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June 2008



6.01.08 - 


I received this in an email today:


The Law of the Garbage Truck

I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his breaks, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean he was really friendly. So I asked, 'Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!' This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, 'The Law of the Garbage Truck.' He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment.

As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they'll dump it on you. Don't take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don't take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the streets. The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day. 

Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so..... 'Love the people who treat you right. Bless the ones who don't.'


6.03.08 - This morning I had a strong urge to go eat breakfast down at the Bellingham ferry terminal. I didn't listen at first, instead listened to ego's incessant ranting about not spending the money, but wound up going after all. I'm glad I went, because I had an incredible opportunity to witness something for my own growth as well as those who were involved.

I arrived at the small restaurant in the terminal and was waiting behind a couple with a small son. They were all deciding what to drink with their food. The boy went off to go look at some of the displays. As soon as he left I overheard the women say, "he's already driving me crazy," in a voice that had a vehemence in it. Eventually, I found myself several tables from where they were sitting. The boy, like most children, was full of enthusiasm and wanting to engage his parents. The mother or partner of the man was obviously not in the mood for his enthusiasm. They made a point of sending him outside to get him out of their hair, but he came back inside after about five minutes or so. 

When he arrived at their table, he started talking to them while they were talking. The woman slammed her hand down on the table and went off on the boy. Then the boy's father jumped in to appease the woman and began berating the boy about his having a bad habit of interrupting and when he was done with his lecture, told the boy to sit still and be quiet for fifteen minutes. At this point, the two of them began to chatter on about the mundane as if it were the most important thing in the world to them.

My realizations were on many levels, but the most clear one had to do with how ridiculous the two of them were. They were obviously annoyed that the boy was a "chatter box," yet the two of them went on with their non-sensical chattering. The next realization was if you want the boy to learn appropriate behavior, then how about mirroring it to him. Let me make it clear; children don't interrupt when they are authentically listened too. Most parents/adults don't have the presence required to listen, let alone listen to their own inner child that is suppressed within.

Part of me wanted to say something along the lines of, "Perhaps if the two of you were to be quiet for fifteen minutes, he might understand what you are talking about." But, I realized that they, like most adults, don't go near silence in order to avoid looking within. I spoke to spirit about how to respond to this situation in a functional way. What came to me was, Perhaps if you were to mirror to him by your own behavior of what fifteen minutes of silence is like, he might understand." But, it became apparent to me that this approach would not go over very well. After a few moments of my own silence it occurred to me that what we can do is to radiate our light/love.

Ego's response to spirit's point on compassion was, "what good will that do?" As, I sat there it occurred to me that compassion is a higher form of love, it is a force that melts through the walls without causing conflict, because by its very nature, compassion is what the Divine is, and this force is what is blocked from entering into the dimensions of this planet because of most people being shut down from their own childhood. Conscious human beings are the portals of this divine compassionate energy, because it can only be channeled through souls and then through the body of which they are intimately connected too. This is why the body is denigrated by religious/political institutions via the cultural software humans are imprisoned with.

My next realization about what had been done to the boy arose when after fifteen minutes he was able to talk again. I watched him engage them again just as he had done before. I wondered how he could just go on like nothing had happened and I recalled my own childhood. In this moment, I remembered and understood, because I remembered my own experiences and the feelings of what that felt like. Ironically, we all remember the feelings because we live them every day with due to repeating the old patterns that were ingrained into us as children and teens.

The problem is that we keep repeating the patterns over and over through life with friends, lovers, neighbors, employers, employees, etc. The reason we keep repeating them is because we need to feel the feelings and realize they are the same one's from long ago. One cannot not simply change the patterns intellectually/physically; one has to visit the emotions and feelings and reconnect them to release the charge that locks the pattern. The boy obviously is not listened to authentically and the parents down have the time or inclination to deal with his need for authenticity, warmth, love, and nurturing because they have not healed their own wounds to receive this themselves.

Ironically, the response I witnessed, along with others like yelling, screaming, slapping, hitting, punching, jerking, pushing, intimidating, punishing, shaming, guilting, forcing them to sit or stand in a corner are trauma inducing at the physical, mental, emotional, psychical, and soul level. Once these occur, it is a shock to children's spiritual connection and paves the way for children to disconnect and go unconscious and become dysfunctional. Dysfunctional adults by nature create dysfunctional children who grow up to be dysfunctional. These are the patterns we are gifted by our family trees.

I spent the rest of the day going over my whole childhood and into my teen years. From there I went through all of the friends I have had and then all the jobs I've had. I found the same patterns based on my family dynamics as well as the cultural ones reinforced in schools, churches, and other organizations, such as the military, corporate america, colleges, and various communities. To say it was sobering was an understatement. I had an inkling of this as I watched the drama with the boy playing out.

