doing, and you won't do any good for anybody, really.' - Eckhart Tolle




11/05/10 -


“There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls.” - Howard Thurman


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman




11/07/10 -


'As you may have noticed there's nothing much to understand about being. "Can you explain 'being' a bit more please? Stillness? I don't understand, can you explain stillness?" No, because there's nothing in it to explain; you can't look at it in a microscope or dissect it. "Aspects of Stillness, PhD." No. Each human needs to find his or her timeless and formless essence identity.' - Eckhart Tolle




11/12/10 -


Something I was reading tonight:


"Guess you never think about words or their meanings until you feel yourself in the power of the word."


Words have the power to hurt others in order to avoid one's own fear or pain.

Words have the power to heal others, to uplift, to soothe, to calm.

Words have the power to enlighten and open one's heart and soul.

Words have the power to distort, manipulate, coerce, intimidate, and cajole


An open heart radiating the divine spirit of love has no need of words and can be known for its warmth. Words tend to be a distraction from feeling and knowing with the heart. One knows unconditional love from deeds alone.




11/13/10 -


Most of what goes on in the world is motivated by the lack of love. Imagine what the world would be if each of us remembered to love ourselves completely so as to love one another. A world where there is no shame, guilt, fear, anger, hatred, violence, crime, or any other disrespectful act of word or deed. There is so much intellectual non-sense going on in the name of love and all of it is nothing more than a major distraction of just BEING love. When you become love itself, there's nothing to think about, there's just a sudden realization and knowing of the essential requirements each person needs to BE. There is something within the inner psyche field that is frightened of love. Awareness is not the same thing as intellectualizing.


Each of us knows real uncultured truth; We know it in our heart. All that cultured intellectual junk in your head is irrelevant for the most part. If you've been physically hit, you know you don't like being hit. If you value your life and don't wish to be killed, you value the other person's life. If you enjoy emotional warmth and compassion, then you don't deny it to others. The world as we know it is comprised of many who compromise their hearts by withholding on many levels in fear of not having enough, of whatever it is they perceive in the void of fear created in their imaginations. That's all it is that is causing all this turmoil, pain, suffering, destruction, and lack of love.




11/21/10 -


Here's some excellent videos that offer the possibility of greater awareness. While you watch them, listen to the words, feel the awareness within your own body as it interacts with its own awareness; the awareness of the heart that knows without words. Humans have been conditioned think in terms of words and this attribute effectively distances one from the realization that the totality of the Universe is the Divine Being that is beyond the need for words. Consider that our divine parents created all that is without the words that we know.


For instance, life birthed itself from them, birthed through stars (their siblings) that then birthed the various elements/atoms, which then organized themselves from divine guidance into creating the material realms. From these, life itself created the simplest of organisms from which were the stepping stones for greater complexity in life forms. But humans have gotten their minds stuck in a box of concepts, so that they "believe" that the divine is a person like themselves. All of life is the diverse form of our divine parents. The stars, atoms, particles, organisms are the expression of the living matrix of divine providence; our spiritual parents. There is no place that their presence and influence is not present. They are the life blood of existence and the only thing that prevents humans from knowing this directly is that they have been manipulated in such a way as to be imprisoned in their own lesser mind. 


Being out of touch with their divine presence is an illusion of great undertaking. Beware means to be aware and instead we have been conditioned to obey legal laws or religions teachings that post beware signs convincing us to "stay out", that one is not allowed to question or challenge what the heart knows is ridiculous. Culture in general teaches full awareness is not acceptable. In fact, is not tolerated very well by those who "think" they have the privilege to speak on behalf of our divine parents presence; they don't. Each and every human being has that inner connection to engage in an intimate relationship with their divine parents. If anyone tells you otherwise, its due to their own delusion and schizophrenic split.


