The Way Of Light


Classes & Workshops 

For Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit Integration



Humanity is going through a transitioning period transforming from living in fear to one of living in love. With that in mind, it is important to understand much of the current social structures do not offer teachings on how to become conscious, because by their very nature they are oriented towards teaching one how to be unconscious. Becoming conscious is a process of integrating one's body, mind, soul, and spirit, as they are all aspects of the Oneness encompassing our Being. There is no separation.

I've included some creative ideas for possible classes and workshops that are malleable to your interests and goals. Imagination is key to this creative awakening, a key that is only accessible through the Divine Heart of Being. As humans we are multi-faceted beings that cannot be reduced to a single creative idea; we are far more spiritually complex than what has been accepted by traditional limitations.

Imagine having access to classes and workshops on the following to access your authentic Being:


   Breathwork, bodywork, body awareness, body movement, and anatomy and physiological functions of the body.

   Healthy sexuality inclusive of heterosexual and homosexual desire and how they both relate equally to relationships. Also includes education about those who are intersexed, gender stereotypes, and sexist dysfunctions.

   Cultural anthropology and the cultural structures that create enculturated societies depending on how groups of people manipulate them for different cultural constructs; both positive and negative outcomes.

   How peer pressure works at home, work, community, organizations, and nations.

   Human energy system for health, wellness, creativity, and higher awareness.

   Creativity and how to express these energies and use them appropriately from the heart as spiritual tools for healing, health & wellness, and functional abundance.

   Dream work and how to understand your own unique inner language with the divine.

   How to become aware of fear, guilt, and shame to then learn how to deconstruct all of that non-sense thatís been submerging your authentic being.

   How to honor, nurture, and support your authentic being to express your divine essence and gifts out into the world for the benefit of yourself and others.

   Functional relationships and the different types that arise from the limitations of the lesser minds level of fear, guilt, and shame.

   Insanity and its various signs, symptoms, and how to heal the spiritual imbalance.

   Humanís connection to Nature and how to embrace and live within it to sustain our body, mind, soul, and spirit without polluting and destroying Nature; nature is our nature.

   Beyond the five senses: understanding shamanic abilities innate to all humans in the various forms of inner guidance and how to discern the proper use of these abilities.

   What is power and how does one access it within them to be authentically in the world.

   Understanding political and religious dogma to free your mind and open your heart.

   How judgments deconstruct love and create fear, guilt, and shame.

   How to create silence for inner listening to hear authentic guidance based in unconditional love.


Other possibilities may exist other than what are listed here. Inquiries are welcomed to answer questions and concerns regarding classes and workshops. My approach is linear and non-linear learning using creative play (enjoyable work) in a non-judgmental authentic space to learn, understand, discern, realize one's organic structures in order to create more joyful, blissful, and ecstatic structures that support the unfolding of your authentic Being. 



Updated: 11/30/2014