When one is treated in such a way as a child, there is very little one can do about it period. You put up with it, accept it, deal with it as best as you can by coping, suppressing, repressing, then taking on the various aspects of shame, guilt, fear, etc until you have embodied yourself in the patterns imprisoning authentic self from ever expressing itself into the world. You give up on the authentic wants, desires, expressions, gifts, feelings and settle for the scraps that pass as sane living, when in fact it is insanity.

My biggest realization had to do with understanding why I still had attachments to people who had moved on or after I had moved on. This attachment is what we had to do with dysfunctional people in order to get our needs met as best we could given our various dysfunctional situations. We came to embody that we deserved to be treated this way or that we had to act a certain way, but that only related to what we had to do as children in order to get through the insanity of living with unconscious people. At some point, we began to act just like, think like them, talk like them, and cloned ourselves for the most part on what their "rules" were.

As I have pointed out in the past, it is extremely difficult to act out all the rules while conscious, without slipping up and getting into trouble. At some point, there begins a split of self; the one that is acceptable and the one that is not. The one that is not acceptable is authentic self, and it splits off to allow an aspect of itself to embrace the acceptable cultural norms that allow for one to get their needs met. At this point, we become unconscious and we don't know that we are unconscious at all.

Start looking around you and taking stock of the facial expressions of the many. Look at their body posturing, the sound of their voices, the words they use, what they feel like, how they act towards you or others. Begin to notice the differences between authentic and unauthentic. Observe children who are very young because they are still embodying consciousness and authenticity. Waking up is nothing more than reclaiming the right to authentically express your Being.

I would also recommend reading Women Who Run With Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, because it really digs deep into explaining all of this insanity we live with, how it came into existence, what the traumas are and what it does to an individuals psyche and soul. While it may be written for women, it most certainly is relevant for males and or anyone who is a human being living the insane life on this planet. Ironically, I stopped reading it year or so ago and recently started reading it again. I am amazed because where I started reading is exactly what I needed for where I am right now and it is assisting me in navigating these new realizations.

I am grateful for the realizations that I was able to unearth today. In addition, I am grateful for all those with whom I have interacted with up to this point in my life, for they were the right people for me to wake up to all my own dysfunctional patterns, as well as my being the right person for their patterns. It is also ironic that I have been cleaning house of those individuals who do not function at the level of my own authenticity. I have been letting go of those who are like my parents in the many ways that those patterns unfolded. I am amazed that as the layers are peeled off, that other patterns reveal themselves. The more conscious I get about them, the more my life changes for the better. The pain and suffering disappears, along with the conflict.

I look back on my old friends and realize with crystal clarity how dysfunctional they were on both sides. I don't miss the patterns or the byproducts that arose from them; crumbs. As spirits, we don't exist on crumbs, we exist on divinity that has nothing to do with words and everything to do with the light we radiate out from soul/spirit of which is the ultimate creative endeavor that would gift us with an incredibly amazing abundant life that would shed light on the squalor of even the elites in this world.

The essence of spirit is respect; self-respect. Respect is about integrity, which is that state of equilibrium that maintains balance and harmony. This state exists eternally at the center of every single aspect of consciousness in the Universe. This inner harmony is the joy, bliss, ecstasy that is the ultimate vibration that is endless in its resonance and cannot be extinguished. This sound originates from the one that became two that created the many. Our divine Father/Mother are inseparable as are all of we, yet we humans are unconscious to this aspect of all things. 

We would not exist without their own self-respect, self-love, and integrity, which allows them to continually radiate their presence within us to guide and nurture us. This is why it is so important to reconnect to our inner Nature, because it is here where we are brought back to our spiritual home within for sustenance and guidance to create in the world our particular gift to the world.

Self-respect creates self-love and from this arises our own sovereignty, from which we naturally respect others and their right to sovereignty. If one is aligned in these aspects then what is created is a world with societies that are fully conscious, authentic, unconditionally loving, and full of compassion to undertake the next level of consciousness that we are capable of as spiritual beings. Does this mean there is no conflict? Absolutely not. Conflict is about being out of harmony and balance, which requires one to be present to intuit/feel what needs doing or being to rectify the situation. We all know what needs to be done at the very core of our being in order to heal all things on this planet; we are just out of touch with the inner realm.


