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March 2011


3.01.11 -


From a spiritual standpoint of authenticity, Priceless means you can't be bought. To get caught up in fear, to believe in fear, is having just paid the price of believing in a delusion. Let go of the delusion and you're right back in priceless authenticity mode. When you get tired of paying the price of not being present, you'll create a much more authentic existence. The more you pay attention to how you aren't paying attention, will bring more awareness to this problematic state of non-existence.


Identify the various areas of your life that you are paying a price. Look at it, don't just take a quick glance, as that is the lesser minds way of skirting over the parts it can get away with. The trickster that it is has an infinite number of tricks to pull in order to maintain fear control. Watch and you won't be disappointed!


Don't watch and you will wind up in fear, and an assortment of other less desirable components.


Waking up is challenging, because as you awaken in incremental steps forward and backward and forward again, you realize how dysfunctional you've been acting, and NOT BEING. The good news is to take nothing personally, as the rest of the world is just as dysfunctional. One can freak out or feel guilty or ashamed or embarrassed, but understand those reactions are merely the lesser mind playing another trick, to keep you in the game. Immediately let go and get present when these events occur.


Realize that your authentic Being has no judgments, therefore no matter what is uncovered or brought to awareness is cause for anything but plain old acceptance. Once realized, you accept whatever is uncovered, forgive yourself for having gotten caught up in the tricks of the lesser mind, and change course and allow authentic Being to navigate you towards the deeper waters of stillness. There you will find the answers on the next step of cleaning out the rooms of your divine mansion.


Count on slipping up as you have to in order to become conscious of what you are unconscious about; you don't know that you don't know; cultural amnesia. You've been living in hell and its time to step back into heaven. Heaven has always existed; it is nowhere and everywhere, and getting present is where the doorway is found. You cannot enter the doorway or portal, unless you get present.


Religion has woven quite the lie about the after life, and why wouldn't they, since it has paid very well for them over the centuries in physical wealth, blind obedience, and allowing them to control having your spiritual aliveness squelched and imprisoned. Awake and aware people living in the present cannot be controlled or lied to. Your spiritual authenticity knows without needing any external facts or authorities to tell you what the truth is.


Lies have a vibrational level to them that one can feel, just as fear, shame, guilt, hatred, violence, jealousy, greed, etc. You can feel the presence of these in your energy field. I know, sounds like woo woo, but you know you've been programmed for so long, the only thing you know is the thoughts of the beliefs downloaded into your lesser mind through years of education that taught rote memorization of facts, testing on those memorized facts, and keeping your thinking in line with the accepted version of cultural reality, enforced by the adults and through peer pressure.


Conformity was the desired outcome and everyone graduated high school for the most part, so you have learned the art of conforming. You learned to conform at home, church, school, in your community, and with your peers. Any deviation from the norms usually left you out of the group. You fit in, do as your told for the most part and life is easy or so you "think" it is.


Unfortunately, thinking is not as revealing as one would like to think. Why? Because thinking can cover up its tracks with more thinking, more mundane fear based facts and more trivial, banal bullshit than you can even imagine. Again, watching will bring awareness of this. The more you watch and observe, the more bullshit will appear. It shouldn't be any surprise and if you are surprised, its only the lesser mind feigning surprise to get you caught up in the thinking again, the "JUDGMENTS." Let them go. Stop paying the price.


So, back to the woo woo principles.


Most of you have walked into a room or store or cafe or some place and felt either bad vibes or good vibes. The places you like to eat at or hang out are places that feel good to you. Perhaps you are not conscious of this, but some part of you is. Start paying more consciously to the people, places, and things you are around. Notice what they feel like. Don't worry about figuring out how the feeling thing works; just know you have this ability to do so. It's instinctual, which means it's an innate ability to assess your surroundings.


Make it your business to pay attention when you walk through the door into the places you shop, eat, or hang out. Make it your business to pay attention to how you feel when you enter your work place or offices or departments. Pay attention to how the people are as a group, as in attending meetings or gathering in groups. When you've got this down and are starting to tune in, then its time to move onto the next step.


