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November 2013




11-03-13 - 


Understanding Pain and Suffering


If people could understand their own pain they would begin to understand the pain of others. The two are inseparable; ONE. This is not something one is going to figure out in the confines of a mind propagated with carefully crafted stories meant to obscure the whole truth. These crafty weavings exist to avoid reality, to avoid the truth of how one has abandoned their very essence of love for that which cannot be real, because it is merely a story in the head contrived by others for their own avoidance of the truth.

What is this thing called truth you might ask? Truth is an awareness, a resonance, a vibration, an openness of existence as it unfolds, as it creates from the seeds of seedless creation creating itself a new, just like Nature does as it unfolds and grows and blossoms and matures, unconcerned with boundaries, ownership, more interested in harmony, understanding, balance, abundance and an abiding respect for what is.

You might ask what is what is? What is is life on its own terms, a life that is beyond conceptual reality, beyond thinking, beyond fear, meaning to say limitations. What is therefore is the unlimited creative potential of life itself living out creative expressions in wild abandonment, with purpose, with a fathomless depth of insight beyond anything you could possibly KNOW. Why? Because insight/truth is not knowable in word format; ever.

People like to THINK they KNOW, but what they donít realize is there is no insight or truth in words. The whole word game was meant to be used in context with awareness, with insight, with truth, the living truth, meant to lead and point the way, to establish a connection between what is known and unknown, a living optic fiber for the dissemination and understanding and conscious awareness of life.

Words are like network packets:

A network packet is a formatted unit of data carried by a packet-switched network. Computer communications links that do not support packets, such as traditional point-to-point telecommunications links, simply transmit data as a bit stream. When data is formatted into packets, the bandwidth of the communication medium can be better shared among users than if the network were circuit switched.

A packet consists of two kinds of data: control information and user data (also known as payload). The control information provides data the network needs to deliver the user data, for example: source and destination network addresses, error detection codes, and sequencing information. Typically, control information is found in packet headers and trailers, with payload data in between.

More so than the above description because words as packets are defined by their particularized language coding, and the nuances +/- based on their cultural programming, their limitations, their dysfunction, their inability to connect the dots so to speak about the whole truth. Truth is really the space between the words, the infinite emptiness between the nanoseconds of gaps between the syllables of thought-full compliance to the programmed sequences of literate incompetence minus the essential footnotes of the actuality of awareness beyond the words.

The words float through conceptually defined spaciousness void of limitation as we speak them and even when we THINK them because spaciousness is what exists on either side; inner/outer are ONE in the same. Words are like a consortium of waves that seek to duplicate a sense of security by recreating a sense of something known; itís what our ongoing recreation is, thinking, knowing as an abstract distraction from not knowing.

More waves, more packets, more words, digitized colorings, sketches, paintings, images, imaginings recreating a life-like portrait on a digital canvas stretched upon a closed system network of quantum woven characters like Chinese pictographs defined by those who THINK they KNOW the TRUTH. The truth is really about awareness, of being present to observe the nuances of the universal oceanic creation called life that one sees but a bit peering up into the night sky; and these days the lights of progress or rather delusion create a blight across the night sky preventing the blind from seeing the truth that exists up there and yet also simultaneously exists within our very BEING.

Being is not easily defined because it is more a metaphor than a word for convenience. Words are really an escape, a distraction from the living truth, just as I am doing now. These words are being written with awareness with the awareness that also realizes that words cannot ever replace the palpable experience of BEING in the WOMB of life. We are both life and the womb, both mother and father, both light and dark, which makes love possible in the chaos of creative life.

Creation is creativity, is spirituality, is sexuality, is Nature, is sensory form, is culture all an extension of life; Creation. The further we get away from awareness in our need to KNOW, the greater our distraction from awareness arises, detouring us from the truth that has no name, not even GOD; but another verse in the Word version of life, the formatted software version of life, the conceptualized version of life in dictionary format with endless editions for endless versions of stories meant to dissuade any meaningful exploration of truth beyond the boundaries of the land of KNOWING.

This land is our land, this land is your land, this land was made for you and me, is a famous song dedicated to the U.S.A.; words of a feather, flock together in story format creating fantasies that quell the nagging doubts of our impeccable obedience to that which is sanctified as righteous; whether that be religious or political. In reality, both are one and arise from the culturally defined agreement of acceptable losses. If only the doubts were let go of, if only the beliefs were let go of to realize the absolute truth of absurdity in words that define our existence rather than existence itself pulsing and flowing and shining without end to reveal the extraordinary authenticity that exists.