6.04.08 - I want to talk further about the incident from yesterday that I wrote about. The many would see this situation as just part of growing up. This sort of rationalization (intellectualization), denies the deeper truth of what is occurring. To put it in terms the many can understand, no adult in their right mind would tolerate that sort of behavior from their friends. If an adult were to do any of these behaviors, to include hitting, yelling, intimidating, forcing someone to sit still or be quiet, there would be legal consequences. Oddly enough (dysfunction), humans collectively support the abuse of children as if it were normal, and it is normal behavior in the context of constructing and maintaining dysfunction/trauma as it relates to denying, suppressing, and repressing the human spirit to ensure a psychic break that ultimately turns joyful humans into enculturated robots who obey cultural software dictates. This sort of madness, and it is madness, stems from one's psyche being deconstructed and over domesticated.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes:

 "Too much domestication breeds out strong and basic impulses to play, relate, cope, rove, commune, and so forth. When a woman agrees to  become too 'well-bred' her instincts for these impulses drop down into her darkest unconscious, outside her automatic reach. She is said then to be instinct-injured. What should come naturally comes not at all, or after too much tugging, pulling, rationalizing, fighting with herself."

"When I speak of over domestication as capture, I do not refer to socialization, the process whereby children are taught to behave in or more less civilization ways. Social development is critical and important. Without it, a woman cannot make her way in the world. But too much domestication is like forbidding the vital essence to dance. In its proper and healthy state, the wild self is not docile or vacuous. It is alert and responsive to any given movement or moment. It is not locked into an absolute and repetitive pattern for any and all circumstances. It has creative choice. The instinct-injured woman has no choice. She just stays stuck."

Domestication is an attack on the authentic self and it would behoove the many to begin to ask why this occurs, because in the asking, one removes themselves from the unconscious acceptance of norms that have no bearing whatsoever on authentic Being. What one is witnessing when children are being treated as such, whether in the home, school, churches, or the world at large, is indicative of the insanity that has dominated over the right for spirit to shine in this world. What religion has been teaching about spirit is an eternal damnation to the light of unconditional love, compassion, and a creative abundant life which is the birth right and inner source of all who inhabit the human form.

If the powers that govern in Church and State truly cared about human beings and their spiritual well being, there would be an unprecedented movement by which all people would be instructed on how to cherish, nurture, support, their creative light to shine authentically in the world with the diversity that is the hallmark of the Divine. One need only look at the diversity of Nature to understand this eternal concept. Sameness is imprisonment and chaining of the soul to the dark and dank dungeons of a living hell (egoic mindset). One only need look at the current plight in schools, churches, businesses, corporations, and governments to see that in general there is no interest whatsoever to allow the human soul/spirit to flourish, because it would take away from their power over the many for the purpose of control, domination, and greed. This sort of mindset is parasitic in nature.

If this seems harsh, perhaps one should put themselves into the shoes of those who are at the receiving end of this sort of treatment or better yet, perhaps one should begin to do their own inner exploration to come to the vital essence within to realize their own domestication and subsequent imprisonment. Rationalization and intellectualization will never ever get one in touch with this imprisoned self. Ego cannot enter into this domain anymore than reading about riding a bike will ever give you the actual direct experience of the process.

I'm including a link I received in an email I received from the Institute of Science In Society entitled "Ban GMO's Now" that touches on the very same issue that Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes about in her book as it relates to being captured, domesticated, and made into carbon copies of sameness. The article discusses the mindset of those who believed that the genome (DNA) could be altered and made to adhere to constraints that would produce carbon copies. Unfortunately, they have come to realize that the genome is fluid and constantly changing and adapting to the environment, of which both sides are always communicating to each other what is going on for adaptation. Further more, the implications of this is similar to what occurs when humans are domesticated and shut off from their authentic spirit, they begin to function dysfunctionally, which causes imbalance and disharmony leading to destructive outcomes. Here is an excerpt of a larger article:

"Genetic engineering of plants and animals began in the mid 1970s in the belief that the genome (the totality of all the genetic material of a species) is constant and static, and that the characteristics of organism are simply hardwired in their genome. But geneticists soon discovered that the genome is remarkably dynamic and ‘fluid’, and constantly in conversation with the environment. This determines which genes are turned on, when, where, by how much and for how long. Moreover, the genetic material itself could also be marked or changed according to experience, and the influence passed on to the next generation.

The best thing about the human genome project is to finally explode the myth of genetic determinism, revealing the layers of molecular complexity that transmit, interpret and rewrite the genetic texts [3] (Life Beyond the Central Dogma series, SiS 24). These processes are precisely orchestrated and finely tuned by the organism as a whole, in a highly coordinated molecular ‘dance of life’ that’s necessary for survival.

