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This is a list of relevant books for becoming conscious that I've found useful. There have been a lot of others that spirit moved me through to create a consciousness map to wake up out of thinking into nothing and back again. There are all sorts of ways spirit guides us to realizations and once the break through has come, they no longer hold validity as a higher awareness opens up another way, another direction, another insightful experience meant to break down the walls of mental constructs that were needed to make sense of the world. One cannot be in the world without having mental constructs, but one cannot BE in the world imprisoned in mental constructs. Full awareness is an experience beyond the mind, beyond concepts, beyond words, beyond beliefs and judgments. Nothing you could possibly think or believe can prepare you for the truth that is already there waiting patiently for you to arrive through presence.

I have chosen these particular teachers because their teachings are complete in regards to the issues of dysfunction. Of course, you will have to do the work and there are no guarantees on how long that will take to breakthrough the mental constructs that keep out the fullness of awareness. One has to be ready to be open to the truth and it is not always easy. The first Almaas book crossed my path in 2006, finding me while in a used bookstore looking for a book on creativity. I finally started reading that book in early 2010 and it took me a whole year to read. Getting through the mental constructs took a lot of work. The intensity of just a couple of pages here and there chipped away at the mental constructs. After a significant breakthrough in Fall 2011, I had the insight to begin reading some of Adyashanti's books and read all of them back to back within a year and then went back to reading the rest of Almaas's Diamond Heart books. The beauty of them allowed me to reclaim much of my own spiritual awakenings, helping to explain things that my mind dismissed because of its own limitations. I am thankful that others have paved the way for those who will naturally follow, much like the first cherry blossom blooming on a tree, with others following in an essential quickening of great magnitude, like and explosive Big Bang effect! It's also important to realize that we are all being led by our authentic being through various experiences that pave the way for our own blossoming if we are able to gain enough awareness to begin the extrication process; much like a butterfly must go through to exit its cocoon.

There are many teachings and I've gotten lost in them over the years and most didn't make sense to me and eventually they fell away and I realize now why, that they didn't speak to the greater intuitive sense that kept driving me onward until eventually another way began to present itself as I let go of the beliefs and ideas I was conditioned with that kept me deaf, dumb, and blind for a long time. I am thankful for these teachers and living in a time that allows the freedom of these teachings openly. A month ago, I was reading Almaas and realized that these books should be essential reads for the young in school, so that when they graduate, they are actually a fully functional and actualized human being. The nonsense that is taught there is for mental slavery in a world of drudgery and materialism born of reason, of fitting in, being accepted by one's peers, and finding one's place in the pecking order of insanity. No thanks! Been there, done that, and it was extremely painful, of which only came to my attention after decades of thinking everything was fine. I'm reminded of the story of the Ugly Duckling!

The following list is being updated continually as I recall individuals who created shifts for me:


Richard Bach

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Paul Williams

Das Energi

Remember Your Essence

Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now

A New Earth

Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements

Beyond Fear

The Voice of Knowledge


The End of Your World

Emptiness Dancing

True Meditation

Falling Into Grace

The Way of Liberation

A. H. Almaas

Diamond Heart Series:

Book One - Elements of the Real in Man

Book Two - The Freedom to Be

Book Three - Being and the Meaning of Life

Book Four - Indestructible Innocence

Book Five - Inexhaustible Mystery

Richard Moss

The Mandala of Being

Byron Katie - Offers Videos

I've not read her books, but subscribe to her newsletter that offers

awesome links to videos of her work in action.


Mooji - Offers Videos - Homophobic, but he does have good insights beyond that


The Upanishads (Sacred Teachings) [Kindle Edition] - Alistair Shearer, Peter Russell



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Updated: 11/30/2014