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List Of Things To Do For Children

Experience and observation indicate that many of these abilities can only be developed and consistently exercised by people who are aware of the power which they have over their own thoughts, feelings, emotions and imaginings. People who feel disenfranchised, betrayed, victimized, hurt or manipulated by others, are apparently not able to exercise or to help others to exercise these abilities and, in fact, may cause repression of these abilities in others.

The exercise of many of these and similar abilities and the ability to help others to develop these abilities constructively, appears to require a sense of connectedness, of oneness, of "love" between the beings and entities who exchange these types of information and influence. To help people to find joy, fulfillment and peace in the exercise of these abilities, my experiences and observations indicate that care must be taken to ensure that people understand that the exercise of these abilities must be done with the intent to help and serve others.

The more that we help people to develop these abilities, the less we can rely on secrecy, privacy, confidentiality and deception. A psychic child or adult may not be able to discern what is "true", but they can always tell when someone is being deceptive or manipulative.


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Updated: 12/28/08