In contrast, genetic engineering in the laboratory is crude, imprecise and invasive. The rogue genes inserted into a genome to make a GMO could land anywhere; typically in a rearranged or defective form, scrambling and mutating the host genome, and have the tendency to move or rearrange further once inserted, basically because they do not know the dance of life. That’s ultimately why genetic modification doesn’t work and is also dangerous."

I highly recommend reading the full article because it discusses and issue that has the potential of destroying life as we know it and creating chaos that would make living quite unbearable as we currently know it. This is the danger that we face when the many are unconscious and living/thinking in egoic mode minus the living connection to spirit within. Just as Nature is always communicating with all the different species, so is it with the species homo-sapiens. We are just like all the rest of Nature, and when we are in touch with our inner dimension, it is quite obvious that we are constantly in a stream of information and communication meant to maintain a balanced stasis for the continuum of healthy vibrant joyful, and playful life.

As Clarissa mentions in her book:

"It is play, not properness, that is the central artery, the core, the brain stem of creative life. The impulse to play is an instinct. No play, no creative life. Be good, no creative life. Sit still, no creative life. Speak, think, act only demurely, little creative juice. Any group, society, institution, or organization that encourages women to revile the eccentric; to be suspicious of the new and unusual; to avoid the fervent, the vital, the innovative; to impersonalize the personal, is asking for a culture of dead women."

In my own words, this is not just about women, it is about how human beings are forced, chained, and cheated out of their inner life for creative play in the world, which is what we were created to do. Look around at your life and others and tell me if it is ecstatic, joyful, blissful, playful. How often do you smile, laugh, feel good? Are you surrounded with warmth, touch, and nurturing for the vibrant being you are? What passes as enjoyment is a cruel sadistic/masochistic idea that keeps us chasing imaginary phantoms that have nothing to do with the direct experience of authentic spirited living.

I close with a link to a poem that came to me while leaving Seattle Community College back in 96'. On the way out of the building, near the exit, I began to hear the most incredible music coming from the stairwell. The sounds were a flute and a didgeridoo. I was literally drawn to the steps where I had to sit down and pull out my journal and the words just flowed out as fast as I could keep up with them. They speak to where we are headed and we are definitely going to succeed in navigating the rapids as they approach; it is what we are all designed to do within authentic Being:


May you be present and well...




6.05.08 - 


"You must first and foremost have a heart for peace. The mind alone is unable to bring peace to this planet. The mind produces excuses. The heart eliminates them." - Dr. Robert Muller - Former Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations




6.07.08 -


The last several days have been rather interesting in regards to realizations streaming in from spirit. I came across a piece in "Women Who Run With Wolves" that opened the gate completely about something I was somewhat unconscious too, yet when I read it, I realized with sudden clarity that on some level I knew this, only because there was no one around me to point this out, I dismissed it. Here's the piece on p.244 in Ch. 8 Self-preservation: Identifying Leg-Traps, Cages, and Poisoned bait:


"Trying to be good, orderly, and compliant in the face of inner or outer peril or in order to hide a critical psychic or real-life situation de-souls a woman. It cuts her from her knowing; it cuts her from her ability to act. Like the child in the tale, who does not object out loud, who tries to hide her starvation, who tries to make it seem as though nothing is burning in her, modern women have the same disorder, normalizing the abnormal. This disorder is rampant across cultures. Normalizing the abnormal causes the spirit, which would normally leap to correct the situation, to instead sink into ennui, complacency, and eventually, like the old woman, into blindness.


There's an important study that gives insight into women's loss of self-protective instinct. In the early 1960's, scientists conducted animal experiments to determine something about the "flight instinct" in humans. In one experiment they wired half the bottom of a large cage, so that a dog placed in the cage would receive a shock each time it set foot on the right side. The dog quickly learned to stay on the left side of the cage.


Next, the left side of the cage was wired for the same purpose and the right side was safe from shocks. The dog reoriented quickly and learned to say on the right side of the cage. Then, the entire floor of the cage was wired to give random shocks, so that no matter where the dog lay or stood it would eventually receive a shock. The dog acted confused at first, and then it panicked. Finally the dog "gave up" and lay down, taking the shocks as they came, no longer trying to escape them or outsmart them.


But, the experiment was not over. Next, the cage door was opened. The scientists expected the dog to rush out, but it did not flee. Even though it could vacate the cage at will, the dog lay there being randomly shocked. From this, scientists speculated that when a creature is exposed to violence, it will tend to adapt to that disturbance, so that when the violence ceases or the creature is allowed its freedom, the healthy instinct to flee is hugely diminished, and the creature stays put instead.


