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July 2013



7-05-13 - 

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” -Albert Camus


7-05-13 -

"When we avoid our creativity, we avoid ourselves. When we meet our creativity, we meet ourselves." - Julia Cameron

Creation is Our Reality

We are creation itself and we are not going to understand this from our minds, because the mind is always limited by its concepts. Concepts are boundaries of what we know and what we know was taught to us by others. So, we have an understanding of the world based on what we learned from others. To truly see reality as it is requires one to let go of preconceived ideas, to stop thinking you know. That's the wall, the block, the distraction if you will that is created in the mind as an imagining. One does not see the totality, the completeness, the wholeness, the vital essence of the whole thing we are observing, whether it is a person, place or thing. We don't see these in non-judgment because the mind is to busy overlaying, projecting, covering over what is truly there with its IDEAS of what is there. This process is so subtle, so subliminal, a slight trick of hand or rather trick of thinking, that slips in there to distract one from actually experiencing fully what is out there. One is locked into a mortal combat with what is because what is does not match what we know; our conditioning; our training; our brain washing; cultural amnesia. You don't know that you don't know.

When we meet our creativity, we are meeting BEING, are expressing BEING authentically through whatever medium, situation, or experience that arises. There is no THINKING about what is the right expression, right creative response, only responding from BEING, from CREATION, from authenticity. One creates themselves anew each moment and the issue is whether or not we are conscious in those movements. What you think needs to be expressed is based on the past or an anticipation of a future event, wanting to ensure it is something we want or desire for positive or negative reasons. What BEING expresses is always authentic, does not conform to cultural programming or what others want or expect of you.

Getting to the point of BEING able to become aware of the resistance that arises from the mind's programming is a challenge unto itself to be conscious of. When you begin to notice this, it is because creation's presence reveals the distortion of the mind's limitations. The mind is a composite of past memories. There is no creation involved in maintaining the rigidity of the past, the limitations of the past are quite obvious if one is willing to entertain them, look at them, accept them. This is what it means to be rooted in self-acceptance; acceptance of what is to be free of the mind's influence of recreating the past.

The past is a prison of the mind's making, because that is all it can create from its database of past experiences saved as conceptual files if you will. They are the same thing as files saved to your computer if you will. Able to be looked up, accessed, assess and overlay true reality for the IDEA of reality. What is true reality is overlooked for memorized reality, a memory of what was. Unfortunately, a memory of what was back then is not actual reality now. Contemplation and awareness will reveal this over time. This is not something one will realize as the many are in a vortex of believing they KNOW the truth based on their memories, their ideas. Awareness as it is has no need of your memories, is not controlled by your memories, only you are controlled by your memories, controlled by your mind's programming.

This program can feel so real, so right, so comforting, so true, but the delusion of this situation must be realized as untrue. The comfort and security of the program are rooted in following the rules as a child. You were not allowed to question the rules, not allowed to BE true to your inner calling, your essence, your creation, often being punished in one form or another. Begin to take stock of the situation, to question what you BELIEVE. A good place to start if you don't see this is to listen to your own instinctual/intuitive self. Many have no awareness of this, but hints, tastes, telltale signs of its eternal existence are always presenting themselves and the mind is always overlaying their truths with its memories, its beliefs, its cultural constructs of reality. If you are unable to tune into these creative vibrations if you will, then watch small children with their parents, watch how they are corrected, disciplined, controlled. What the many do to children is what was done to parents when they were children. This is the power of memory to obscure reality and the truth of creation. That's why I call it programming.

If you understand the triune brain system, you realize there are three brains that are interconnected; reptilian brain, mammalian brain, and the neo-cortex. Most of what we believe and live as patterns is rooted in the reptilian portion of the brain, which is very pattern oriented and it is important to realize that patterns can be helpful for doing tasks or such without needing to think about them; you just do them automatically. On the other hand, patterns have a down side which is that patterns deaden awareness. This is a definitive road block to BEING conscious and PRESENT, which require no thinking or believing whatsoever. One might question this, but if you really look at this, contemplate on this what you ultimately must realize is the way you are believing is the cause of the problem, the cause of pain and suffering, because you are believing or in actually, pretending you KNOW what BEING and PRESENCE is.