Here are some videos to question what you "think" you know: - Alan Watts discussing the perils of words and thinking - Cat with boxes; think of how this relates with the human problem of living in mental boxes - The Milky Way; grasping the immensity of which our existence is inextricably woven into the living matrix of our divine parents (Genesis) - Brene Brown discussing our human profoundness - Richard Feynman, noted physicist, discussing the challenges of asking why



Much has been coming on-line for my own authentic being since 2000, and a particular line from a poem I wrote comes to mind here: "Change is coming here at the stairway." All of my poetry came to me from divine inspiration. Often just after going to bed, the urge to get up and write would pulse through my being. I would get up and basically dictate what was given to me. In the years that have followed, I have been startled by the clarity of what divinity was presenting (gifting) me. The gifts were road maps to waking up. What is poetry? is the closest one can get to intellectualizing what it means, but the part that is relevant here is this:


"Don't do this. Don't shackle poetry with your definitions. Poetry is not a frail and cerebral old woman, you know. Poetry is stronger than you think. Poetry is imagination and will break those chains faster than you can say "Harlem Renaissance."

To borrow a phrase, poetry is a riddle wrapped in an enigma swathed in a cardigan sweater or something like that. It doesn't like your definitions and will shirk them at every turn. If you really want to know what poetry is, read it. Read it carefully. Pay attention. Read it out loud. Now read it again." - Mark Flanagan


The significance of what was presented to me in "Music At The Stairs" is what the human consciousness of this planet is evolving towards. Read the words, as they are relevant for the times we are in and have been in. This intellectual living is what causes a separation from the divine. The only reason there is a staircase, is because we have disassociated from our innate connection to heaven. The conditioned mind is unable to escape the intellectual straight jacket of cultural conditioning, training, and reinforcement through various modes of impotence.


I've been up and down those stairs on a regular basis and the totality of what exists there makes all of what we currently "accept" as reality but a mere grain of sand out of all the sand on this particular planet. The only "reason" the many believe current reality is wonderful, is because they have nothing to compare it too. I'll use tomatoes as an example here. As a boy, I grew up near the farming community, so we always had fresh tomatoes; plump juicy ones. Today, big agribusiness picks tomatoes before they are ripe to ensure they won't spoil on the way to the market. Unfortunately, those tomatoes are hard for the most part and tasteless. Because most have never experienced the real thing, they "believe based on experience," that tomatoes are supposed to be that way; NOT. Having tasted the real thing, I refuse to eat those unripe ones. This is true of a lot of the food we buy at the stores. You've been conned. The many have been conned into buying  a lot of cultural nonsense in the same way. Waking up is becoming aware of the programming.


Once the inner door is cracked open and you begin to overcome the fear that chains your mind. Your spiritual eyes begin to focus in the darkness, as you awaken to the realization that you have been caught up in a mental fantasy. How is this possible you say? Close your eyes and recall a past happy event. Now do the same for a past sad event. Those events don't exist. They were imagined or re-created by the imaginal creative center within your mind. Now imagine what it would be like to be rich, then imagine what it would be like to be poor. These imaginings didn't exist either for that matter. What existed was "potential" creative outcomes. With enough persistence, one can create either a positive or negative life existence based on the creative thoughts they imagine. Imagination is a component of the creative force that is an aspect of one's spiritual force. These are inseparable, just as we are inseparable from the Oneness.


In your mind is a place where spatial imaging can create life like snapshots or movies of endless possibilities. Pretend this is a small room with a big screen television mounted on the far wall. You enter the room and go and sit in front of the TV. As a small child, you were able to use your imagination just as effortlessly as one would breathe. You created your own televisions shows if you will. This was a creative and magical process for children. This creative play is an essential component for one's spiritual health and wellness, as it is part of being authentic, where one can entertain potential possibilities to create. This natural spatial play was not co-opted by cultural limitations at all as you were rooted in your authentic being.


It should also be noted that your senses are not actual direct feeds. External events are recorded by the senses in the form of light, sound, taste, and sensations. These inputs are then transmitted chemically and electrically via the synapses in the nervous system. The transmissions are then spatially reconstructed within the creative mind as if they were real. Think of the eyes as a video recorder or the ears as a microphone sending a live feed of data to another room for someone to watch. The same is true of the taste buds and vocal cords, as well as the touch receptors of the skin. All of this data is used to reconstruct outside reality as it occurs. In reality you are seeing it as an observer. What you are seeing isn't actually the real thing. Current understanding has shown that there's a delay from the moment an event occurs until we experience it.