In terms of the wildish nature of women, it is this normalization of violence, and what scientists subsequently termed "learned helplessness," that influences women to not only stay with drunken mates, abusive employers, and groups that exploit and harass them but causes them to feel unable to rise up to support the things they believe in with all their hearts: their art, their love, their lifestyles, their politics.


The normalizing of the abnormal even when there is clear evidence that it is to one's own detriment to do so applies to all battering of the physical, emotional, creative, spiritual, and instinctual natures. Women face this issue any time they are stunned into doing anything less than defending their soul-lives from invasive projections, cultural, psychic, or otherwise.


Psychically, we become used to the shocks aimed at our wild natures. We adapt to violence against the psyche's wild and knowing nature. We try to be good while normalizing the abnormal. As a result, we lose our power to flee. We lose our power to lobby for the elements of souls and life we find most valuable. When we are obsessed with the red shoes, all kinds of important personal, cultural, and environmental things fall by the wayside.


There is such a loss of meaning when one gives up the life made by hand that all manner of injuries to psyche, nature, culture, family, and so forth are then allowed to occur. The harm to nature is concomitant with the stunning of the psyches of humans. They are not and cannot be seen as separate. When one group talks about how wrong the wild is, and the other group argues that the wild has been wronged, something is drastically wrong. In the instinctive psyche, the Wild Woman looks out on the forest and sees a home for herself and all humans. Yet other may look at the same forest and imagine it barren of trees and their pockets bursting with money. These represent serious splits in the ability to live and let live so that all can live."



This is not something that occurs just to women, for it begins in early childhood, when children have no power whatsoever and cannot leave, speak up in defense, nor find allies to assist them. All of the above traumatizes children in the home, along with school, church, and state. Wherever people gather to live, they are inundated by the collective mindset of conforming to the insanity of "normalized" abnormal behavioral patterns. Ponder on this well, for it will open a gate to understand the causal aspects of dysfunction in cultures.


In reading the part about the experiments with the dogs, I was reminded of my own childhood trying to follow all the rules that seemed to change at will depending on the moods of the various adults at home, church, school, and community. Later, my experience in the Army, both boot camp and various duty stations, was concocted of the same dysfunctional behaviors and such by commanding officers, sergeants, and enlistees; total insanity with no way out except to do your time. I recall some enlistees who were harassed by insane leaders or cohorts, who could take it and wound up going AWOL or caused problems that led to some going to prison for a short time and being chaptered out, all because the leaders refused to let them out; punishment to those who disobeyed or didn't conform to the strict non-democratic governance.


The same non-sense went on where I worked, especially so in the larger corporate structures. While working at Sheraton Seattle Hotel, I came to understand a great deal about conformity, dysfunction, and codependency, all of which were rampant among management, who were well versed in guilt trips, shame tactics, fear, and intimidation. There is incredible dysfunction in service oriented businesses and those that manage are well honed in their own dysfunction. My own supervisor was the hotel controller, an appropriate title for his need to control and dominate people.


I am by no means lessening what the author is writing about in regards to women, because they are double whammied at some point in their development. Though I will say that men are damaged in similar ways that are just as destructive in the long run due to their own wild natural instincts being traumatized and repressed. When you look around the world at large where you live or work, begin to notice the games that go on. One can clearly begin to realize what occurs when a person begins to speak up about dysfunction. As one begins to awaken to the insanity, those who are still enmeshed in the madness will make life difficult and unbearable to the degree one steps out of alignment of dysfunction to the beat of their own authentic being.


The good news, is that when we begin to awaken to higher levels of consciousness within, our awareness shifts and we notice what is no longer working, that causes pain and suffering. At this point, as we come on line with spirit to a greater degree, inner guidance comes to assist us in finding the open doors to get past the walls of conformity to find groups and communities that nurture us. If we don't listen, it stays the same or worsens. The author outlines this eloquently and points out the approaches necessary for well being. If we are to navigate this spiritual shift successfully, then we must become conscious of what we are unconscious about in order to re-learn what we have forgotten, in order to heal, so we can come into our own power again to unfold as spiritual beings to reclaim our Being and continue on with the gifts we came to use to assist in the spiritual shift into the Light.


When one stands in their own authentic Being, the guilt, shame, and fear fall away as the illusions they are. Being present without imprisonment of the mind, allows one to access the incredible power of light/spirit to be who you are and not be intimidated by those who are insane with fear. No harm comes to those who are truly centered in the presence of authentic Being within.




