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"music moves the body, mind, soul and spirit; it can cut through all the walls to heal ourselves. I'm concerned about what words and sounds I take in and how they affect my consciousness, either negatively or  positively; they can make or break you. how do words and sounds affect you? music can bring up grief, anger, joy, sadness, ecstasy and more. it can awaken the body to its own senses and to other dimensions of being."  -Sherman Buck

"Music can be used in a positive way to help people. It can be a means of transformation."
        -Tim Wheater


The Role of Music In Healing - Sally Oldfield

Music Therapy - One would think a person would know how to use music to heal, but not necessarily. We are conditioned by a lot of mainstream music, and there is a lot of peer pressure to listen to certain types, depending on what group you belong too. There's as much judgments around music as there is around sex, work, play, drugs, money, denotes if you're cool, hip, hot, real, down, in it, on it, groove in it...most people believe they know who they are and what they like. People thought slavery was ok too and that woman couldn't vote, and that children were property...oops they still are, and we still have racism and slavery in different modes. Question Reality...Question what you listen too. if you have enough common sense and wisdom, one can use music to heal without needing a therapist too.

Digitally Imported - Free Electronic Music Radio 24/7: Lots of different types of music to listen to.

Murray Perahia - pianist who discusses Bach's music as spiritual 

Luciano Pavarotti

Paul Schwartz

Sigur-Ros - Icelandic Band

Tim Wheater - Inspirational music - his voice is incredible

Earth, Wind, And Fire - favorite song is "fantasy"

Rush - Favorite album "2112"

Saint-Saens - Piano Concertos Nos. 3 & 5

Beethoven - 

Bach - 

Martinu - Works for violin and piano - Bohuslav Matousek (violin) and Petr Adamec (piano).

Sally Oldfield - Techno singer noted for her classic song "Mirrors." The words and lrics are amazing, giving me these incredible energy rushes out the crown chakra. Here's an article she wrote on "The Role of Music In Healing."


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Updated: 7/10/10