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Spiritual Psychology


My Spiritual Psychology concentration proposal for my BA degree at Fairhaven college

A definition paper I wrote on Spiritual Psychology  for a Library research class at Western Washington University.

The School of Spiritual Psychology -  This site offers another definition of spiritual psychology as well as some interesting articles.

This scholarly site includes all the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. There's a lot of information here.

Articles by David J. Lincoln: "Negative Thoughts" and "Empathicness...The next step in the evolution of mankind?"

Here's a spiritual psychology test

A Healing Place by the Arasini Foundation offers another definition of spiritual psychology

An article in the Detroit Free Press entitled, "Spiritual psychology focuses on the soul" by Ted Braude.

The spiritual psychology of Dr. Peebles.

This particular site has an exercise I found interesting to work with and some extensive links.

A book entitled, "The Conquering Soul," which I ran across that has a brief introduction worth reading.,1981280/yid,53205353


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Updated: 7/10/10