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“Man is the mirror which God holds up to himself, or the sense organ with which he apprehends his being.”

-C. G. Jung


by Paul Levy

Jung was fond of making an analogy between the formation of symbols in the unconscious and the solidification of crystals in a saturated solution. For example, if we dissolve sugar in a solution of water, the solution will eventually reach a saturation point. If a single grain of sugar is then added to the solution, a crystalline structure will spontaneously appear in the solution. Any moment of self-reflection could be the very grain of sugar, so to speak, that initiates this process. This is true not only individually, but collectively as a species as well. Any one of us recognizing the dream-like nature of our situation, owning our shadow, doing our inner (and outer) work, and waking up to our true nature might be the very act, the very grain of sugar that initiates a change in the entire universe.

Our current planetary situation is clearly one of great instability. Chaos theory points out that times such as these, in which there is a high level of chaos, are actually ‘supersensitive’ situations, which are highly responsive to even the smallest change or fluctuation in the system. This literally means that a change in any single individual's consciousness can potentially have an amplified effect on the entire system in a way that was unimaginable and simply not possible before 9/11. Never before in the history of humankind has consciousness itself been of such importance.

Since 9/11, there is increased pressure in the alchemical vessel of both our individual and collective psyches, which means something is more accessible for us to realize now than before 9/11. A situation such as ours, Jung describes, involves man in a new responsibility. He can no longer wiggle out of it on the plea of his littleness and nothingness, for the dark God has slipped the atom bomb and chemical weapons into his hands and given him the power to empty out the apocalyptic vials of wrath on his fellow creatures. Since he has been granted an almost godlike power, he can no longer remain blind and unconscious. He must know something of God's nature and of metaphysical processes if he is to understand himself and thereby achieve gnosis of the Divine.

Jung continued by saying, “If ever there was a time when self-reflection was the absolutely necessary and only right thing, it is now, in our present catastrophic epoch.” Self-reflection is actually a bending backwards and is a privilege born of human freedom, in contradistinction to the compulsion of the daemonic. To self-reflect is a genuinely spiritual act, which is, essentially, the act of becoming conscious. Any one of us self-reflecting and recognizing the dream-like nature of our situation is immediately registered and invested in the ‘psi bank,’ the collective consciousness of humankind, where it gains incredible ‘interest,’ so to speak. It is truly the best ‘investment’ any of us could possibly make. The act of self-reflection activates a process of transformation in the archetypal realm, which results in the incarnation of God through humanity, i.e., the light of consciousness is born. This is why Jung said, “God becomes manifest in the human act of reflection.”

Jung asked, “But what does man possess that God does not have? Because of his littleness, puniness and defenselessness against the Almighty, he possesses, as we have already suggested, a somewhat keener consciousness based on self-reflection.” [Emphasis added] By self-reflecting, we play a key role in the divine incarnation process, as we become the medium or instrument through which God becomes aware of and reconciles, resolves and re-unites the opposites intrinsic to the totality of Its nature, which includes both light and dark. For Jung, the human act of self-reflection forces God, so to speak, to “empty himself of his Godhead” and incarnate through humanity “in order to obtain the jewel which man possesses in his self-reflection.”

This is what Jung meant when he said, “Whoever knows God has an effect on him.” We play an active, participatory, and crucial role in the process of divine transformation and incarnation. We are the aperture through which God becomes aware of Itself. Jung elaborated by saying, “God needs man in order to become conscious, just as he needs limitation in time and space. Let us therefore be for him limitation in time and space, an earthly tabernacle.”

Jung continued,

The fact that it is precisely a process of human reflection that irrationally creates the uniting ‘third’ [what Jung calls the transcendent function, or reconciling symbol; it can also be thought of as a form of grace] is itself connected with the nature of the drama of redemption, whereby God descends into the human realm and man mounts up to the realm of divinity.