If you want to wake up you have to work at it just as much as you worked hard to go to sleep. Let's face it, you busted your butt to get the rules and regulations down pat or else you became a rebel, which may have taken you in a different direction, but still it was not into the present. One can rebel, but if you have any judgments about those who are caught up in the game, then you are as asleep as they are. Judgments are still judgments. There's no issue with being different, but judging is the clue we are looking for with discernment.


The next step is to pay attention with your body. Yes, that's where those pesky feelings originate. Having awareness of them when you are trying to fit in and be unconscious can be cause for alarm, as they will give you away if you act on them. So, this is why we live in the head for the most part and have valued intellectual head living. It keeps one out of touch with the feelings that would awaken you to the lie you live. This is why the many are discomforted when they arise.


The good news is everyone has them. They are not a virus or plague, though those who are in control would have you believe they are the work of the devil or some other such non-sense. The body is your vehicle in this lifetime and has been such in other life times; of course a different body for different life times. The body is a fully functioning organic organism that can pretty much run on its own when listened too, as it is made of divinity as well. The negative ideas that religion and others have woven about it being worthless or bad are just another lie to keep you asleep and imprisoned.


Back to the next step. Pick a place you know that you don't really care for, but are required to go into. Places where there are crowds maybe like the grocery store or malls, or doctor's offices, or banks, or wherever. The next time you enter into those places be aware of your body, specifically your heart chakra area in the center of your chest between your nipples; no that is not a dirty word. When you walk into the area, notice what goes on there. If you are paying attention you will notice a tightening affect occurring, it will feel sort of like a fist clenching and perhaps others may have a different way of interpreting how it feels.


The important thing to understand is this is your heart chakra constricting, shutting itself down, reducing the energies. Most keep this closed off way more than they should or need to. I learned about this from a DFA practitioner I was doing bodywork with in 2002. I was working in a very hostile place and she asked if I was aware of what my heart chakra did when I went into work every day. I didn't know, so my assignment was to find out the next day. I approached the door and focused my awareness on the heart chakra and when I walked inside and got closer to where the other employees were, I felt the area tighten up like a fist.


At the time that was a major revelation, but it would take me another ten years of having several key experiences of the area opening up immensely for me to realize how shut down we are in matters of the heart. Seriously, its just the tip of the iceberg to feel the chakra clench. The more you pay attention and work with this exercise of sensory awareness, the more the chakra will open up. You will begin to notice there are layers upon layers of openings/letting goes that occur, and yet they can close right up in a moment depending on the situation.


Awareness is key here, paying attention like your life depended on it, because it does, your authentic life, your spiritual life. This is the gift of stillness, of being centered in your body AND mind, as they operate as a whole. If they didn't you'd see your head decapitated and you'd be carrying it around in one arm or the other. Understand this, because the many spend most of their waking time caught up in the head thinking to such a degree that it's really disturbing once you are willing to experience this. What's disturbing is how it distracts one from being present and being authentic.


The many have no awareness of how shut down they are, how unaware they are of being crippled mentally, emotionally, creatively, sexually, and spiritually. These aspects of our human nature, our humanness are not thinking processes, they are feeling, energetic processes that one feels, is aware of, can express in authentic expression of one's spiritual Being.


We are heading into further changes in the world at large as we become aware of what is not working. To better understand what is going to work, it is of utmost importance to become conscious of all of your authentic being. Something I wrote before touches on this eloquently:


"We are taught to believe that categories are separate and distinct, but the truth is they're all intimately interwoven to create who we are and the world we live in. Leave one piece of the puzzle out and it affects the whole picture. The more you leave out the more distorted it gets. We human beings are the same way." 

    - Sherman R. Buck


If you are uncomfortable with any part of your Being, then realize you are paying the price of allowing fear to manipulate your mind into guaranteeing your continued imprisonment, as leaving out one part effects the whole. I recall seeing a John Bradshaw program on PBS television where he used a mobile hanging from the ceiling to make the point of how one part effects the whole.


