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“What I want”


What I want is always complex

What I need is really simple

The things I want I think about

The things I need I feel

When I think about stuff obsessed, the wants

I’m caught up in frustration, expectation

This sense of not enough


There never seems to be enough

Time, stuff, and love

And especially my sense of self


When I feel in my depths

I’m taken down the steps

To what it is I need

To things that sooth my soul

That nurtures my Self to stillness


When I let go of what I want

And get clear about who I am

I can let what’s best for me

Find my life, my void


The time is now to fill the whole

Which lies so deep within the soul

Where Spirit left so long ago

For when its time to know


The day is now to fill this space

 With deeds of love and grace

To ease the fears and tears within

To see beyond these inner clouds

Allows the Soul to shine again


Sherman R. Buck

March 1998