This is the inner meaning of alchemy, in which the ego (humanity) and the Self (God) mutually redeem each other. The Self (God) becomes humanized (incarnate) and the ego (us) becomes deified (blessed). An individual accepting responsibility for his role in the divine drama of incarnation, Jung said, “…means practically that he become adult, responsible for his existence, knowing that he does not only depend on God but that God also depends on man.”

One individual having the realization of the symbolic, dream-like nature of our situation makes it easier and more accessible for others to have the same realization, for we are all non-locally connected. Any one of us self-reflecting might be the very grain of sugar that tips the scales, initiating a phase shift in the collective consciousness of humankind. The hundredth monkey’s realization precipitates an expansion of consciousness in the entire species. Like the symbolic number 144,000 in the Book of Revelations, if enough of us wake up to what is being revealed, we act as so much yeast in the dough, helping the bread of this universe to leaven successfully. We are then in a position to avert a potential catastrophe and experience second-order change, which is not a change within a given system, but is an up-leveling of the very system in which we find ourselves.

We, both individually and collectively, can, in real time, the present moment, literally wake up and recognize the dream-like nature of our situation. This is to “achieve gnosis of the Divine.” Ultimately, this realization does us no good, however, unless we can share it with each other and turn one another on to this deeper understanding. When we are able to co-operatively put our realization together like this, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. A benevolent, loving, and higher power becomes activated and available to us when we co-relate to each other from the heart. Talking about the “rabbi Jesus,” Jung pointed out that he was trying “…to introduce the more advanced and psychologically more correct view that not fidelity to the law but love and kindness are the antithesis of evil.” [Emphasis added] When enough of us tap into this greater power, we can unite like T cells, healing the disease that is infecting our body politic.

When enough of us achieve gnosis of the Divine, which is to become lucid in the dream of life, we can co-inspire each other and collectively activate what in Star Wars is called The Force. The Force, genuinely benevolent at its core, has always been with us but we were unconsciously wielding it in a way that not only hasn’t served us, but we’ve been using it in a way that was destroying us. When we configure ourselves so that we can consciously use The Force, mediated through the heart and for the benefit of the whole, a power becomes available to us that we did not have access to when we were separate and dis-associated from each other. By getting into phase with each other, we are able to transduce The Force, a higher-dimensional energy, into our 3-D reality. We become a conduit for The Force to be used consciously, compassionately and constructively, in a way that is beneficial for the whole.

When channeled through the heart, The Force becomes what I call a “higher-dimensional weapon of peace.” It’s grace-waves are undetectable by the most advanced radar and more powerful than any military. The energy fueling it has greater intelligence than all the intelligence agencies on the planet combined, as its intelligence is derived from the very source of intelligence itself. It is stronger than any government on the planet and because it is empowered and blessed, it has true authority. This higher-dimensional weapon of peace has the indestructible quality of a diamond, as there is nothing that can stand up to it.

This higher-dimensional weapon of peace, once it gains sufficient momentum, becomes self-generating. It is then able to dis-arm and dis-spell any energy not in service to the whole. This higher-dimensional weapon of peace is a consciousness generator and heart-opener that is continually assimilating its environment. This is to say that once our higher-dimensional weapon of peace arsenal gains a certain strength, it will continue to enlarge itself and expand outward, which is to say that it attracts the rest of the universe into itself.

Accessing The Force is to tap into what physicists call the quantum vacuum. The quantum vacuum is anything but empty, however. It is a field of living energy that has nearly boundless potentiality, luminosity, and sentience. The quantum vacuum is a fullness, or plenum, which pervades and is not separate from all the physical forms of this universe. This quantum plenum, consciously used, expresses itself as the over-unity energy generating technology in physics (of which zero point energy is a subset). In over-unity technology, we achieve more energy out from a system than we put in. This is to go from a paradigm of lack and scarcity, where resources are limited, to a state of genuine abundance and prosperity for all. Our accessing any form of over-unity technology (whether it be zero point technology in physics or The Force in the meta-physics of consciousness) is the worst nightmare of the powers-that-be (such as the oil companies), as this is a form of energy that by its nature is sustainable, not monopolizable and instead of dividing, it unites people.