6.11.08 -                 


"There is no way to peace. Peace is the way." - A.J. Muste


The many profess to want peace, but there is where the issue comes to a halt. Wanting peace is where its at and where it has been, and where it will stay until we give up the ego game of "wanting." Being peace is the answer, which requires authentic responses to what we see in the world based on our inner gifts/guidance. This requires listening, discernment, and ultimately the courage to act on what resonates from the depths of our soul. As long as ego is in the driver's seat, it is rather difficult if not impossible to get in touch with what soul is and wishes, since it is what we are ultimately beyond the facade of egoic personalities geared towards cultured etiquette of dysfunction.


Peace is what is beyond the mindless chatter and wanting of ego. Peace is serenity, is calmness, is gentleness, is loving, is giving, is caring, is compassion, is silence in the eye of the hurricane. this is our home, our seat of power, this centered stasis of power. Aligning with this center is where we find our Being. It is from this center from which true authentic creative actions arise and move out into the world from our willingness to listen and respond from the heart.


Our government and religions talk about peace, but they are not about peace, because if they were about peace, there would naturally arise actions aligned with the heart, which would begin immediately to re-orient towards right actions that would bring peace into effect. One cannot continue on with violence, lying, cheating, stealing, intimidating, coercing, deceiving, and hording at the same time and still expect peace. Our leaders idea of peace is to be obedient and follow the rules of their game; that is what their idea of peace is. Their words are empty shells.


Peace will come about when each individual begins within themselves to create the peace they long for. When there are a sufficient amount of human beings who create this within themselves, then this inner creation of peace will begin to create itself out into the world. This is how the world is created; from within. If one looks around the world as it is today, it is clear that what we are looking at is a reflection of what the collective inner state of humanity looks like.


The only way out of this mess is to go inward. There is no other "quick fix" that will be easy to swallow. Ego is the problem and it causes the dysfunction and will continue to do so because that is how it stays in power; much like our leaders. In fact, you could look at our government as a replica of the inner government of EGO; not much difference really. When each person begins to reclaim their own inner sovereign governance, then the world will begin to align with right actions based on self-respect, self-love, which gives rise to peace.




6.23.08 - Impeachment proceedings were brought forward by House Representative Dennis Kucinich. You can see his speech on the house floor, as well as a list of the articles of impeachment at As a citizen of this country, I am amazed at how elected officials, who were sworn in to protect and uphold the constitution, have consistently avoided their duties and responsibilities. I am amazed at how long this has been going on and how far they have managed to undermine democracy here and abroad, while giving speeches to the contrary. I continue to watch our country go down the tubes due to a handful of individuals who are full of greed and the desire for power.


This idea of those in government having all the power is an illusion. When everyone begins to speak up and ask for accountability, then the masses will have owned their power to force our elected officials to act accordingly to the legal law, as well as the universal law of spirit. Their power comes from manipulating you into "thinking" that you have no power. Contrary to their campaign of manipulation via the media, they have no power whatsoever. Their power comes from your fear, of which they trigger with their fear mongering. Your fear is what takes away your power, which in turn gives them power; think of them as energy vampires. They don't have anymore power than you, unless they can convince you to hand it over.


Why do you think they spend so much of your tax dollars on this propaganda? There is a simple reason for it; to con you into thinking and accepting the lies they tell as truth. This is a web weaved of deception; nothing more, nothing less. Take a look at these people who lead this nation. Take a hard look at them, because what you are witnessing is bunch of other people, just like you, all dressed up, acting like they are superior to you, more deserving than you, and more knowledgeable than you. They have no morals, no scruples, no honesty, no integrity, no honor, no heart, no love, no compassion. They have convinced you of their right to wage war, pillage other countries resources, torture people, use other people's sons/daughters to fight their battles, while they sit high and dry living the good life, effectively turning their backs on the hard working citizens of this country, as well as the downtrodden here and abroad.


If they truly loved themselves, they would be able to love others, and would put all their creative efforts into creating peace, rather then creating war. Peace requires very specific steps to accomplish. What they would have you believe is that peace takes a long time to implement; the truth of this is that the steps towards peace take away from their profit margins and power consolidations. Ignorant/unconscious people are required to accomplish their goal for more profits, which requires controlling the masses to obey their mindsets/beliefs. If you have been paying attention, you will have noted by now how often they tell you one thing but do another. How many more times must the people continue to listen to those who have no conscience, no interest in peace, no interest in prosperity for all.