One would be convinced that what they are seeing is real. The problem arises when the truth of what we are experiencing is tainted with information that distorts our "interpretation" of what is occurring. Cultural interpretation is based on judgments of good and bad, decided by group consensus. These groups tend to be hierarchical in nature, meaning a few at top decide for the many at the bottom. The decisions often benefit the few, so it is imperative that cultural rules support these benefits. In an egalitarian society, all would benefit and there would be no need to hide the truth in order to control others to get what you want. In an authentic (enlightened) society, there would be no distortion of truth, so spiritual guidance would be understood without filters and all would work/play towards self-actualization.


The world is like a television with many different cultural channels to choose from. Pick any geographical location, and you become aware of the incredible cultural variations that exist. Each culture has their own programming, but in general, they all have similarities. Obedience is based on indoctrination for the sake of forcing another to go against their own spiritual nature and knowing. Indoctrination is about teaching conditions and limitations. Force, manipulation, coercion, intimidation, and physical violence can be utilized to break one's spirit. This includes teaching fear, anger, hatred, violence, and killing as cultural norms, along with sexism, racism, prejudice, homophobia, ageism, and classism. In order to control another human being, fear needs to be trained into them through various methods. It should also be noted that how sexuality is controlled, dictates how a particular culture is formed. The more rigid sexuality is controlled and suppressed, the more fear, anger, hatred, and violence exist. 


In general, training began when you were small and had no power of choice to get up and leave. You were dependent on those around you for your very survival. In most cases you just did what everyone else was doing to ensure your own survival. Understanding this is key to why you gave up your awareness. The young are domesticated, much like animals, trained to obey certain conditions essential for conforming and obeying the rules. Children are made to participate in the cultural program they are born into on a daily basis. There is no avoiding this fact. Resistance tends to be futile because the pain and suffering increases the more one struggles. Punishment can take the forms of guilt, shame, being ignored or ostracized, humiliated, verbally abused or physically abused.


Those implementing the training rarely are conscious themselves, because they were domesticated as well. I do believe there are those who are conscious enough to know how to weave the illusion until you thoroughly believe it as real. Eventually, the real world and your spiritual connection faded into the background as the programming became "normal" to you. The many are like the three monkeys that hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil; only in this case they hear no truth, see no truth, speak no truth.


Additional conditioning occurs in religion and then academic schooling plays a significant role in disconnecting children from their authentic spiritual self. Being forced to sit for hours on end repetitively memorizing words, concepts, and knowledge, trains them to be in their minds causing a gradual disconnection from the body.  This sets up a habit that deadens awareness. The body was never meant to sit still for hours on end, especially with children having so much energy. In order to survive the ordeal, they disconnect from the body in order to not feel the effects. You were being taught to sit still, be silent, and be obedient. A system of punishment and rewards was used to entice obedience. Along the way, peer pressure began to interact with you and mold your behaviors until you mostly conformed to mimicking the appropriate cultural TV programming.


Cultural conditioning trains the mind into limited thought patterns/pathways. Sort of like being trained that the only way to get anywhere of real importance is by taking the main highways. All other roads outside the state and federal highways don't exist because you've been trained to ignore them over time. These pathways are like a forest path that is used regularly; the way is pretty obvious. With disuse, Nature begins to grow and eventually all evidence of a pathway disappears. These pathways don't truly disappear as much as they become One with Nature again; they become invisible. Consider the disappearance as a lack of awareness. The paths are still there, as the direction never deviates from the spiritual destinations. There are many destinations, but only one that goes directly to your particular spiritual home.