The enculturated version of the world we live in is not the actual real world of the divine. You won't see or recognize this until you lessen the roar of thinking in the head. You don't realize it's a roar because for years it has seemed normal. I can assure you it's not. Most of the masses live in an uneasy state of being stressed out, worrying about fitting in doing the right thing. And then there are those who profess they know, but the only knowing they know is intellectual knowing about spiritual matters.


The key to navigating the coming changes, is to have access to all of your being so you know how to listen, how to discern, how to critically think outside the box, how to follow your heart, and to know how to engage your creative muse/energies to create the necessary authentic changes to evolve our world to an authentic world. Every one of us desires to be supported, nurtured, loved unconditionally, respected for who we are and be part of authentic community.


For the record change is always a divine constant, as its a requirement, a process of equalizing, of maintaining the dance of equilibrium that is an essential component of the divine universe and most of all, of our divine parents. The many are concretized into a cultural mindset that freezes the creative change that is an essential process of the evolving as spiritual beings. Being is not a static process, nor was it ever meant to be stifled. 


Currently in the world, there is so much uncertainty about where we are going. Those in power, because of their obsessive greed and need to control are part of the problem. As Robert Fritz is fond of saying, you can't fix problems, you have to create something new, something better. Something new needs to be created. Humanity as a whole has to free its heart, higher mind, imagination, and creative power to be able to create authentic sustainable outcomes not just for themselves, but for others as well. 


Fear has severely limited the full expression of authentic creativity. How could it not, for its purpose and agenda is to enslave and imprison the many in pain and suffering. Living in pain and suffering is really a form of sado-masochism and to continue doing the same old thing expecting different results is truly insanity.


If you could but open your mind/heart to higher states of awareness, you would realize how worthless most of what we have been creating is.  The authentic abilities you have within yourself, to free yourself from fear, cost nothing to put into action. On the other hand, choosing to live in fear costs you your authentic self.


You might ask, what are those abilities?


1) Paying attention to the mindless chatter in the head


2) Seeking out the stillness within


3) Choosing to listen rather than react to the fear


4) Having the ability to discern between fear and love


5) Refusing to pay the price of buying into the fear by not reacting


6) Letting go of the fear to step out of the limiting game of the delusion


7) Being authentic as often as possible until there's no more fear


8) Self-acceptance, self-approval, self-worth, self-love, and self-respect


The game falls apart once enough people accept the worthiness of their authentic selves to love themselves unconditionally, so they may have their own self-respect. From my conversations with our divine parents, there is nothing you may have done, nothing that is not forgiven already. All one need do is step out of the fear that has been distracting you from your own salvation. For that is what salvation truly means. To be saved is to realize your own divinity and to resurrect your authentic Being. To be born again is to awaken to your eternal existence as a child of the divine.


To be born again is not what organized religion would have you "believe," it's about falling asleep and needing to wake up. And we do this again and again as often as necessary when we lose touch with our authenticity. When you lose faith in yourself, you lose faith in the divine. We are all one in the same. We are all in need of resurrection. We weren't kicked out of the Garden of Eden; we were distracted out of it in our early years. As children we were aware of the garden and that was unacceptable to the game.


That divine lush garden is within you as it has always been and your divine parents are right there within your own being to commune with. The tree in the Garden is your own tree of wisdom that has been forgotten about. That tree is your direct communion with the divine. How can you ever hope to commune with divine grace if your lesser mind has you caught up in fear? Not possible!


If organized religion truly were interested in your salvation, they would be teaching you how to enter back into communion with the divine. They would teach you how to discern between the dark and light within the inner universe, because that is where the fear is as well. One can learn how to usher fear out the door and close the door on its influence. Those who talk about some future event for salvation are nothing more than opportunists.


