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September 2013



9-02-13 -

"It is far harder and more painful to be a blocked artist than it is to do the work."

          - Julia Cameron

The same can be said of dealing with life's ups and downs. The mind weaves its web of misery, resistance, and judgments for a life of hard times in mental prison.


 9-04-13 -

"I have learned never to ask whether you are able to do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt."

          - Julia Cameron

What I like about this quote is that it gets to the living truth of divinity, that divine love, divine awareness, divine essence is always on. There is never a time when it is off, or in hibernation, or hiding. It is the human mind, the conditioning, the believing otherwise that creates mental blinders, mental limitations, mental walls if you will that turn us away from the living loving truth. In silence, the truth is so obvious that one is One with that truth. The mind creates this incredible non-stop roar and racket that prevents the silence from speaking to us, enlightening us, revealing to us the revelations of truth. It's like being in a room trying to have a conversation with someone and someone next door turns up the stereo so loud you can't even hear your own self; this is what the mind does to distract us from our essence. Essence hasn't gone anywhere at all and it is not in the slightest bit interested in playing the mind's game of creating noise. Love is always on with no conditions whatsoever.

Sit down and see how long you last in silence before the mind has to say something, think about something, judge something. Get real, see how the mind really operates. See how long you can sit there and just watch the mind's antics at distracting one away from the living truth. There is no contest with God, because God isn't participating in the mind's antics. Be the observer of your own mind. Bear witness to the kaleidoscope of beliefs screaming like a banshee or bullshitting with poetic gibberish passed down generation after generation like an infectious dis-ease that has nothing to do with the whole truth or democracy or true freedom. 

All of it is a quaint lie of vast distortions geared towards distracting one from complete awareness. A stealth movement to deny the creative impulse of divine truth.

On the other hand, doing nothing guarantees nothing but the same pain and suffering and limitations the mind has been weaving since one was taught what to believe and trained and conditioned to be obedient to those truths and those select truths that support somebody else's limitations.

To Be or not to Be, that is the question to contemplate on. I can't is never true, it is the mind's ultimate lie. It won't work because the beliefs are programs to ensure that which is not allowed (the whole living truth) disappears.

We are Creative Beings, Creators, made in God's image; not man's image. One can create based on their limitations, their beliefs, or they can let go of what they KNOW and allow the creative force within to express itself unconditionally without any limitations. One either surfs the Wave of Oneness or splashes around in a small mud puddle if you will, fantasizing it is an immense ocean. This fantasy is your worst nightmare, only know one knows it; can't know it and that' why you don't know it.

Awareness isn't knowing. Seriously, how can anyone know what chocolate tastes like if they've never had it? Really, are all the silly descriptive words going to make any sense whatsoever about what chocolate tastes like if you've never had it? I'm sure there is some fool out there who will say yes, in fact someone must, in order to continue the deluded fantasy of knowing.

That fool, that joker, is all in the mind cut off from awareness, thinking it knows, thinking it is separate and distinct, thinking it knows better than Creation itself.

Letting completely go is the ultimate freedom to being authentic. Authentic life is a roller coaster ride with absolutely no limits, and absolutely no beliefs. BEING creative is being tuned into authentic creation without any fear whatsoever.

Two poems that creation birthed through me years ago are relevant; and I am creation, just as you are creation; the one and the same creation:


9-05-13 -


"Forget about your life situation and pay attention to your life. Your life situation exists in time. Your life is now. Your life situation is mind-stuff. Your life is real."

          - Eckhart Tolle


We're fascinated by the words—but where we meet is in the silence behind them.”
          - Ram Dass

A Pastor Asks A Politician Why He Supports Gay Marriage. It Seems He Wasn't Prepared For His Reply.


9-07-13 -

This poetry slam touches the truth for females, but also males and those in between, regarding the passing on of generations of reasoning patterns of isms rooted in insanity. Humanity needs to go on a serious diet from thinking. 

