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 Children As Slaves

Psychologist/Author Scott M. Peck, has a short paragraph about children that speaks volumes to a crucial piece of how dysfunction is passed on via the traditional family. Although he uses it in the context of what he calls evil people, it is my opinion based on extensive ongoing inner work and education that his comments are relevant for all adults in the world, at all levels of dysfunction, for its not just a small group of other people over there who do this sort of thing. The issue of dysfunction is a cultural phenomenon and is inclusive of all those in its grasp, of which dysfunction has been the norm for thousands of years.

 "The most typical victim of evil is a child. This is to be expected, because children are not only the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society but also because parents wield a power over the lives of their children that is essentially absolute. The dominion of master over slave is not far different from the dominion of parent over child. The child's immaturity and resulting dependency mandate its parents' possession of great power but do not negate the fact that this power, like all power, is subject to abuse of various degrees of malignancy. Moreover, the relationship between parent and child is one of enforced intimacy. A master could always sell a slave if the relationship was one he found intolerable. But just as children are not free from their parents, so it is not easy for parents to escape from their children and the pressures that their children impose." - Scott M. Peck - Author of "People Of The Lie" (p.107)


Updated: 9/07/08