There is no future, because it does not exist, just as the past doesn't exist. That's the lie, that's the distraction, that's the price paid. Right here, right now in this moment and the unfoldment of now as it bubbles to the surface of your awareness is as good as it gets. Being present allows you the freedom to listen to your heart and express your true self, free from judgments of fear.


Teaching others they were born into sin, and therefore are sinful, are sin themselves, and as such should be ashamed of who they are and to feel guilty is utter non-sense. If you want to control people, put the fear into them and call it GOD. I've had long discussions with our divine parents and there is absolutely no truth in any of this non-sense. There's no need for fear, guilt, or shame, as the only sin is not loving your own authentic self.


Even when we are lost and unaware, their presence is always there assisting us as much as possible, but there is only so much they can do when we turn away following the pied piper of fear. I was able to see that there is no judgment whatsoever about what we do or don't do. They made it clear that if they were to judge, then they would be judging themselves, as we are all reflections of them. They allow all things, because to not do so would be to get caught up in fear. They do not do fear, they are free from the effects of fear.


We are eternally connected to them via a spiritual umbilical cord if you will. Through this cord we have access to their presence and loving guidance. But, we have to make the effort to become aware of their presence. This is the gift. If you don't seek you don't find. Fear stops the seeking process. Eliminating fear sets into motion the seeking again. Much like Nature; no matter how much you cut it back, destroy it, cover it up, it will always grow back again and again and again. You cannot destroy life, as  life is the divine. All of it is the divine. There is no place the divine does not exist.


The idea of one external person, place, or thing as GOD is absurd. We are in the divine, there is no out there, and that is what distraction has done to us, to where we have taken things apart to the nth degree to find the absolute truth. But the truth is right here in front of our faces everywhere we look. And if you have eyes to see and ears to hear as Jesus and Mary understood, then there was nowhere that God/Goddess wasn't. They are everywhere and nowhere; Inside of us and outside of us simultaneously; the wave and the particle.


People want to know the truth, so they say, but is it the whole truth of love or the limited truth of fear? The divine has always allowed you to make your own choice moment to moment. 


I had a mystical experience leaving work back in 1997. I was riding my bike north on 1st Ave in Seattle, WA. There was a vacant lot between two old buildings, where one could see the tall cranes in the Port of Seattle that unloaded the freighters. The weather was still cold, but the sun was shining and I saw it bathing everything with its light and it was just mesmerizing. And suddenly this inner voice says,


 "Everything is perfect just as it is."


I was startled to be sure, but you know, what was even more amazing was I felt their message, the words themselves were radiated with this felt sense that was perfect, and it made sense to my being. I felt a release within me, an acceptance of sorts that lasted for a short while, because I got caught up in my head again. I would remember that moment years later and even more so today. The moments are perfect just as they are folks. What gets in the way of experience their divine harmony is the judgments, fear, anger, hatred, violence, the greed, jealousy, and envy, the need to dominate, control, and manipulate and it goes on and on and on. FEAR.


You are perfection, not by doing anything, but by being authentic. That is so ridiculous to the many that they intellectually believe it is beneath them and so it is. For they have thought it so and they have been conned by fear to think it is so. This is the price, the imprisonment, the folly of ignorance (ignoring), and the turning away. 


The awareness of perfection brings forth tears of wonder, joy, and bliss that Nature imbues to bless us with all that would allow us heaven on Earth. There is nothing on this wonderful planet that is not the Divine. During a somatic awareness class, we were asked to observe something in nature. I found this clover flower and stood above it observing it in quite solitude. After about ten minutes, a 6" opening occurred around the flower, revealing this golden realm. I was given a short glimpse of what humanity shuts out of their awareness of the fullness of life.


Young children experience this because they have no cultural filters to shut out the magical experience of divine grace. Robert Johnson, a Jungian Analyst, discusses this golden realm in his book, "Balancing Heaven and Earth." We have the ability to return to this state of awareness and it is quite magical, as it allows us to experience our wholeness.


The many argue over what is alive and what is not, what is worthy of killing and what is not. This foolishness is born of reason and as such, one can pick and choose the flavor of reality they want to create based the beliefs that support their delusion. I wrote two poems entitled Prince Aaron I and Prince Aaron II that touch on this.