This is not something one knows, it is an ongoing process, and unfolding, a bubbling up like a spring, a natural flowing of consciousness, a sea of awareness that is the whole universe that the mind cannot know in each unfolding, flowing moment. Being is an experiential state of eternal existence, is a state of being that ALLOWS spiritual essence to manifest without judgment, without resistance, accepting the truth of any situation that is being created moment to moment. This is what life is before the mind BELIEVES what it is. Conceptual knowledge is an important aspect of being conscious, to make sense of the world we live in, but it is not the living truth; it is a memorized truth in the head. The truth is infinitely beyond these ideas of the past.

This may be quite unnerving or frightening to many, but it is important to realize those are reactions to the truth, a defensive maneuvering to maintain the belief system, the wall, the prison of your mind. This mental construct is not real and the egoic mind structuring system is going to trigger various aspects of your body and mind to maintain those boundaries at all cost. This is what is called the unconscious and is interconnected with the collective unconsciousness because it is the ocean of all the cultural rules of conforming to the ideas of what reality is, what living is, what life is; and all of it is just that IDEAS, BELIEFS, MEMORIES.

Concepts are important, but there is no need to identify with concepts, and that is the trap the many fall into, of believing they are the concepts, that the concepts are truth. Concepts aren't the truth and will never be the truth, they can only be used as identifiers, pointers if you will, doorways to what is already there outside our front door if you will, looking out into reality. Both the inner and the outer will eventually reveal themselves as One In the Same and this will take some time to re-orient to, to be able to set the memories and programmed patterns aside to see the whole unadulterated truth as it is. Seeing the truth means to set aside the stories the mind has created, the stories one has believed.

Seriously, put this in perspective, because as child you didn't know anything, didn't have any ideas whatsoever what truth was until you began learning language. You were taught what reality was, you were read fairy tale stories, and other stories, watched television programming, and watched the dysfunction of life all around you telling you what truth was. Then you were sent to school to learn more truths of what life was, who you were, and who others were. The whole cultural construct was codified for you, trained into you year after year from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. None of this was called into question and if you did you were CORRECTED and graded accordingly; rewarded for the believing the truths of the program. That is not to say there is no truth there, but a memorization of what the truth is, so one is removed by the concepts, the words, the ideas and beliefs of what transpired from then to now. But we don't habituate the now, so how can the past be the whole truth?

This is what are creation is presenting to us all the time, only we are to busy focusing on the mind's years of being educated out of the direct connection to the living truth that would re-arrange the truth we believe according to the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which is to say minus all the stories, prejudices, fears, resentments, expectations, desires for a fantasized future trip of an idealized truth. This is not to say we do nothing; far from it. To be in the whole truth is a creative act, a movement, an expression of truth and it will destroy the stories as only the whole truth can; authentically.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall is nothing more than a fantasy of the mind's creation about what is.

Pain and suffering are great motivators rooted in avoidance and are indicators of how one is avoiding the truth of themselves, others, and the world. This is not something that one is going to know and it is this not knowing that is a huge blind spot, a great limitation, a straightjacket severely limiting the range of one's awareness. How does one see what one is not seeing? The simple answer is to recognize what you are involved in that is causing the pain and suffering. Look at it, all the details of it, like you would analyzing a movie, all the parts, the actors, the roles, and within all that you will begin to see the script, the pattern, the belief that is triggering your reaction; this reaction is an avoidance of the truth, is a reaction to what is, and in that window of opportunity, creation is calling you to presence. In that moment of reaction is your clue, your key to freedom, if you can realize what is going on. Keep in mind what you know is memories of the past, and those memories are the patterns, are the beliefs that propel you, motivate you, control your responses to Pavlov's Bell.

Ultimately there is no bell, no dog, no bone, no nothing other than creation unfolding as it is and always has been. Each of us is a creator embedded in creation eternally with or without awareness of this infinite expression of life; creation. Do you really think that God, Essence, Divinity or any other name given to that which is unknowable really judges or condemns or dislikes or hates or punishes Divine Nature? These are all mind constructs, fairy tales, and stories to obliterate the truth of awareness.

Consider the possibilities before condemning them! The movement or reaction to judge them is indicative of the mind seeking to avoid reality. Acceptance has no need of defending anything, only stories need defending. What stories are you believing as the whole truth?


7-10-13 -

Some quotes from Mooji; check out his website for videos and audios, etc...

"You need nothing to be happy. You need something to be sad." -Mooji

"Being in Satsang, an emptying is happening.
You are not being asked to learn anything, only to discover.
Don't focus on learning because learning is just our habit. It is a fake knowledge and not the same as experience.
Just be open. Feel your being but don't try to become anything.
Neither try to be something, nor try to be nothing.
Simply be empty and let listening and understanding happen—
you are awareness only; be clear about this.
Now, there is an awareness of a space inside and it is filled with love and joy.
A realisation stirs within: There is nothing I have to be. I just am."