Authenticity then is like cooking, where one needs one part word infinite part authenticity to create an authentic life. The many THINK they need to really spend a lot of time thinking about whoís going to do what, what needs to be done, where this should be done, and of course why this needs to be done, and then how it needs to be done. And, when all that thinking is going on, churning out data crunching that put supercomputers to shame, our being is already aware of the who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Humans THINK there are problems to be solved, but life is not a problem, itís a participatory expression of acceptance beyond comprehension that stretches the limited truths of humanity beyond the ideas that have crippled and maimed them to such a degree that the only escape is to keep on creating more stories that paint a different picture. The picture is the world we THINK we see and KNOW. That picture is believed to be the truth, when in fact the picture is merely mirroring to us our dysfunction our limitations our stories and the ongoing Armageddon of strategies to avoid the whole truth.

ONE can see this in observing the world in business mode; busy-ness mode, avoidance mode, fear mode. The business of marketing dysfunction, advertising dysfunction, selling dysfunction, proselytizing dysfunction; whether that be political or religious has no bearing; proselytizing is  proselytizing; a sales ploy, a gambit of story-telling that people have bought into hook, line, and sinker in the deluded land of make believe.

Our childhoods are filled with examples of this make believe nonsense, a taste of things to come for our unsuspecting children of which we were once. Conned into Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and host of differing cultural icons defined for the ideas of make believe. Mommy, Daddy, tell me a story, having no inkling of just how many layers of stories that would be programmed into our minds to take the place of our divine awareness; stories about our worth, our value, our capabilities, our beauty, our creativity, our gifts, our life.

The one redeeming quality with stories is we all have them, because they have been carefully woven into our vocabulary and KNOWING and no matter the culture, all stories have common numerators and denominators that reveal the fractionated way we fractured and separated from awareness. In reality, there is no splitting, no dividing, no separating, no individuation because you cannot separate life no matter what you do, say, or think; not possible. Assuredly you can pretend, but thatís the bottom line in MATTER.

Itís one thing to fantasize about something, wonder about it, and quite another to get caught up in fantasy thinking it is real and actually staying there 24/7 and just about all of humanity has been doing that for so long, that they have forgotten they are living in fantasy land or horror land, but either way itís not real, not based on actual awareness. Believing defines a gravity induced heaviness that crushes the quantum lightness of the whole truth, and as such sinks one to the bottom of the ocean in complete darkness and harmonic darkness impervious to awareness; it is akin to going and standing in a corner perpetually rigid in a death defying grip of mental masturbation in the hopes of AVOIDING the whole truth.

What does this mean you might ask? What if what you believe is not true? Are you willing to explore whether or not it is true? Avoidance is not about truth, it is about clinging to beliefs that define you based on othersí stories. Thatís the truth. Until you are willing to look at your own truth, you will live your life based on others truth. It really is that simple, but the fantasies have taken on such a crippling dementia that one is frozen in time; literally frozen in the past, by the past, for the past; so help you gOd; this is meant as a metaphor, a God you really cannot know because GOD exists now and has always existed now. Not the Male or female idea of gOd, but GOD, GENESIS, AWARENESS, EXISTENCE, ONENESS, NOTHING (NO-THING). There really is nothing to cling to because none of us are things, we are No-Thing at all.

All of what I write here are clues, keys, codes towards awareness. They are not awareness itself, but touchstones for what we are. Consider them mental heating pads, thermal mental wear, fantasy vacations on sun drenched tropical paradises that begin the thawing process of your frozen emotional glacial mental ice fields, that turn into rivers of cold sweat that eventually return to the warmth of the whole truth, after eroding the obstacles held in belief. The many have held onto belief rather than in trusting in awareness, which is an ongoing letting go process, a flowing process, a purging process, a learning process, which is what the process of awareness is.

One cannot be aware, because we are awareness. Perhaps one can pretend to not be aware, but that is just a game that someone plays with themselves to avoid awareness in order to go along with the insanity of those lost in BELIEF. The excitement of believing is really fear masquerading as love; it is a chemical inducement, an altered state of fight or flight badly mistaken for the whole truth. Thatís why itís conditional, why one is judged, condemned, punished, imprisoned, ostracized, avoided, why it is so painful and suffering.

Awareness of the whole truth is a loving pain free diagnosis of life. Iím talking about on the mental plane because that is where most if not all pain and suffering arises. That quintessence is the Yin and Yang of existence, the playing field, the Garden of Eden before form. All arises in this field of consciousness that is beyond concepts. Even physical pain is essentially mental pain because form is not concrete as the many have been conditioned to BELIEVE. We are so in need of a Quantum Jump in awareness, itís like we need to sneeze or cough or maybe vomit in order to clear out the nonsense blocking awareness. Itís like the Great OZ hiding behind the curtain pretending to be something he is not; thatís the delusion, the insanity, the lie, the unquestioned belief.