The more I let go, the more I center in stillness, the more this sinks into my Being. We keep wanting to get away from pain and suffering, but we cannot fathom at all just how much we create by our thinking it so. How can one sink into the presence of divine perfection that is all around us when distracted by the roar of culturally induced fear? The world as we know it is merely a reflection of our collective agreement in fear and as such, has been created and structured so; government, business, religion, community, education, how we treat ourselves/others, how we treat Nature, and all of it a reflection of what we value most:




If we truly valued love, the world we know would be entirely different than we are currently capable of imagining. I'm sure the many could intellectualize what this would be like, but they are hesitant, as their fear still has a hold of them. This is why letting go of judgments is so crucial. Thou shalt not judge meant more than what religion currently understands. Judging is what is crippling the world, which is crippling our awareness. To not judge is to be free and authentic. Yet the many still continue to ignore this crucial commandment. My personal conviction is that it is the only important one, as everything else falls in line with it.


It is the only sin and the others are just a distraction for the first one. The more complex the rules get the more distracted one gets. And as we know, distraction is born from fear. Neat little circle that we keep going in, round and round, like a dog chasing its tail. 


Let Go


There can be no authentic love if one cannot let go. It is just not possible to experience it when one is holding on in fear. See if it's possible. Face a fear and see how challenging it is. Don't stop until they are all gone. You wanted your freedom didn't you? Think of it as play, for when you were a child you knew what to do. Until you become like children, you will not enter the kingdom.


Finding Ones Self is the only life worth living. Of course it is always your choice. We were never created to live in fear. We were created to be an expression of divine love. What do you choose? 


You have been given a great gift. Use it wisely!




3.06.11 -


Pain and suffering stems from turning away from and ignoring your authentic self. It's that simple. 


Imagine expending all that creative energy you have at your disposal, and there's vast amounts of it, to deny your authentic existence. Try doing this consciously for the sake of argument. Pick someone you know and try to be them. Try dressing like them, talking like them, acting like them, thinking like them, liking their interests, their foods, their taste in music and everything else that is not you. Now do that on a regular basis in order to learn to not make any mistakes to slip back into authentic mode. That, is what we did as children to appease the giants around us.


You really have no idea how terrifying it can be being small and helpless.


Where did my authentic self go? Out of sight, out of mind. It's like the experiments they do with small infants, where the tester hides the toy behind their back and the infant cannot fathom where it went. Whose really ignorant, the child or the adult hiding the toy. I wonder at the complexity of research that asks questions that support the sort of insanity we live by. Did anyone bother to consider that perhaps the divine being within the infant body is not concerned with where it went? Maybe its not interested in playing the game as of yet. Do you really think a divine being who incarnates is that simple minded?


For the sake of argument, perhaps the child/divine spirit realizes the inherent predicament it's in and realizes it needs to play along with the ignorant game? If you want your needs taken care of, you go along with the game. As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Everyone does this and if you think you don't, go walk down some other cultural neighborhood you don't belong too and you'll quickly feel out of place. The areas I am talking about are the one's you tend to avoid regularly. Try it sometime, it's very enlightening to notice the egoic reactions and the judgments.


Richard Cytowic M.D. wrote a book on synesthesia called, "The Man Who Tasted Shapes." In one of his essays, he wrote, "The types of questions you ask determine the answers you get." If someone wants to avoid looking at the truth, they limit what questions they ask in order to get the answers that support their particular distortion of reality. What sort of questions do you avoid asking to avoid looking at your authentic self? How do you steer around those juicy pieces of truth that you have judgments about?


Never mind whether fitting in as a child felt good or not, it was your need to fit in at all cost to ensure your survival. And as one grew up, they continued to do this as people, events, and circumstances dictated fitting in and gaining others approval to get your basic needs met. Life is not a game when you incarnate aware and you realize there is no way out. There's no way to sidestep the cultural rules and laws you have incarnated into. There is no other choice except to learn to adapt; which is what is called cultural adaptation. You learn the language and subscribe to the program.


