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August 2011



8.28.11 -


Waking up is hard work

By Sherman R. Buck


Waking up is hard work, but through determination, motivation, and concentration, eventually one gets back what belongs to them. Forget the doubt, it's not yours, it's a virus, a plague of the mind.


Your power is in discernment and unwavering faith in authentic self. As a child you were a slave with no rights and no more of this now that you are an adult. Declare your freedom in the present now!


What you need the most is self-love and self-respect, and no one can give that to you except your SELF




There is no one better than you, greater than you, no one more important, no one to bow to, no one to serve as master. Love and compassion do not work this way. The only way to love is with love. There are no locked doors, gates or walls because love needs none; it's darkness and fear that prevent people from entering into love's embrace. You know this! Ground yourself in your love. Authentic love does not create pain or suffering in one's self.


If you feel pain and suffering, then stop judging your self. All judgments arise in the lesser mind, put there through years of blind obedience to repetitive rote memorization of all the rules about what truth is based on THINKING; what others wanted you to BELIEVE. This is what cultural conditioning does to an authentic person in order to make them unauthentic, to make them culturally acceptable, to ensure they meet the criteria of group norms for the sake of controlling the many.


Authentic love does not need to control anything, because love needs no judgments to BE. Being requires no other person's approval for anything. Being also has no need to disrespect another; only fear does that through self-judgments that pave the way to judging others on what one judges in themselves. There are many who want you to be concerned about their judgments of you. Don't. What they think about you is completely irrelevant, because it is what they really think about themselves.


Authentic love has no need to believe anything, because believing in love and BEING love are two vastly different experiences. The first is empty repetitive thinking of an idea, a concept, something one does that has been approved by others. The second requires no thinking at all, has no need of ideas, concepts or needing the stamped approval of anyone but your own authentic self. All that is required to BE LOVE is absolute non-judgment and self-acceptance. Non-judgment is the key that unlocks all the limitations of the thinking mind's cultural programs of conformity to dysfunctional norms; FEAR.


There is no right political party, religion, gender, age, belief, status, degree, person, place, or thing that will set you free from pain and suffering. Perhaps they will work for short-term gratification, but that is just the dog chasing it's own tail to avoid the deeper truth of self-loathing and self-hatred, which is the root of fear spreading its plague of pain and suffering. Eventually, all those concepts fail to keep pain and suffering at bay, because they create the pain and suffering, by continuing the dysfunction of judging oneself based on another's approval. Judging oneself creates self-hatred and self-loathing. This NEGATING act  is what causes pain and suffering.


The only way out of this dysfunction is to stop judging yourself. There's the old saying, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In reality, do unto yourself as you would have them do unto you, is greater, as you are not doing to get something from the other. You treat yourself with non-judgment and from this you reap self-acceptance, self-love, self-worth, and self-respect. There is no other way to attain these other than from giving them to yourself.


To do this, merely stop judging yourself and others period. It seems so you ridiculous at first, and one will hear all sorts of reasons in the head not to do this. But ask yourself, what is doing all that judging and why? Stop reacting to all the judging thoughts. This is the whole point behind meditation. Praying isn't going to help you, because the only being who is going to rescue you from your own pain and suffering arising from judging is your authentic self. That which has no interest in ending the pain and suffering is not your authentic self in the first place, so one would be better off not reacting to all that culturally induced madness of conformity.


This idea of FITTING in and being ACCEPTED by others is what takes one away from the HEART of their own BEING. In order to fit in and be accepted by others requires the belief there's something wrong with you; self-judgment. The truth is there is nothing wrong with your authentic self. Unburying authentic self occurs by accepting your BEING. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that is unacceptable in your authentic Being. The Divine has no judgment about your race, color, gender, or sexual orientation. The Divine could care less how much money you have, where you work, who you know, what neighborhood you live in, the kind of car you drive, dress style, physical attributes or any other culturally induced rationale for being good enough. There is nothing you need do to BE in love accept BE non-judgmental about yourself and others. 


If there is a judgment about something, rest assured it is based in fear.


I'm sure there is some fool out there who will argue, "well there is something I have to do in order to be loved! I have to be non-judgmental about myself first and of others secondly? You mean I have to do these things?" That is the workings of fear. Love is play, it is self-acceptance, it is letting go of the need to judge. Letting go of judgments requires no efforts at all. Children do this effortlessly until they are programmed to judge themselves, because adults start judging them. Basically, the world you know is a judging world, created by judgments based in fear rather than love. Love doesn't judge, because it doesn't need to react in fear; in judgment.


