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October 2014



10-20-14 -


We are nothing and everything


What does this mean? First, it's not something you know; can't be known, only experienced. People are convinced in their minds that they know the truth based on what they believe or they can read about it or get educated about it and thus KNOW. Forgive my creative expressions with the English language; it's done on purpose with intention rooted in awareness of the realization that language is a program. Language is essential, yet one needs to realize the essence of language is rooted in syntax:


Syn - tax

  1. the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language.

Arrangements allude to patterns, an orientation towards expressing intentions, related to conceptualizations, that capture the mind in rhythmic excitations, like molecular vibrations rooted in electromagnetic tempos of conforming to shared beliefs; think disbelief and you have the opposing dynamics of awareness.


Languages are like mind maps and like maps, there are many roads leading to many variations of interpretation of the unknown territory of reality. If you came here expecting to know, then you might as well go somewhere else. My intention is to get your minds to warp into a quantum leap that disintegrates your ideologies of stories and fantasies you've unwittingly believed as real. It is like believing the map is more real than reality.


One cannot see this, because what you BELIEVE is believed to be real. Yet we KNOW that there are moments when a breech in what one KNOWS reveals a realization that shatters beliefs. At least have the decency to contemplate on how history reveals this, because it does. The mind is a tool, an organic tool, but it's just like a computer and you have to use the awareness that you are, which is FOREVER observing without judgment what the mind is fantasizing about what it thinks it KNOWS.


People believed a lot of nonsense in the historical past and they still believe a lot more nonsense, because it's all believed, rooted in a thinking vortex that looks backwards at what you know from the past in order to make sense of now. There are ramifications of thinking as a source of truth. Let's be honest about what truth is. From the past, it is blaringly obvious that the many believed in a lot of lies and distorted delusions.


Don't take my word for it, really look into this, because if you don't, you're guaranteed to continue existing in mental prisons of your own making. And, one most certainly doesn't get out of imprisonment for good behavior or bad behavior for that matter. Truth isn't about behavior or belief, it's about awareness and intuitive understanding realizing the living truth outside of the head.


In general, people don't want the truth, they want what makes them feel safe and secure at the expense of truth. The fantasies are unlimited in the mad scramble backwards in seeking to find stories that get us off the truth, like a backwards orgasm, only it's a form of sado-masochistic delusions believed as a recluse from the actual truth in order to fit in and be accepted and approved of by others; think peer pressure, cultural conformity, or as George Bush Jr. once said, "You're either one of us or one of them;" or conditional love which is really a war on awareness called conditions of surrender...


"How is that possible?", your mind might say, and in fact it must justify factual reality to judge reality itself, because that's all it can do. Truth doesn't need to be judged, because the truth always reveals the truth as it is in any given moment. How the mind chooses to interpret this living truth is the ongoing saga of pain and suffering rooted in the mind's need to control and dominate what reality SHOULD be, what it THINKS it Should be. This judging is the distraction that binds the cat in Schrödinger's equation, because time is an essential component that imprisons the particle (you, us, me they, them), in an imaginal quantum field that overlays reality. In order to believe, one has to believe the past and future exist now. Reality outside the head reveals this to be pure delusion in present time now.


If you THINK about this "logically" it is self-evident that you will get nowhere except to stay aligned with your beliefs; what you think you know. However that may be, truth doesn't need the mind to seek or find it; truth is only revealed through awareness. One either identifies with what they know or one is willing to step away from the conditioned symphony of believed lyrics that keep one glued to the top 100 best hits to listen to and believe, while oblivious to the other hits (10,000 things), meaning to say the infinite truths that are Oneness itself.



10-21-14 - Updated: 10-22-14


Cold Fusion makes the world go Tao! – Me, Myself, And I (koan)


The following realization came to mind after someone had referred to me as being cool; I thought, no I'm hot, as in radioactive hot, as in going thermonuclear hot, as in the Sun burning away the coldness, the delusions the fantasies. In that moment the term cold fusion came to mind, and I looked it up and found this description:


 “Cold fusion is a hypothetical type of nuclear reaction that would occur at, or near, room temperature, compared with temperatures in the millions of degrees that are required for "hot" fusion, which takes place naturally within stars. Cold fusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


 And they listed a hot fusion as well, stating it’s what births stars and I re-read what cold fusion was and realized, we are made of the elements from stars and we are these amazing creations that exist at room temperature or within the range of hot and cold on Earth that biological life can live; creators who are fully operational spiritual expressions when the heart chakra is open in the Unified Field of existence; Oneness; cold fusion living and breathing existential forms. All that matter imbued with life itself, electromagnetic forces beyond our silly ideas of the world, the same one’s that hold together all that elemental matter, that is life itself creating itself as creations of the creator; you, us, me, they, them, human and non-human alike, same, ONE.