~ Mooji
10th of July, 2013


“It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity, and joy that lie at our core.” ― Thomas Moore


7-14-13 -

Think We Haven’t Come A Long Way? Watch How Ridiculous Men Were Just 40 Years Ago.

This video was quite extraordinary to realize how sexist males were back in the late 60's, even worse the further one went back in history (his-story). To see the ridiculousness in the whole thing, including the news media's slant on it was very revealing. Imagine what it must have been like being a woman and being forced into a box of what you could and couldn't do based on the domination of males. What else do we as human beings do unto others in the name of our chosen beliefs? We are just beginning to wake up out of a very deep amnesia that has been destructive at every level of our humanness and with Nature of which we are inseparable from, whether we like it or not.

What does that mean? what are the implications of our interdependence of Nature on air, water, soil, food sustenance, shelter, clothing, and other essential aspects of surviving and thriving in a functional and sustainable way? Much of what we have been taught to believe, conditioned to believe, forced to believe, has been put up on cultural pedestals as untouchable; right - wrong depending on whom one believes?

Imagine if we stopped listening to external sources for the truth, of listening to other people who seek to force and maintain a limiting ideology, a paradigm of what the limits of truth are. What would it be like if we started listening to our own deeper authentic Being, that is beyond limited truths of humans? What would it be like to realize the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth?

This is what freedom is, what true freedom is, to realize who and what you are in Being rather than in the straightjacket of human delusions, of living caught up in the head of fantasy and imagination; of limitations created for the sake of controlling and dominating others for our own specialized fantasy of our own grandiosity no matter the cost to others. One only need look around the world at large to see the ridiculousness of much of what we are imprisoned into believing, watching the degree of insanity those who control and dominate go to ensure obedience to their fears, because that is the bottom line, the root of the whole issue of control and domination. Fear; fear of not being good enough; fear of not getting what you want; fear of being hurt; fear of being abandoned.

Lets look at these fears. They are delusions of the mind, ideas that go contrary to awareness of what is. It requires incredible drive to ignore the whole truth in order to BELIEVE in a fantasy, a story that validates the minds delusions of truth SHOULD be.

It should also be noted there is no other. There is only one, One in the sense that there is no separation from anything. All that we THINK is separate is just that; thinking it so. To see the reality of this is to realize that the human body has billions of cells that all constitute the human body. They are not separate, do not function in isolation or separation. The human body's organs and other systems are not isolated or separate from the others. In truth, they all support each other in ONE unified field of existence and as such represent a living map if you will of NATURE. Our nature is the same as that NATURE out there external to us.

The same is also true of our solar system, where nothing is separate; it is but one whole in a greater whole. Our galaxy is one Unified Field of Existence as well, a body if you will to illustrate a point about consciousness. No one is going to figure this out in their fucking heads. This realization is an experiential process, of experiencing life, all of it, all the puzzle pieces as one unified living field of awareness, essence, consciousness; BEING. People like to THINK they know the truth, but what they know is only a program of what they have learned from others, books, education, and from stories we create in our heads about what we THINK the truth is.

This is extremely difficult to comprehend, because we are conditioned to believe what we know. As convenient as that may be to a point, the bigger picture about truth is that it is beyond knowing, that the wholeness of the truth can only be experienced. Until one has an experience of an opening into whole truth experientially, one will continue to be deluded by the fantasy stories they believe.

Let me put it another way. The first time I experienced Oneness, I was with three others in the forests doing journey work. At some point we were standing around a clearing when I became aware of being all the others, while simultaneously seeing out from all four forms. I cannot describe this fully, nor is it really that important to do so. Why? Because that is the mind wanting to know, wanting to create a story about what it is. Ultimately the mind has to die, has to wither away into nothingness, to melt away the stories of what we believe we are and what life is. My experience was just the beginning of a long process of weaning myself off of beliefs and ideas that I was taught to cling to like everyone else, that truths should be clung to, should be obeyed as my identity.

These ideas were and continue to be delusions. Perhaps they are convenient to function someone what, but at some point they are dysfunctions, which take one away from the present moment of unfolding awareness into elaborate stories of ideas about truth. This is going to be difficult for many to realize only to the extent they cling to what they THINK they KNOW. What you know is the past, what you were taught back then. It may or may not be relevant now, much like how the many cling to ideas that have long outgrown there usefulness if there was anything useful at all in the first place.