The same dreaming mind dreaming our dreams at night is collectively dreaming up the waking dream we call our universe. Something deeper than ourselves is having a dream, and we are it: both the dream, as well as the dreamer. All six billion of us are the dream characters of what I call the ‘Deeper, Dreaming Self.’ To quote Jung, “But in reality we seem rather to be the dream of somebody or something independent of our conscious ego.” And this Deeper, Dreaming Self, this something “independent of our conscious ego,” is the dreamer of the dream, and not only is it not separate from ourselves, it IS our True Self.

We are dreaming up our universe, while concurrently our universe is dreaming us up in an acausal, atemporal, non-linear feedback loop. Once we realize that we are the conduit through which the universe is being dreamed up into incarnation, we can collaboratively co-create, I imagine, what I call an “Art-Happening Called Global Awakening.” This is a creative and visionary work of living art in which we remember our true identities as creative, multi-dimensional, visionary artists and dreamers whose tool is the divine imagination and whose canvas is the universe itself. Stepping into our true nature as artists crafting this universe while simultaneously being expressions of the very universe we are crafting, we realize we can co-inspire each other in a way that helps us all.

The act of expressing and incarnating our realization of the dream-like nature of the universe is itself the medium through which we deepen our realization. This is to say that the act of giving shape and form to our realization of the dream-like nature of our universe is ‘Art’ in the deepest sense of the word, as it is truly a process transforming both ourselves and the world in which we live. For the deeper purpose of Art, to quote philosopher Friedrich Schiller, “…is not merely to translate the human being into a momentary dream of freedom, but actually to make him free.”

If you ask what exactly is the Art-Happening Called Global Awakening, I will respond by asking what you imagine it to be. If you realize right now, in this very moment, that we are all dreaming, how would you, as the artist and dreamer, creatively engage with the dream so as to dream it to its highest unfoldment? How do you imagine the dream wants to dream itself through you?

In the Art-Happening Called Global Awakening, we can become what I call an “in-phase dreaming circle,” which is actually an organism of a higher dimension. Instead of there being x number of seemingly separate, fragmented selves, in an in-phase dreaming circle we recognize our interdependence and interconnectedness. We realize that we are all on the same side, that we are not separate, but all parts of a greater being. Once we realize this, we discover that it is literally within our God-given power to collaboratively hook up with each other and put our sacred power of dreaming together in such a way that we can change the dream we are having and literally dream ourselves awake. This is a radical, revolutionary, and epochal quantum leap in consciousness that is fully capable of being imagined into being in this very moment.

The universe is dreaming itself awake, and it is dreaming itself awake through the most awake and visionary among us. To have this realization is not to go out of our minds (crazy); on the contrary, it is to find ourselves inside of our minds, which is to say we have recognized we are dreaming.

As part of the Art-Happening Called Global Awakening, we would have a team of creative ‘memetic engineers,’ I imagine. Memes are self-replicating thought forms, like thought viruses. Memes can either be potentially fear-based and negative, or inspiring, empowering and positive. When a group of people collaboratively invest in the reality of a particular meme, they can literally evoke what the meme is both expressing and an expression of into incarnation. Memes are the instruments with which we, knowingly or unknowingly, create our reality. This is why the very first words in The Dhammapada, the Wisdom Sayings of the Buddha, are as follows: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” When we collectively entertain a thought-form as having a certain reality, we literally materialize that very thought-form into full-bodied incarnation; we dream it up.

When enough people invest their attention into particularly potent memes, we can not only change our consciousness, but the world as well. Certain memes are impregnated, so to speak, practically blessed with the potential to materialize themselves into full-bodied manifestation. It is as if certain memes are encoded with a higher-dimensional energy (The Force) that becomes liberated and activated when enough people collectively invest them with attention and contemplate their meaning. In other words, certain memes are invested with the energy to actualize what they are expressing when enough people contemplate them together. These empowered memes are themselves expressions of, and apertures into, a deeper process of awakening that the universe is going through.