The more one suppresses their authentic knowing, the more conflict arises, and eventually one becomes sorrowful at not being able to be themselves. The many really have no idea at how painful this is and no amount of reading about it second hand will ever get you close to feeling the crippling effect of this. I have experienced the young one's who have been at that stage of shutting down. It would take me a decade later to truly understand why they looked so unhappy. I finally was able to understand my own shutting down process at the age of eight. How does one say good bye to their own Being?


One doesn't come to that consciously, its like a split that occurs, a partitioning, of which I have written about in previous postings. It's the judging that ultimately brings about this split. When you embrace the judgments as truth, you split away from your authentic self. Self-loathing and self-hatred cause this. Believing is what causes this split. Believing in anything causes a distortion. Believing is not the same thing as being present to experiences. If you believe in some truth because someone told you, and it doesn't compare with the experience of that belief, then you dismiss the experience in favor of the belief.


Believing is living in the head. Do not misunderstand what I am implying here. I am not dismissing facts. What I am dismissing is the belief in facts that have no basis truth. Nor is a half truth the same as a complete truth. Someone tells you that Nature is not a living organism, but you have direct experience that it is, then the others fact is a lie. It is based on belief not fact. History (his-story) is full of stories of this non-sense occurring. Consider the belief that Africans were inferior to Caucasians, which supported slavery and prejudice and cruelty. The same thing was true of other minorities as well and it should be noted that not many other races and cultures did the same thing to others who were thought of as inferior.


Women were not allowed to vote for a long time and treated as second class citizens. Children were allowed to be treated like animals. Those who were attracted to the same sex were considered mentally ill. The list goes on ad nauseum. We continue to pollute the very air, water, and soil essential to our survival and yet those in charge continue to assure us that their is no danger.


Humans in the box do this all time. This is what conditioning does, what domestication does, what brainwashing does. Unfortunately, the more people do this believing, the more they collectively project, to where groups of like minded belief systems come together in collective denial. When one disowns their own judgments, they set in motion a psychic phenomenon that  projects onto anyone who reminds them of what they loath and hate in themselves. Thus the judgment syndrome arises in an effort to avoid self-judgments, inflicting pain and suffering on others in varied forms verbally, mentally, physically, sexually, psychically, and energetically.


Do you really think that you can disown your authentic self so easily? There are years of habits that cover up the truth of your authentic self. And yet, if you watch the mind, you will see glimpses of this authentic self. There are these micro gaps in the constant flow of dysfunctional chatter that reveal the lies. This is why the many are so busy all the time, performing various addictive behaviors and using addictive substances, foods, and relationships. The truth about addictions is that it serves to keep someone locked into avoidance of the truth. One can be addicted to be a good person or doing the right thing or doing what is acceptable as "normal," in an attempt to avoid not fitting in.


His-story is full of big shifts in waking up out of this self-loathing and self-hatred. People finally reaching a point of finally having had enough of living a lie, of fitting into the insanity of quiet desperation for the sake of crumbs of appeasing to the group norms of conformity. Never mind that conforming is the basis of judging oneself and others. In order to conform, one has to have sufficiently judged their own authentic being into hibernation. Those that rule are quite aware of what it takes to keep the masses ignorant, subdued, distracted, and living in the reactive mode of fear; and they do it quite well.


While meditating the other night, it arose in my awareness of how the many fit in and hide their authentic selves. There's this belief that in doing so, there's a payoff of fitting in and being accepted. But, the truth is there is no payoff for being what someone else wants/expects you to be; none whatsoever. What they get is for you to deny yourself so they can deny themselves. And there are material rewards at various levels of the game to get you to deny yourself so they can deny themselves. The larger truth is there is no  payoff worth denying your authentic self. The price you are paying for doing what some other dysfunctional fear-based person wants to be is akin to self-annihilation.