The only thing one is really going to lose is their beliefs and ideas about life. What will remain is the awareness of the whole truth that has always been there in fullness. Hiding from the truth is a psychological thriller if you will that titillates the imagination of what might be or what could've been. The thrill is temporary, a short cut if you will to avoid the truth in order to feed a fantasy to fit in, be accepted, to avoid something or someone, and especially in avoiding the truth if it frightens us.

But what is it that is frightened? We are not our minds and it is fear, because fear is a product of the mind. There is no fear in the infinite universal ocean of BEING. To THINK that the God, or whatever name you want to go with, which by the way is always limiting, is actually affected by fear is laughable to the extent one is rolling on the floor laughing at the absurdity of this statement. But the many believe this, and have believed this for a very long time. It might be important for one to come to this realization if their pain and suffering has become obvious enough to them, otherwise they will continue unphased in the delusions they were trained to believe at a young age.

The amazing thing about stifling awareness is that pain and suffering are not always present or obvious as they have been psychologically buried in order to endure going against the truth. This process is the same thing for anyone who has had a physical injury. I recall years ago when I sprained my ankle badly and had to be on crutches for a couple of months. I recall a lot of hand, wrist, and arm pain from using crutches. One morning I got up out of bed and I was in really bad pain, but within a matter of minutes, most of the pain disappeared. I remembered being stunned by this and realizing the body had suppressed this in order to function. The many do the same thing when life becomes to unbearable going against the whole truth.

The whole truth will set you free in ways your mind cannot ever know. letting go is the only way out of the prison of the mind. How much pain and suffering does it take until one gets tired and lets go? Unknowable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7-16-13 -

Walking Backwards Down Memory Lane

I was doing dishes contemplating on some of the ridiculous stuff that I observed today at work. I had this insight as I was looking at how humans really THINK they KNOW the truth. There was this moment when there was this image that arose of human's backwards THINKING they are moving forwards. How can one move forward when all of what they KNOW are memories of the past? How can anyone possible truly move forward in an authentic manner when regurgitating the past as if it were something new and wonderful? How can the past be new?

The only way one moves forward anew with freshness and aliveness and presence is in awareness without the need to reach back into memories for truth? Memories are not truth period. There seems to be this conflict of what truth is. Is it what we KNOW or is it presence? Can you KNOW? Absolutely NOT! One will never find the living truth in a memory. The memory is gone, it is dead, turned over in its grave like most people because they keep going to the cemetery in their heads THINKING it is live coverage of what is in any given moment. Memories are a chain link fence that keeps out awareness and one is not going to realize this through thinking about it.

Seriously, look at this picture of yourself walking backwards through life based on what you know from the past. Imagine how awkward it is to walk backwards, constantly looking over your shoulder or the other one to make sure you aren't going to walk into something or trip and fall. Of course the positive aspects of doing this nonsense is everything is constant, you know what to expect, what to do, who to be, as long as you follow the rules; the beliefs; the program; the conditions. The only choices are what has been downloaded by your silly mind, which believes it is somebody.

How could one possibly be beliefs, conditions, personalities??? They are nothing more than stories given to us by others and we buy into them hook line and sinker as if they were the gospel truth. And while I'm mentioning the gospel truth, let me be clear here that politics and religion are really the same nonsense, with a select few who decide what the truth is going to be or rather what the beliefs, what the conditions, what the rules are going to be that best support their grandiosity; in essence it is really in support of their fears.

The minute one has taste of what is outside the prison walls, it becomes crystal clear how much has been lost by this isolation tank of beliefs. We have believed ourselves into a woven mental straightjacket that has hogtied humanity into some seriously stifled positions The only saving grace while wearing this straightjacket is the mental fantasies one creates to avoid the whole living truth of the situation. How absurd is that, yet the many march along like they have a purpose in life and they do, which is following the program they have managed believe is real.

Can't get any better than that can it? Those pesky problems of pain and suffering that one creates from believing are conveniently overlooked by blaming someone else for our problems. Anyone who would dare to speak up about the King having no clothes on is shot dead on sight in a manner of speaking; locked up; isolated, judged and condemned by the jury of your peers. How quaint can that be. It only gets better as those who are the sheep herders herd you in a different direction to keep the many fenced in behind the limitations of the mental fences of conformity. That's the gist of politics and religion, to ensure they many don't roam freely.

