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April 2012


4.10.12 -


I was walking to work this morning and passed by an apartment building and this little boy of 2 came walking up to the sidewalk and smiled at me and I said hi with a smile and he smiled right back and waved. At the same time, his mother and older siblings were right there and they all scowled at me, they were from another country, perhaps Muslim or such based on their dress. As I walked away, I realized that the boy would probably be trained to be just like them, and yet, our interaction may have sown seeds of presence and non-judgment. What a breath of fresh air in a stale society void of authentic nature.


Today was a miraculous day for me too, enjoying the Sun, the warmth, being with Nature as its Divine Nature unfolds in all its glory once again. The flowers, the opening buds, and birds singing and going about their work/play expressing all of its wonder. Took a walk later this evening and a 10 minute walk to the store took over an hour. Everything was so magnificent, the subtle smells and savory colors, such a comforting balm for one's soul. Sheer gratitude!


The flowers and shrubs blooming filling the air with the fragrance of sexual bliss amongst the plant kingdom for their pleasure as well as our. Any religious ideology that implies that sex was not meant for pleasure needs to go out and experience nature blooming all around them. The plant realms is God's realms and we are part of that realm, and we participate with their sexual union swimming in the breathable oceans of delight meant to captivate us, arouse us, inspire us, and delight our senses, and tickle us to the roots of our own being. Sexuality is Spirituality and Spirituality is Sexuality, and any negative judgments about this is merely Spiritual and Sexual impotence born of reason. Life is either an ecstatic delight or a life imprisoned to living in the head in ignorance born of reason; reasons why one should or shouldn't BE! It seems to me that the only perversion is a lack of Being present in the now to let go to the magnificence of Nature mirroring our own suppressed inner Nature in all its glory, rather than the pathetic attempt at expressing the crippling limitations of fear. Let go and let God within come out and play with you in creation in each moment rather than the limited experience of mental fantasy imprisonment.



4.15.12 -


"Although you appear in earthly form, your essence is pure Consciousness. 

You are the fearless Guardian of Divine Light." - Rumi



Something I wrote on 3.14.12:

While contemplating this afternoon, it occurred to me the absurdities of those who profess to be against abortion; the pro-life ideology. Oddly enough, there seems to be no big rush or concern for children who have to grow up in the dysfunction of those caretakers who live in their heads. Children have to put up with mental abuse, physical abuse, along with being subjected to brainwashing by various dysfunctional religious or political or cultural ideologies, rather than BEING allowed to BE themselves.

It is also ludicrous to notice that those professing to care about life in the beginning stages could care less about life in between or at the end. Consider how many die needlessly in wars on both sides, how many are damaged afterwards from land mines and spent uranium munitions, let alone the dysfunction that arises from the traumas of war that get perpetuated on others. Then there's the continued pollution and destruction of the environment that we are dependent on for living. Then thereís all the disease arising from contaminated foods, stress, dysfunction and expecting a medical model geared towards waging war on disease to bring about health and wellness. At the end of the spectrum is the devaluation of our elders as worthless trash to be discarded out of sight and out of mind.

And these people profess to be for LIFE; for LIVING? The hilarious part is they truly believe they do, and that is the problem, the root of all problems; living in the head; living out a fantasy born of reason. Itís ironic to realize there are ideological groups of THINKERS who THINK they have the right of selective reasoning on who has the right to live or how to live. I call that INSANITY.

Authenticity by its very nature is free from insanity, because it is not ignoring the truth, nor does it need to judge others in order to hide from the truth. The need to control and dominate others knows no bounds and eventually leaves nothing untouched that might allude to reminding us of our authenticity of BEING. Humans have been relegated to the level of following someone elseís script of what they are supposed to be and that is not authentic or real; itís a script, a program, an ideology that one is expected to be obedient too.

If you think that is absurd, try going against what you believe in at this moment, and begin to watch those who surround you react to correct or judge or condemn. Maybe if you are lucky, you might be congratulated for cracking open the door towards allowing change to flow into your deceased life.






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