Are you willing to continue paying the ongoing price for the sake of others approving of your self-loathing and self-hatred?


Are the rewards so great that they over ride your own self-acceptance? If you hear yes within your mind, understand what you are hearing is not your authentic self.


Which brings us to the next level of dealing with this predicament. How does one extricate themselves from the game? You can read more about this hear:


I also want to make it clear that becoming more conscious reveals awareness of one's inner creative muse. This muse is what most have buried and it is this divine presence that has the answers and creative solutions on how to create a better world based on love rather than fear. With the coming changes as more awaken, it will be critical to engage and connect permanently with this creative spiritual force within you. Knowing how to discern what actions to take are of utmost importance in creating a loving, compassionate, abundant, and sustainable world within which to exist.


The difference between fear and love is that first is work; love is effortless. That is your challenge to learn how to discern between the two. The many have been so conditioned that they have no awareness of what true loving compassionate creative expression feels like. The many don't feel, because they are to busy thinking and adhering to the constant cultural chatter box with all its programming. One is reacting to outside forces; the other is expressing from authentic being. When one creates from reaction, one is creating the limitations of fear. When on creates from authentic being, there is no reacting, and there are no limitations, as one is connected to their divine parents who have no conditions. The poem Prince Aaron I is representative of this process:


Self-acceptance in small steps will begin the process of reclaiming your own divine sovereignty; understand that when one is authentic, they harm no one. This is how you discern between authentic and unauthentic deeds and words. A dam cannot be removed all at once. One takes the personas, masks, facades, and walls apart at the pace that is set by the awareness that is revealed. Trust in the process, but don't get conned by the ego to stop. There are natural processes that need to occur in the opening process. Be gentle, compassionate, and aware of when ego comes in to judge.


Any signs of judgment is a sure sign of ego/fear.


This is how you extricate yourself from the insanity. Notice the judgments, but don't identify with them. Eventually, all that is not in alignment with your authentic self, will eventually fall away. It's like the story of the ugly duckling; read it. You cannot hope to be an eagle if you are identifying with chickens can you? There can be no comparisons or judgments in your reclamation of authentic self.




3.15.11 -


When Jesus said, “Until you become like children you will not enter the kingdom,” his message wasn't relating to the cultural idea of what children are like, but the spiritual context. Child-like is actually our authentic state in BEING. Children ARE authentic all the time and we have been enculturated to "think" that children need to be culturally trained to think and act. This cultural non-sense is not authentic, for it is nothing more than a script that is enforced and policed by one's peers and the authorities.

The many have it ass backwards about the children. The adults are the one’s who are lost, ignorant, full of fear, guilt, and shame. Children aren't born with that dysfunctional programming. They are already authentic, needing no correction whatsoever. Child-like is about Being authentic all the time, without having to "think" about it or question it or doubt it or feel guilty or ashamed about Being. That is merely a sign of the brainwashing occurring. Children came from the garden as we all do, and they are the closest that adults will experience in this realm to what they are so badly out of touch with.

Children see the world without thinking about it. They experience pure perception. They aren't full of cultural notions of who they are based on class, wealth, gender, sex, age, race, color or any other cultural construct, because they are full of being present in each moment expressing their true spirit. They don't have all that cultural software programming putting them in a straight jacket and a prison cell of conformity.

There is another whole world that exists beyond the one of concepts and perpetual thinking. And, the children are actually tuned into it more than you can ever know in your head; that is the adult's problem. For adults to "believe" they are more mature than children is such an insane thought that is best to flush it down the toilet with the rest of the dysfunctional ideas they collect and carry around with them. You might think this ridiculous, in fact most of you will. Let me put this in a way you can comprehend, if you have the willingness to face yourself:

Children have no fear, guilt, or shame in expressing their hurt, cry openly without worrying about what others will "think."

Children love with wild abandon and even when you hurt them, mock them, ignore them they still love you unconditionally; something I might add that adults cannot do with their conditional love.