I mean seriously, look at what we do the wild animals who are true to their natures, who are truly free to be themselves. They are our true mentors, showing us the way to BE free. Is it no wonder that we hunt them into extinction, lock them up in zoos, destroy their habitats, just like humans do to one another in various degrees and disguises. The ideas of what living life is are just that, a zillion times removed from reality, from freedom, from fresh air, fresh water, fresh soil unpolluted by chemicals and insane people who are  crippled by their thoughts daisy chained, who seek to arrest your development so as to have no consciousness.

Everything that humanity is built upon is geared towards maintaining unconsciousness. One is not going to be aware of this for the simple profound truth of living in the mind of dead, stale, parched, dusty, dirty ideas that have been sold as fresh produce in the grocery store of knowledge; and they call it intelligence, lift themselves up onto pedestals proclaiming how modern and advanced they are. By the same token, everyone is doing the best they can based on their handicapped ideas. How could someone be accused of not doing their best based on what they KNOW. Seriously, if one had awareness of something greater that would alleviate pain and suffering, wouldn't they drop the beliefs and move forward in awareness?

Some do and some don't and it gets complicated based on a multitude of situations that create one's prison. Basically in Believing, one doesn't know they don't know, meaning to say they don't realize anything outside of the parameters, the perimeters of their beliefs. Now one might get quite pissed off that what I am saying is ludicrous, but if one really looks back amongst all those dilapidated beliefs that one has a death grip on, one will begin to find certain memories that allude to a time when one realized something, had a crack in the prison wall and peeked out and saw something that turned a light on within shedding light on a limiting situation.

Anyone who says they haven't is not being honest with themselves, but then again, how can one be honest with themselves when following the script you were given for your role in the cultural movie of life? Zoos are metaphors of the cages humans live in and we lock people up on prisons who don't obey the rules. Yet we have an entire corporate love affair with governance from the town all the way up the federal government who get away with the same nonsense that the common human is sent to prison for. Prisons are merely a mirror for how humans live or dare I call them zombies?

We have a love affair with zombies, vampires, monsters while we are conveniently deaf, dumb, and blind to those affairs within our own personal lives. We are puzzled when someone goes on a shooting spree or rips off the many through various financial institutions and it goes on and on with all sorts of amazing anecdotes of delusions. By the way, delusions arise from beliefs tweaked for each person's fantasies.

The good news is they don't really exist except in one's head and that is about as far as they go. Twenty years ago there was this really cool bar, restaurant, game place that was open in Seattle. You paid $20 fee to enter and they had all these different rooms you could go into where there were interactive games and activities and crafts to perform. One of them was this room where a person sat in a chair at a computer, while another person, usually your friend or else a stranger who wore this diving helmet that had a camera on top, but you were unable to see nothing. How the game worked was you could hear commands in the helmet headset, while the person sitting at the computer gave you instructions on how to get to a certain place in the room. The clincher was the person at the computer could only see what the camera on top of the helmet broadcast to the computer screen. It may sound easy, but I can tell you it was far from easy and many people didn't get very far.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this particular story. How humans function in life is very similar. Our mind is like that computer and it tells us a programmed story about what we are seeing with our five senses and we think we know what we are doing. The many are blinded by their beliefs, that blind every single person, place, and thing we touch or interact with. The program in the computer is like a video game that one plays and interacts with for hours. The program is actually similar to the person sitting at the computer giving commands on how to get from point A to point B. We are wearing the helmet of beliefs that blind us from true reality that exists when we take off the helmet to reveal the limitations of our conditions.

Fear is the paranoia that creates insanity when we live in our programmed minds. The non-stop commands drown out awareness implicitly. If you were to tap into someone's programmed mind, you'd understand what I am discussing here within a matter of seconds. We are empathic beings, which is to say we have the capacity to experience another's feelings and thoughts. The many usually don't because they are completely imprisoned in the cultural programming of their choice; pick a flavor for your savior. What we identify with is our IDENTITY. The irony goes beyond that because we attach ourselves to those little white lies and believe them whole heartedly without question, because that is what beliefs allow one to do.

This is always gives rise to pain and suffering; all-ways!