Just like a symbol in a dream, these liberating memes are both an expression (reflects) and an actualization (effects) of what they are pointing at. These memes are like higher-dimensional portals through which we are able to change the programming of the ‘cosmic computer.’ When we collectively realize the power of memes to create our shared reality, we become like instruments in an orchestra who can collaboratively make music so beautiful, it is as if inspired by the divine.

We can create, I imagine, memes that have the power to awaken us when we collectively contemplate them. ‘The Universe is a Dream’ is an example of such a meme. Imagine what would happen as more and more of us actually consider the meaning of ‘The Universe is a Dream’ meme. If the meme is true (i.e., that the universe is a dream), then the meme itself is an expression of the dream-like nature of the universe, while simultaneously being something that we have dreamed up in this very moment so as to wake ourselves up.

Once we stop superimposing our concretized mental constructs upon the canvas of reality and contemplate its dream-like nature, we allow reality to be as it truly is and to reveal to us its dream-like nature. We don’t have to make it become like a dream, it already IS a dream. Once we stop solidifying our fluid, dream-like universe, we allow it to naturally resume its revelatory function. As more and more people contemplate memes that liberate, we will dream up a universe where more of us are truly free.

As part of the Art-Happening Called Global Awakening, I imagine we’d all connect with each other as spiritually informed political activists. We would truly understand the dynamics of shadow projection, which means we wouldn’t demonize George Bush or anyone else. I imagine that we, as a species, would recognize that wanting to destroy the evil that seemingly exists ‘out there’ is itself a reflection of the original act of turning against a part of ourselves, which is the impulse that is at the root of shadow projection. We would realize that wanting to destroy evil is the polar opposite of loving and serving God. Jung said, “If evil were to be utterly destroyed, everything daemonic, including God himself, would suffer a grievous loss, it would be like performing an amputation on the body of the Deity.”

Our realizing this means to embrace all of ourselves, which immediately dis-spells the need for having to project any shadow outside of ourselves. Because of the dream-like nature of this universe, owning and embracing our shadow will mean that we won’t have to dream up other people to terrorize us. When we project out our shadow in a dream, the dream has no choice but to manifest someone to pick up the role and embody our projected shadow; when we withdraw our shadow projection, the dream instantaneously reflects this change. When enough of us withdraw our shadow projections from the world, the world will have no choice but to reflect back this very change in our consciousness, as the world itself is nothing other than a reflection of our consciousness. In fact, more than just a reflection of our consciousness, the universe IS our consciousness, which is to say that the universe is a dream.

Instead of having a large number of progressive groups that are mostly fragmented and separate from each other, each working in their own isolated ways, in the Art-Happening Called Global Awakening, I imagine, we would connect with each other and pool together our collective, creative genius. So many well-intentioned groups are trying to be of service, but in working independently, they are only able to do limited amounts of good. When we consciously connect with each and realize our interdependence, The Force becomes available to us. This realization of our interconnectedness allows us to become a source of enormous creative power that, channeled through the heart, co-activates and co-inspires everyone. As our inspiration deepens and stabilizes, we are able to dream up The Force in even more potent ways, which inspires us even further, as we tap into the over-unity technology of consciousness itself. This is a positive feedback loop which, once it reaches a certain momentum, becomes self-generating. We need to fully step into our God-given roles as spiritually informed political co-activists. As we hook up and mutually co-activate each other towards higher and more refined levels of co-operation, The Force reveals its Divine nature.

To re-associate with each other is an expression that we are healing our state of (shamanic) dismemberment. To re-associate is to re-member, which like Humpty Dumpty, is to put ourselves back together as one. As we re-associate with ourselves inwardly, we re-connect with each other outwardly, and visa versa, as the inner and the outer are reflections of each other.