One cannot have the Yin without the Yang, light without dark, truth without untruth, form without formless, but in the gist of things, the idea of things, there is nothing but a vastness of silence on the level of being on top of a mountain and looking over the vast spread of lands, or looking into the vast wonder of the starry night sky unobscured by clouds or manmade light sources, seeing the incredible wonder and awe of the unknown. Thatís the healing balm, the way out of the madness, the awe, the wonder, the not needing to know as an ongoing escape maneuver designed to avoid being present where the only gift worth having is revealed; what you are beyond measure.

Upon returning to this sacred place, your BEING, your center, the pain and suffering becomes self-evident; the truth reveals the delusions of beliefs with no basis in love. This revelation is a crossroads, like thunder and lightning with the collision, the meeting, the joining of two opposing forces, just like the weather is created when opposites meet, where a release occurs, a transformation, a healing, a harmony. This is why after storms there is a calm a freshness, because the weather is mirroring to us our own ongoing mental storms, because the inner is the outer and the outer the inner; this is the paradox of life and no amount of thinking is going to reveal this living truth to you.

In this conjoining alchemy occurs, and quickens when one consciously realigns with truth, moving in appropriate directions to release that which is holding back the truth; like huge dams holding back water. These dams are made of beliefs and this concrete mental structure of resistance is what causes pain and suffering. One might think (another dam) that dams are required, but then that would mean beliefs are needed and of course that is just more nonsense created by the mind to maintain the need for dams. In reality, in truth, one only needs Nature as Nature is, because Nature is perfection, because we are Nature, because there is no separation, because there is only ONENESS.

This awareness, this arrival at the crossroads, reveals the extent of oneís pain and suffering. With this awareness one begins to realize there is no need for beliefs and as they deconstruct the mental prison of beliefs, many phantoms, ghosts, imaginary tyrants will seek to reconstruct resistance to the truth, and it will seem so real, until one has another breakthrough revealing the nonsense believed. The other challenge involves others who are caught up in the mental dis-ease called believing, who will seek to convince you to continue to believe at all cost, because otherwise they would have to face their own mental demons as well; all of them illusions, all of them heavily indebted in a fictitious character with a name and history that can only be rooted in the past, which is why it has to go in order to be present with what is, what the truth is in MATTER.

Fear arises as a resistance to love, a resistance to the truth and is an activity closed off from reality; like viewing life through a closed circuit TV with your favorite limiting cultural fantasy stories (coping mechanisms), a limited differential unwilling to find solid ground to shift gears into present moments. The other perspective is to live in the present moment to experience the fullness of the experience without any mental commentators playing the game of KNOWING. Fear will arise in rhythmic patterns of resistance in an ongoing attempt to maintain control of the limiting boundaries of belief. Fear arises to keep out any truth that would challenge the house of cards. Your job as awareness, as observer, is to begin to question what it is you have been believing and to be methodical in your cleansing of past patterns of forgetfulness.

Being aware of your pain is the ultimate gift, because everything is out on the table for you to observe with awareness, because only one can heal what one is aware of and that is the importance of having awareness. Otherwise, with the pain hidden or ignored, nothing can be truly healed and let go of. One does not wallow in pain or hold onto it, because nothing is meant be held onto, least of all the past, which is what all that pain and suffering is about.  It is also very helpful to seek out someone who has gone through these processes to find ways to speed up the melting process for revelations. When one experiences their own pain and understands intimately how it was created and why, then one experiences an expansive realization of others pain and suffering; we are never separate from anything.

There is absolutely no difference in mental pain and mental suffering. Until you come to realize that any resistance to love is extremely painful, you will continue to live in a sadomasochistic fantasy world. What feels like greater pain is just the process of blocking out love and replacing it with fear; more blocking, more walls, more denial, more avoidance, more resistance always equals more pain and more suffering. Realize it is ultimately your choice in choosing to extricate yourself from your programmed mindís ongoing propaganda of beliefs in each and every moment that unfolds. In this space of now is where the truth is always revealed, which is why it is so important to become better acquainted with your divine space, because this is where you discover your truth, your existence, your love and let no one tell you what that is. The truth is your sovereignty, your guardian, your friend, your lover, your light, your existence.

In the end, what one thinks they are going to lose has no redeeming value whatsoever, and that mirage can be the hardest thing to let go of because as you know, itís all that you KNOW.




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