The koan alludes to, points to, an experience that one realizes with awareness that we are indeed cold fusion existing, expressing, creating life in all matters from the micro to the macro, pulsing back and forth at the speed of light beyond what we think we know, which in reality is really nothing at all. The sequential problem with knowing, is thinking that what we know is the truth, and at best are crippled by the obvious notion that we are what we think we are, when in fact it is just the opposite. We believe ourselves to be a particle, when in fact we are oblivious of our functional wave length of electromagnetic diversity; truth.


Simultaneously we are an individual, others, and all other life forms on this planet as one existence; We are not what we believe ourselves to be, but an extension of the whole living planet. We are the planet itself, just as we are the solar system we exist in, just as we are the galaxy in which we exist in, one of many galaxies empowered by black holes of creation beyond the known, beyond space and time.


All elements are configured electromagnetic constructs created by existence itself in each atom aligning in their configuration as creators of form, outlining the puzzled components that dance together in vast domino like movements of the Five Elements; the engine of creation. The artist is Oneness, painting the form of living life particularized in a vast array of electromagnetic synchronicity; this relates to my poem: Music At The Stairs


About life, we can know nothing but facts, like reading a book about it and never bothering to go outside and see if it is true. Reading can be fun, but all preparation and no existential experiential tasting, feeling, observing, will ever get you anywhere but in your head and you know it. Be willing, be open, to realize you really don't know, and what you don't know is so vast that when you touch upon it, gestalt it, grok it, your mind will be in complete "shock and awe", because it's the only response to having the curtain flung open on the stage of life to realize one has been acting out a silly delusion on stage within the mind's fantasy production studio.


Step off the stage, leave the theater, and go outside and exist with life, allow life to reveal and guide, because all of life is you. That's the rub, the itch that can't be scratched, because the mind wants to know, wants to create a house of cards that can only crumble with awareness outside of time. What this means is letting go of thinking in terms of the past and future, because they don't exist; a theoretical construct that belies a state of ignorance; to ignore; what we are taught and conditioned to ignore in favor of truth.


Don't take my word for it, contemplate, look at it, get some perspective on it; AWARENESS in present time three part harmony. Life is harmony, is always in balance, always revealing the truth of what the many continue to believe doesn't exist in favor of stories; fantasy; imaginings; imagio:


imāgō f (genitive imāginis); third declension

  1. image, imitation, likeness, statue, representation

  2. ancestral image

  3. ghost, apparition

  4. semblance, , shadow

  5. echo

  6. conception, thought

  7. reminder

  8. (rhetoric) comparison


There is no truth in knowing, and until you abandon the stories for the actual truth, you will continue to worship pain and suffering as your birth right, your payment for believing you know. The only sin is thinking you know the truth. Religion as we know it is a cop out, an abandonment of the truth in favor of what someone else thinks truth should be for the sake of conforming to an ideology, an agenda outside of truth; meaning to say a space/time fantasy rooted firmly in the past and future, conveniently avoiding here and now present time.


The gap between lightness and darkness, truth and fantasy is a quantum conundrum that exists right here and now, unfolding here and now, being here and now, feeling here and now, observing here and now with absolutely no mental assembly required for realizing the truth of awareness. Religion has a lot of judgments while at the same time (past/future tripping) extolling their "virtual reality" version of "Thou shalt not judge," that gives them the right to judge and condemn. Conceptualized delusion sidesteps awareness in order to alter the truth...


Concepts are tools to be used, guided with intuitive awareness. Concepts as we know them are in reality crutches, a disability that fragments the wave into particles of belief, that conform to the varied states of cultural imprisonment, clothed in mental straight jackets of radio-controlled programming rooted in mantras of resistance to the truth outside of the obsessive and compulsive norms of known reality.