The truth of the matter is that those who rule are truly frightened of their light, which is why they stifle others light, in order to avoid theirs. Their self-hatred is so great that they continually project this out into the world onto others, which is why the game is full of pain and suffering. They have created an incredible illusionary game. In his book, "Playing by Heart," O. Fred Donaldson describes this process which he calls the "Duchess' Game:"


The Duchess' Game is a way of being and acting based on the Duchess's Law from Alice in Wonderland which states, "the more there is of mine, the less there is of yours." The Duchess's Game is an antagonistic encounter in which we succeed by defeating an opponent. This "game" can be cynically expressed in a slightly different manner as The Three Laws of Thermodynamics quoted by Dennis Overbye:


            1. You can't win.

            2. You can't break even.

            3. You can't get out of the game.

In this zero-sum game, everything including life itself can be won, lost, possessed and awarded. It can be played anywhere and anytime, with balls, guns, and words and on sports fields, corporate boardrooms, political arenas, international battlefields, family living rooms, freeways, schoolrooms and playgrounds.


The Duchess's Game is a shared value system between people who need a symbolically and externally constituted sense of self worth-contest-and a society, which by granting it to them, reduces them to playthings. The game is sustained by a socio-economic, educational, and political philosophy, organized groups and a code of contest ethics. This adversary system is accepted, in part, because it has been an integral part of society for a very long time. So long, in fact, that people both as individuals and as groups cannot conceive of any other way of interacting. Throughout our history we have used one form of contest such as the courts to try to remedy the failures of another contest system, such as elections. We fundamentally believe in the efficacy of contests to cure social, economic and educational problems. But one form of cancer does not cure another; instead the patient now has two forms of cancer.'


It's really quite amazing that we had our own revolution here back in the 1700's and yet if the people were to do what they did back then to take back their right to sovereignty, they would be considered terrorists and arrested for treason. Look where our nation's leaders have led us. Ironically, it is they who have committed treason on a regular basis, creating lie after lie, distorting the legal law over the decades to do as they please. When I think back what was done to the Native Americans, the African slaves, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Mexicans, and a host of other Europeans who came over, and treated like dogs; some worse than others. Take a hard look at how women have been treated, as well as children or anyone else who didn't/doesn't fit the stereotypes of the insane ones in government, religion, and culture.


Look at all the terrorism our country's leaders created by training dictators and their officers from all areas of the globe, and look at what our policies and support allowed them to do to their own citizens for our elites benefit. Look at what has been done in Iraq, Iran, Palestine, and elsewhere for the sake of profits and consolidations of power. This is not what spirit is about and ironically, there are very few religious organizations putting the full power of their spirit to bring peace about. Contrary to peace, they work in tandem with the political will of the rich to ensure that power remains in their hands. They work side by side as they have for a very long time. As an example, I recall the pope showing concern for the way Christians in Iraq were being treated, while showing no concern for any other non-Christians. 


This is the way it has always been. Those in power get to decide who is worthy and who is not. They get to decide what the rules are in the political game of life. This is not what spirit is about; never has been and never will be. The masses have been brought under a grand illusion of fear, shame, guilt, and limitations that would stagger the conscious mind, if it were opened to the real truth. There is another way and it has always existed. This way is not external, nor does it exist outside of oneself, nor does another have the key to gaining access to this other way. They key is within each person. The masses have been fragmented from true community and locked in a prison cell of their own making from listening to and following the rules of others that take away from their inner light; their inner being.


Those that rule do not want you to own your light, because if you did, you could not be manipulated into giving away your power; your sovereignty; your truth. People of the light can not be lied to, intimidated, coerced, manipulated, conned or any other thing that would harm themselves or another. People of the light exist when they own their power and refuse to support those who would harm others for gain in any form. Ironically, all the religions talk of this, but that is as far as it goes. Talk is cheap. Talk is worthless without action to support the words. Consciousness is based on the power of words, for the words we use empower our creative energy to create a world based on their outcomes.


Look at the external world, for you will see the selection of words and collection of ideas that created the insane world we live in. The next step in our evolution towards Beings of Light, is to own our words, to become aware of the words we use, and where they came from, who taught us and why. From their, we learn to understand the meanings of words and their roots. Words have singular and plural meanings that activate creative consciousness into creating lower vibrational realities or higher vibrational realities. It is pretty easy to see what the many have been creating in mass hallucinations based in unconscious creation. This is not what all the aware men and women have been teaching over the centuries.


Each of us has a divine spark within us, it cannot be extinguished by anything or anyone. No person has the power to take this away or extinguish it. This is the great scam that has been perpetuated on humans from the Church and State. The only power they have is to con you into "thinking" (ego) you are powerless. That is all that it has taken for them to take over and imprison the many into pain and suffering generation after generation after generation. Spirit would have you question authority, even Buddha said, "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." 


And yet we continue to listen to our various leaders as if they are the absolute authority, never questioning their words, their intention, their actions until things get really bad. How many times do the masses have to go down this road of pain and suffering? In one of my journey's, spirit pointed out this dilemma, asking me the question, how much is enough? When I didn't answer, I was told, "Enough is when we have finally had enough." Each of us has to come to that place of enough pain and enough suffering to finally say enough and mean it and begin to do something to eradicate what is causing the pain and suffering.


