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Consciousness Organizational Chart - Planet Earth



I've been doing a lot of processing with realizations and information that has been arising in my own consciousness of late. Last night I sat down and wrote out the above flow chart based on my own inner understanding of consciousness from a body, mind, soul, spirit perspective that has been unfolding. I've tried to pin point a particular time, place, and event, but that is really impossible, due to the intricacies of dysfunction in our cultural contexts of existing with little or no connection to our inner divine connection. The vastness of this inner connection cannot be understood intellectually. If we were to be born into a fully conscious family, community, country, or world, we would unfold beyond anything that current science or academic understands or "thinks" they understand. Our potential is so staggering that if we were to experience this as an inner awareness, a closed mind would short circuit itself; meaning it would shut down awareness of it. This is what the egoic mechanism does.

Consciousness as we have been taught is intellectual thinking. Religion has taught us that spirituality is up there in the sky or heavens. This idea of up or higher from our viewpoint is rather erroneous due to the fact that there really is no up there, since the Earth and all other planets are spherical in nature, and since each planet is revolving upon its own axis, as well as revolving around a central celestial star (Sun), the whole idea of up is rather out of whack with a Universal reality. When we look at the Milky Way in the night sky, one realizes, depending upon where they are on the Earth, that the Milky Way has its own orientation, and yet so does every other aspect in the Universe. Up is merely a gravitational context centering us upon the core of the Earth.

Consciousness is much more than what our little minds can comprehend with the cultural blinders we operate with. The above chart is a simplification of the flow of Divine Consciousness that is stepped down, much like electrical current from say 880v to 440v to 220v to 110v, in order to imbue certain organic principles of organization in creating vessels or containers of matter for energetic life forces to embody. Everything in existence is a living force of divine consciousness that is self-organizing. A crucial piece in understanding/knowing is that both linear and non-linear processing are essentially required in tandem for whole brain thinking in order to be open to the fullness of consciousness as it relates to a reality that encompasses an inner and outer orientation simultaneously. By simultaneously, I mean we are not locked into one or the other processing due to cultural constraints that inhibit/prohibit the full flow of sentient consciousness.

This is important to understand in incorporating information and ensuring that all information must be inclusive, that there is no separation or one field more important than another. An example of how this perspective operates would be to look at the human body. There is no greater or lesser component, process, function, or aspect, because they are all essential in order to ensure the survival of human body that hosts our soul/spirit. In our culture, we ignore the body and other processes like emotions, feelings, intuition, and dreams, focusing more on the intellectual context of which is the root cause of our dysfunction, or collective insanity. Every iota of the human experience is essential if we are to embody our essential Being within organic form.

When you look at the various links listed here, understand that from a spiritual perspective, all of them are interconnected, inter-related, and essential in full understanding of Being fully awake and connected to the Divine Source. It is egoic folly that decides that some are "important", while others are "unimportant." We are taught to believe that categories are separate and distinct, but the truth is they're all intimately interwoven to create who we are and the world we live in. Leave one piece of the puzzle out and it affects the whole picture. The more you leave out the more distorted it gets. We human beings are the same way.

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."   -- Buddha

I also want to touch briefly on the fact that the Divine is the ultimate creator. Genesis is a poem that was inspired by the Divine to write and it touches on this aspect. This Divine aspect is more plural in its nature than we can conceive of. I say this based on my own mystical experiences. Everything that is, is alive and sentient, and all of it has been formed on the basis of an organic living technology that is beyond anything we can grasp in our current state of consciousness. Contemplate on the incredible aspects of the human body, how our senses are far superior to any man-made audio, visual, or other types of sensors. How all the processes, organs, etc., all operate with an incredible wonder without our needing to think or do anything. While it can be said that our current technology is sentient, in that all matter is sentient, the greater perspective is that the human form was self-organizing, requiring no external source to organize. It wasn't man-made, it was forged by the Divine in ways that we are light years from even coming close to understanding.

Humans think they have to learn and figure out all this stuff. But the truth of this is that it is all handed down to us from higher planes of consciousness. If we could but get our egos out of the way, we could but tap into this incredible information flow to create paradise and I don't mean the type that egos conceive of. I've included some videos that relate to this greater context of consciousness. 

Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton: "The New Biology: Where Mind & Matter Meet    Part One    Part Two

Paul Von Ward: ; two programs entitled, "Model Of The Soul," and "The Science Of The Soul."


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