Lily Myers - "Shrinking Women" (CUPSI 2013)     Lily Myers, performing for Wesleyan University at the 2013 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. This poem was awarded Best Love Poem at the tournament.


The link below lists numerous timed elapsed videos of nature in action, showing clouds moving and forming, thunderstorms unfolding, the Earth, sky, Sun, stars, and galaxy moving as one being of which we are participants.

Watching the clouds and lightening moving and expressing, one can realize Earth is a living being of which we are not separate from. Our thinking separates us from the living, breathing, intelligence that birthed us, not as separate from, but eternally bound in rhythmic awareness of our biological wholeness undivided; this is life and we are life, both one and the same. We breathe, the Earth breathes, we consume, the earth consumes in an endless cycle of mutual cooperation rooted in the same complexities of our own bodies biological processes; humanities problem is co-opting the truth for limitations. God or whatever WORD/CONCEPT one uses is not out there is some distant place, but right here, right now, everywhere in complete presence.

The sky, the clouds, the ground, the waters are all one undivided divine expression of which humanity deludes itself of being above and separate from, which explains why we pollute the very air, water, and soil essential to our very survival. Self loathing and self hatred are the results of thinking one is separate from all this divinity in action. Our greed is our fear born of reason and reveals why the many tend to bite the hand that feeds, nurtures, and supports them, not realizing with awareness that they bite only themselves. One cannot KNOW this, it must be realized through awareness.

The immensity of this awareness creates a vast prison break freeing one from the stale and sterility of delusional thinking. The many spend more time thinking and believing than they do listening, observing, and BEING present in silent wonder. Wonder/awareness cannot arise from thinking one knows. Wonder and awe are unknowable, meaning to say life is alive and FRESH. Knowing and believing are stale and dead.

Contemplate this, because the air we breathe is the air all around us and it never runs out because Earth is always creating, recirculating, recharging, rejuvenating, refreshing itself in BEING. The air we breathe is full of living atoms, alive, dancing in an incredible creative intelligent cooperation called life of which humanity KNOWS very little about. Nothing is wasted or dead, and is shared beyond the Earth in ways we have just barely scratched the surface in understanding. The whole truth presents itself when one steps into the wonder of awareness.

There are moments in the videos revealing the Sun, Moon and stars moving silently about and our conceptual beliefs have deluded us in thinking they move up or down, left or right, lightness or darkness, when in reality the whole Earth is revolving around like a vast merry go round. It should also be noted that our galaxy and all of life is all one movement like a vast mobile of waving particles. I can see why long ago the Church believed we were the center of the Universe, a sort of delusional fantasy of our own mind's making; an indication of deafness, dumbness, and blindness. Indigenous people, of which we have deluded ourselves as not being, were aware of this Oneness connection. Maybe not in scientific KNOWING, but in awareness they were quantifying long ago in awareness. Awareness is the balancing act.


I would add that they are extremely deaf, dumb, and blind from repetitive ignorance; the root of the word is "to ignore." This is what thinking gives rise to, because then one's ongoing repetitive trained thinking consolidates into concrete beliefs that maintain a barrier between thinking you know and awareness; mental prison. The many are dis-eased with mental grid lock of immense proportions. The many like to think they are extremely intelligent, but in reality it is merely sophisticated desensitization away from the whole truth.


What Does the Farm Bureau Have to Hide?

There is a link between one's health and wellness and quality food. Quantity is for numbers and profit. And your getting sick and dis-eased is also quantified for profits as well. The many are like sheep being led to slaughter in one form or another in body, mind, and spirit. Capitalism requires you buying into the game with your money, your health, your freedom, and doing it obediently without question. Profiting from anthers pain and suffering is indicative of profiteers pain and suffering. To put value in money over the health and wellness of the whole is indicative of insanity. And the many do nothing because they are insane as well. Fear is insanity. Fear of not getting what you want, fear of getting hurt, fear of not being good enough, fear of being abandoned, all mind's game for your de-VALUATION, hence the valuation of THINGS. The only fears we are born with are of loud noises and heights; all the rest are learned.