Each of us has within our own authentic being, a spiritual navigation system that knows the way to awareness. If you have ever had the experience of trying to clear a path where none exists in Nature, then you understand the challenges of waking up to see your own inner pathways again. An example of this  occurred while doing a wetland restoration project clearing out blackberry plants. The project was clearing away an area of unmanaged mature plants that formed a tangle of dense arching stems that was impenetrable. Removing those blackberry canes brought about awareness of how difficult and challenging it is to clear away the cultural programming to reclaim my authentic path. With a few years of not keeping them cleared out, the canes grew back with a ferocity. This is what can happen when one stops trying and gives up.


The good news is that the effort is worth all the work you do and the rewards are priceless. You get to become aware of your authentic self. You get to own your spiritual power; not over others, but in being able to be authentic and in harmony with spirit. Please note that reading this is but one step in the process of extricating yourself. Be aware that there are psychic forces that will interfere, distract, manipulate, and push emotional buttons based on the conditioned patterns/beliefs. Your basic navigation tool is being able to discern what arises in fear or love. Fear is the biggest component to your imprisonment. Love is the way out. Fear is triggered when you step beyond the borders of your prison. Fear is like the "Stay out" sign. Love will always lead you to your freedom.


One of the mainstays of fear is to manipulate you into resisting the truth as if it is something to fear. This is simply not true in any way or form. Fear is programming activating to keep you on the limited cultural highways. Fear is to ensure you don't find your way back to the wilderness areas. You have been conditioned to be frightened of those areas, when in fact it is where each and everyone of us has come from. We are all divine beings who have been led astray and forced into a cultural enslavement for the benefit of the few. What is even more amazing is how the many who become imprisoned by the few, then become the cultural enforcers of their peers. Eventually, each person becomes infected with their own fear programming that enforces itself; in addition there are other negating functions similar to tracking cookies, trojans, worms, and viruses. Fear is known to be contagious, just simply notice how quickly it spreads.


Fear quickly spreads to anger, then hatred, and moving eventually to violence. Fear is rooted in judgments and these judgments are the walls that imprison your authentic awareness of divine truth; divine truth is not necessarily the same thing as religious truth. Judgments are the negating functions that cripple the  human capacity to critically think which is an important aspect of awareness. Critical thinking in general is cultural critical thinking; a limited form I call critical thinking in a box. The only information allowed to make informed decisions are those cultural beliefs that are taught as truth; these truths are enforced truths. Spiritual truth has no need of legal law, dogma, allegiance, conformity, as these are all based in fear. These spiritual truths are self-evident, for when you experience them, immediately you realize the truth of unconditional love and the unlimited compassion of the Divine. There is nothing you need do to receive this awareness but to let go of the fear and stop resisting what has always been within you.


When one becomes aware of this Divine presence within, the walls crumble and what was once invisible becomes visible. What was once unknowable becomes an effortless knowing; knowing is an ongoing present oriented process; to know is a limited process relating to intellectual knowing rooted in only those facts that are culturally acceptable. One realizes how much of what they "believed" was pure delusion and fantasy brought about by this force called fear. One should also understand that fear is truly impotent in the face of unconditional love. Never underestimate the power of unconditional love. Your "thinking" fear is greater than love makes it so. The minute the limited thinking programming takes over, you have lost your awareness and are caught up in "reacting" to the voice of the fear software; reacting is past/future oriented. Pain and suffering arise from not being present and as such create the walls that imprison one from experiencing the freedom of the present, which is the only place one can experience their authentic self and all that arises from spiritual authenticity.


There is a higher level of thinking that is not limited by the fear of cultural conformity. These higher level thought processes are the spiritual networks of higher consciousness. If you could but open up enough, you would soon realize that all creative thoughts are divine thoughts. Living in limitations, the fear software of cultural conditioning would have us believe that creative ideas come from the individual; they do not. Those creative inspirations or ideas come from the divine. These creative inspirations are given freely in love, but often misinterpreted, filtered, and watered down by the cultural filters that dilute the fullness of creativity. What this means is that we create a primitive version of what could truly be created for the benefit of all beings on this planet, rather than for the selfishness of individuals and groups.




11/23/10 -


Do not ask your children to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable, but it is a way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting tomatoes, apples and pears.
Show them how to cry when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.
- William Martin



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