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July 2009



7.24.09 -


Eckhart Tolle has created a new website offering lectures and meditations via the Internet:


7.25.06 - I recently received a flyer on an event in September 11 - 13 2009 called Singing Alive: a celebration of ceremonial song & dance. I was deeply moved by "The Song Of The Sylvapolitan":


the song of the sylvapolitan


I am the earth I am

I am the opening heart I am

I am the sky I am

I am the endless expanse of awareness I am


I am the starlight of eternity I am

I am the moonlight of presence I am

I am the sunshine of life I am


I am the thunder of being I am

I am the lightening of passions I am

I am the rainfall of tears I am

I am the winds of forgiveness I am

I am the sparkling morning dew of laughter I am

I am the clouds of life passing I am

I am the rainbow of memories and futures to come I am


I am caves I am

I am deep deep sleep I am

I am luminous fish in dark pools I am

I am dreams of remembrance I am

I am crystals I am

I am life awakening to myself I am


I am rivers I am

I am the running pulse of procreation I am

I am waterfalls I am

I am orgasmic joy I am


I am fields and forests I am

I am fertility, nourishment, and growth I am

I am deserts and arid lands I am

I am patience and the burning will of perseverance I am


I am rocky shores I am

I am life in transition I am

I am hurricanes I am

I am trust and surrender I am

I am strong ocean currents I am

I am life in the flow I am


My tribe is creation

The earth is my clan

All that exist here are my people

I am the flowering of forever I am

In the garden of the Divine family of creation



I am moved by this piece because of my deep connection to Nature and my awareness that all of Nature's Beings are conscious Beings and we humans are just humans.  We are not so special that we can disrespect other life forms without impunity. When one begins to come to understand their own authentic Being, one begins to awaken to the fact that all of life is sentient. Sacrifice is an essential understanding in harmonizing relations with our self and other beings. Not just their sacrificing their being for ours, but ours for theirs. It means we must become conscious of how our dysfunction and insanity is destroying the very matrix which we depend on for our well being. 


We would not be here if it were not for our brothers and sisters in the animal, plant, insect, and element communities. We cannot exist on planet Earth without them period. It is insanity that prevents us from realizing how out of touch we are with our own inner nature and Nature herself. I will be writing more about this and my own ongoing journey into this profound connection that has led us out of the Abyss many eons ago. We must begin to awaken or face the inevitable collapse of self-destructive, self-hating societies. The only "reason" we are unable to see, hear, and feel this, is due to our living in the head most if not all the time. I can assure you that we can communicate with these other beings and they have much to share with us on how to live sane, balanced, fulfilling, abundant lives based on authentic Being.


Our connection to the divine Mother and Father has been disconnected and we must reconnect in order to become conscious. It is not possible to become conscious via intellect, for intellect can only take you to the doorway that leads within, which then requires one to use another long forgotten aspect of our higher mind. Being is not about thinking.




7.26.09 - I've been looking into Co-operative housing for quite a few years and am in the process of moving into one soon. My years in the military, living in barracks with others, was the beginning of an awareness of this. The military environment was extremely toxic then and though it has changed some, it is still highly toxic. But the experience was not forgotten in terms of community. 


Attending Fairhaven College and living in the dorms, as well as being part of Western Washington University campus, offered an amazing experience of living in  a co-operative educational community. In hindsight, I can see the limitations of that atmosphere, since many were leaving home for the first time, getting out from underneath parental pressure, peer pressure, and beginning the process of finding their own way. The problems with that journey is that many bring their families beliefs with them, thinking they are theirs, and clash with others who were raised differently, either physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually, and spiritually. Amidst all this chaos of change, there were some amazing opportunities for growth.


I have a vision of a four-year college where one goes to become conscious. I wrote an essay about this called Transformational Colleges while attending Naropa University at their Oakland campus in Matthew Fox's Creation Spirituality program. While attending his program, it became clear to me over time that there was a great deal of control going on. His books were instrumental in shifting my awareness about religion, but there is more to knowing spirit other than just intellectually. I would not be where I am with my current awareness, had I not gone through that experience. In hindsight, I realize that everyone is doing the best that they can do, given their level of consciousness, as all of us struggle to wake up out of the insanity of materialism created from Church and State. But, that does not mean we do not question one's motives, biases, filters, etc.


I see the co-operative living model as a template of true community, as an ongoing transforming process that is not rigid in its expression, in order to allow a cohesive space for each individual to fully express their authentic Being. There is not going to be one template for everyone, for we are not all the same in our interests, expressions, creative gifts, wounds, and past life issues. I will be discussing this further as I expand and change the website to facilitate understanding for becoming conscious. And, it should be understood that co-operative housing and communities can still be rife with dysfunction, for we still live in a predominantly dysfunctional world.



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