Cold fusion is the ignition of full awareness of our quantum resonance, our quantum existence, our quantum awareness, it is the alignment of one's own awareness in alignment with the awareness of life, the flicking on of the switch of observation and living an intuitive existence in alignment with truth rather than fiction. Cold fusion is the awakening, the opening, the letting go, the listening, the realization that everything is perfect just as it is... as an extension of fusion, of synthesis; one in the same.


This is not a conceptual nursery rhyme to memorialize in remembrance, but rather a willingness to surrender the ideas that knowing is superior to awareness, of stepping out of the library of known facts into life itself. This is not to say to abandon concepts, but rather to stop thinking that concepts are the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is glaringly obvious that the many are oblivious of the truth, because the outside world of humanity is insane, constantly in conflict, caught up in thinking the other is wrong and "I" am right, willing to use any amount of force in its various guises to enforce one's beliefs; one's stories; one's fantasies; one's fears.


Let's get real here, let's get authentic, let's get present right here and now in order to realize truth has nothing to do with fear. All judgments arise from fear (resistance of truth), and are created from the same thinking mind that is creating the fear; observation will reveal this very clearly in the silence of awareness; if one stops listening to the stories believed to be true. This is akin to someone trying to tell you something really important that your life depends on while at an indoors rock concert, where the only thing you can hear is the music.


"If you let go, something will happen. Fear is always anticipation of the unknown. Most human energy flow problems relate to the inability to relax. Fear of letting go. If you let go, something will happen. Fear of the unknown. Rational mind : : wants to make a deal : : first tell me what will happen, and then I’ll let go.

Fuck you.

No one ever knows what’s going to happen. EVER. The future–the next moment–is unknowable–unknown. Rational mind won’t believe that. He is afraid to."

          - Paul Williams, from his book Das Energi


See this as a metaphor for living in your head, because there comes an experience where one becomes conscious of the overwhelming roar of thoughts that masks over the silence of truth. I have had this occur at different times during my awakening process and it was unbearable; unbearable to the mind to be found out about the distorted truths being created; the program running, sort of like the metaphor of HAL in the movie Space Odyssey: 2001. The way out is to realize the illusion of it. The awareness of the lies automatically brings awareness of the truth; how could it not? realize that thinking is that which seeks to pave over the truth with concrete roads of endless dead ends of believing you know.


The real truth realized through awareness always brings one to a state of non-judgment, acceptance, harmony. Any form of disharmony, dislike, judgment, desire, or wanting is indicative of fantasizing. One realizes truth is present when all parties are in harmony with their own self-acceptance, self-love, self-respect; which is to say not opposing the whole truth. This is so obvious that it is intellectually overlooked in favor of a fantasy story that maintains the comfort of pain and suffering (righteousness), and that comfort is merely the walled imprisonment of security, an attachment to what should be rather than what truth is; the belief that things have more value than our authentic existence. 


This is why greed is such an addiction in the world, why power is such an addiction, because the many have been bankrupted by con artists (believers), who have a vested interest in their own delusions; their own mental salvations; their own salivations. All addictions stem from, arise from, the addiction to thinking, knowing, believing. And that's what makes the world go round as we know it...until you let go of the known as the gospel of truth.


Someone I used to "know" had a favorite quote, "knowledge is my addiction," and that is true for the masses who believe they know or can know truth. What subtle mental con job to think you can know truth. Real truth is not a word or concept idealized or fabricated; it's just truth; presence; acceptance; realization; awareness of what is. The mind can only fabricate, sculpt with 3D modeling what it envisions, desires to create.


Knowledge is our addiction, and it is our blind spot, just like a solar eclipse obscures the Sun or the Sun obscured by clouds. Knowledge/concepts are but one side of the same coin as Adyashanti is fond of saying. The opposite side of the coin, the Tao, can be summed up in my poem that awareness presented to me entitled Until You Become Like Children.


Fear can only be balanced with awareness; knowledge cannot sooth the itch the mind seeks to scratch, which is the need to know. In it's obsession with needing to know what's going to happen, the mind creates hell in order to think it knows:


"If everybody lives roughly the same lies about the same things, there is no one to call 

them liars: they jointly establish their own sanity and call themselves normal." 

- Ernest Becker quote from the book Playing By Heart - By O. Fred Donaldson




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