9-08-13 -

Shy Boy and his Friend Shock the Audience with The Prayer - Unbelievable

There is a short interview of these two prior to singing that relates to their performance and my comments:

The judgments that arise about others are merely our own self-judgments. That's the whole point of holding onto judgments in order to avoid our own judgments. Let them go and you are free. Non-judgment is a prayer and grace that can only be present now without needing the past or future for a crutch to avoid BEING authentic.

This Week in God

"First up from the God Machine this week is the latest controversy surrounding the Pledge of Allegiance, which some media personalities aren't handling well."

I was taught to recite this every day in school, long before I truly understood what it meant and before I understood how corrupt Church and State was then, just as it is now. I still do not say the pledge of allegiance nor do I stand up at public events when they sing the Star Spangled Banner. Reciting or singing does not make anyone anything other than obedient to what others might think if you don't follow along obediently.

When I was in the military, we'd go to see a movie on base and before it would start, you had to stand up, remove your hat while the Star Spangled Banner played. Until one has the experience of being told you no longer have the same rights as a citizen in boot camp, and have your freedom limited in various ways, does it begin to sink in that something is seriously f$$ked; the dollar sign is a clue. It's called ideology and true freedom is not an ideology, it is a state of divine grace not dependent on fear, manipulation, coercion, intimidation, violence, obedience, and others judgments about what truth is from the thinking masses rooted in various states of fear, paranoia, and hysteria. Real truth has no use for any of that nonsense, which is why truth is not so well received by those in power and those who are obedient sheep, goats, and cattle.

Some of you out there were in my high school physics class when we decided to play a joke on our physics teacher by hiding out in our biology teacher's room next door (the rooms were connected), and when the bell rang for class to start, he was wondering where all his students were. Our biology teacher, who was our class advisor, played along by going through the connecting doors asking him where his students were. A minute later we all pretended to be cows mooing as we shuffled through the connecting room into the physics room. He was not pleased at our humor at all.

My point is there was nothing wrong with a little humor and fun. Seriousness is a serious impediment to full awareness and freedom. This particular situation is but a grain of sand in the desert of the thinking mind where mirages come and go through the ages of deluded fantasies the many believe to fit in. And what is it the many fit into other than a mental prison managed by the few and enforced by the many who moo like cattle thinking getting others to be obedient will bring about an end to their pain and suffering; not so at all...

It should also be noted that all the while the pledge and songs were being sung by the herds of cattle, there were many who weren't white, Christian, male, heterosexual, of a particular class of money, ideologically aligned with the prescribed isms of insanity, who were being punished in various forms of retribution. So much for the idea of freedom, because it does not stand up to the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I also question that phrase as it has been used in the courts for a long time completely lacking the whole truth pretending to be justice. My recent jury duty experience was an incredible wakeup call regarding the judicial system, lawyers, and the law which was a complete joke.

How can we have true justice with people living in their heads in fantasy land; it is not possible. What we believe is our reality and until we wake up out of that delusion, we are not going to see the living truth as it truly is outside the mentally constructed prison.


9-09-13 -

"When life begins to seem like too much, we should take a moment to let the soul catch up with the body. Go out and find a song you love, a poem that touches your heart, and take the time to let the whisper of Heaven's voice come into your mind. Every day that you wake up and are still above the ground, that should be the only reason you need to be happy."

          - Quincy Jones


9-15-13 -


"When they tell you to grow up, they mean stop growing."

          - Tom Robbins


"Art should not whore itself to the marketplace, nor should it whore itself to the interior decoration industry. Art should set the agenda."

          - Terrance McKenna


"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experiences of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so."

