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January 2015



1-01-15 -


The inside story of how an Idaho toddler shot his mom at Wal-Mart

I have to question the rationality of those who say they carry guns because they were raised with them, that it has nothing to do with feeling unsafe. I would state that awareness has no need of guns, because there is nothing to defend or kill or protect when one is present. I strongly suggest that there is fear behind the need to carry a gun in one's vehicle or purse or concealed. it's a form of insanity to "think" otherwise. I've known people who carried one everywhere they went in their trucks, young people in their 20's, and I have no doubt they were full of fear in ways that people who live in their heads are not aware of.


There's a time and a place for guns for hunting or in one's house for safety reasons, in safe places away from children, especially children who do not have enough cognitive understanding no matter what their parents might think they know.


The bottom line is if the mother hadn't had the gun in her purse, she'd still be alive and the child would not be in a state of confusion now and as he grows older, and having to deal with father and siblings to face as he grows up who know he killed his mother accidentally. And then there's the fallout on innocent bystanders who had to bear witness to the travesty.


The questions that need to be contemplated on are how badly do you want to have and carry a gun vs. how badly do you want you and your loved ones to continue living? I live five blocks from where a man walked into a cafe who walked in and shot and killed people, then left and shot and killed a woman in downtown Seattle and stole her car. Any given day you read stories about those who shouldn't have guns harming and killing others with them. I don't see the need to run out and by a gun to protect myself in some imagined future rooted on some event in the past; that's delusion.


Then there's the school shootings of children, teenagers, college students, and there seems to be this mindset that overlooks the significance beyond the convenient singling out of the perpetrator and perhaps their parents, rather than including all of societies members, who do this insane cultural programming slam dance of insanity of believing I'm right and you're wrong nonsense that spews from mind's warped from a poverty of awareness.


Obviously something is not in alignment with awareness, otherwise there wouldn't be all this pain and suffering, which is rooted in all the travesties igniting all over the place at any given time, where people act shocked and horrified; like how could this have possibly happened? In awareness, I am not shocked or horrified, because I am aware of what the mind is capable of without awareness, and I am seeing, hearing, feeling, experiencing this in the world around me everyday.


Senseless nonsense brought about by lack of awareness. Of living under the rules/beliefs/fantasies of our political and religious leaders, educators, corporate leaders, and cultural leaders who are just as imprisoned in their minds as those who the many profess to judge and condemn those who act out the mental delusions. The worst sort of violence that goes undiagnosed or rather unnoticed is our own violence; judgments as an act of violence towards one's self, when as children we take on the programming of the adults around who live a life believed rather than living a life of awareness.


Until the pain and suffering becomes greater than the fear of change, then and only then will one change. Until then it is essential for each of us to awaken and with awareness put an end to the internal judgments that gives rise to judging others in the external world, to stop believing and knowing.


The judgments I am referring to have to do with our innate value and worth as spiritual beings, that the only sin is thinking and believing you know; the belief that knowing and believing are greater than the truth of awareness. All of that delusional nonsense of being born into sin, being taught there is something innately wrong with you is born of reason; others reasons; others stories believed because their forefathers and foremothers taught them what to believe; generational mental genocide


Is it any wonder the world is the way it is; until one day, one's inner eye awakens and one steps out of time; out of the past and the future to see life right here and right now, stepping out of the land of judgments, out of the stories, out of the fantasies all of us were taught as the truth. I don't think so. "I think therefore I am" is the beginning of insanity.


Sanity therefore is "I am awareness, therefore I am."


My observation for the new year has to do with choices each person chooses and it comes down to choosing either love or fear in every situation. There are infinite reasons to ignore this truth in order to continue believing in our programmed beliefs that validate our existence according to what others think about us. Fear needs stories; love needs nothing, because that is what our existence is; love and awareness are the same thing; truth and love and awareness are are One. Fear is believing in stories rather than oneness.




1-10-15 -

2015's 'Leap Second' Could Scramble Computers

Time Imprisonment or Freedom of Now

I find this quite humorous. We are prisoners of time in the sense that most past and future trip to the rhythm of time. So, I find it really funny that those who keep track of time, the time trippers, feel the need to be as accurate as possible to the point of adding a second. Maybe in my life time, give or take a few more decades, maybe they'll need to add some nanoseconds.