There is a way out of that nonsense and it requires one to go within and find the tunnel with the light at the other end. That is indicative of just how much darkness the many live in thinking they see the truth! Not so; not in a million years will anyone know the truth. Everything a person knows is completely irrelevant to the whole truth, is completely unnecessary in freeing one's self to EXPERIENCE the whole truth. What freaks out most people is in actuality the false self, the program reacting to defend it's deluded stories.

People smoke marijuana, or use psychedelics, or crack under a lot of mental pressure and they see the light momentarily, or rather their awareness stops identifying with the deluded stories, but the stories react to defend themselves, to reinstate themselves, to paint over reality with stories that are familiar straightjackets to us; the root word of familiar is familia; family; the source of our initial programming; conditioning; straight jacketing; brainwashing.

We do not realize that at birth we were completely aware without any prejudices, judgments, resistance to what was. We also didn't have any conceptual language for everything in the world, so we saw it as it was; unadulterated raw footage with no ideas or knowledge to taint what were seeing. Pure bliss and joy and being high all the time. By the same token we saw everything outside of ourselves as Oneness. There was no self, no other, only Oneness until we got taught, trained, conditioned, and corrected into the limiting eye glasses of cultural conformity. That is the short version of a much more challenging perspective to come to understand and then realize.

Freeing one's self from the entrenched mechanical thoughts that have been deeply etched into our minds, our psyches, will take a great deal of effort of losing the idea of your cherished SELF that doesn't really exist except as a belief in the head. This is the greatest killer of awareness, of assuming that one is separate from everyone and everything else. Not true at all in any shape or form. While it may seem that idea is a delusion, I can assure you it is not, but you will have to find that out for yourself through direct experience.

As Buddha stated:

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."

Note he starts out with BELIEVE NOTHING; this is a clue. For the many they will tune into their beliefs for their common sense and in reality there really isn't any common sense let alone truth, in one's beliefs. One can believe whatever they want, but if you want to step out of the prison of pain and suffering, then something is going to have to go. All the thinking in the world will never reveal the truth. Instead, all you will have is more beliefs, more ideas, more nonsense that conveniently overlooks the obvious!

It took me a while to finally realize that I didn't need to think about what I was experiencing, didn't need to label it with concepts, that doing so was causing me to be deaf, dumb, and blind. Quite startling to realize that I really didn't know shit. What I knew was a road map to nowhere except to stay behind the prison walls of conformity; which is nothing more than the beliefs we were formed by and contained by.

There is another way and not everyone is going to be interested in it due to be being blinded by concepts and beliefs. But for those who are, becoming conscious is the only way out.


7-21-13 - 

Peace is a thoughtless moment away.

Something to consider rather than thinking you know. 

Considering is not fence sitting, it is a birthing process waiting in captive awareness for the truth to present itself like a flowing river. Truth reveals itself within the silence, where the mind is given a much needed retirement. It has outlived its usefulness as an operator without a license to drive. Spirit being the truth that it is, has no need for a license, nor can it be censured or silenced, cannot even be touched in any way or form, no thing can touch nothingness. Truth knows the way, how to be, how to unfold, how to navigate uncharted waters, because that is what life is and BEING is the One and Only; Universal Guru Navigator par none. Each of us is but a drop in this vast ocean, yet each is that universal ocean in any given moment if you would only stop resisting life at every level of your complexity.

What you believe is the problem, the limitation of chained thought patterns outlining what your existence is, rather than you being in that out powering of your true existence. This is not going to make sense from conditioned logic. To be able to see outside the boxes of our paradigm is to begin questioning everything, even your most precious chosen ideas about truth. One has to abandon all of that for the living truth to touch in the way the winds touch us, which is only being touching being, being one with being. Oneness aware of itself. We are that extension of Oneness.


7-21-13 -

LSD Gets Another Look As Alcoholism Treatment

Given the incredible dysfunction and destruction of alcoholism, one would THINK those in charge and in the KNOW, would do something to end the pain and suffering of those doing the drinking and those on the receiving end of their destructive behavior. Not so! The only REASON and RATIONALE for not doing anything meaningful to bring about transformative healing has to do with the power structures that govern not wanting people to BE authentically alive and present and aware. Why? Because aware human beings cannot be controlled and dominated and bull shitted into conforming to insanity...

They would rather continue with punishing those who are the worst offenders in order to allow the greater drinking population to continue consuming for the advancement of the same dysfunctional patterns of suppressing awareness. The bigger addiction, worse than drugs or alcohol is the need to control and dominate others for a sense of self-importance; grandiosity, superiority, and righteousness. The ugliness of this becomes more apparent as one wakes up to the truth of complete presence and awareness.