What are judgments? FEAR; Fear of not being good enough, fear of not getting what you want, fear of being hurt, and fear of being abandoned. Fear needs to control people, places, and things because that is the nature of fear; self-loathing and self-hatred; these are violence towards the self, the authentic self; soul self. Don't judge! The reasoning mind will want to have a discussion about the rationale of all this via thinking, and more thinking, then more thinking about the thinking involved with thinking about why one thinks about thinking. By now you must have some awareness that thinking is the problem. Education that teaches only thinking is a program of inducing insanity (thinking). There's nothing wrong with getting an education, but one that exercises only the left brain and not the right brain is a disaster of insanity in the making. Also, an education that indoctrinates your value based on culturally acceptable programs rooted in fear, guilt, and shame have no redeeming value other than controlling you to obey the others expectations, wants, and needs for their own selfish gain; FEAR - re-read the beginning of this paragraph again.


Don't spend any time worrying about what others will think about what I've just written, because that is just FEAR thinking burying awareness of your authentic self; LOVE. The game of deception is so utterly insidious as to be unimaginable and the only way to realize how deeply rooted the game of pain and suffering is, is to become acquainted with the contents of your thinking mind on an ongoing basis. Only then will you unmask the insanity that culturally induced thinking breeds.  Then and only then will you begin to find your way out of the hellish maze woven into a prison preventing awareness of your authentic self. Authentic self is in the other room with the door open, waiting for you to realize there's a door in your room. All you need do is stop the distraction of thinking to become aware of the door and walk through to be in the presence of authentic self.




8.29.11 -


There Is Nothing Wrong With Homosexual Desire



I received an email from a male a couple of weeks ago with a question:


"what advice do you have for homosexual guys?"


Here's my reply:


Hello XXXX,

There's nothing wrong with you or anyone who is attracted to the same sex. There is no right and wrong desire; only fear or love.  What do you choose?

Judgments always arise within ourselves first about some aspect of ourselves we judge based on what others think about us.

Until we learn to stop judging authentic self, we will continue to believe what others tell us about our self-worth. To judge oneself causes pain and suffering, because to go against your authentic expression is unnatural. Thinking is the problem, and ending pain and suffering is easier than one would think. Thinking is the problem

When the pain and suffering become greater than the fear of change, then and only then will a person be willing to change, to let go, to open up, to free themselves from the mental chains that bind them. What other's think about you is none of your business. Those who judge you are really judging the same thing in themselves. Don't let them hand off their own fear, shame, and guilt onto you.

Loving and accepting your true self is the only way to BE!

Take care,



8.30.11 -

No one can be a desire, it is not some piece of clothing one puts on or removes. One does not acquire a certain desire via natural or unnatural thinking. What dictates natural and unnatural is a dysfunctional mind full of cultural programs of conditioned responses and protocols of behavior rooted in the insanity of thinking. Desire and thinking are not the same thing. Surely one can fantasize about a desire in terms of behavioral responses to a person, place, or thing. The problem with fantasy, is the fact that it is the creation of a dysfunctional mind running limited parameters; fear. The same process occurs in those who profess to see the light of God (male usually), and become ecstatic in their belief of being good enough, accepted by others, and thinking they've got a seat in heaven. All of that fantasy is a cultural delusion created via thinking.

The same process is involved in fantasizing about right and wrong sexual orientation or anything else judged as unnatural or wrong. Doesn't matter what the issue is. The only problem is the judgment of others who don't fantasize as you do. Why the judgments? Because any judgment towards another arises first as a judgment in yourself about the same thing you judge in the other. Thinking lays a subterfuge by distracting one from being present and non-judgmental about soul's intention. Soul is who and what we are and it is our authentic self that authentically creates in love; Genesis. Soul does not have genitals in the context that the human body does, therefore the idea that a male has a "male soul," and female has a "female soul," is rooted in a fantasy created in limited thinking based on cultural expectations for the sake of conformity; FEAR.

Fear based fantasizing refuses to accept any knowledge rooted in authentic experience because it threatens the lies of the ego. If one does not accept whatever is judged, then the ego MUST distort the truth in order to deny its existence. The only way to do this is by judging anyone outside of one's self doing what one disdains in themselves. All the reasoning given is lunacy based on a fantasy created around limited beliefs chained together to create a lie keeping the truth at bay within themselves. To judge one's self is to loath that which is judged, which is really fearing it, and this fear is what is hidden beneath all violence and hatred of others whom one judges; self-loathing and self-hatred.