This is important stuff you KNOW. LOL! The earth is not concerned with time, nature is not concerned with time, but humans have become really really focused on time, with the whole obsessive nonsense of moving TIME forward and backward one hour every year; and the leap year of inserting a day into a whole year; like that really changes true reality at all, other than the mental one we believe in.

We have elaborate ways of keeping track of time, like time clocks for work, ensuring those in the KNOW can keep track of deserved time off for sickness or vacation or to keep time on overtime; the blessed money obsession. I'm reminded of standing on the overpass bridge to Interstate 5 observing the masses of individualized thinkers driving like crazy to get to work on time. Anyone who drives in rush hour traffic or driving in general, notices drivers cutting people off to the beat of future tripping, obsessed with being late, seeking to scrape together imaginary time and if they aren't paying attention now, then they wind up scraping metal against metal; and that sure does throw time all to hell and is sure to piss off those already caught up in being late.

I'm sure the rationales are important for those who march to the mental beat of time, but when one steps out of time into now, the need to be hooked into time is downgraded from obsessive compulsive to just now. One starts to see this timelessness that doesn't require time. One isn't ruled by time for synchronizing one's life to being a slave to time. One starts to move with now and it is a very subtle shift from living in the mind to living now, where the presence of harmony is realized versus the mental masturbation of being a slave to time. Like, "oh my god, I'm late, I have to hurry," or " I'm so busy I don't have enough time to rest."

Really look at this, because it reveals the ticking of the mind's delusions, like one can make up lost time or one can live life minus sleep. One realizes how absurd living in the rat race is; by the way that's a metaphor for time; hurry up so one can get through life in time to hopefully retire at some point to finally rest and not be caught up in time. That delusion is going to cost you because what's left of you just relaxes to the point of decaying into old age and death; new obsessive compulsive tasks for the mind to spend time on, computing how much time is left to stay alive.

Time leaves its mark on those who march like robots; stress, heart attacks, nervous breakdowns, depression, ulcers, and a host of other dis-eases brought about by obedience to time in order to avoid now. The irony of this is those goose stepping to time have no idea they are imprisoned by time, imprisoned by the need to past and future trip to stay in alignment with the story of time as we KNOW it; as we IMAGINE it; as we THINK it is in metaphorical time: "Twenty Metaphors About Time":

There's more mental emphasis on getting the most out of time and living in time as accurately as possible, like this year we will supposedly get an extra second to rest. WOW, like I will be refreshed by an extra second, waking up feeling like a million dollars, feeling safe that computers and technology and the world won't freak out and go on strike. People have some serious concerns about time, so much so that time needs to be managed religiously to ensure one stays on time, so one doesn't show up late for some THING or some ONE.

The problem with this is the vast majority of people fail to show up for NOW. Presence is where one realizes peace of mind and well-being, where life is a blessing unedited by time, where awareness reveals the mindless state of grace and silence where the living truth is experienced rather than believed. The beauty of now is that nothing is required to create now, because it exists eternally; there's never a time it doesn't exist. Even when someone past and future tripping, now still exists; not separate; just ignored, avoided with mental blindness and deafness to the endless silence and stillness of right now.

Once one is rooted in now, one is no longer a slave to time. Your value is not related in any manner or form to doing something in time. Time then becomes merely a tool, a servant to remind you of the lesser importance of showing up authentically for life rather than tick tocking to the rhythm of beliefs that imprison one to the ongoing beatings of conceptualized reality.

Silence is a vacation from thinking, from knowing, from conceptualizing, from past/future tripping, from struggling, from judging oneself and others. This is true freedom and ironically it's always eternally free, in fact itís what we are, our value; NOW is not a thing, not a concept. What would life be like if we valued now rather than time? No one can possibly KNOW, because now is not something one can KNOW.

So kick the habit and realize what now is all about before you let time decide some imagined story of what it is. You see the mind can't KNOW time; that's the rub, that's the itch that can't be scratched, the lie, the illusion, the prefabricated nonsense believed to be real. The price the many pay for believing in time cannot be KNOWN. It's only when you step into now that you begin to realize the unimagined truth.

What's a second worth compared to now? Nothing.




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