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"There is no such thing as a heterosexual or homosexual; no one can be a desire. A person can only experience desire within the full spectrum of spirituality, of which sexuality is eternally entwined with. To deny your sexuality is to deny your spirituality. Divinity does not care what desire you are attracted to, they are more concerned that you authentically follow your heart. Being authentic is consciously choosing in every moment what one is drawn to in spirit rather than being imprisoned by the egos cultural idea of intellectual correctness. One is living and the other is death." - Sherman R. Buck


The Trevor Project - The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

Being gay is unnatural, is it true? - Byron Katie

Cultivating an Embodied Inner Lover - by Cherie Byrd, MA

Three’s Company Or four or more…polyamory in Portland is practically trendy. But does it work? - The following article was printed in Just Out, Oregon's only queer news magazine  and posted here with the editors permission.

Facing The Real Taboo: Love & Sex - by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

Body Pleasure And The Origins Of Violence

Love n War - Excellent article on how people in general react to war and how they react to sex. Based on the old 60's saying, "Make love not war."

The Origin Of Homophobia

The Electronic Journal Of Sexuality - Disseminates knowledge about all aspects of human sexuality to the widest possible international community. One can search for particular topics on the Google search engine for the entire website.

America’s Fidelity Crisis: Politics, Hypocrisy and Family Values - Article has some interesting perspectives to contemplate on in regards to our cultural software on sexuality via cultural norms.

Avoiding Heterosexual Bias in Language - The American Psychological Association guidelines for removing bias in language when writing about research, and in professional articles and books. An excellent read to begin to question how cultural conditioning has formed your idea of sexuality in language. 

Gender And Sexuality - This page publishes texts which address gender studies and queer studies, with a particular focus upon discussions of sex, gender, sexual identity and sexuality in cultural practices.

Am I Really Different? - By Dawn Menkin Ph.D.

Reviewer: "I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Dawn Menken offers fresh and unusual insights on the topics of diversity, sexuality, love and intimacy. Her process-oriented approach is unique and offers a much needed open-mindedness to a field where dogma often prevails. The book is very supportive to those of us struggling with issues of marginalization. Thank you for writing it Ms. Menken."


Freedom To Marry - Freedom to Marry is the gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality nationwide. headed by Evan Wolfson, one of America's leading lesbian/gay rights advocates and lawyers, Freedom to Marry brings new resources and a renewed context of urgency and opportunity to this social justice movement.

SIECUS - The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS) is a national, nonprofit organization which affirms that sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living. Incorporated in 1964, SIECUS develops, collects, and disseminates information, promotes comprehensive education about sexuality, and advocates the right of individuals to make responsible sexual choices.

Boys Will Be Boys...Or Not: straight talk about gender - Most people don't know it, but there are more than two sexes, and way more than two genders

Sex Education  - Links to sexual information sites. The complete truth will set you free and allow you to get rid of the doubt, shame, guilt that inhibits our spiritual wholeness. The family, schools, state, and church don't tell you all you need to be a fully functioning sexual being. They don't want you to know because they are terrified of sexuality. Why? because it's "the" direct connection to spirit and breaks down the walls of cultural conditioning. Those afraid of sex live in their heads, imprisoned by their egos. If one has a healthy functioning sexuality without all the shame and guilt layered on it, then one is much more aware, more conscious. Sexuality is our spirituality. Having a sex education that covers all aspects of sexuality, to include discussions about techniques, feelings, problems, pleasures, and boundaries is a right. I consider not teaching all of this information sexual abuse and spiritual abuse. Sex feels good, yet no one ever talks about this aspect of it and how to increase it.

"Harmful To Minors", a wonderful book about children and teenagers sexuality and sex education. We were all young once and understanding the mindset and ideology of the past can help make adults more conscious of what was done to them and how it affected their sexuality. And, it can also awaken us to what is presently going on in our society with religious political pressures to silence and limit sex and sex education, as if one groups of individuals morality is a basis for everyone. NOT. Young ones who grow up with limited information and understanding become limited adults.

My Perspectives On Sexuality

Sex - Excerpts From Holoworld

205 Arguments In Favor Of Naturism - This 1996 article from K. Bacher offers some good reasons for nudity acceptance. The article discusses the implications of our sexuality and the attempts to suppress it in culture. The PDF version includes Bacher's supporting footnotes and bibliography from the naturist, general and academic press. You can also find other nudism/naturism related sites here

Why Queer: Escaping The Gay/Straight Trap - By XP magazine's Mike Glatze

Society For Human Sexuality - We are a social and educational organization whose purpose is to promote understanding and appreciation for the many forms of adult intimate relationships and consensual sexual expression.

Genders: - Presenting innovative works in the arts, humanities, and social theories. We publish essays about gender and sexuality in relation to social, political, artistic, and economic concerns. Extensive links to other sites.

The Intersex Society of North America - (ISNA) is devoted to systemic change to end shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries for people born with an anatomy that someone decided is not standard for male or female. We urge physicians to use a model of care that is patient-centered, rather than concealment-centered:

  • Intersexuality is basically a problem of stigma and trauma, not gender.
  • Parents' distress must not be treated by surgery on the child.
  • Professional mental health care is essential.
  • Honest, complete disclosure is good medicine.
  • All children should be assigned as boy or girl, without early surgery.

"How to Do Things with Fetishism" - by E. L. McCallum

The World History of Male Love

The Home of Gay/Bisexual Youth Suicide - I find it disturbing for a society to talk of love and then hate and devalue others at the same time. This is not love, it is a sickness born of fear and self loathing in oneself...

Homo-Negativity & Its Manifestations: Sexual Prejudice: Understanding Homophobia and Heterosexism

Sexual Orientation: Science, Education, and Policy

"Heterosexism' is what we all need a cure for" - by Kevyn Jacobs

Homophobia verses Heterosexism: Is There a Difference? Adam J. Nelson created this as an introduction to Homophobia and Heterosexism training with Resident Assistants, Advisors, and Coordinators. He states it works rather well as a safe environment for discussion and is rich with potential student participation. If you would like him to facilitate this program, please contact him.



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Updated: 6/13/2013