It is as though God has been suffering from a case of multiple personality disorder, with Its infinitude of parts dissociated from one another. According to a myth in the Kabbalah, God poured his divine light into vessels, some of which broke and scattered the light throughout the darkness. The universe (including ourselves) was created in order to gather, retrieve and re-collect all of the light and to repair the broken vessels. Similar imagery is found in Gnosticism. Re-collecting the light is nothing other than soul retrieval, as we both individually and collectively become the very containers that can carry the light. Instead of dis-associating from ourselves, as well as each other, we re-associate with our genuine Self and with the fellow members of our human family. We can co-operatively help each other to step out of the illusion of being separate.

This process of re-collecting ourselves and remembering who we are involves owning our shadow, which includes both a dark AND light aspect. It is not just our darkest parts we project out. We also are just as willing to project onto someone else, be it Christ, Buddha, or our Guru, our positive, or our golden shadow, which is our highest genius. It is time for us to withdraw our negative and positive shadow projections and creatively express and incarnate our genuine selves, our true genius, for God’s sake, as well as our own. The world needs, and deserves, nothing less. To own our shadow (both positive and negative), and withdraw our projections is to embrace all of ourselves. This is to heal our inner fragmentation, which becomes reflected in the outer world as we re-connect with one another. This is to see through the illusion of the separate self, which is the symbolic death of which Jung speaks.

As part of the Art-Happening Called Global Awakening, instead of a think-tank, we would have ‘imagination tanks,’ I imagine, which is an entity that I will simply leave up to your imagination. In these imagination tanks we would come together and imagine ways to collectively activate and empower the reality-creating power of our sacred imagination. To quote Jung, “All the works of man have their origin in creative imagination…The creative activity of imagination frees man from his bondage to ‘nothing but’ and raises him to the status of one who plays. As Schiller says, ‘man is completely human only when he is at play.’” I imagine we would create what I call “The Center-less Center for Non-local Disease Control,” whose location is right here and right now, which is to say that we are it.

In these imagination tanks, I imagine that we’d discover how we could co-operatively put our divine creative imagination together so as to allow it to materialize itself through us. As we get in phase with each other, we would reciprocally empower each other into deeper stages of liberation, which is to literally dream ourselves awake. We would discover that if we are truly serving God, which is to say serving what is best for the whole, we become the instruments through which the Goddessence manifests Itself and makes Itself real in time.

Jung pointed out the “world-creating significance of the consciousness manifested in man,” [Emphasis added]. Because of its ability to help to create the universe, Jung called the consciousness manifesting in humanity “a divine instrument.” We are being invited to consciously realize ourselves as apertures through which the divine imagination is able to materialize itself into, as, and through our universe. In an evolutionary leap in consciousness, we realize we can co-operate with each other and literally and lucidly change the dream we are having. What a novel idea.

How do we imagine we would dream it? No one really gets it until we all do, as we are not separate from each other. Anything less than a full and utter global awakening would be unsatisfying. The only limitation is our own lack of imagination. This collective realization could happen faster than the twinkling of an eye. Maybe the entire global awakening starts right here, in this very moment, with ourselves.

Imagine what it would be like to dream ourselves awake. I imagine that in this very moment, you would be reading a book reminding yourself that you are dreaming. Seen as a dream, you have clearly dreamed up these very words in this very moment so as to awaken yourself to the dream-like nature of the universe. But being like a dream, this will only become true if you see it that way. As Viewed, So Appears. And if you tell me I am only dreaming, or imagining that this is so, I couldn’t agree more.

A spiritually informed political activist, Paul Levy is also an artist and healer in private practice, helping others who are spiritually awakening to the dream-like nature of reality. He is delighted to receive readers’ response to his articles, but regrets that time constraints in this 3-D reality do not always allow him to personally respond. He can be reached at Please visit Paul’s website at


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