The way out of this dysfunction is to not judge. Awareness, not judgment brings understanding in regards to what we resist in ourselves. I am not saying one can do whatever they please to another in disharmony/disrespect. In every regards to one's self, one needs to be observant of the thoughts that arise without judgment; without reacting to what arises. Not all that arises within the lesser mind comes from ego self. It is much like turning on the radio and seeing what stations/frequencies are available to listen too. There are many frequencies and beings on the inner plane. Use discernment to become aware of whether or not the thoughts/judgments are rooted in fear or love:

True Guidance vs. False Guidance


Ego Versus Spirit Voices

Fantasy based in love excludes nothing in its creation, intending to harm no one, deceive no one, manipulate no one, coerce no one, judge no one. The fantasy is rooted in the concept of respecting one's self and the other at all times. At no time is there the need to judge one's self or the other to experience the fantasy. Each of us imagines at various times in the creative process, because this is what we are as spiritual beings; CREATORS. Fantasy based in love allows changes to the script at all times to ensure the well being of all concerned or involved; pain and suffering are not inclusive in love based fantasies.

The problem arises when one's spiritual connection is disconnected or distorted by FEAR; culturally conditioned belief systems rooted in thinking. One's feelings, emotions, and authentic self let you know when you have disrespected yourself, because presence notices the judgments arising within. This awareness can only be buried when feelings, emotions, and awareness are suppressed. This fear condition removes the direct experience from awareness to one rooted in beliefs by triggering a mental reaction; the judgment. Judgments over time become beliefs. These beliefs then become the thinking mantra of half-truths or lies; either way both are distortions. This is the only way one can disrespect themselves, which then leads to disrespecting others through blindly accepting the others judgments as absolute truth.

Self-acceptance has no need to create a fear fantasy in order to avoid full awareness of authentic self. Only other-acceptance requires the need to fantasize in order to conform to the status quo; it's called blind obedience to traditions rooted in fear; the need to control others in order to maintain one's dysfunctional fantasy created to avoid one's authentic truth. I would suggest one contemplate on what is doing the self-avoidance, for surely authentic self has no need for avoiding its divine nature.

I will leave you with something to contemplate about. Soul is like the brilliant Sun in the sky. The wind blows clouds that obscure the Sun, blocking it from view. The many "think" the Sun has disappeared and over time begin to identify with the clouds as normal. Over time they forget about the Sun, but did the Sun really disappear? Do the clouds change or lessen the brilliance of the Sun? What happens when the clouds obscure the Sun's brilliance? Observation through direct experience brings about greater awareness. Awareness eventually brings about understanding of the whole truth.

Fantasy rooted in fear can create anything it desires without any consideration of the outcomes and who or what is harmed. Fear is a detour from the whole truth in order to sanctify a judgment rooted in limited thinking; self avoidance is the limitation, the denial. Fantasy or creative visualization can be rooted either in love or fear. The more fear, the more destructive; meaning to say the creation of pain and suffering towards oneself and then the other. Harming another is harming one's self because the act of harming another has a cause and effect. What you do to another has already been done to your self. The idea arises in fear based thinking in order to become fear based action; fear:

Fear of not getting what one wants (fantasy)

Fear of not being good enough (fantasy)

Fear of getting hurt (fantasy)

Fear of being abandoned (fantasy)

The problem with fantasy is it's a figment of one's imagination, so one needs to be aware, present to realize if the lesser mind is future tripping or past tripping. The major problem with thinking is its habitual nature, the need to rationalize, to figure out what happened or what might happen. The more one leaves the present, the more rationalizing spreads till it is like an infection that begins to spread unchecked until it deepens the distortion preventing awareness from streaming through. These thinking mental filters, (belief systems) effectively block awareness from being present, thus partitioning off the whole truth (love), by creating a cultural truth (fear). THINKING effectively covers up the present through subtle manipulation of attention, weaving fantasies of infinite distortions rooted in the past or future, essentially disconnecting the lesser mind from Soul's presence; authentic self.

This weaving of thinking negating thoughts effectively locks one's attention within the imaginal center where the visual process creates the fantasy in the mind over and over when needed to reinforce the delusion/lie. This inner fantasy does not represent actual reality, because actual reality is not a past or future event, it is an ongoing present flow of one moment to another moment, and as each one passes on by, it is relegated to the past. This repetitive thinking over potential past/future scenarios is an onslaught so persistent and obsessive because cultural conditioning warrants obedience to the judgments of others. This obsession is what effectively locks one into habitual thinking in order to ensure basic survival of being accepted by others. The circular logic of dysfunction is exactly like a dog chasing its tail and this process is designed with the purpose to distract one from BEING present. If one is thinking, analyzing, and assessing continually, then one is not present.