And again, we are right back to the source of pain and suffering; Ego. Lower vibrational thinking is fear based, shame based, guilt based. Higher vibrational thought has a finer essence to it that has no fear, shame or guilt, which is filled with peace, joy, serenity, compassion, and understanding without judgment or need for punishment. I've posted again how to discern between the two: True Guidance vs. False Guidance and Ego Versus Spirit Voices. I would also suggest reading my 2.11.08 journal entry as it relates to this as well.


Becoming conscious requires one to start feeling, for this will begin to shed light into the darkness that has blinded the many from awareness of their pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are not externally induced, but rather arise from the egoic mind. This is not to say that the external circumstances are an illusion. What it does mean is until one begins to understand the illusion of the egoic mind, one cannot change the inner circumstances that have given rise to the creation of the outer circumstances. Reality is not concrete, nor is it permanently the same. This is how the egoic world has arisen to create, The Establishment as it currently exists.


Think of the establishment as established modes of thinking that have constructed the rules of the game. The game is what creates the pain and suffering. The rules create the pain and suffering. Your belief in these rules and the parameters of the game or software are what force you into extremely limited thinking patterns that literally sabotage and imprison your light by your belief in them, which effectively walls off your awareness of your inner light; your inner power to create a life free of pain and suffering.


While this may sound simplistic, I can assure you its not. I would compare it to realizing your computer software is severely outdated and needs to be re-written. Unfortunately, you do not know how to write computer programs, and so have to go learn how to do this, which takes time and effort on your part. Waking up is the same way. Whatever age you find yourself realizing your unconsciousness is indicative of how many years your patterns have been entrenched. How much motivation a person to change arises from one's willingness to do so. Wishing it to be different is not going to change anything. However, your willingness to tap into your inner guidance system and creative energies will give you all that you need to extricate yourself from the prison of the mind.


One person with just the right thought/idea that resonates at a high vibration can literally shift consciousness to a higher level in an instant. Victor Hugo said, "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." And as I look around the world, it is so obvious that new ideas are ready to be born by those who are tired of the old game. Pain and suffering will disappear when we stop getting caught up in old thinking patterns of self negation/self-hatred and embrace self-love and self-respect. Pain and suffering cannot exist when one has self-love/self-respect. It's simply not possible.


When you have finally had enough of pain and suffering, of fear, anger, hatred, violence, of shame and guilt, of lack, of separation, of limitations, then only then will a person be willing to let go. Some quotes:


"Until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, you will never change."

        — Les Brown


"You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change

something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." 

            -Bucky Fuller


Other recommend quotes:


Jesus stated that we would do greater things than he and yet no one in Church or State has bothered to take the time to show the many how to do this. We live in the greatest time for the greatest change and there is more than enough ways to become conscious in order to free one's egoic mind to allow the spiritual mind to guide one out of the pain and suffering and step functionally into joy, bliss, ecstasy, peace of mind, unconditional love, higher awareness, abundance, and compassion for the diversity that is the birthmark of all of spirits creations. We have been taught that only certain puzzle pieces are important, when in fact all the pieces are required to open the portal of awareness into enlightened beings living in an enlightened society on an enlightened world. Being enlightened is nothing more than being aware, completely aware without inhibition.


Those who currently rule or the many who have been convinced to follow them, will tell you that enlightenment is something far off in the distant, that will take centuries to create. And you know what? It is a lie, because full awareness is always right there in the present. There is no creating it because it already exists. Young children see it all the time and more and more people are waking up to it every day. One cannot miss it unless of course they choose to believe that it doesn't exist. The many have been so brain washed into submission to ideas that negate this truth that they continue to deny its existence every day. Pain and suffering is their drug; its called sado-masochism. Look around and you will see it every where you look.


There are as many ways to free oneself because creation is endless in its potential ideas for guidance to move beyond the limitations of an ego based world. Some suggested readings to close out today's posting:


Jonathan Livingston Seagull  By Richard Bach fancier version

Das Energi By Paul Williams

The game as it is currently played expects everyone to hold onto what they have and what they believe. In order to free oneself from pain and suffering, one has to let go. Letting go allows the truth to flow through unimpeded. Peter Russell has an eloquent piece called Letting Go: In my own experiences of letting go, ego had me convinced that letting go would be a fate worse than death, and yet every time I let go more, I enter into greater freedom and peace of mind.





6.29.08 - 


"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; 

the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."

     - Plato


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