Their is nothing loving about those in power who turn away from the whole truth and nothing but the truth!


7-27-13 - 10:25pm

"Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment, and especially on their children, than the unlived life of the parent."--Carl Jung

Most of the world's population has been affected by this phenomena of dysfunction.


7-27-13 - 11:30pm

A Moment of Candor and An Opportunity for Reflection: The Obama Race Speech (VIDEO)

The Mental Prisons of Isms

May you understand this beyond thought. Thinking is what brought us to now. Whatever it is, the fear, one only need be in the still of the moment or situation, of removing the typhoon of thoughts that obliterate awareness most, if not all the time(*), and be completely present with what is rather than the story, which is the creator of fear. Then one can be aware of what to do or not do. This is just one of many similar contexts of stories about anyone who is different from self. We have become incredibly technological advanced, but are exceedingly severely impoverished on the many levels of our true spiritual humanness.

The generations of stories passed off as true reality have to be abandoned in order to be in awareness. The stories are only real because we believe them to be real. Thinking for most of the time is indicative of stories being told, programmed stories, on how to be what you're expected to be or do; what you were taught by family and community; usually a mold or straightjacket or chains that mentally forges one into others expectations, rules, demands, threats, beliefs, insanity, fear, hatred, love.

It occurs to me that the establishment, the very rich, those with the power reigns have over society and the world, are those who have allowed this dysfunction to go on because it works for them, otherwise most of our problems and issues would be gone with the wind. They're not, and it's birds of a feather that flock together to dictate what the truth is. Oddly enough, there is this incredibly quantum sized universal chasm between the right truth and the wrong truth. The only truth of any value is love; the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It's what we are in our truest essence in authentic abandonment of thinking. Thinking has conveniently blinded us to the love within that is always united in oneness with all things. The nonsense we have been raised with for generations is the cause of pain and suffering and the only way to alleviate the pain and suffering is to just stop listening to the fictional stories. One doesn't stop thinking and become a zombie, because all that transforms, is the letting go of the stories for the real truth, that is always right there in front of us; LIFE as it is rather than what we don't want. This is the cause of deluded, imagined, fantasies we create about what we want or don't want; all to avoid being present with what is; LIFE. Damnedest thing, like playing with an atomic bomb as a metaphor for our unawareness. The simplest thing one can do is be aware. Why? Because that is what we are; awareness, essence, love, spirit

Who'd you THINK you were? Get my drift???

Seriously contemplate this; look at the stories, notice them, stop identifying with them, and start questioning where it got learned/believed. At our essence we are the living authentic truth that doesn't need to tell a story. We are stifled by an immense super humungous hurricane of collective thinking that creates a barrier-separation with life, like an amnesia like a blinding Saharan sand storm that forces one to live in the head. Life is life, and how we participate with it, how we learn from it, grow from it, and stop resisting, and fighting it for our stories will free one from the mental prison of conformity.

The only way to live life is the way of light, of Being in the light of awareness, of being your own authentic Being. This is why inner meditation is so essential to being, because your eternal essence, your spirit, your light, your existence is present; that's the gift, of BEING in love rather than in fear; the difference between awareness and unawareness. Sounds incredibly simple, but it is the most difficult thing to UNBELIEVE one's comfortably conditioned idea of SELF. For the most part, most of the world we KNOW is an elaborate farce to say the least. I'll end here with a paragraph from my poem, Until You Become Like Children, because the whole poem cuts right to the bone/heart of the problem. The problem being accepting the truth of what is. The truth is the truth, is front and center, is what we swim in, move around in, exist within, and the only way one can get around it is via THINKING and BELIEVING; Thinking a Gift Gone; the wave and particle phenomenon eloquently portraying this quantum wave of consciousness thinking it is separate? How can anyone BE separate from LIFE. Life is life itself unfolding Moment to Moment. The only separation existing is in your mind:

Until we let go of our concrete ideas

Allow the creative fruits to flow from within

We adults will continue to create

Concrete fields of daisies

Emotions of granite

Creativity in monochrome

Sensations of ice

Concretized conditional love

Conditional, a condition of mind, an idea


With this in mind, the next step is not knowable, which is to say impossible to know exactly what is going to happen next, which is why it is so important to be present in non-attachment, because then silence is golden, as there is no need to give or get something from the other. People mistakenly believe knowing blinds Awareness. In actuality, Awareness blinds knowing, and eventually obliterates the need to think up stories . The next moment or next step comes without needing to know. 