          - Douglas Adams



9-22-13 -


When there is no fear, there is only love, and love is who and what we are beyond form. Form is the vehicle if you will, of which love, essence, presence (these words are touchstones to the same thing), interacts within matter. ONE could say it is all that MATTERS; the quantum conundrum of wave and particle have no reference point nor separation, yet each perspective is valid beyond reason without need of separating to justify confluence, conjunction, concurrence, cooperation, synchronism, simultaneousness, coexistence, coincidence.


Put in another way, it is a akin to being outdoors. Everything you see is not separate, yet the limited mind seeks to make sense of each individual thing, creating the IDEA of separation in order to IDENTIFY to create an IDEA of reality, a navigational map if you will. This is no way separates what is eternally whole and complete. This is a trick or rather a limitation of the mind, which has limited uses, but in the end is a prison by its very nature to focus, to narrow down to individual concepts to contextual a virtual reality.


Another way of viewing this is through the eye of a camera. Where you point the camera is what you see, what you focus on, shutting off the whole view from one's eyes and the mind does the same thing, making associations or judgments with each thing it comes to KNOW; BELIEVE. Also, realize that our visual viewpoint is limited by the range of our vision. One does not have 360° perspective, nor does it have the capacity to view all of Earth's nature 3-dimensionally; left, right, up, down, front, back simultaneously, yet that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That's the trap, that's the prison, the limitation, the distraction. One can experience all of this simultaneously when the mind lets go of creating a limited virtual reality to allow what is to present itself. I have personally experienced this numerous times and it leaves the mind startled an unable to understand, because it is not some-thing one can think about; that's the rub, the limitation, the prison of the minds limited capacity to KNOW. One does not need to know anything to experience this, one merely needs to let go of KNOWING limiting, habitual thinking patterns of believing; if one thinks it's good, it's good; if one thinks it's bad, it's bad; non-thinking reveals a greater truth rooted in the whole truth of true reality. The need to understand ultimately ventures into fear, because fear in actuality is limitation of truth necessary to create the illusion of security; there is no such thing as security in the long run. As Helen Keller stated quite eloquently:


"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. It is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."


Once one realizes how the mind functions as an orienting processor (think of this like a computer processor), then one can utilize this ability without the need to identify with it, because it is the identifying with things that takes one away from the awareness that is always present in truth without needing to identify with any THING. Life is always ONE, whole, complete, essence of creation that is always (all-ways) living simultaneously everywhere. This process is what awareness is, and is similar to navigation instrumentation used in driving a car or plane, using sensory data to ascertain direction, speed, orientation as it relates to space/time/objects, weather conditions, vehicle warning lights or malfunctions, but one is not those things, they are merely sensory data for orientation. One could say scientific data as a baseline that ultimately becomes distorted with cultural ideologies that ultimately distort the whole truth in favor of their preferential limitations. What one prefers to selectively choose out of the whole is what becomes the limitation, the prison, the belief of fears that create closed systems called paradigms.


Young children do not have this capacity to limit reality, so they see the world as it really is without needing to have words to BE PRESENT with the whole truth without any judgment whatsoever. Life as it flows ever onward, is what it is. Those adults who are able to mature towards letting go of beliefs are able to open the doors of authentic unlimited perception void of beliefs. Ultimately, concepts at best can only be touchstones, of stepping into the non-conceptual language of awareness. Awareness is the living truth that exists without separation. This shift of orienting out one's mind at first can be quite frightening, but it must be realized that fear is the process sensing one is moving outside the box of conformity, outside the box of belief, that the processor, the border guard if you will between what is known and unknown has been activated. This guardian of your idea of security was created as a child to ensure obedience to adults in order to survive without being abused in one form or another or abandoned; it is a survival mechanism and nothing more. It is not rooted in authentic reality, but rooted in obeying cultural reality. Eventually one comes to realize cultural reality is not living, but an ongoing death to authentic life outside the box of conformity.


