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Music Therapy

American Music Therapy Association - Music therapy is the prescribed use of music by a qualified person to effect positive changes in the psychological, physical, cognitive, or social functioning of individuals with health or educational problems.

Music Therapy and Using Music In Therapy - The Power of Music as a Coping Skill. This site is your source for information on how to help children and adolescents use popular music, something they already listen to and enjoy, as a way to express their feelings.

Matthew J. Bush, MSW, LSW has developed some very exciting and innovative techniques for use in therapy with children and adolescents.  One does not need to be knowledgeable of music therapy to apply these techniques.  On this site you will find articles about how popular music can be used in therapy, suggestions of popular music with therapeutic messages, and information about Matt's recent publication, Utilizing Music as a Coping Skill: Featuring the Music of Freudian Slip which was recently featured in an issue of Counseling Today!

Also featured on this site is Freudian Slip, Matt's therapeutic rock band which features original music which takes a direct look at human emotion.  The songs focus on topics such as depression, abuse, addiction, and so forth.  These songs have been composed by Matt throughout his years as a therapist and represent struggles in his own life as well as those of his clients.  Includes songs written by children in therapy!


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