Children have full access to their creative imagination and spiritual realms; something of which the many have no clue, since they are imprisoned in rigid thought structures imposed by limited beliefs meant to stifle full awareness of authenticity.

Children have full access to their intuition, instincts, and direct connection to the divine; they don't need some dysfunctional fool lost in the head telling them about some religion based on fear, guilt, shame, and limitations.

Children are full of self-acceptance, self-worth, self-love, and self-respect; they don't need anything from anyone to get these, as they already know in their heart and being that they are divine grace and perfection.

Children are uninhibited about singing, dancing, doing art, exploring, being inquisitive until adults start domesticating, training, and educating them in what they can and can't do based on insane rules and laws.

Children listen to the divine all the time, they don't need to think about it or question it, they are in touch without needing to have some "reason" as to why they know the truth that radiates from their being that is always intuned to the divine.

Most of these attributes recede eventually overtime with enough persistence from the adult programs of enculturating them into living a lie, rather than living their Being.

They don't care about how they dress, in fact they would enjoy not wearing clothes or shoes period. The only people having a problem with nudity is the adults and that is because they are imprisoned in reasons based in fear, guilt, and shame.  Oh the wonders of religious righteousness; it's like a living nightmare at best.

When children do wear clothes, they don't care about color coordination, in fact I suspect they mismatch just to make the adults freak out about what others will think of their parenting skills. LOL, it really is funny when you begin to look at all these irrational things adults do in the name of cultural programming.

You should realize there really is no need for prisons as they exist already everywhere you go and look. The concepts have you hog tied to the Nth degree there's no room for any awareness to enter, because the cup is full of chosen concepts that validate the prison you exist in.

You have to realize that this comes full circle back to the thinking; the concepts which take the place of actual full on direct pure experience. The many get caught up in concepts. One begins to have an experience and immediately the egoic mind overlays some past context over the experience, effectively shifting one’s full awareness away from the actual experience to the conceptual memory of some past event, which puts limiting parameters around the actual experience. This egoic action effectively filters and limits the fullness of the experience of pure perception. The difference between pure perception and limited perception is similar to not wearing sun glasses and putting them on.

Filters don't make a lot of sense as when one is looking out into the world through their vision, they don't notice any change or so they "think." But, with enough time spent watching the mind and how often one is past/future tripping, living in fear, guilt, and shame, then one soon realizes there's a curtain that prevents them from seeing what's behind it; recall the Wizard of OZ behind the curtain???

Children already know you are living a lie and yet they don't care because the don't judge. They accept you just as you are, even when you force them into the same box that you are imprisoned in. That is how great their love is. Does it mean your way of living in the head is better than their living fully in Being; absolutely not. They don't have any choice because they have no rights period. If you truly understood how conscious they are, your whole world would change, but the adult world is far from the light that if it were staring them in the face they wouldn't see it.

As children we came to be reflected; instead we got corrected...

As divine beings we came to show you the way home; and instead you imprisoned us in your insanity.

When you get tired of thinking and the pain and suffering becomes great enough, then you will begin to see a crack emerge in the wall you have been creating from all those thoughts chained. You will have to make the decision to overcome the fear that is not real in the first place, that exists only in your mind.

When the pain and suffering is greater than your fear of change, then and only then will you change.

The good news is the waters fine, you already instinctively know how to swim, and you know how to Be. Being is effortless and requires no thinking at all. All that fear, guilt, and shame covers up the love, joy, bliss, and ecstasy waiting patiently for you.

Notice the children without needing to correct them. Notice the judgments that arise within you about how they are being. Question your assumptions, for freedom comes not from thinking but listening, feeling, observing without any need to change anyone or anything moment to moment.


3.31.11 - 

The last entry for this month is a great quote that crossed my path:


"...From the first day you went to school or to church or to the army, you learned something. You learned that you didn’t have any personal power. You learned that you had to ask someone for permission for everything you did.

If you have to ask someone for permission, then you are giving your power to them instead of keeping it for yourself. Most people have been trained this way..."

- Raymon Grace





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