One has to BE re-educated to the whole truth in order to sufficiently navigate out of the closed mindedness, the imprisonment in order to be free to experience the truth of Oneness, of non-separation, of seeing reality without limitation, without blinders, without fear masquerading as the truth. This takes time, effort, persistence, and lots of patience as one remembers the truth. This being asleep, unconscious, imprisoned is literally a form of amnesia, and from my own experience of remembering authentic BEING, cannot be truly realized through the intellectualized processes that so called modern psychology knows. To put it bluntly, in general, they continue to perpetuate the problem with their lack of awareness outside their box of conforming to scientific/cultural ideologies. And on the same note, in general, religious organizations perpetuate the same problem with their lack of awareness outside their intellectualized box of conforming to religious/cultural ideologies.


The truth of awareness is not dependent on other's approval, yet it can be of value to find others who are waking up out of the box seeking to realize the whole truth. Your intuitive sense is your connection to truth. Intuition is always present, one just needs to break through their conditioning, their obedience to the ideologies one has been trained and brainwashed into believing. As a wise acquaintance once told me, "Sherman, it's none of your business what people think about you." His statement would take me several years of diligence to begin the process of breaking down the walls of imprisonment to others approval. Ultimately in the end, your own approval is all that matters. As long as you are harming no other person, be true to your inner awareness of the whole truth. This is not an easy thing to extricate one's self from, but with diligence, can be accomplished, and it is the truth that begins to reveal itself to you that becomes your guiding light if you will. Truth is sentient, alive, vibrant, aware, brilliant, wise beyond anything the mind could possibly come up with in knowing. Awareness will show the way without fear. This does not mean fear will go away, because one's conditioning is an immense habitual reaction away from truth.


The only two fears we are born with are of loud noises and height. All the rest are learned and rooted in cultural mental constructs of the limitations of belief structured to resist the whole truth. Don't think about it too much, rather be aware and present for truth that is always present. Listen with your intuitive senses to become more aware and you will realize the door to presence has never been closed or locked, but merely overlooked by beliefs that distract one from being aware.



9-25-13 -


I was reading  a fiction story with characters who had been conditioned to not smile, to be proper, disciplined, refined, aloof, stuffy, and the main character inquired if it was possible for the entire staff to smile and laugh rather than looking somber, which they had been trained to do. After a moment of silence, the person in charge said that they could, and he even managed to illustrate this with a smile of his own. Clearly he was very much out of practice with such facial contortions and the result looked more like a grimace than a smile, but at least the thought was there.


 And, it reminded me of humanity's conditioning, where the many in general, rarely look someone approaching them in the eye and acknowledge their presence authentically without judgment. And the that brought tears to my eyes upon realizing how humans are incredibly out of touch with BEING able to truly smile from a completely non-judgmentally open heart with Divine Presence shining outward. Surrendering the judgments is what true surrender is about. The distinction is the difference from the Sun and the Arctic Circle of absolute zero; Love Shining brightly versus mental icing on frozen solid mental beliefs, caked in glacial icing imprisoned with stone walled monosyllable delusions, bought and sold for an eternity in a hellish nightmare, masquerading as heaven chained and rooted on one side to a past that does not exist, and on the other side, chained and rooted in a future that does not exist in order to KNOW truth rather than BE TRUTH; this is the separation.


When one experiences a small helpless infant crying at the moment upon entering the world of form, the gift is revealed, the key to oneness is held in the awareness of the sacrifice given in love. It can never be known, intellectually understood, or mentally figured out. It just is without needing to think or know or needing to do anything but be completely emancipated by a tsunami of compassionate surrender to a love beyond the beginning and the ending of life itself. Where nothing is everything and everything is nothing. To be so present that all of life sparkles like all the stars in heaven and dances like all the atoms in the eternity of waves oscillating and dancing endlessly in golden oceanic silence in an eternal endless womb of complete acceptance and surrender to love. it is truly all that exists.





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