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Out of the ashes our spirit, untainted, untarnished,

arises more stronger from it's pain.

Awareness brings choice, understanding, and forgiveness

of ourselves and others.


So, let your fires consume you,

and in your mourning,

your tears will put out the flames

and nourish the ashes to grow once again.

For this is the eternal flow of grace

from the heavens within us.


Understand not what you think,

but what you feel rippling beneath the surface

of the mask you've made so carefully.

To accept your creation of authentic Self,

is to be in control once again of ones timeless destiny.


Your escape and survival built this mask,

yet your eyes have holes to see.

The eyes hold the windows to the Soul.

These windows offer an exit if one can feel the Soul.


Come forth and join me in the feeling,

To be vulnerable to life,

And whole in heart.


Sherman R. Buck