If you contemplate on this, you'll realize you can actually see and experience the next moment unfolding and realizing you don't need to label it with what you think you know; you know what I mean:). One can just be there and experience life unfolding, because it is our life and what we do with it is our grace, our existence, our love in action through being authentic in our spirit in non-judgment, which is to say in complete acceptance. A person has to make the conscious choice to embrace life as it is, because all of us are life itself at every level of existence. To not embrace life is to not embrace yourself. To judge life is to judge yourself.

The choice is to think about it and create more stories about what it is or isn't or accept life without all the stories and commentaries judging and condemning what we think we cannot accept; all rooted in thinking. Habituated patterned responses learned through enslaved childhood. The only problem I see is the fear of accepting life as it is, which when you explore this, you realize how absurd it really is. We come from life itself, born within the womb of life to dance with life itself, while experiencing life through our own unique portal of existence, till we realize there is no reason to struggle or resist or fear life, because we are life itself; period.

I'm not here to tell fairy tales or to be a story teller. I'm here to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It can be daunting and overwhelming being truth, but realize those thoughts are mind constructed stories of what is. If one really carefully inspects the ongoing stories in the head, one will realize the fantasy of the vast majority of them. It really is like being given a role as an actress or actor and following it like your life depended on it; or how about because you loved the role so much that you forgot who and what you really are.

The role creates amnesia from true reality, a trance creating a mental schism, a paradigm, a partition if you will, like one creates on a hard drive, only we've got a Quantum drive. The body's sensory modes, are the ultimate creation in living form experiencing life. The mind and the imagination can warp awareness through focusing on certain stimuli and stories to create/construct a mental prison paradigm. Where the beliefs/stories weave a distorted web of deception obstructing the truth. This is our curse and blessing to be creative, to be able to imagine, because it creates a reality of separation, of being able to create any conceivable fantasy and one can live there in that prison their whole life. 

Born into prison to die in a prison.

There is more to life than that nonsense; that lie; that deception of others. The most important thing one can do for themselves is to stop deceiving themselves with stories weaving vast webs of imprisonment. 

But who is deceiving whom here? If we are the truth, then who is it that is not being the truth? Nobody! We are life itself incarnating through our particular form. Kahlil Gibran realized this when he wrote this poem:


On Children
By Kahlil Gibran


Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might
that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.



The truth is just the truth. The mind seeks to make truth something that it is not and can never be; the difference between non-fiction and fiction. To be or not to be, that is the question; the hesitation, resisting, avoiding versus completely letting go to flow with spirited currents of awareness on an effortless endless journey of change, because that is what life is. The life humans live is actually a fantastical story of delusion created to avoid change. But life is change and change is life, and the two are inseparable beyond a doubt. A metaphor for our crippled mental handicap would be the difference between a 3 year old and an old person stooped over and hardly able to move about life. Everyone is like that old person, whether they are young or old, completely oblivious to the 3 year old within; the One and only. 


Existence is not ideas or beliefs, it is not beholden to humans, nor is it bothered by our insanity, has no need of anything from us, nor judgments, cares, or worries about what is, because life is eternal. You're not going to get this living in your head. it's not something you can be entertained about because existence doesn't entertain, its not entertainment meant to keep you busy; its life, being life in this particular moment, waiting for your conscious participation, which is your blessing to the world in each moment.



7-28-13 -


One of the intriguing outcomes of deception is once its been etched into the minds of citizens, it's like a porcupine barb, difficult to eradicate for the truth, which is why it works so well and why politicians and religious leaders utilize it so often.


Some timely quotes:


"You are your own promised land, your own new frontier."

          - Julia Cameron


"Art lies in the moment of encounter: we meet our truth and we meet ourselves."

          - Julia Cameron


"Love is the river of life in the world."

          - Henry Ward Beecher


"Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
          - Howard Thurman


"Unless we experience the freedom of solitude, we cannot connect authentically."

          - Sherman Buck


"Only those who risk going too far can possibly know how far they can go."

          - William Bell


"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

          - Gandhi


7-29-13 -


"The Earth is a functionally integrated system -as much an organic being as you and I- that exists not for man's benefit but for it's own.
          - David Laing, The Earth System

"We do indeed belong here. The earth is more than just a home, it's a living system and we are part of it."
James Lovelock

"Speak to the Earth and it will teach thee."
          - The Bible, Job: 12, 7




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