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June 2013



6-13-13 - 

TABOO ALERT: People Feel Really Awkward If You Bring This Up. Especially If You’ve Tried It

We are taught growing up that taboos are bad, but the truth of them is that they aren't bad, the real issue is about hiding the truth about a particular context of life that makes someone uncomfortable. Life is full of a lot of things we are taught to hide, bury, suppress and is it any wonder we live in a world gone mad, out of touch with Nature, out of touch with our own nature, out to lunch most of the time living in fear, guilt, shame, with stuffed feelings that create all sorts of violence, dysfunction, disease and separation from not only our deeper self, but with others. It is my understanding that there is no room for secrets; only the truth. The truth doesn't hurt; it actually sets one free from the egoic nonsense we believe.


Adyashanti said something in one of his Youtube videos that regarding suicide that really made sense to me:



6-20-13 -

Were all in the same family of life. With clarity, one realizes that there is no separation, that nothing is disconnected, nor is anything valueless.

As we get older, that includes younger people, because yes, you are getting older, we realize we're doing the same damn things our parents did, judging what they resist and each subsequent generation usually acts this out, but not always, and some look back and see how blind and unaware they were on certain aspects of truth they were able to open up to. Life is what it is and your reaction to it is not an outcome of anything another is doing but rather your own inner mental war over right and wrong, all inside the noggin, thinking in habitual mental haikus of imprisoned beliefs creating a walled street map with all exits poetically blocked; read as "Closed Mind." No reaction, meaning to say no judgment, then peace reigns. Everyone is already imbued with this peace core, untouched, untainted by any possibility of thinking it out of existence.

Your mind's soul purpose is to not change, wanting to keep things the same, but not changing is resisting what is and that is a changing movement designed to control change. Letting go to the flow of life changing is effortless. Resisting is an expensive life long endeavor to maintain the mountains of denial, distracting one from the expansive view life creates for us.

One's perspective is but one of an infinite number of possibilities within life itself in all its forms. To see them all is to cross over and bridge the river to realize both sides of the whole truth.


On another note:

What goes good with a dish of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, sliced strawberries, and cashews?

A spoon! :P




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