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"Living Color"


I wish for you colors of life, freedom, and acceptance.

Colors that mix, blend, and flow with no definition, no boundaries.

Feeling each strand of brilliance to its core.

Warming to the touch of possibilities.

The potential for creating reality from wisps of dreams.

The self flowing from within to form exquisite renditions

that reflects your colors, your brilliance.


You hold the brush, your colors are within and the water to blend is your eternal energy

Paint so that I might gaze upon the brilliance of your soul.

To learn from your creativity the realms of ecstasy that I cannot fathom.

Paint the way to my doorstep with bold strokes that bring the paper to life.

Life that dances, plays, and tickles the Beingness of my soul.


Can we dance together to create a dream that defies dreams?

I would love to gaze into the depths of your color

and mirror the rainbow you contain within yourself.

I know I would finally find myself in you.

Mirror mirror on the wall…


Sherman R. Buck

April 13, 1993