The problem with this scenario is it was essential as children, when we needed to fit in to get our basic survival needs met. To be accepted meant the other was right, which led to the belief there was something wrong with our authentic self. People have no idea how much pain and suffering is created from judging their authentic selves. To believe something is wrong with you creates pain and suffering. As a child, to be surrounded by judging adults who judged your authenticity was a paradox that could not end in a win/win situation. Judging by its very nature is a win/loss situation; always. What sort of win is it to believe you are unworthy or  unlovable because the other is frightened of you. This is the face of fear the many do not see, do not feel, because they are future/past tripping to the Nth degree. The many "believe" anger, hatred, violence, and killing are appropriate. Appropriate for insanity perhaps, because those behaviors negate love through judgments that are rooted in self-judgment first and foremost.

There are many reasons why a child or adult succumb to this fear thinking. All one need do is look around to see the reasons why. There is no end to work environments or relationships or friendships rooted in varied levels of fear, shame, or guilt. There is no end to cold unemotional individuals or those who erupt in anger, hatred, and violence. There is no limit to organized groups of people in religion, state, or business who embrace these tactics of insanity. AND, the adults in general tend to put up with it because the need to survive and support themselves or their family. The reasoning is the same for children, as they are needing to nurture and support themselves as best as they can. Unfortunately, they have it worse than adults as they are virtually a slave until they reach the legal age of consent.

As a child, one must obey no matter what and there is no choice of remaining present and authentic if you are constantly getting in trouble, being reprimanded, punished in some way, or corrected. The onslaught of obedience to the rules, of being forced to conform eventually create pain and suffering. Going against one's authentic nature is a painful process that creates suffering. Over time, habits deaden awareness in order to avoid the pain and suffering of suppressing one's authentic expression. Obedience creates habits of movements and thoughts. One is enforced/policed into belief systems that align/imprison one into culturally accepted dysfunction designed for the sole purpose of obeying others up the chain of insanity. Your purpose is no longer BEING, it becomes DOING and OBEYING.

As adults, this thinking actually causes dysfunction that cripples, maims, paralyzes, creating pain and suffering that eventually kills off one's ability to fully function as an authentic expression of Soul. This understanding is not going to come easily, as thinking will ensure obedience to remaining locked into past/future tripping parameters. The only way out of this tangled mess is through becoming present to the mental masturbation that is incessantly churning out negating fear thoughts. 

Lest one "thinks" all of this occurred in the past and does not affect the adult one has become now, then guess again. The freedom you "think" you have is merely thinking you are free. As long as you continue to think what you have been conditioned to think, what you have learned through habit, there is no authentic self. Your creator being is not free to create from the heart. Instead, one creates from the limitations imposed by those who benefit from your not being authentic. The game of materialism is not about your being authentic, its about being convinced your worth is based on some person, place, or thing outside of yourself.

Those who create these dysfunctional games are at every level of society and consciousness to varying degrees. The bottom line is always about profiting from others pain and suffering in order to lessen their own pain and suffering. This is the bottomless pit created by endless fear thinking. This is what insanity is and the many don't know this; how could they when they are caught up in the delusion of thinking? People have been convinced that it near impossible to become enlightened, to wake up and be like the few who have managed, but I tell you that is a lie to ensure your imprisonment. 

There is a way out of this non-sense and do not "think" you are alone in this endeavor of waking up; that too is a delusion that fear weaves:        Music At The Stairs

People become convinced that it is impossible to change or they don't have what it takes or it won't work. The truth is those are the lies of fear. The truth is if you don't even try, you are guaranteed failure. The truth is how can anyone know they are doomed to failure before even trying? This is the sort of dysfunction that fear breeds in the lesser mind.  If you don't even try, you will never know what you are capable of doing. What do you choose? Fear or Love? Don't think about it, because that is what fear does. Love is a creative act; it acts, moves, explores, risks, lets go of what doesn't work. Love is intuitive, inquisitive, curious, and alive with living in the present moment to moment.

Humanity is at the cross roads of being present or living in past/future tripping. What road do you choose to take? The only way to authentic being is through living in the flowing presence. Joy, bliss, and ecstasy do not exist in past/future tripping. At best, what you will get in that direction are crumbs and your mind will fantasize those crumbs to be the most exquisite meal imaginable; and so it is - all in your mind. You say you want to Be free, then declare your freedom. Be willing to change, to let go, and explore, to be curious, inquisitive. Be daring to question everything because your authentic life depends on it. As an adult of legal consent, you have the right to question the authority of fear. The delusion is thinking Fear is greater than Love; that is the worst lie of all. Only thinking makes it so...

                    The challenge is Finding Ones Self

Your authentic self has no limitations or judgments...

...nor does it exist in the past or the future. 

...nor does it exist believing something is wrong with itself.





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